Howard Dunne Memorial Award

Given annually to an AASV member who has made a significant contribution and rendered outstanding service to the AASV and the swine industry.

Dr Glen Almond is the 2020 recipient of the Howard Dunne Memorial Award.

With a personal mission of improving pig health and production through education, research, and service, Dr Almond has provided outstanding service to the AASV and the entire swine industry for decades.

He has been a member of the AASV Program Planning Committee, helping to prepare the educational program for at least seven annual AASV meetings. An active member of the AASV Collegiate Activities Committee, he continues to advocate for swine curriculum and students with swine interest. Dr Almond’s efforts to enhance the knowledge of swine veterinarians are evident through his service on the Journal of Swine Health and Production editorial board, his participation on the Pig Welfare Symposium steering committee, and the countless scientific abstracts, journal articles, and book chapters he has authored.

Dr Almond has participated on the North Carolina Pork Producers Council’s Board of Directors and the National Pork Board’s Welfare Committee. His service as a veterinary consultant, ad hoc reviewer for numerous international scientific journals and institutional publications, and a member of service committees within his department, college, and university help describe his commitment to the industry.

Perhaps Dr Almond’s most notable contribution to AASV and the swine industry is his commitment to swine-interested students world-wide. He is a professor of pig health and production medicine at North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and advises veterinary students, summer interns, international students, and graduate students. Extremely generous of his time devoted to students, his open-door policy demonstrates his drive to help others succeed. As a mentor, he is highly supportive of students and continues to advocate for their success.

Dr Almond credits his own success to the success of his students. “Perhaps the most important individuals who contributed to my career are my current and past students. Their success is my success. I am genuinely proud of their success and contributions to the AASV and the pork industry.”

Today, his mentees provide care to one-third of the US swine breeding herd.

Dr Almond holds a BS from the University of Guelph, a DVM and an MS from the Ontario Veterinary College, and a PhD in reproductive physiology and immunology from North Carolina State University. He also thanks his wife, Dr Judith McLaren, and son Christopher.

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