Journal of Swine Health and Production

November and December, 2003

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Pilot studies to evaluate the efficacy of a truck-mounted tire sanitizer system
Sandra F. Amass, Jessica L. Schneider, Darryl Ragland, et al

Utilizing alternative indices to compare the conformance of market hogs across three packers
John D. Roberts, John Deen, Thomas Johnson, et al

Methods of control and elimination of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus using modified live vaccine in a two-site production system
Thomas G. Gillespie, Amy L. Carroll

Effect of a phytogenic feed additive on weaning-to-estrus interval and farrowing rate in sows
Robert K. Kis, Gabor Bilkei

Diagnostic notes
Serologic basis for assessment of subclinical Salmonella infection in swine: Part 2

Isabel Turney Harris

News from the National Pork Board

AASV advocacy in action

What's your interpretation?
Lisa Tokach

Advertisements from Industry Support Council members
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