Volume 6, Number 6

November and December, 1998

Swine Health and Production

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  • The truth about "syndromes" -- Steve Henry
  • Emerging diseases--Are there alternatives to the "vet rumor mill"? -- Beth Lautner
  • When is a new "syndrome" really a new disease? -- Cate Dewey
  • PMWS is a useful acronym -- John C.S. Harding, Phil Willson, Ted Clark, et al.

Postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome: Epidemiology and clinical presentation
John C. S. Harding, Edward (Ted) G. Clark, John H. Strokappe, et al.
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Evaluation of the effectiveness of a macrolide antibiotic on reduction of respiratory pathogens in 12-day and 21-day weaned pigs
L. Kirk Clark, Ching C. Wu, William G. Van Alstine, et al.
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Indirect transmission of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae
Robert Desrosiers and Camille Moore
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Population-based problem solving in swine herds
Dale D. Polson, William E. Marsh, and Gary D. Dial
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Injection of PG600(R) at weaning of the first litter: Effects on sow lifetime performance
Roy N. Kirkwood, Ciaran J. Ormand, and Laksiri A. Goonewardene
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Diagnostic notes
Congenital swine pox: A sporadic skin disorder in nursing piglets
Stéphane Thibault, Richard Drolet, Robert Alain, et al.
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Practice tip: Help with prepuce and navel sucking
Lisa Becton
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