Senecavirus A Virus (Seneca Valley Virus)

Recommendations to Reduce Senecavirus A Disruptions to Commerce in the Swine Industry -- This document offers recommendations developed by an ad hoc working group convened by the National Association of State Animal Health Officials to address the increasing frequency of foreign animal disease (FAD) investigations of swine at slaughter plants resulting from the presence of Senecavirus A. (October 12, 2017)

Recommendations for Swine with Potential Vesicular Disease -- Revised guidance document published by USDA describing procedures and responsibilities for handling herds suspected of having senecavirus A to ensure that foreign animal disease investigations occur per agency guidelines.  04/05/2016

Idiopathic vesicular disease in swine in Manitoba -- 2008 report in the Canadian Veterinary Journal describing the 2007 appearance of vesicular lesions in market hogs at a Minnesota slaughter facility which originated from a Manitoba finisher. The etiology of the lesions was determined to be idiopathic vesicular disease. Further diagnostics confirmed the presence of Seneca Valley Virus.

ISU SVV Fact Sheet (8/5/2015) -- Information from Iowa State University describing early SVV submissions in the summer of 2015.

ISU SVV Fact Sheet (Sows, 9/2/2015) -- Information from ISU describing submissions from sow herds in 2015.

Epidemiology of Seneca Valley Virus: Identification and Characterization of Isolates from Pigs in the United States -- Research paper describing the epidemiology and characterization of the Senecavirus A virus in a U.S. outbreak.

AASV Swine Health committee recommendations -- The Swine Health Information Center (SHIC) asked the AASV Swine Health Committee to evaluate the status and possible responses to the recent Seneca Valley Virus (SVV) cases diagnosed in 2015.  The document outlines the committee's response and recommendations. [September 9, 2015]

Identification and Complete Genome of Seneca Valley Virus in Vesicular Fluid and Sera of Pigs Affected with Idiopathic Vesicular Disease, Brazil -- This report, published September 7, 2015 in Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, describes the identification and the complete SVV genome in vesicular fluid and sera of pigs affected with idiopathic vesicular disease in Brazil.

Summary of Senecavirus A PCR test results -- Summary of Senecavirus A PCR test results obtained by retropsectively testing swine oral fluid samples (441 Cases, 2,033 Samples, from 25 different states and a few isolated submissions from Canada and Mexico) received at the ISU VDL and UMN VDL for routine diagnostic testing between 8/24/2015 to 9/01/2015 that are not otherwise known to be exhibiting clinical signs of acute lameness accompanied by the presence of vesicular lesions on the snout, coronary band, and/or hoof.


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