Howard Dunne Lectures

Year   Presenter   Country   Title  
1978   Michael Muirhead   UK   Effects of the Swann report on veterinary practice and the swine industry in England  
1979   W.J. (Bill) Smith   Scotland   Problems of disease control in large intensive units  
1980   N.C. Nielsen   Denmark   Disease monitoring and diagnostic procedures in pig production as an aid in reducing piglet mortality and morbidity  
1981   Allen Leman   USA   Preparing for swine practice in the 1980's  
1982   Michael Wilson   Canada   Pigmanship  
1983   Edward Bohl   USA   Viral diarrhea in piglets  
1984   Richard Ross   USA   Chronic pneumonia of swine with emphasis on mycoplasmal pneumonia  
1985   Kent Kislingbury   USA   Current economics of swine production  
1986   Ralph Vinson   USA   The 1990's, the last decade of private swine practice?  
1987   Gary Dial   USA   Optimizing reproductive performance and establishing new horizons for sow productivity  
1988   Thomas Alexander   UK   Disease control - present and future  
1989   Steven Henry   USA   Assessing grow-finish: Why is the system no better?  
1990   Stanley Curtis   USA   Swine welfare: Biology as the basis  
1991   Roy Schultz   USA   The impact of changes in global swine production on swine veterinary practice  
1992   Joseph Connor   USA   The breeding herd: Providing the raw material  
1993   Camille Moore   USA   Striving for optimum nursery/grow-finish performance: More than one option exists  
1994   Robert Morrison   USA   Opportunity: A matter of perspective  
1995   Rodney Johnson   USA   The big picture - optimizing biological and financial efficiency  
1996   Paul Yeske   USA   Efficient pork production  
1997   Barbara Straw   USA   Veterinary practice: Art, science, and politics  
1998   Mike Daniel   USA   Leading in the midst of change - people, knowledge, and technology  
1999   Larry Rueff   USA   Swine veterinary practice: Entering the 21st century  
2000   David Reeves   USA   Managing change, variation, and chance  
2001   Max Rodibaugh   USA   Science and technology 2001: Clear goals or black holes?  
2002   Tim Blackwell   Canada   Exceeding expectations  
2003   Lonnie King   USA   As the future catches you  
2004   Robert Desrosiers   Canada   Epidemiology, diagnosis and control of swine diseases  
2005   Scott Dee   USA   Lifelong learning: Applying science in practice  
2006   Gregg BeVier   USA   Beyond the basics: What will the future bring and how will we get ready?  
2007   Tom Burkgren   USA   AASV: Good to great  
2008   Tim Loula   USA   Use your strengths to stay in the game  
2009   John Thomson   USA   Securing the future of the swine veterinarian while our national food insecurity increases  
2010   Jim Lowe   USA   People, processes and pigs: Are we fixing what is really broken?  
2011   Locke Karriker   USA   Evidence based practices: Myths and applications  
2012   R. Dean Boyd   USA   Integrating science into practice and getting it right  
2013   Craig Rowles   USA   Perspective, passion, and the purpose-inspired practice  
2014   Daryl Olsen   USA   The pig always wins  
2015   Gregory Stevenson   USA   Because it's the right thing to do  
2016   John Harding   Canada   Emergence of "Brachyspira hampsonii" in western Canada: A collaborative success  
2017   Jeff Zimmerman   USA   Swine medicine in the 21st century: Immovable object meets unstoppable force
2018   Bill DuBois   USA   How geography, culture, and socioeconomic status affect global animal protein consumption: Applications for swine veterinarians  
2019   John Waddell   USA   Built to last: 50 years of AASV  
2020   Bret Marsh   USA   Trust the People