Student AASV Membership Benefits

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Prospective Student Members: Any student enrolled in veterinary school pursuing a DVM (or equivalent) degree is eligible for student membership in the AASV for only $15.00. Check out the many benefits listed below, and join now.

Student Recruiters: Use the AASV Student Membership Benefit PowerPoint Slides found on the Student Recruitment Committee page to help describe the benefits of student membership.

Journal of Swine Health and Production
Student members receive a subscription to the bi-monthly, peer-reviewed Journal of Swine Health and Production (JSHAP). The library of electronic JSHAP issues is available at

AASV e-Letter
This weekly AASV e-mail newsletter provides current news of interest to swine veterinarians, including current research abstracts, industry news, position announcements, and AASV information. The news archive of past e-Letter articles may be viewed at

AASV Annual Meeting
Student AASV members may register FREE for the AASV Annual Meeting. Plus, student members who pre-register for the conference qualify for the $200 travel stipend provided by the AASV Foundation and Newport Laboratories. The annual meeting offers a premier opportunity to learn about current swine health and production research and techniques. It's also a great place to meet swine practitioners from around the world and make preceptorship/employment contacts. The pre-conference seminar offered each year for veterinary students is very popular; don't miss it! For conference details and information about student activities at the meeting, see And watch for information by email about the opportunity to earn $200 for recording a podcast interview with a speaker at the meeting.

Swine Information Library
Student members can use the online Swine Information Library to obtain research and information published in swine conference proceedings and the Journal of Swine Health and Production - more than 16,000 fully searchable papers on every swine topic imaginable.

Swine Disease Manual
The 5th edition of the Swine Disease Manual has just been published, and the print copy is available for purchase at The PDFs of the book's chapters are included in the Swine Information Library, where student members can access them for free!

Student Seminar Scholarships
The AASV provides opportunities for scholarship awards via participation in the Student Seminar at the AASV Annual Meeting. The seminar sponsor Zoetis provides a $750 travel stipend to each of the fifteen students whose papers are selected for ORAL presentation at the meeting. Students who participate in the Student Seminar compete for the Zoetis $5000 veterinary student scholarship and a total of $20,000 in additional Elanco-sponsored scholarships ranging from $500 to $2500. Papers not selected for oral presentation are considered for POSTER presentation (poster participants receive a $250 travel stipend from Zoetis), and fifteen poster presenters compete for scholarships ($200 to $500) in the Student Poster Competition, sponsored by United Animal Health. For application details, click here. For a list of previous scholarship recipients, see here.

AASVF-Merck Veterinary Student Scholarships
This scholarship program seeks to identify and assist future swine veterinarians with their educational expenses. Second- and third-year veterinary students enrolled in AVMA-accredited or -recognized colleges of veterinary medicine in the US, Canada, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean Islands are eligible to apply for one of the $5000 scholarships. Applications are due December 31, 2019 for the TEN scholarships to be awarded in March 2020. Applications details will be available in the fall. For a list of previous scholarship recipients, see here. We're confirming the scholarship availability for 2021; please check back in the fall.

Swine Internship and Externship Opportunities
Are you seeking to gain hands-on experience in swine practice? The AASV maintains a list of veterinary practices and production companies that host veterinary students for externships and internships ranging in length from 1 week to 3 months. Student AASV members may access the list here.

Swine Externship Grants
The AASV Foundation provides grants of up to $500 to veterinary students who complete a two-week or longer externship in an AASV-member swine practice. The grant requirements and application are available here. If you need help locating a swine practice willing to provide externship opportunities, check out the list here.

Day-1 Competencies for Swine-interested Veterinary Graduates
Do you have the knowledge and skills needed to hit the ground running on day 1 of your career as a swine veterinarian or food-animal practitioner? Check yourself against the list of basic, intermediate, and advanced competencies available at The list was prepared with funding assistance from the AASV Foundation.

Serve on the AASV Board of Directors
Each fall, the Student Recruitment Committee selects an AASV Student Member to serve a 2-year term on the AASV Board of Directors: the first year as Alternate Student Delegate, and the second year as Delegate. The two (non-voting) representatives provide a student perspective on issues being addressed by the board, and they also coordinate student activities at the annual meeting. Travel expenses to attend the spring and fall board meetings are reimbursed. It's an exceptional networking opportunity; information on how to apply is distributed to student members and faculty contacts in October.

Membership Directory
The association membership directory is helpful in making contacts to arrange swine preceptorships or secure job opportunities. Students have access to the online membership directory containing the most current contact information for AASV members.

Salary Survey
How much can a swine veterinarian expect to earn? How many hours does the typical swine veterinarian work per week? What fringe benefits do most swine veterinarians enjoy? Find the answers to these questions and more in the summary of the AASV Salary Survey you'll receive when you join.