Journal of Swine Health and Production

March and April, 1995

of the
of Swine

Note: PDFs from the first three volumes have been prepared by scanning the printed pages because the original computer files are no longer available. Consequently, these file size are rather larger than for more recent issues, around 2-3MB each. An optical character recognition process has been used to facilitate searching of text within the PDFs.

Disease-reducing potential of increased immunity to shared lipopolysaccharide core antigens of Gram-negative bacteria by immunizing swine with Escherichia coli J5
Brad Fenwick, DVM, MS, PhD

Controlling the spread of PRRS virus in the breeding herd through management of the gilt pool
Scott Dee DVM, MS, Diplomate: ACVM; HanSoo Joo, DVM, PhD; Carlos Pijoan, DVM, PhD

Porcine circovirus: A serological survey of swine in the United States
Raymond K. Hines, DVM, PhD; and Phil D. Lukert, DVM, PhD

Atrophic myopathy in young pigs (case report)
Joaquim Segalés, DVM; Mariano Domingo, DVM, PhD; Alberto J. Marco, DVM, PhD; Juan San Martin, DVM; Carlos Pijoan, DVM, PhD

Pitfalls of laboratory diagnosis of piglet enteritis
David H. Zeman, DVM, PhD, Diplomate, ACVP

PRRS in the United States: The reeducation of the swine practitioner (commentary)
Scott A. Dee, DVM, MS, Dipl ACVM; HanSoo Joo, DVM, PhD

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