AASV Position Statements

Influenza A Viruses
2009/revised 2017/April 2018

Raising Pigs without Antibiotics
March 2016/reaffirmed April 2019

Antimicrobial Judicious Use Guidelines
September 2014

Castration of Swine
March 2013/reaffirmed 2015/revised April 2018

Permanent Identification of Swine
October 2013/reaffirmed March 2015/reaffirmed April 2018

Tail Docking and Teeth Clipping of Swine
October 2013/reaffirmed March 2015/reaffirmed April 2018

Pig Welfare
October 2004/March 2015/revised April 2018

PRRS Elimination
October 2005/revised 2011/revised 2017/revised April 2020

Anti-Abuse Policy Statement
March 2015/revised April 2018

Federal Funding for Swine Disease Research
March 2008/reaffirmed 2017/reaffirmed April 2020

Premises Registration
October 2007/reaffirmed 2017/revised April 2020

AASV Recommendations to Meet MRL Requirements for U.S. Pork
October 2006; See the National Pork Board's database of MRLs at: www.pork.org/mrl/

Sow Housing
March 2012/reaffirmed 2015/revised 2018

Swine Health Information Technology
April 2018

Pig Welfare During Stop Movement Situations
April 2020

Strategies for Responding to Processing Disruption Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic
May 2020

Sunset position statements:

PCVAD Case Definition
October 2006/Sunset 2017

Links to American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) position statements:

Pregnant Sow Housing
November 2011