Journal of Swine Health and Production

September and October, 1995

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Note: PDFs from the first three volumes have been prepared by scanning the printed pages because the original computer files are no longer available. Consequently, these file size are rather larger than for more recent issues, around 2-3MB each. An optical character recognition process has been used to facilitate searching of text within the PDFs.

Source and timing of Streptococcus suis infection in neonatal pigs: Implications for early weaning procedures
Sandra Faye Amass, DVM, MS; L. Kirk Clark, DVM, PhD; and Ching Ching Wu, DVM, PhD

Mixing and clean-out properties of sulfamethazine and carbadox in swine feed
Timothy J. Herrman, PhD; Keith C. Behnke, PhD; and Thomas M. Loughin, PhD

Eimeria-associated pathology in breeding gilts
Steven C. Henry, DVM and Lisa M. Tokach, DVM

The effect of all-in-all-out growing-finishing on the health of pigs
Alan B. Scheidt, DVM, MS;Tilford R. Cline, PhD; L. Kirk Clark, DVM, PhD;Vern B. Mayrose, PhD; William G.Van Alstine, DVM, PhD; Mark A. Diekman, PhD; and Wayne L. Singleton, PhD

Managing management-induced Clostridium perfringens type A infection in suckling pigs: A case study
David P. Madsen, DVM

Actinobacillus suis septicemia: An emerging disease in high-health herds
Michael J. Yaeger, DVM, PhD

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