Journal of Swine Health and Production

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Cover Photo

Pig from farm in Mexico.

Photo courtesy of Maria De Lourdes Soto

Submitted by Dr Victor Quintero Ramirez, from Mexico City

 The Journal of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians

President's message: Learning never stops!
C. Scanlon Daniels

President-elect's message: Be proud of who we (you) are
Nathan Winkelman

Executive Director's message: Last time
Tom Burkgren

Executive Editor's message: Bucket list
Terri O’Sullivan

Growth performance and hematology characteristics in pigs treated with iron at birth and weaning and fed a nursery diet supplemented with a pharmacological level of zinc oxide
Estienne M, Clark-Deener S, Williams K
(PDF PDF version available)

Sow behavior and productivity in a small stable group-housing system
Campler M, Pairis-Garcia M, Kieffer J, et al
(PDF PDF version available)

Presence of Senecavirus A in pork sold in the United States
Petrovan V, Fang Y, Rowland RRR
(PDF PDF version available)

News from the National Pork Board

  • National Swine Disease Council formed to help combat foreign animal disease
  • Checkoff Swine Health Committee focuses on African swine fever-prevention strategy
  • Nominations open for 2019 America's Pig Farmer of the Year award
  • New study shows US pork’s long-term sustainability progress
  • Emerging technology focus at the Pork Checkoff
  • Launch of Dinner at Home in America report and YouTube success

AASV news

  • Swine externship opportunities and funding available for students
  • Canon hired as Director of Communications
  • AASV Annual Meeting proceedings online
  • Alternate Student Delegate selected for AASV Board

AASV Foundation news: Schmidt family establishes debt-relief scholarship

Advocacy in action: Industry Modifies Disease Response Council
Harry Snelson

Also in the print edition:

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