The US Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) has changed
The new VFD regulation became effective October 1, 2015


The use of any feed-grade antimicrobial with a VFD label is now subject to the new regulation. This includes tilmicosin, florfenicol, and avilamycin, which are already VFD drugs labeled for use in swine.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers will transition other medically important, feed-grade antimicrobials to VFD labels by December 2016. Essentially all swine antibiotics will be affected, except bacitracin, carbadox, bambermycin, ionophores, and tiamulin. These antibiotics will remain available for growth promotion or over-the-counter (OTC) distribution, or both.

The AASV has prepared and mailed a brochure to all US members that highlights the responsibilities of the veterinarian issuing a VFD, the information required on a VFD, the need for a veterinary-client-patient relationship, and additional items of interest. The brochure is available online at

The AASV urges swine veterinarians to become familiar with the regulation, which is available – along with additional information and updates – on the FDA’s Veterinary Feed Directive Web page:

Extra-label use of feed-grade antimicrobials remains ILLEGAL.

Questions about VFDs?