Volume 5, Number 2

 March and April, 1997

Swine Health and Production

of the
of Swine

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Presidents messages: Howard Hill, Larry Rueff
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Letters: Danish PRRS control program
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Effect of lactation length on ovulation rate and embryo survival in swine
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Thomas A. Marsteller, Gregory A. Armbruster, David B. Anderson, et al.

Comparison of various techniques for controlling the spread of PRRSV in a large swine herd
(HTML and PDF [154K])
Gonzalo Bruna, Salvador Cabeza de Vaca, HanSoo Joo, et al.

Diagnostic notes: Pig parasite diagnosis
(HTML and PDF [307K])
Robert M. Corwin, DVM, PhD

Report: Update on abortion storms and sow mortality
(HTML and PDF [53K])
Patrick G. Halbur and Eric Bush

Report: Results of the recent survey of the membership of the AASP for outbreaks of sow abortion and mortality
(HTML and PDF [91K])
Jeffrey Zimmerman, William Epperson, Robert W Wills, et al.

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