Heritage Fellow Program

The Heritage Fellow Program is an opportunity to provide a legacy of support to the AASV Foundation. Contributions made via the Heritage Fellow program are endowed: the principal is invested and only the interest, dividends, and capital appreciation are used to fund Foundation programs. Those who contribute $5,000 or more, either by direct gift or estate bequest, receive the designation of "Heritage Fellow." The Foundation awards these distinguished contributors a walnut plaque and lapel pin to recognize their commitment to the future of swine veterinary medicine.

AASV Foundation Heritage Fellows

Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Ackerman
Dr. Matt and Dini Anderson Family
Dr. Jack L. Anderson
Dr. Paul J. Armbrecht
Dr. John E. Baker
Dr. Rodney B. and Emma Baker
Dr. H. Neil and Helen C. Becker
David A. Benfield, PhD
Dr. Gregg BeVier
Dr. Robert and Linda Blomme
Dr. Dave and Anita Bomgaars
Dr. George Charbonneau
Dr. Jack L. Coleman
Dr. Larry and Renea Coleman
Dr. Rich and Cathie Collins
Dr. Joseph F. and Callie W. Connor
Dr. Jim and Carol Dick
Dr. Dennis D. DiPietre
Dr. R.C. & Judy Ebert
Dr. Wayne Freese
Dr. Thomas G. Gillespie
Dr. Robert Graybill
Dr. Doug Groth
Dr. Peggy Anne Hawkins – in memory of her parents, Bob and Karen Hawkins
Dr. Dale A. Hendrickson
Dr. Steven C. Henry
Dr. Alex Hogg
Drs. William and Brigit Hollis
Dr. Rodney Johnson
Drs. Randy and Beth Jones
Dr. Kerry and Betsy Keffaber
Dr. Jason and Angela Kelly
Dr. Ross W. Kiehne
Dr. Paul and Markeeta Knoernschild
Dr. John and Jill Kolb
Drs. Timothy J. and Ruth A. Loula
Dr. James F. Lowe
Dr. Aaron and Roberta Lower
Dr. Daniel McManus
Dr. William L. Mengeling
Dr. Eugene Nemechek
Dr. Daryl and Nancy Olsen
Dr. David and Carol Reeves
Dr. Max and Carol Rodibaugh
Dr. Brian and Deb Roggow
Dr. Craig and Beth Rowles
Dr. Larry and Gail Rueff
Dr. Paul and Sue Ruen
Drs. Alan Scheidt
Dr. Conrad B. Schmidt
Dr. Steve and Jane Schmitz
Dr. Roy A. Schultz
Dr. Dave & Helen Smidt
Dr. William Starke
Dr. Mike Strobel
Dr. Robert Thompson
Dr. Harold Tilstra
Drs. Mike and Lisa Tokach
Dr. Roderick Tubbs
Dr. Ralph A. Vinson
Dr. John T. and Carol L. Waddell
Dr. Tom Wetzell
Dr. Warren D. Wilson
Dr. Nathan Winkelman
Dr. Theo P. (Teddi) Wolff
Dr. Kenneth T. Wright
Dr. Paul and Lori Yeske

Become a Heritage Fellow:

  1. Make an outright gift to the Foundation of $5,000 or more, or
  2. Designate the AASV Foundation as a beneficiary of your estate, either through your will or your life insurance, in the amount of $5,000 or more.

Please complete and submit the Heritage Letter of Intent to indicate details regarding your gift. For monetary contributions, include your check with the Letter of Intent, or submit credit card payment online at http://ecom.aasv.org/foundation.

For more information, contact: AASV Foundation, 830 26th Street, Perry, Iowa 50220, Tel: 515-465-5255, aasv@aasv.org