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March and April, 2001

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Monitoring of Lawsonia intracellularis by indirect serum immunofluorescence assay in a commercial swine production system
Steven D. Just, Charles O. Thoen, Brad J. Thacker, et al.
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Assessing the progressive decontamination of farrowing crate floors by measuring the decrease in aerobic bacteria
Stacey L. Kihlstrom, W.E. Morgan Morrow, Peter R. Davies, et al.
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Performance and disease status of pigs grown in a wean-to-finish facility compared to pigs grown in a conventional nursery and grower-finisher facility
Thomas J. Fangman, Laura E. Hardin, Gene Grellner, et al.
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Effect of pig age and autogenous sow vaccination on nasal mucosal colonization of pigs by Haemophilus parasuis
Roy N. Kirkwood, Shirley A. Rawluk, Artur C. Cegielski, et al.
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Diagnostic Notes:
Diagnostic approach to respiratory disease in swine: a practitioner's perspective
Barry Kerkaert
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Practice Tip:
Maximizing the diagnotic potential of SIV antigen capture
Harry Snelson
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