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Pig Welfare Symposium

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Pig Welfare Symposium (2019)

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Invited Speaker Abstracts

Effective Networking Skills [RIS]
Lindsay Graber Runft

Donating Time: One of Our Greatest Assets [RIS]
Colleen Spurlock

Swine Animal Welfare; A Global Perspective [RIS]
Peter Fernandez

Bienestar animal porcino; una perspectiva global [RIS]
Peter Fernandez

Developing Animal Welfare Programs and Policies [RIS]
Daniel Rocher

Desarrollar programas y políticas de bienestar animal [RIS]
Daniel Rocher

Creating a positive culture in the care of pigs. [RIS]
Gustavo Alvarez

Creando una cultura positiva en el cuidado de los Cerdos [RIS]
Gustavo Alvarez

Caretaker training: Identifying Effective Teaching Styles [RIS]
Noa Román-Muñiz, DVM, MS

Entrenamiento del personal de granja: Identificando métodos de enseñanza efectivos. [RIS]
Noa Román-Muñiz, DVM, MS

Animal Welfare Training: Practical Approaches Part I [RIS]
Javier Lorente Martin

Formación en bienestar animal: enfoques prácticos Parte I [RIS]
Javier Lorente Martin

Animal Welfare Training: Practical Approaches Part II [RIS]
Victor Ochoa

Formación en bienestar animal: enfoques prácticos Parte II [RIS]
Victor Ochoa

The Evolution of Animal Welfare Programs in the Supply Chain [RIS]
Collette Kaster

Using Functional Neuroimaging to Understand Consumer Perceptions of Food and Animal Welfare Technologies [RIS]
Tyler Davis

One Welfare: What Does it Mean to the Swine Industry? [RIS]
Rebeca Garcia-Pinillos

Imagining the Ideal Pig Farm: What Do We Want - How Do We Get There? [RIS]
Dan Weary & Nina von Keyserlingk

Interrelationship Between Pig Health and Welfare and Implications for Antibiotic Use [RIS]
Laura Boyle

Euthanasia in Pork Production: Human Factors [RIS]
Elizabeth Strand

When Emotions Run High [RIS]
Mary Battrell

Environmental Enrichment for Swine: Science and Farming Practices [RIS]
Heleen van de Weerd

Environmental Enrichment in North American Production Systems [RIS]
Yolande Seddon

Environmental Enrichment Links to Health [RIS]
Laura Boyle

Day 1 care [RIS]
Jesus Garcia

Sick and Injured (Compromised) Pig Management On-Farm [RIS]
Arlene Garcia

The Challenges of Pain Management in Sows [RIS]
John Deen

Adoption of Improvest®: SunPork Group (Australia) Insights [RIS]
Darryl D’Souza

Pain Mitigation Consortium and FDA Drug Approval [RIS]
Hans Coetzee

Technology: How Will Precision Livestock Farming Impact the Future of Agriculture? [RIS]
Tomás Norton

Preparing for a Foreign Animal Disease [RIS]
Patrick Webb

Low Stress Pig Handling [RIS]
Dave Uttecht

Day One Pig Care: Inspiring and Motivating Your Team to Deliver a Day One Culture of Care [RIS]
Sarah Probst Miller

Interactive Swine Euthanasia Workshop [RIS]
Monique Pairis-Garcia

Poster Abstracts

Effects of enrichment objects on piglet growth and behaviour [RIS]
Jennifer Brown

Effect of warming and drying piglets at birth on post-natal rectal temperature under winter and summer conditions [RIS]
Katherine Vande Pol

Effect of drying of piglets of different birth weights on post-natal changes in rectal temperature [RIS]
Naomi Cooper

Effects of one or two heat lamps on sow behavior and piglet performance in farrowing stalls [RIS]
Suzanne Leonard

Early life events and measuring cognition in pigs: judgement bias and birth order [RIS]
Rebecca Nordquist

Effect of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on pain-associated behaviors, grimace scores and activity levels in piglets at castration [RIS]
Emma Nixon

Wean-to-finish pig death patterns associated with stocking density and profitability differences [RIS]
Samantha Mehling

Time budgets, aggression, and production in group-housed finisher pigs [RIS]
Carly O’Malley

Will a diet deficient in tryptophan affect the health and welfare of growing pigs? [RIS]
Maggie Henry

The comparison of Convolutional Neural Network and Multi-Layer Perceptron on classifying feeder occupancy in grow-finish pigs [RIS]
Junjie Han

Comparison of alternative models for the joint analysis of skin lesion counts and aggression traits in group-housed pigs [RIS]
Belcy Angarita

Utilization of social network analysis to assess association between positive social ties and the prevalence in tail biting in growing pigs [RIS]
Kaitlyn St Charles

Genetic selection for better mothers improves piglet survival in both conventional and group-farrowing systems [RIS]
Jenelle Dunkelberger

Effects of increasing ambient temperature on the thermoregulatory and physiological response of gestating sows [RIS]
Betty McConn

Exploring the motivation of stall-housed sows and gilts to exit their stall [RIS]
Mariia Tokareva

The cost and causes of lameness in loose housed sows [RIS]
Meghann Pierdon

Recognizing lameness in pigs: challenges and opportunities [RIS]
Ellen Meijer

Higher welfare provisions for growing pigs – global insights [RIS]
Monica List

Emergency Livestock transport accident training – First Responders [RIS]
Madonna Benjamin

Risk factors for mortality of weaned piglets transported by road in Canada [RIS]
Hauwa Bwala

Humane euthanasia of young piglets [RIS]
Steve Wotton

Relationship of captive bolt stunning location with basic tissue measurements and exposed cross-sectional brain area in cadaver heads from market pigs [RIS]
Karly Anderson

Pig Welfare Symposium (2017)

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Invited Speaker Abstracts

Why Animal Welfare? [RIS]
Ed Pajor

Changing Ethical Landscapes: Societal Perceptions of Animal Welfare [RIS]
Samantha Noll

What do Consumers Really Want? [RIS]
Jan Johnson

A View of the Horizon - Emerging Issues and International Standards [RIS]
Jeremy N. Marchant-Forde

Finding Balance and a Path Forward [RIS]
Chad Gregory

Animal Welfare Assessment-Application of Science [RIS]
Siobhan Mullan

Demonstrating Integrity-Walking the Talk [RIS]
Keith Schoettmer

Selecting for Feet and Leg Traits that Reduce Lameness Occurrence [RIS]
Joseph Stock

Validation of a Lameness Diagnostic Manual and Tools for Naturally Occurring Sow Lameness [RIS]
Anna Forseth

Do Rubber Mats in Farrowing Help Lame Sows? [RIS]
Magnus Campler

Sow Lameness in Different Housing Systems: What Factors Should We Consider? [RIS]
Laurie Connor

General Overview of the Common Swine Industry Audit [RIS]
Chris Rademacher

Auditors Perspective on the Third-Party Auditing Process [RIS]
Matt Jones

Identifying Pain in Pigs and the Theory of Treatment [RIS]
Sandra Edwards

Pharmacological Pain Management in Sows [RIS]
Eva Mainau

Pharmacological Pain Management in Piglets [RIS]
Hans Coetzee

Management Alternatives to Painful Procedures in Piglets [RIS]
Mhairi Sutherland

ProHand Pigs - Exploring the Pig-Caretaker Connection [RIS]
Grahame Coleman

Developing and Implementing an On-Farm Pig Handling Training Program [RIS]
Paul Ayers

Improving Market Hog Loading by Using a Hog Loading Trailer [RIS]
Alan Evers

Outcome Based Measurements for Pig Handling and Welfare [RIS]
Collette Kaster

What do Pigs Want, Like or Dislike, and How Do We Find Out? [RIS]
Jean-Loup Rault

Aiding On-Farm Decision Making About Euthanasia [RIS]
Monique Pairis-Garcia

Emotional Impact of Euthanasia and Depopulation on Caretakers [RIS]
Alejandro Ramirez

Animal Welfare Considerations During Mass Depopulation and Examples of Best Practices [RIS]
Ian Levis

Application of Research to Improve Performance and Welfare of Group-Housed Gestating Sows [RIS]
Paul Hemsworth

Pigmanship: Training to Win in Group Housing [RIS]
Jonathon Hoek

Poster Abstracts

Testing the Feasibility of Using a Conveyor Belt to Load Weanling and Nursery Pigs for Transportation [RIS]
Donald Lay

Do Noisy Barns Impact Sow Maternal Behavior? A Preliminary Study [RIS]
Nichole Chapel

Novel Behavioral Indicators of Pain in Castrated Piglets [RIS]
Kristina Horback

Efficacy of an On-Farm Euthanasia Training Program for Caretakers Working on Swine Farms [RIS]
Monique Pairis-Garcia

Does in utero Heat Stress Alter the Behavioral Response of Piglets Following Exposure to Common Postnatal Stressors? [RIS]
Jay Johnson

Determination of Behavioral and Physiological Pain Indicators Associated with Castration and Tail Docking in Young Piglets [RIS]
Brent Sexton

Minimal Floor Space Allowance for Gestating Sows Housed in Pens with Electronic Sow Feeders [RIS]
Yuzhi Li

Cooling Pad Effects on Lactating Sow Behavior and Physiology During Acute Heat Stress [RIS]
Severine P. Parois

Pen Location Affects Thermoregulation and Feed Efficiency in Swine During Late Summer [RIS]
Kouassi Kpodo

The Use of Buprenorphine to Reduce Pain in Piglets Undergoing Surgical Castration [RIS]
Abbie Viscardi

Replacing Dietary Antibiotics with 0.20% L-glutamine in Swine Nursery Diets: Impact on Health and Productivity of Pigs Following Weaning and Transport During the Summer [RIS]
Alan W. Duttlinger

Measuring Postnatal Changes in Piglet Body Temperature [RIS]
Naomi Cooper

Effects of Probiotics on Anxiety-Like Behavior in Weaned Pigs [RIS]
Morgan Garvey

Novel Behavioral Analysis of Piglets Treated with Metacam® Thirty Minutes Before and at Time of Castration [RIS]
Jessica Law

Pork Producer Outreach: Could we be Doing Better? A North American Survey [RIS]
Sarah Ison

Bioavailability of Ketoprofen when Compounded with Iron Dextran for Use in Nursing Piglets [RIS]
Kristen Reynolds

Pigs' Individual Aggressiveness is Related to Responses to Non-Social Challenges in Group-Housed Finisher Pigs [RIS]
Carly O'Malley

Genome-Wide Association Analyses of Skin Lesions and their Genetic Correlations with Production Traits in Group-Housed Swine [RIS]
Kaitlin Wurtz

Behavioral and Physiological Methods to Evaluate Pain in Piglets at Processing [RIS]
Sarah Wagner

Determining the Optimal Space Allowance for Nursery Pigs [RIS]
Cyril Roy

Grouping Sows at Three Different Time Points: Effects on Aggression, Physiology and Productivity [RIS]
Cyril Roy

Automated Pig Weight Estimation from Depth Images using a Convolutional Neural Network [RIS]
Mateusz Mittek

Proof of Concept of a Low Cost Prototype to Automatically Measure 3D Images in Weaned Sows. [RIS]
Madonna Benjamin

Individual Pig Care™ and Improvest® Deliver Sustained Pig Performance under Different Management Practices over a Three Year Period [RIS]
Larry Rueff

U.S. Benchmark Values for Transport Losses in Market Weight Pigs [RIS]
Michelle Calvo-Lorenzo