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University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Outreach Programs

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Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2019)

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Keynote Presentations

Abstracts of Presentations

Using Internal Research and Innovation to Enhance Value Across the Smithfield Pork Chain [RIS]
Terry Coffey

Measuring post-natal changes in body temperature to improve pre-weaning mortality [RIS]
Michael Ellis

Managing piglet pre-weaning mortality: Issues and Opportunities [RIS]
Michael Ellis

Cracking the Streptococcus suis Code [RIS]
Connie Gebhart

PCV3: Diagnostics, Research, and Control

Abstracts of Presentations

Research Insights and Applications [RIS]
Bailey Arruda

PRRS: Diagnostics, Risk Factors, and Incidence

Abstracts of Presentations

Adapting technology to improve biosecurity culture [RIS]
Jason Miller

Investigation of gilts as a factor for delayed time-to-stability [RIS]
Juan Sanhueza

Comparison of different sampling methodologies in due to wean piglets and litters [RIS]
Carles Vilalta

Improving Pig Survival in the Herd

Abstracts of Presentations

Changing Pre-Weaning Piglet Survival Expectations [RIS]
Larry Coleman

Birthweight and Interventions to Improve Survival of Pigs [RIS]
Lee Johnston

Measuring and managing the key components of a successful gilt replacement program [RIS]
Jennifer Patterson

Current efforts towards improving pig livability [RIS]
Jason Ross

Diagnostics and Prevention of Vitamin Deficiencies

Abstracts of Presentations

Vitamin supplementation from a risk management perspective [RIS]
Merlin Lindemann

Feed, Feeding Levels and Tissue Analytics of Vitamins: Observations FROM the Field [RIS]
Ronny Moser

Pig Farm Disasters: Emergency Planning and Response to FADs

Abstracts of Presentations

STOP or GO? Disease management strategies for agricultural industries [RIS]
Carol Cardona

An All-Hazards Approach to Agricultural Emergencies [RIS]

Silent Estrus in Gilts: A Case Investigation

Abstracts of Presentations

Silent estrus in gilts: What have we learned? [RIS]
Jean Paul Cano

Factors influencing follicle development in gilts and sows and management strategies used to regulate growth for control of estrus and ovulation [RIS]
Robert KNOX

The Physiology of Gilt Fertility [RIS]
Robert KNOX

VDL Updates: Cases, Approaches, and Data

Abstracts of Presentations

Parvoviruses- Help! What does it all mean? Life is already complicated [RIS]
Stephanie Rossow

Keeping Mycoplasma Out of the Farm

Abstracts of Presentations

Surveillance of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in minimal prevalence scenarios [RIS]
Alyssa Betlach

Monitoring Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae negative sow farms [RIS]
Laura Bruner

Mycoplasma status at a boar stud: does it matter? [RIS]
Amy Maschoff

Digital Biosecurity To Control PEOPLE Access Into Farms [RIS]
Gonzalo Mena

Creating and Upholding a Biosecurity Culture [RIS]
Andrea Pitkin

Dynamics of Transmission and Viral Diversity: Moving Targets for Disease Control

Abstracts of Presentations

Incidence and dynamics of wild type PRRS virus in growing pigs from Midwest U.S FARMS [RIS]
Jose Angulo

Dynamics of PRRS in the US over the past decade: a molecular epidemiology perspective [RIS]
Igor Paploski

Forecasting outbreaks of PEDV [RIS]
Kimberly VanderWaal

Pig Farm Disasters: Emergency Planning and Response to Natural Disasters

Abstracts of Presentations

Dealing with Hurricanes and Floods [RIS]
Emily Byers

ABVP: Advanced Case Investigation

Abstracts of Presentations

B. hyodysenteriae detected in a high-health herd. Now what? [RIS]
Matheus Costa

Infecções Entéricas Subclínicas: Qual a Relevância? [RIS]
Matheus Costa

Gastrointestinal diseases: Clinical cases [RIS]
Robert Desrosiers

How to DO a Literature REVIEW to improve a case work-up [RIS]
Brad Thacker

Environmental Sustainability

Abstracts of Presentations

Farm Level Carbon Footprints of Midwest Swine Farms [RIS]
Erin Cortus

Hiring and Retaining Employees

Abstracts of Presentations

How to make pig FARMS an irresistible place to work [RIS]
Jon Hoek

Understanding the labor market and projections [RIS]
Lee Schulz

Living in the World of ASF

Abstracts of Presentations

What we are doing at the US border to keep ASF out? [RIS]
Kevin Harriger

Real-time audio feedbacks after biosecurity breaches [RIS]
Manon Racicot

Improving Compliance via Low and High Tech Strategies [RIS]
Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt

Living in the World of ASF [RIS]
Joseph Yaros

Production Models: The Old is New Again

Abstracts of Presentations

THE challenges of technology adoption [RIS]
John Deen

Batch farrowing in large FARMS: Why we are implementing it [RIS]
Daryl Olsen

Antibiotic Use and Resistance

Abstracts of Presentations

Phenotypic evaluation of the impact of antibiotic use protocols on antimicrobial resistance patterns in PRRS virus infected swine in a naïve environment [RIS]
Carissa Odland

Is there value in giving antibiotics at processing? [RIS]
Chris Rademacher

Effects of aging on the gut microbiome/resistome: inference in the absence of negative controls [RIS]
H. Morgan Scott

Feed Biosecurity: Sponsored by SHIC

Abstracts of Presentations

Managing the risk of feed: Additives and Responsible Imports [RIS]
Scott Dee

What can we do? Methods to keep viruses out of the feed supply chain [RIS]
Cassandra Jones

Risk of introduction and transmission of ASF through feed [RIS]
Megan Niederwerder

Risk of ASF virus introduction in vitamins, soybean products, and other feed additives [RIS]
Jennifer van DE Ligt

Influenza Control: From Sow Farm Infections to Nursery Performance

Abstracts of Presentations

An Assessment of the Risk Associated with the Movement of Weaned Pigs Within, Into, and Outside of a Control Area during a Foot-and-Mouth Disease Outbreak in the United States [RIS]
Marie Culhane

Does influenza vaccination of sows reduce nursery pig mortality? Results FROM a two year observational study [RIS]

Investigating the Role of Nurse Sows on Influenza Transmission In Field Conditions [RIS]
Jorge Garrido

Control of influenza using custom vaccines in sows: a two year experience [RIS]
Jeremy Pittman

Hot Topics

Abstracts of Presentations

Is it time to eliminate PEDv, PDCoV, TGE, and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae from NA Swine? [RIS]
Joseph Connor

Using Ultrasound Diagnostics to trouble shoot reproductive issues [RIS]
Johannes Kauffold

An overview of of sow performance-challenges we are FACING today? [RIS]
Ronald Ketchem

THE US poultry and egg industries’ National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP), a model of safeguarding and improving animal health for the US pork industry to consider [RIS]
Rodger Main

Ileitis Elimination: Planting the Seed [RIS]
Nathan Winkelman

Bacterial Disease

Recent Research Reports

Comparison of Aleta™ with and without in-feed antibiotics for growth performance, morbidity and Full Value Pigs™ in PRRSV-positive nursery pigs. [RIS]
Tom Marsteller, Kemin Animal Health and Nutrition North America; Paul Matzat, Kemin Animal Health and Nutrition North America

Juliana Calveyra, Ceva Animal Health; William Costa, Ceva Animal Health

An inactivated Streptococcus suis vaccine capable of protecting young pigs [RIS]
Paul Lawrence, Boehringer-Ingelheim Animal Health; Brittanny Wiener, Boehringer-Ingelheim Animal Health

Case study evaluating novel diagnostic tools for Mycoplasma hyorhinis field diagnosis [RIS]
Eduardo Fano, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc. ; Katie Dion, Hanor Company; Nathan Schaefer, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.; Bailey Arruda, Iowa State University; Maria Clavijo, Iowa State University ; Katie Kehl, Kansas State University – College of Veterinary Medicine, Manhattan, KS

Essential Oils Can Improve Pig Gut Health Following Ileitis Challenge [RIS]
Heidi Hall, Anpario plc; Adam Mueller, Swine Services Unlimited, (SSUI) Inc; Nate Winkelman, Swine Services Unlimited, (SSUI) Inc; Heidi Hall, Anpario plc

Cell-mediated immune responses for Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae after vaccination at weaning [RIS]
Fabian Chamba, Pharmgate Animal Health; M. Surendran Nair, University of Minnesota; V. Krishna, University of Minnesota; J. Hall, Pharmgate Animal Health; B. Conarchy, Pharmgate Animal Health

Characterization of the local and systemic immune response to Lawsonia intracellularis infection in vaccinated animals [RIS]
Erika Vasquez, University of Minnesota; Fernando Leite, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc., Duluth, GA, USA; Dana Beckler, Gut Bugs, Inc, MN, USA; Venkatramana Krishna, University of Minnesota; Fabio Vannucci, University of Minnesota

Non-antibiotic feed additives can mitigate Brachyspira hyodysenteriae lesions in vitro [RIS]
Mariana Meneguzzi, Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota; Barbara R. F. de Souza, Federal University of Minas Gerais; John C. S. Harding, Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, University of Saskatchewan; Matheus de O. Costa, Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota

Multiple-drug resistant Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium monophasic variant (4,[5],12:i:-) isolated from swine of Santa Catarina state - Brazil [RIS]
Mariana Meneguzzi , Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota; Caroline Pissetti, Federal University of Santa Catarina - Campus Curitibanos, Brazil.; Raquel Rebelatto, Embrapa Swine and Poultry, Brazil; Matheus de Oliveira Costa, Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota; Jalusa Deon Kich, Embrapa Swine and Poultry, Brazil

Virulence-associated gene profiling of Streptococcus suis in the United States [RIS]
April A. Estrada, University of Minnesota; Marcelo Gottschalk, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Montreal, Canada; Aaron Rendahl, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, USA; Connie Gebhart, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, USA; Douglas G. Marthaler, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, USA; College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University, USA

The AI-2/luxS quorum sensing system affects the growth characteristics, biofilm formation and virulence of Haemophilus parasuis [RIS]
Bingzhou Zhang, Huazhong Agricultural Unversity; Xugang Ku, Huazhong Agricultural Unversity; Xiaoqian Zhang, Huazhong Agricultural Unversity; Qigai He, Huazhong Agricultural Unversity

Development of monoclonal antibodies specific to Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae [RIS]
Venkatramana Krishna, University of Minnesota; Maria Pieters, University of Minnesota; Meera Surendran Nair, University of Minnesota; Fernanda Munhoz dos Anjos Leal, University of Minnesota; Jian-Ping Wang, University of Minnesota; Maxim Cheeran, University of Minnesota


Recent Research Reports

Effect of Alquernat Immuplus on gene expression in immune cells and its relation with higher resistance against Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) [RIS]
Júlia Pié , Biovet, S.A.; David Díez, Biovet, S.A.; Carlos Domenech, Biovet, S.A.; Anna Tesouro, Biovet, S.A.

Phytogenic feed additive as an alternative to zinc oxide in weaned pigs [RIS]
Kory Moran, Delacon Biotechnik GmbH; Tobias Aumiller, Delacon Biotechnik GmbH; Sandra Chamusco, Delacon Biotechnik GmbH; Andreas Muller, Delacon Biotechnik GmbH; Jan Dirk van der Kliss, Delacon Biotechnik GmbH

The Effect of Feeding a LucraFit® Feed Nursery Program without Lactose on Piglet Performance. [RIS]
Stacie Crowder, Purina Animal Nutrition LLC; T.L. Weeden, Purina Animal Nutrition LLC ; C. Hankins , Purina Animal Nutrition LLC; T. Meyer, Purina Animal Nutrition LLC; B.DeRodas, Purina Animal Nutrition LLC

Trends of Mycotoxin Contamination in US Feed Ingredients [RIS]
Erika Hendel, Biomin America Inc; L. Zheng, BIOMIN America, Inc., Overland Park, KS, USA; P.N. Gott, BIOMIN America, Inc., Overland Park, KS, USA; S. M. Ramirez, BIOMIN America, Inc., Overland Park, KS, USA; G.R. Murugesan, BIOMIN America, Inc., Overland Park, KS, USA; U. Hofstetter, BIOMIN Holding GmbH, Getzersdorf, Austria

The Effect of feeding Medium Chain Fatty Acids OutPace® Feed Additive in unmedicated nursery diets on piglet performance. [RIS]
Benjamin Bass, Land O'Lakes Inc. ; S.A. Crowder, Purina Animal Nutrition LLC ; T.L. Weeden, Purina Animal Nutrition LLC ; B. DeRodas , Purina Animal Nutrition ; T.P. Karnezos , Land O'Lakes Inc.

Growth performance response to DL-methionine and DL-2 hydroxy-4-methylthio-butyrate acid fed at a ratio of 65:100 in nursery pigs [RIS]
S. Maria Mendoza, Evonik Corporation

Reducing Risk of PRRSV [RIS]
Mahfuz Abdullah, Feed Energy


Recent Research Reports

Creating measurable, practice-relevant Day-1 competencies for swine veterinary education [RIS]
Perle Zhitnitskiy, University of Minnesota; Thomas Molitor, University of Minnesota; Montserrat Torremorell, University of Minnesota; Laura Molgaard, University of Minnesota

Diagnostic investigation to Validate Placenta Umbilical Cord (PUC) and Processing Fluid sampling as methods to determine presence/circulation of PCV2 and PCV3 in a sow breeding herd [RIS]
Thomas Fangman, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.; Kayla Blake, JBS Pork; Eduardo Fano, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.; Greg Hartsook, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.; Thad Hinkle, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.

A meta-analysis on the effect of Ingelvac MycoFLEX® and FLEXcombo® to reduce the mortality in commercial pig herds [RIS]
Eduardo Fano, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc, USA; Eduardo de Freitas Costa, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul; Oliver Duran, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GmbH, Germany; Gabriele Schagemann, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GmbH, Germany

Case Study: Is it time for an NPIP like program for the US pork industry? [RIS]
Rodger Main, Iowa State University; Pam Zaabel, Iowa State University ; Kerry Leedom-Larson, Iowa State University; James Roth, Iowa State University ; Jeff Zimmerman, Iowa State University

Quantitative risk assessment for the introduction of classical swine fever virus via pig movements into the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil [RIS]
Daniella Schettino, UMN; Andres Perez, University of Minnesota

Post-weaning mortality in commercial swine production: Contributing factors and direction of future progress [RIS]
Jordan Gebhardt, Kansas State University; Mike Tokach, Kansas State University; Steve Dritz, Kansas State University; Steve Henry, Abilene Animal Hospital, P. A.; Joel DeRouchey, Kansas State University

A multivariate analysis of the effect of disease challenge on the growth performance of pigs [RIS]
Mariana Meneguzzi, Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine – University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA; Rodrigues, L.A, 1Department of Animal and

Are the national negotiated hog markets (eastern and western cornbelt regional markets) producing a competitive equilibrium price? [RIS]
Lance Mulberry, KnowledgeVentures, LLC; Dennis DiPietre, KnowledgeVentures, LLC

Does topical flunixin meglumine have potential to treat pain in pre-wean piglets? [RIS]
Heather Kittrell, Iowa State University; J. P. Mochel, Iowa State University; J. Brown, Iowa State University; B. Schneider, Iowa State University; L. Karriker, Iowa State University

Whole-herd drivers of wean-to-finish mortality in a USA swine production system [RIS]
Edison Magalhaes, Iowa State University; Pete Thomas, Iowa Select Farms; Cesar Augusto Amorim Moura, Iowa State University; Christopher Rademacher, Iowa State University; Daniel Correia Lima Linhares, Iowa State University


Recent Research Reports

Impact of Pulmotil® AC (tilmicosin aqueous concentrate) to improve herd health and productivity during swine respiratory disease [RIS]
Mark Hammer, Elanco; Jason Bargen, Elanco; Joseph Gooding, Elanco; Emily Byers, Prestage Farms

A flow-based approach regarding PCV2/Mhp commercial vaccines comparisons in Canada [RIS]
Gillian Greaves, South West Ontario Veterinary Services; Fabian Chamba, ; Bill Maxwell, ; Paisley Canning,

Productive performance with gestation diet in flushing and weaning-to-estrus interval and no bump feeding in the last third of gestation for ideal and fat females [RIS]
Gefferson Silva, Agroceres PIC; Eduardo Oliveira Silva, Universidade Estadual Paulista; Victória Márcia Gomes Kömel, PUC -MG; Amanda Pimenta Siqueira, Agroceres PIC; Vanessa Carolina Finger , UDC

Joab Malanda Osotsi, University of Debrecen,Hungary; Péter Balogh , University of Debrecen,Hungary; Gabriella Novotni Dankó, University of Debrecen,Hungary

Time to stability in breeding farms operating on a four-week batch system using processing fluid and due-to-wean blood-serum sample for PRRSV monitoring [RIS]
Giovani Trevisan, Iowa State University; Eva Jablonski, Zoetis; Jose Angulo, Zoetis; Daniel C. L. Linhares, Iowa State University

Monitoring key production performance on a naïve sow herd exposed to PRRS MLV vaccine. [RIS]
Giovani Trevisan, Iowa State University; Clayton Johnson, Carthage Veterinary Services; Daniel C. L. Linhares , Iowa State University

Association between lung consolidation lesions and average daily gain on finishing pigs in Brazil [RIS]
Maria Eugênia Ferraz, São Paulo State University (Unesp), School of Agricultural and Veterinarian Sciences, Jaboticabal, São Paulo; Henrique Meiroz Souza Almeida, ão Paulo State University (Unesp), School of Agricultural and Veterinarian Sciences, Jaboticabal, São Paulo; Mauro Souza, Ceva Animal Health Brazil; César A A Moura, Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine Department, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa; Luís Guilherme de Oliveira, São Paulo State University (Unesp), School of Agricultural and Veterinarian Sciences, Jaboticabal, São Paulo

Economic impact of iron deficiency anemia on US swine production [RIS]
Chris Olsen, Pharmacosmos Inc.

Joab Malanda Osotsi, University of Debrecen, Hungary; Péter Balogh , University of Debrecen,Hungary; Gabriella Novotni Dankó, University of Debrecen,Hungary


Recent Research Reports

Litter birth weight phenotype is associated with embryonic and placental development at day 30 of gestation [RIS]
Júlia Linck Moroni, University of Alberta; Stephen Tsoi, University of Alberta; Irene I. Wenger, University of Alberta; Patrick Charagu, Hendrix Genetics; Michael K. Dyck, University of Alberta

Viral Disease

Recent Research Reports

PCV2 in gilts: virus and vaccination [RIS]
Lola Tolstrup, SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre ; Lars Erik Larsen, National Veterinary Institute; Charlotte Kristiane Hjulsager, National Veterinary Institute; Michael Albin Larsen, CEVA Animal Health A/S; Charlotte Sonne Kristensen, SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre

Limited impact of PCV2 on reproductivity in PCV2 un-vaccinated Danish sows [RIS]
Lola Tolstrup, SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre; Lars Erik Larsen, National Veterinary Institute; Charlotte Kristiane Hjulsager, National Veterinary Institute; Charlotte Sonne Kristensen, SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre

A case study for IAV reassortment: the need for Whole Herd Approach with IAV control [RIS]
Melissa Farber Billing, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.; Jianqiang Zhang, Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory; Philip Gauger, Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory; Jack Gallup, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc. ; Christa Goodell, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.

IAV-S monitoring in a flow of replacement gilts before and after Ingelvac Provenza® implementation [RIS]
Melissa Farber Billing, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.; Christa Goodell, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.

IAV-S stabilization within a sow herd closure program, using mass vaccination of gilts with Ingelvac Provenza® [RIS]
Chris Sievers, Swine Vet Center; Jana Morgan, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.; Tyler Bates, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.; Kellie Cicconi-Hogan, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.; Christa Goodell, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.

Inactivation of African Swine Fever virus inoculated in porcine fresh plasma by ultraviolet (UV-C) light [RIS]
Javier Polo Pozo, APC Inc; Elena Blázquez, APC EUROPE S.L.U. IRTA CReSA; Joan Pujols, IRTA CReSA; Joaquim Segalés, IRTA CReSA; Carmen Rodríguez, APC EUROPE S.L.U.; Javier Polo, APC EUROPE S.L.U. IRTA CReSA

A comparison of relative vaccine setback and serological profiles of pigs following vaccination with Prime Pac® PRRS RR and Ingelvac® PRRS MLV [RIS]
Brett O'Brien, Merck Animal Health; Adam Mueller, Swine Services Unlimited Inc.; Rick Tubbs, Tubbs Contract Research Organization; Brad Thacker, Merck Animal Health; Robyn Fleck, Merck Animal Health

Efficacy of porcine circovirus type 2a and 2d-based vaccines following PCV2d experimental challenge [RIS]
Eduardo Fano, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.; Rachel Friedrich, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.; Abby R. Patterson, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.; Wesley Johnson, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.; Bernd Grosse-Lisener, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica; Brian Fergen, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica; Joseph R. Hermann, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica

Prolonged shedding of Porcine Deltacoronavirus in a closed population of growing pigs in Mexico [RIS]
Rafael Ramos, PIC Mexico; Sebastian VialeRigo, PIC Mexico; Daniel Ochoa, PIC Mexico; Jenny Tonassi, PIC Andina; Andres Diaz, PIC Mexico

Serologic identification of antigenic variants of H1N1pdm2009 virus in swine production [RIS]
Victor Neira Ramirez, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Pecuarias, Universidad de Chile; C. Rojas, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Pecuarias, Universidad de Chile; J. Mena, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Pecuarias, Universidad de Chile; R. Tapia, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Pecuarias, Universidad de Chile

Porcine Circovirus type 3 in Chile [RIS]
Victor Neira Ramirez, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Pecuarias, Universidad de Chile; C. Galvez, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Pecuarias, Universidad de Chile; I. Barrios, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Pecuarias, Universidad de Chile; F. Berrios, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Pecuarias, Universidad de Chile; B. Agüero, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Pecuarias, Universidad de Chile

Empirical evidence for genetic variation in survival following experimental infection with a highly pathogenic PRRSV strain [RIS]
Jenelle Dunkelberger, Topigs Norsvin USA, Burnsville, MN, USA; Pramod Mathur, Topigs Norsvin, Topigs Norsvin Research Center, Beuningen, the Netherlands; Erin Little, Pipestone Applied Research, Pipestone, MN, USA; Dan Hanson, Pipestone Applied Research, Pipestone, MN, USA; John Eggert, Topigs Norsvin USA, Burnsville, MN, USA; Scott Dee, Pipestone Applied Research; Egbert Knol, Topigs Norsvin

Antiviral effect of a phytogenic feed additive on PRRSV in vitro and its effects on growth performance in PRRSV-challenged growing pigs [RIS]
Erika Hendel, BIOMIN America Inc.; Lan Zheng, BIOMIN America Inc.; Shelby Ramirez, BIOMIN America Inc.; Antonia Tacconi, BIOMIN Holding GmbH; G. Raj Murugesan, BIOMIN America Inc.; Jianqiang Zhang, Iowa State University, Ames, IA; Nicholas Gabler, Iowa State University, Ames, IA; Gene Gourley, Gourley Research Group, LLC, Webster City, IA

Oral fluid metagenomic analysis reveals high diversity of intestinal viruses [RIS]
Victor Neira Ramirez, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Pecuarias, Universidad de Chile; C. Flores, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Pecuarias, Universidad de Chile; J. Mena, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Pecuarias, Universidad de Chile; N. Maher, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota; F. Berrios, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Pecuarias, Universidad de Chile; C. Melgarejo, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Pecuarias, Universidad de Chile; S.K. Mor, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota

Safety and efficacy of a unique MLV PRRSV vaccine: PRRSGard® [RIS]
Fabian Chamba, Pharmgate Animal Health; J. Sui, Pharmgate Animal Health; B. Conarchy, Pharmgate Animal Health; X. Zhang, Pharmgate Animal Health; L. Kesl, Veterinary Resources Inc

Antigenic analysis: an essential tool to select and update influenza A virus vaccine strains in swine. [RIS]
Rodrigo Tapia, Universidad de Chile; Rafael Medina, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; Víctor Neira, Universidad de Chile

Gustavo Simão, Agroceres PIC; Raquel Arruda Leme, Universidade Estadual de Londrina; Monica Santi, Master Agroindustrial; Amauri Alfieri, Universidade Estadual de Londrina; Fabio Vannucci, University of Minnesota; G.M.R. Simao, Agroceres PIC; J.P.H. Sato, Agroceres PIC; F.M. Miyabe, Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, Universidade Estadual de Londrina

Andres Diaz, PIC; Karl Ciuoderis , Colombia Wisconsin One Health Consortium; Silva Wilmer, Asociacion PorkColombia; Mario Peña, Asociacion PorkColombia; Jorge Osorio, Universidad de Wisconsin

MDCK cells: the best substrate to produce whole-virus antigen for vaccines against influenza A virus in swine? [RIS]
Rodrigo Tapia, Universidad de Chile; Víctor Neira, Universidad de Chile

Evaluation of an important mutation site amino acid residues of neutralizing antibodies and the identity among different Brazilian PCV2 genotypes samples [RIS]
Andrea Panzardi, Ourofino Animal Health; Livia Faim, Ourofino Animal Health; Flávio Hirose, Ourofino Animal Health; Gisele M. Ravagnani, Ourofino Animal Health; Heni Costa, Ourofino Animal Health

Jordi Baliellas, GSP Lleid; Elena Novell, GSP Lleida; Vicens Enrique-Tarancon, GSP Lleida; Lorenzo Fraile, UdL Lleida; Carles Vilalta, University of Minnesota

Prolonged shedding of Porcine Deltacoronavirus in a closed population of pigs. [RIS]
Rafael Ramos, PIC Mexico; Jenny Tonassi, PIC ; Sebastian VialeRigo, PIC; Daniel Ochoa , PIC; Andres Diaz, PIC

Viral strain identification in field samples using nanopore MinION direct RNA sequencing [RIS]
Shaoyuan Tan, University of Minnesota; Cheryl M.T. Dvorak , University of Minnesota; Michael P. Murtaugh, University of Minnesota

Effect of wild-type PRRSV detection dynamics on the mortality of vaccinated growing pig groups from two regions of USA. [RIS]
Cesar Moura, Iowa State University; Gustavo Silva, Carthage Innovative Swine Solutions; Daniel Linhares, Iowa State University

Production and economic benefit of a full PRRS MLV dose compared to a partial dose vaccination program on nursery pigs [RIS]
Cesar Moura, Iowa State University; Derald Holtkamp, Iowa State University; Daniel Linhares, Iowa State University

Survivability of Several Strains of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus on Different Fomites [RIS]
Angie Quiñonez Muñoz, University of Minnesota; Hamada Aboubakr , University of Minnesota; Sagar M. Goyal, University of Minnesota; Cesar Corzo, University of Minnesota

Multiple introductions of human influenza A virus to swine in intensive pig production in Chile [RIS]
Juan Mena, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Pecuarias, Universidad de Chile

Wild-Type PRRSV infection dynamics in growing pigs housed in wean-to-finish sites [RIS]
Jose Angulo, University of Minnesota and Zoetis; Samantha Jansen, My Yang, Albert Rovira, University of Minnesota; Peter Davies, University of Minnesota; Jeff Zimmerman, Iowa State University; Montserrat Torremorell, University of Minnesota

Seroprevalence of Senecavirus A in the United States [RIS]
Guilherme Milanez Preis, University of Minnesota; Carles Vilalta, University of Minnesota; Juan Sanhueza, University of Minnesota; Eduardo Alves Caixeta, University of Minnesota; Cesar Corzo, University of Minnesota

PRRSV genetic diversity within and between USA states based on RFLP and ORF5 sequences obtained from the Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory [RIS]
Giovani Trevisan, Iowa State University; Aditi Sharna, Iowa State University; Phillip Gauger, Iowa State University; Karen Harmon, Iowa State University; Jianqiang Zhang, Iowa State University; Rodger Main, Iowa State University; Daniel Linhares, Iowa State University

Jose García, Grupo Porcicola Mexicano; Ramirez E., Grupo Porcicola Mexicano; Gomez P, Grupo Porcicola Mexicano; Alfonso, Grupo Porcicola Mexicano; Torremorell M, University of Minnesota

Evaluation of an important mutation site amino acid residues of neutralizing antibodies and the identity among different Brazilian PCV2 genotypes samples [RIS]
Andrea Panzardi, Ourofino Animal Health; Lívia Faim, Ourofino Animal Health; Flávio Hirose, Ourofino Animal Health; Gisele Mouro Ravagnani, Ourofino Animal Health; Heni F. Costa, Ourofino Animal Health; P.M.C. Motta, Technical & PDI Department (Ourofino Animal Health); J.P. Araujo Jr., Instituto de Biotecnologia, Universidade Estadual Paulista; C.P. Rodrigues, Instituto de Biotecnologia, Universidade Estadual Paulista;

PRRSV whole genome sequencing: an improved diagnostic and epidemiology tool [RIS]
Sunil Kumar Mor, UMN VDL; Vikash Kumar Singh, Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota; Carles Vilalta, Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota; Jerry Torrison, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota; Cesar Corzo, University of Minnesota; Albert Rovira, University of Minnesota; Stephanie Rossow, University of Minnesota

Role of transportation stress on early pathogenesis of Senecavirus A in pigs [RIS]
Guilherme Milanez Preis, University of Minnesota; Matthew Sturos, University of Minnesota; Erika Vasquez, University of Minnesota; Jorge Garrido-Mantilla, University of Minnesota; Fabio Vannucci, University of Minnesota

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2018)

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Keynote Lecture

Abstracts of Presentations

U.S. Pork Export Challenges: Retaliatory Tariffs, Lack Of Trade Agreements [RIS]
Randy Spronk

Hot Topic

Abstracts of Presentations

African Swine Fever – a real and present global threat [RIS]
Chris Oura

Awareness, prevention & response efforts at the national level [RIS]
Patrick Webb

ASF experiences in a large commercial system [RIS]
Gustavo Lopez

Main Conference Proceedings

Abstracts of Presentations

Experimental Transmission of Influenza and PRRS Viruses Using a Nurse Sow Model That Mimics Farrowing Room Practices [RIS]
Jorge Garrido Mantilla, Marie Culhane, Montserrat Torremorell

Exploring Heterologous Prime-Boost Vaccination Approaches to Enhance Influenza Control [RIS]
Chong Li, Marie Culhane, Montserrat Torremorell, Lucina Galina and Micah Jansen

Building blocks towards universal influenza virus vaccines [RIS]
Daniel Perez

Understanding PRRSV Infection Dynamics in Growing Pigs in Control and Elimination Programs [RIS]
Jose Angulo, Paul Yeske, Montserrat Torremorell

Morrison Swine Health Monitoring Project: An Update [RIS]
Cesar Corzo, Carles Vilalta, Juan Sanhueza, Emily Geary, Paulo Fioravante

Making epidemiological sense out of large datasets of PRRS sequences [RIS]
Igor Paploski, Cesar Corzo, Albert Rovira, Michael Murtaugh, Juan Sanhueza, Emily Smith, Kim VanderWaal

PRRS Factors Related to Time-to-Stability and Summer Breaks [RIS]
Juan Sanhueza, Carles Vilalta, Cesar Corzo, Andreia Arruda

Epidemiology of PRRS in the Filtered Sow Farm Population [RIS]
Carles Vilalta, Cesar Corzo, Juan Sanhueza, Emily Geary, Paulo Fioravante

Model to Assess Risk of Virus Introduction in Filtered Farms [RIS]
Kevin Janni, Montserrat Torremorell

Toward Identifying the Most Effective Air Samplers for Airborne Viruses [RIS]
Peter Raynor, Adepeju Adesina, Hamada Aboubakr, Sagar Goyal, My Yang and Montserrat Torremorell

PRRS, PeRRSons, and Networks [RIS]
Andreia Arruda

Perceptions and risk attitudes affect biosecurity investment and compliance decisions with ramifications for disease control and economics at the hog production supply chain level. [RIS]
Gabriela Bucini, Eric Clark, Scott C. Merrill, Susan M. Moegenburg, Serge Wiltshire, Asim Zia, Christopher J. Koliba Julia M. Smith

Movement matters: Using swine shipment patterns to identify farms for targeted disease surveillance and control [RIS]
Amy Kinsley, Meggan Craft, Andres Perez, Kim VanderWaal

Can We Predict Outbreaks of PRRS and PED? [RIS]
Kimberly VanderWaal, Cesar Corzo, Rahul Bhojwani, Igor Paploski, Carles Vilalta, Andres Perez, Gustavo Machado

Transport Bio-Security Efforts in the Iowa Select Farms System [RIS]
Noel Williams, Ron Rush, Pete Thomas, Shamus Brown

Lessons Learned from Environmental Footprints of Midwest Farms [RIS]
Erin Cortus

Environmental Footprint of Pork Production a National Scale [RIS]
Jennifer Schmitt, Rylie Pelton, Tim Smith, Taegon Kim

Nutritional Strategies for Managing Growth and Body Composition in Gilts [RIS]
Clay Lents, China Suprakorn, Jeffery Vallet, Dean Boyd, Ashley DeDecker, Kenneth Stalder

Improving efficiencies of replacement gilt management [RIS]
Jennifer Patterson, George Foxcroft

Pelvic Organ Prolapse: An industry-wide collaboration to identify putative contributing factors [RIS]
Jason Ross, Amanda Chipman, Chris J. Rademacher, Colin Johnson, Ken J. Stalder, Anna K. Johnson, Aileen F. Keating et al.

How Inflammation Affects Longevity [RIS]
Mark Wilson, John Deen, Jerry Torrison, Wes Schweer, Zach Rambo

Addressing Feeding Challenges in an Integrated System [RIS]
Josh Flohr

Disease Management Thought Process in an Integrated System [RIS]
Marlin Hoogland

Overview of Integrated Pork Production in North America [RIS]
Rebecca Robbins

The Changing Roles of Veterinarians in Integrated Systems [RIS]
Matthew Turner

Guts and bugs: Understanding colitis to fight AMR [RIS]
Matheus Costa

Microbiome studies in swine systems: challenges and opportunities [RIS]
Andres Gomez, Chloe Creager

Organoids as an in vitro model for enteric disease [RIS]
Talita Pilar Resende, Connie Gebhart, Milena Saqui-Salces

AMU and AMR - How Will We Ever Understand It? [RIS]
Noelle Noyes

Senecavirus A in neonatal pigs [RIS]
Matt Sturos, Fabio Vannucci

Experiences with SVA Elimination in Sow Farms [RIS]
Fabio Vannucci, Jer Geiger, Deborah Murray, Laura Bruner, Jean Paul Cano

M. hyosynoviae diagnostics: What experimental data can tell us about field strains [RIS]
Nubia Macedo, Paisley Canning, Locke Karriker, Jordi Mora, Maria Jose Clavijo

Detection of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and Mycoplasma hyorhinis by PCR in processing fluids [RIS]
Amanda Sponheim, Deb Murray, Levi Johnson, Carles Vilalta, Rachel Stika, Eduardo Fano, Maria Pieters

PCR detection of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in processing fluids: A diagnostic error or a significant finding? [RIS]
Carles Vilalta, Juan Sanhueza, Deb Murray, Maria Pieters

Investigation of the Role of PCV3 on Reproductive Losses [RIS]
Laura Bruner

Experience with PCV3: Impact in Suckling Piglets [RIS]
Steven Stone

Frequency of PCV3 Infection and PCV-3 Associated Disease [RIS]
Zhen Yang, Todd Knutson, Fangzhou Chen, Douglas Marthaler, Albert Rovira

Unraveling the Streptococcus suis genome [RIS]
April Estrada, Douglas Marthaler, Connie Gebhart

Lab SAVI – supercharging VDL data for better animal health decision-making [RIS]
Ulrich Muellner, Petra Muellner, Paulo Fioravante, Mary Thurn, Stephanie Rossow, Jerry Torrison

Optimizing Diagnostic Sampling [RIS]
Stephanie Rossow

Molecular Diagnostics: Present and Future [RIS]
Declan Schroeder

Additional Topics from Invited Speakers

Abstracts of Presentations

Plans for the Upcoming National Animal Health Monitoring System’s (NAHMS) Swine 2020 national survey [RIS]
Charles Haley

PRRSV whole genome sequencing: what we know and where we are? [RIS]
Sunil Mor

Bacterial Disease

Recent Research Reports

Experimental safety and efficacy of a new 1-mL single dose PCV2/Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae combination vaccine in growing pigs [RIS]
F. Chamba, M. Baarsch, B. Conarchy, M. Sheeder, R. Saltzman

Analyses of the intestinal microbiota of pigs from herds with swine dysentery [RIS]
Daniel, AGS; Pereira, FL; Dorella, F; Real CEP; Barrera-Zarate, J; Gabardo, MP; Otoni, LVA; Laub, RP; Figueiredo, HCP; Pierezan, F; Guedes, RMC.

Elimination of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in a multisite production system in Peru [RIS]
José A. Suárez-Mestas, Yoni Marcos-Ríos, Jorge Martínez Schmiel, Jenny Tonassi, Andres Díaz, María José Clavijo

Health and economic impact of the homologous Salmonella enterica serotype Choleraesuis vaccination on endemic farm in Brazil [RIS]
Dos Santos LF; Pereira CER; Peroni LG; Guimarães, WV; Santos DL; Santos JL

Effect of different gilt vaccination programmes during the acclimation period on Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae colonization of piglets at weaning [RIS]
L. Garza,, J. Segalés, S. López-Soria, M. Pieters, M. Carmona, R. Krejci, M. Sibila

M. Gibellini, R. Rossi, E. Trogu, F. Foresti, E. Giacomini, B. Boniotti, A. Pitozzi, M. Tonni, G.L. Alborali

Genomic basis of emerging fluoroquinolone and third generation cephalosporin resistance in Escherichia coli isolated from swine clinical samples collected across USA [RIS]
Shivdeep Singh Hayera, Samuel Honga, Ehud Elnekavea, Andres Pereza, Timothy Johnsonb, Fabio Vannucci , and Julio Alvarezd

Comparative study of the efficacy of Aivlosin® WSG versus Pulmotil® AC and Draxxin® 25 in the control of Swine Respiratory Disease (SRD) [RIS]
Lechtenberg, K.F., Lopez, A, Berge, A.C., Mora, J., Hintz, A.

Duration of Immunity for an Inactivated Mycoplasma hyorhinis (Mhr) Vaccine [RIS]
Brian Martinson, Whitney Zoghby, Kenneth Barrett, Lawrence Bryson, and Jeremy Kroll

Investigating the Mucosal Immune Response to Lawsonia intracellularis [RIS]
Fernando Leite, Erika Vasquez, Fabio Vannucci, Juan E. Abrahante, Connie Gebhart, Jerry Torrison, Adam Mueller, Nathan Winkelman, Zachary Rambo, Richard Isaacson

Comparative analysis of the tumor-associated gene p37 in swine and human carcinoma-associated Mycoplasma hyorhinis strains [RIS]
M. McMahon, M. Surendran Nair, M. Pieters

Mycobacterium bovis in pigs: Molecular typification and epidemiological trends of isolates from Argentina [RIS]
Barandarian, S., Mesplet, M., La Sala, L., Perez, A., Zumarraga, M., Vivot, M

Talita P. Resende, Milena Saqui-Salces, Connie J. Gebhart

Modelling the transmission of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae within gilt development units [RIS]
A. Sponheim, J. Alvarez, E. Fano, H. Nathues, M. Pieters

Detection of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and Mycoplasma hyorhinis by PCR in processing fluids [RIS]
A. Sponheim, D. Murray, L. Johnson; C. Vilalta; R. Stika; E. Fano; M. Pieters

Identification of metabolite markers of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infection [RIS]
Meera Surendran Nair, Dana Yao, Chi Chen, Maria Pieters

Impact of Vaccination on Transmission of Lawsonia intracellularis in Pigs [RIS]
Erika Vasquez, Robert Valeris, Dana Beckler, Fabio Vannucci

Evaluating Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae detection by PCR using various samples types [RIS]
Betlach, A.; Vangroenweghe, F.; Holst, S.; Evelsizer, R.;Pieters, M.

Synergic effect of Brachyspira hyodysenteriae and Lawsonia intracellularis coinfection [RIS]
Daniel, AGS; Andrade, MR; Sato, JPH; Macedo, NR; Correia, PA; Rezende, LA; Vasconcelos, AO; Marostica, TP; Costa, CM; Wagatsuma, MM; Guedes, RMC.

Molecular characterization of Streptococcus suis isolated from healthy and diseased pigs by multiplex serotyping PCR and virulence genotyping [RIS]
Nubia Macedo, Adam Krull, Marcelo Gottschalk, Karen Harmon, Laura Bradner, Orhan Sahin, Rodger Main, Maria J. Clavijo, Bailey Arruda

Piglet gut microbiota: a potential determinant for Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae susceptibility [RIS]
M. Surendran Nair, T. Eucker, J. Victoria, B. Martinson, A. Neubauer, M. Pieters


Recent Research Reports

Evaluation of feeding Ambitine® Feed Additive with and without narasin on finishing pig performance [RIS]
Bass, Benjamin; Crowder, Stacie; Weeden, Terry; Karnezos, Peter; and DeRodas, Brenda

The Effect of Feeding a LucraFit® Feed Nursery Program without Lactose on Piglet Performance [RIS]
S.A. Crowder, T.L. Weeden, C. Hankins, T. Meyer, B. de Rodas, T.P. Karnezos

Comparison of Isotonic Protein Solution (Tonisity Px) and Milk Replacer Effects in Suckling Pigs [RIS]
Ava M Firth, C.M.C. (Carola) van der Peet-Schwering, R. G. J. A. (Rik) Verheijen, Lieke Luiten

Dietary mannan oligosaccharides improves the performance of weaned piglets challenged by enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli [RIS]
Maíra Resende, Ricardo Miranda Garcia, Rhuan Filipe Chaves, Jéssica Aparecida Barbosa, Sudário Roberto Silva Junior, Aline Maria Silva Barbosa, Iana Maria Ferreira Silva, Joana Barreto, Paula Caixeta Borges, Djeison Lutier Raymundo, Vinícius de Souza Cantarelli, Eliana Ottati Nogueira Dantas

Trends of Mycotoxin Contamination in US Corn from 2012 to 2017 [RIS]
E.G. Hendel, P.G. Gott, S.Curry, Verena Starkl, G. R. Murugesan

Copper methionine hydroxy analogue chelate at lower dietary inclusion levels increased growth performance through increasing cecum microbiota diversity and ghrelin gene expression in nursery pigs fed diets containing antibiotics [RIS]
R. Araujo, P. Ren, D. Haese, M. Carazzolle, E. Leonardecz, A. Cunha, P. Monzani

Fumonisin esterase successfully counteracts negative effects of fumonisins in piglet diets [RIS]
Doris Hartinger, Barbara Doupovec, Konstantinos Sarantis, Dian Schatzmayr

Effect of feeding Availa-Zn and/or vaccine on growing pig performance and mortality during Lawsonia intracellularis challenge [RIS]
Adam Mueller, Nathan Winkelman, Zachary Rambo, Wes Schweer

Distribution of injected fat-soluble vitamins in plasma and tissue of nursery pigs [RIS]
Y. D. Jang, M. J. Rotering, R. L. Stuart


Recent Research Reports

Benchmarking biosurveillance: Comparing temporal dynamics of PRRS diagnostic testing rates to changes in clinical incidence and prevalence [RIS]
Belinda Befort, Dr. Jerry Torrison, Dr. Cesar Corzo, Dr. Paul Sundberg, Dr. Daniel Linhares, Dr. Roger Main, Dr. Andres Perez and Dr. Kimberly VanderWaal

Genetic resistance to quinolones and 3rd generation cephalosporins in Salmonella serotypes circulating in the Midwest swine [RIS]
Ehud Elnekave, Samuel Hong, Shivdeep S. Hayer, Dave Boxrud, Angela J. Taylor, Timothy J. Johnson, Albert Rovira, Peter Davies, Andres Perez, Julio Alvarez

Disinfection in freezing temperatures: an experimental approach to identify best practices for applications in the animal health industry [RIS]
N. Kenny, F. Ahmadpour, G. Perez-Hernandez, S. van den Berg

Metagenomic analysis of pig farms pre- and post-vaccination [RIS]
Paulraj Lawrence, Brittanny Wiener, Kristin Parker, Cameron Schmitt, Adam Schelkopf

Sato, J.P.H., Simão, G.M.R., Pigozzo, R., Brandalise, L., Moreira, R.J., Telles, F.G.; Ansolin, A.L.; Rodrigues, L.C.A.

Characterization of a novel porcine β-casein polymorphism and its distribution in five porcine breeds [RIS]
Mihai Șuteu, Augustin Vlaic, Stelian Vasile Dărăban

Plans for the Upcoming National Animal Health Monitoring System’s (NAHMS) Swine 2020 national survey [RIS]
C.A. Haley

An early warning system for global surveillance of health threats to the U.S. swine industry [RIS]
Paladino, E.; Perez A.M.S.; Chapman, J.; Al Ghalith, G.; Torrison, J.; Deen, J.; Sundberg, P.; Perez, A.

Swine Disease Reporting System – an online tool to communicate aggregated USA veterinary diagnostic laboratory results [RIS]
Giovani Trevisan, Leticia Linhares, Bret Crim, Poonam Dubey, Kent Schwartz, Eric Burrough, Rodger Main, Paul Sundberg, Mary Thurn, Paulo Lages, Kimberly VanderWaal, Andres Perez, Jerry Torrison, Jamie Henningson, Eric Herrman, Gregg Hanzlicek, Ram Raghavan, Douglas Marthaler, Jon Greseth, Travis Clement, Jane Christopher-Hennings, Daniel Linhares


Recent Research Reports

Field safety and efficacy of a new 1-mL single-dose PCV2/Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae combination vaccine in growing pigs with severe disease conditions [RIS]
F. Chamba, A. Mueller, D. Rosener, S. Ma, R. Kaptur

HA key amino acid site may determine cross-reactivity of Human-Like H3N2 viruses to Cluster IV antisera [RIS]
Emily Collin, Jacob Alsdurf, Ha-Jung Roh, and John El-Attrache

Lack of impact to piglet weight gain after 3-5 day old piglet vaccination with Ingelvac Provenza™ [RIS]
C. Goodell, B. Fergen, R. Plazola

Performance benefit of Ingelvac Provenza™ on commercial growing pigs challenged with IAV-S [RIS]
C. Goodell, S. Playter, B. Fergen, R. Plazola

Lack of impact to reproductive performance after 3-5 day old piglet vaccination with Ingelvac Provenza™ [RIS]
C. Goodell, E. Mondaca-Fernandez

The impact of Ingelvac Provenza™ on growing pig key performance indicators: A Case Study. [RIS]
E. Mondaca, E. Lowe, C. Goodell, K.M. Cicconi-Hogan

Effect of avilamycin on nursery pig performance and health [RIS]
L. Greiner and B. Knopf

The impact of Ingelvac Provenza™ on key performance indicators of growing pigs in a 2 x 2500 sow farm flow: A Case Study. [RIS]
Morgan J, Goodell C, Cicconi-Hogan KM

Effects of Fostera® Gold PCV MH or Circumvent® PCV-M G2 on nursery and finisher mortality and performance under natural PCV2d and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae challenge [RIS]
Eugene Nemechek, Kimberly Vonnahme, Deborah Amodie, Victoria Bouldin, Lucina Galina, Marnie Mellencamp

Identification of risk factors for pre-weaning piglet mortality [RIS]
Silva, Gefferson Almeida; Silva, Alex Junior dos Santos; Mello, Luis Leal; Sousa, Eduardo Oliveira; Bonfanti, Mauricio; Rodrigues, João Victor Facchini; Paiva, Rodrigo; Amanda Pimenta

Measuring the respiratory pathogen burden in growing pigs to estimate the impact of disease [RIS]
R. Stika, D. Holtkamp, C. Goodell, E. Lowe, E. Kluber, D. Baum, J. Maurer, VMD, M. Zhang, R. Bi,C. Wang, J. Zimmerman, L. Gimenez-Lirola, C. Rademacher, Seth Playter, Ethan Schmaling

A model for benchmarking feed conversion across different swine growing system types [RIS]
C Alonso, A. Fernandez -Fontelo

Efficacy of an inactivated Seneca Valley virus vaccine in nursery-aged pigs [RIS]
Alexandra Buckley, Abby Patterson, Albert van Geelen, and Kelly Lager


Recent Research Reports

Effects of isoquinoline alkaloids on nutrient digestibility, energy metabolism, and growth performance of weanling pigs [RIS]
C. M. Rundle, V. Artuso-Ponte, and H. H. Stein

Sato, J.P.H., Simão, G.M.R., Moreira, L.P., Borba, C.L.B.R., Rodrigues. L.C.A, Siqueira, A.P.

Viral Disease

Recent Research Reports

A Comparison of Sampling Methods to Measure Concentrations and Sizes of Airborne Virus-Containing Particles [RIS]
H. Aboubakr, P. Raynor, S. Goyal, M. Torremorell

New duplex qRT-PCR to detect Porcine Teschovirus and Sapelovirus in the US [RIS]
M. Barrera, F. Chamba, T. Knutson, Y. Jiang, S. Gresch, F. Vannucci,, D. Marthaler,,

A. Papetti, C. Bertasio, M. Cerioli, C. Salogni, S. Faccini, P. Bonilauri, F. Vezzoli, S. Giovannini, A. Lavazza, M. Tonni, L. Alborali, M.B. Boniotti

Simulating the spread and control of classical swine fever in the United States: analysis of emergency vaccination strategies [RIS]
T. Boyer, L. Holmstrom, C. Rigney, K. Patyk, M. Schoenbaum, A. Hagerman, A. Seitzinger, A. Delgado

Efficacy and safety of adjuvant compositions of a new 1-mL single dose PCV2/Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae combination vaccine in growing pigs [RIS]
F. Chamba, J. Ma, A. Venegoni, M. Sheeder, M. Titus, L. Kesl, R. Saltzman

An investigation of Senecavirus A (SVA) outbreaks from a harvesting packing plant [RIS]
Gustavo Silva, Katyann Graham, Daniel Linhares, Victoria Novak and Derald Holtkamp.

Investigating the biosecurity aspects related to PRRSv outbreaks [RIS]
Gustavo Silva, Gustavo Machado, Kimberly Baker, Derald Holtkamp and Daniel Linhares.

Epidemiology and pathology of porcine circovirus 3 infection in pigs from Brazil [RIS]
Pereira, C.E.R.; Dos Santos, L.F.; Paes, G.P.; Balbi, B.P.; Silva, C.E.L.; Pereira, A.C.A.; Guimarães, W.V.; Santos D.L.; Santos, J.L.

PRRS vaccination does not reduce clinical signs that significantly impact mortality and growth rate following co-infection with PRRS and PCV2b [RIS]
JR Dunkelberger, NVL Serão, M Sheahan, J Lunney, RRR Rowland, JCM Dekkers, and MC Niederwerder

Experimental transmission of influenza A virus from nurse sows to adopted pigs during lactation [RIS]
Jorge Garrido Mantilla, Marie Culhane, Montserrat Torremorell

The effect of the use of the autogenous vaccine on the detection of influenza virus in piglets at weaning on a commercial farm in Chile [RIS]
F. González, B Parra

A Tool for Ingelvac Provenza™ vaccination compliance [RIS]
C. Goodell, S. Playter, K. Doolittle, B. Fergen, Wayne Chittick

Live Attenuated Influenza A Virus Vaccine Reduces Nasal Virus Shedding After Virulent Challenge 12 Weeks Post-Vaccination [RIS]
T.J. Kaiser; R.A. Smiley; B. Fergen; W. Johnson; M. Eichmeyer

Modeling the monthly risk of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) in Minnesota counties using surveillance data from 2013 -2017 [RIS]
Kanankege, K.S.T.; VanderWaal, K.; Corzo, C.; Perez, A.M

Processing fluids sensitivity and specificity for RT-PCR assays to detect PRRS virus under field conditions [RIS]
Will Lopez, Daniel Linhares

Inferring system and site-specific temporal epidemiological attribution to Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv) in North Carolina [RIS]
Gustavo Machado, Juliana Bonin Ferreira, Glen Almond, Cesar Corzo, Carles Vilalta

Assessment of immediate production impact following attenuated PRRS virus vaccination in endemically infected breeding herds [RIS]
C. A. A. Moura, S. Baker, C. Johnson, D. J. Holtkamp, C. Wang, D. C. L. Linhares

Effect of 2 PRRS MLV doses compared to a single dose vaccination program on nursery pig mortality [RIS]
C. A. A. Moura, R. Philips, E. Mondaca, Jens Kjaer, D. C. L. Linhares

Swine Influenza A in Latin American countries, update 2018 [RIS]
Juan Mena, Rodrigo Tapia, Camilo Gálvez, Rafael Medina, Víctor Neira

Identification and isolation of Porcine Rotaviruses A, B and C in Chile. [RIS]
Berrios F., Valdés V., Melgarejo C., Mena J., Mor SK., Neira V

H1 variants of swine influenza A virus circulating in commercial farms in Chile are antigenically different. [RIS]
Rodrigo Tapia, Rafael Medina, Víctor Neira

Assessment of the protective effect of influenza vaccination on morbidity and mortality in nursery pigs [RIS]
E. Paladino, B. Chappell, J. Alvarez, M. Culhane

Dynamics of infection by Influenza A virus using nasal swabs and oral fluids in swine farms in Argentina [RIS]
Biscia, M.; Girotti, A.; Anthony, L.; Torremorell, M.; Perez, A.M.; Sarradell, J.

Use of Alquermold Natural to prevent the invasion of enterocytes by porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) in vitro [RIS]
Júlia Pié, Anna Tesouro, Cristina Latasa, Maria Peñas

Ramírez E, Bedoya F, García H, Fonz J, Escalante A, Alfonso A, Torremorell M.

Description of the characteristics of PRRSV herd-outbreaks using killed PRRSV vaccine [RIS]
Gaurav Rawal, Christopher Rademacher, Daniel Linhares

Benchmarking dry swabs against serum for early detection of PRRSV viremia [RIS]
Koenighoff, P, Siebert, K., Snider, T., Romagosa, A., große Beilage, E., Hennig-Pauka, I

Whole genome classification of a pathogenic strain of rotavirus B in neonatal piglets [RIS]
Frances Shepherd

Antigenic distance of swine and human seasonal H3N2 influenza A virus strains as an indication of risk to human populations [RIS]
Carine K. Souza, Tavis K. Anderson, Marcus Bolton, Divya Venkatesh, Nicola Lewis, Susan E. Detmer, Ignacio Mena, Marie Culhane, Martha Nelson, Lars E. Larsen, Eugenio J. Abente, Adolfo García-Sastre, Amy L. Vincent

Frank Roerink, Susie Knetter, Christina Smith, Ali Hoehn, Lijuan Deng, Erin Strait

Evaluation of Cell Mediated Immunity Following PCV2+MH Vaccination and PCV2d Challenge [RIS]
C. Venegas Vargas, L. Taylor, D. Foss, T. Godbee, M. Bandrick

The evaluation of economic loss due to PRRSV infection in 4 commercial sow farms of China [RIS]
QU Xiang-yang, XIA Tian, REN Fu-bo, SUN Ying-jun, ZHOU Ming-ming, LAI Qing-hua, ZHOU Lei, YANG Han-chun

Shedding of a live attenuated influenza A virus vaccine in pigs under field conditions [RIS]
Gustavo Lopez, Jayaveeramuthu Nirmala, Christa Goodell, Dipl ACVPM, Marie Culhane, Montserrat Torremorell

Biosecurity Risk Associated with Electrostatically Charged Synthetic Media Filters [RIS]
Dr. Michael Osborne, Dr. Rahul Bharadwaj, Dr. Sama Fakhimi

PEDV positive bioassay shows evidence of transmission of PEDV to susceptible pigs by houseflies (Musca domestica) [RIS]
Grant Allison, Phil Gauger, Jianqiang Zhang, Gene Spellman


Recent Research Reports

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2017)

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Keynote Presentations

Slide Presentations

Challenges in Defining "The Greater Good": An Integrated Pork Producer's Perspective [RIS]
Gary Louis and Luc Dufresne

Why Does the Pork Industry Need Coopetition [RIS]
Noel Williams

Cooperation, Competition and Coopetetion [RIS]
Rebecca Liu

Disease Diagnostics and Cases

Slide Presentations

Preparedness for Foreign Animal Investigations and Experience with Seneca Valley Virus at Processing Plants [RIS]
A.J. Shute

Senecavirus A Infection in Boars [RIS]
Matt Sturos

A Veterinarian's Perspective of Streptococcus suis Over the Past Decade [RIS]
Laura Dalquist

Swine Solutions from Around the World [RIS]
Jeff Husa

Still Struggling with Influenza…But Here is How I’m Approaching It [RIS]
Jeremy Pittman

Case Studies from the Middle Kingdom [RIS]
Keith Erlandson

Immunological Basis of Sow Feedback Programs [RIS]
Mrigendra Rajput

Swine Health Research

Slide Presentations

Assessment of The Likelihood of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Lateral Transmission [RIS]
Paul Yeske

Detection of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in Replacement Gilts Based on Source and Flow [RIS]
Karine Takeuti

Experiences on Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Elimination from Farrow-to-Wean Farms [RIS]
Bill Minton

A Survival Analysis of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Elimination Efforts [RIS]
Paul Yeske

Economics of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Elimination [RIS]
Daniel Linhares

Novel Sampling Strategies for Piglets-from Testicles to Teats! [RIS]
Carles Vilalta

New Insights into PRRS Seasonality Across Different US Regions [RIS]
Andreia Arruda

Why Are We Not Making More Progress to Decrease Incidence? [RIS]
Clayton Johnson

Disease Research

Slide Presentations

Cost Effective Influenza Sampling Strategies for Pigs [RIS]
Jorge Garrido

Vaccination as One of the Drivers of Influenza Genetic Diversity [RIS]
Jayaveeramuthu Nirmala


Slide Presentations

Neonatal Management for the Retention of Sows in the Herd [RIS]
Charlotte Meli

Emerging Issues in Antibiotic Resistance Linked to Use in Food Animals [RIS]
Peter Davies

Heat Stress Alleviation in Lactating Sows by Dietary Betaine Supplementation and Cooling Pads [RIS]
Francisco Cabezon

Troubleshooting Poor Litter Size in a Farrow-to-Wean Production System [RIS]
Sara Bloomer

The Effect of Parity and Stage of Gestation on Whole Body and Maternal Growth and Feed Efficiency of Gestating Sows [RIS]
Lori Thomas

Effect of Birth Weight and Colostrum Intake on Piglet Survival and Quality [RIS]
Jeffrey Wiegert

How the GFI#213/VFD Affected the Pattern of Submissions at the UMN-VDL [RIS]
Eliana Paladino

Antibiotic Injection of Piglets - Treatment, Control or Prevention? [RIS]
Pete Thomas

Growth Promotion Alternatives to Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics [RIS]
Wes Schweer

High Production with Below-Average Sow Loss [RIS]
Pam Miller

We've Posted a Lot of Sows [RIS]
Jeremy Pittman

25 Years of Experience [RIS]
Bob Thompson

Introduction: How do We Define Wean Age? [RIS]
Kyle Coble

Public-Production Interface

Slide Presentations

Present and Future of the Dr. Morrison Swine Health Monitoring Program (MSHMP) [RIS]
Andres Perez and Kim VanderWaal

The Latest Information about ASF in Europe [RIS]
Andres Perez

Managing Complexity: Simplifying Assumptions of FMD Models for Swine [RIS]
Amy Kinsley

Establishing Likelihood Estimations for FMD Exposure and Spread Due to the Movement of Weaned Pigs [RIS]
Heidi Vesterinen and Riikka Soininen

Preparing to Implement the Secure Pork Supply Plans [RIS]
Pam Zaabel

Reporting and Following up on Suspected Abuse Cases in Minnesota [RIS]
Tim Shields

Review of State by State Reporting Regulations-Intro to Online Resources [RIS]
John Deen

Manitoba-Industry Battle with PEDv [RIS]
Brad Chappell


Recent Research Reports

Matajira, Carlos, Moreno, Luisa, Cardenas, Nicolás, Poor, André, Moreira, Jéssica, Moreno, Andrea

Non-mucoid, watery diarrhea and subclinical colitis associated with atypical strains of Brachyspira: a diagnostic concern? [RIS]
de O. Costa, Matheus; Ek, Courtney E.; Patterson, Mo; Nosach, Roman; Detmer, Susan E.; Fernando, Champika; Paul-McKenzie, Gabrielle; van Ravenstein, Steve; Hill, Janet E.; Harding, John C. S.; Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan

Tracking the evolutionary pathway of Salmonella 4,[5],12:i:- circulating in the Midwest swine [RIS]
Elnekave a, Ehud; Hong a, Samuel; Davies a, Peter; Boxrud b, Dave; Taylor b, Angela; Lappi b, Victoria; Vannucci c, Fabio; Perez a, Andres and Alvarez a, Julio

Modified Salmonella ELISA Using Swine Oral Fluids [RIS]
Goeser, Nicole; Gimenez-Lirola, Luis; Seate, Jessica; Juremalm, Mikael; and

Inactivation of Salmonella and Clostridium by Alquermold Natural L - a fungicide/bactericide [RIS]
Goyal, Sagar M.; Aboubakr, Hamada; Domenech, Carlos; Pie, Julia and

Molecules produced by probiotics prevent enteric colibacillosis in pigs. [RIS]
Nordeste, R., Tessema, A., Sharma, S., Kovac, Z., Wang, C., Morales, R., & Griffiths, M.W.

Development of a cell culture system to optimize B cell proliferation and function [RIS]
Gustafson, Kevin and Murtaugh, Michael; Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota

Changes in fluoroquinolone and cephalosporin resistance in Escherichia coli isolates collected from swine clinical accessions at MVDL from 2006-2016 [RIS]
Hayer, Shivdeep Singh; Machado, Gustavo; Vannucci, Fabio; Perez, Andres;

The effectiveness of Aivlosin®1 Water Soluble Granules (62.5% w/w tylvalosin) in drinking water of pigs for the control of swine respiratory disease (SRD) in the presence of viral respiratory pathogens [RIS]
Kaptur, DVM, Ronald; Rosener, DVM, Dan; Abbott, BVMS, PhD, MRCVS, Elizabeth; Domangue, PhD, Rickie; Eliopoulos, DVM, Chris and Lechtenberg,

Genomic characterization of abortifacient streptococcus suis isolates reveals a novel set of virulence factors [RIS]
Bumgardner, EA and Lawrence, PK

The Effects of Availa Zn and Availa Zn LQ Supplementation in Pigs Challenged with a Subclinical Dose of Lawsonia intracellularis [RIS]
Leite, Fernando; Vasquez, Erika; Vannucci, Fabio: Rendahl, Aaron; Torrison,

Development and optimization of a cell-associated challenge model for Mycoplasma hyorhinis [RIS]
Martinsonab, Brian; Miniona, F.C. and Jordanb, Dianna

Age susceptibility of pigs to Mycoplasma hyorhinis (Mhr) challenge [RIS]
Martinsonab, Brian; Miniona, F.C.; Krollb, Jeremy and Hermannb, Joseph

General trends of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae detection by PCR in cases submitted to the Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory from 2004-2016 [RIS]
Rawal, Gaurav; Arruda, Paulo; Rademacher, Christopher and Linhares, Daniel; College of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University

The natural dynamic of Yersinia enterocolitica infection in a pig population [RIS]
A. Romagosa, K. Siebert, K. Tarasiuk, T. Snider, S. Gedecke, D. Tucker,

Swine challenge model of a Brazilian Brachyspira hyodysenteriae isolated from a pig from an apparently health herd [RIS]
Sato, J.P.H.; Daniel, A.G.S.; Pereira, C.E.R.; Andrade, M.R.; Laub, R.P.;

Effect of management practice against porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) outbreak on time to stability and the number of dead piglets in Japan [RIS]
Furutani, Aina; Sekiguchi, Satoshi; Sueyoshi, Masuo; Sasaki, Yosuke

In-depth Analysis of Mycotoxin Contamination in US Feed and Feed Ingredients from 2014 to 2017 [RIS]
E.G. Hendel, VMD, PhD; T. Jenkins, PhD; P.G. Gott, PhD, S.M. Mendoza, PhD;

Effect of a Pronutrients-Based Liver Protector and Mycotoxin Binder on Growth and Health of Pigs [RIS]
H. Lu, C. Domenech, A. Tesouro, K. M. Ajuwon

Effect of Isoquinoline Alkaloids in Combination with Organic Acids on Health Status of Post-Weaning Pigs [RIS]
Artuso-Ponte, Valeria, Ibarrola, Jessika, da Silva, Caio

Characterization of immune response and performance of nursery pigs fed trace mineral sources at or below nutritional levels commonly used in industry [RIS]
S. Schaaf, S. D. Carter, C. Cooper, C. Shili, P. Aparachita, I. Silva, K. Perryman, and J. Usry

The effect of administration of blue2® on growth performance and morbidity and mortality of pigs during the nursery period under commercial conditions. [RIS]
Schmitt, R.L. Ellis, M.; Mendoza, O.F.; Shull, C.M.; McKilligan, Dennis Upah, Nathan;

Effect of increasing feeding level in the last third of gestation for sows kept in collective stalls with floor feeding system and its impact on the piglet quality [RIS]
Silva, Gefferson Almeida; Morais, Vinicius Espeschit; Vargas, Miquéias Vale

In-feed antibiotics have an anti-inflammatory effect in weaner pigs experimentally infected with an enterotoxigenic strain of Escherichia coli [RIS]
Turpin, Diane L.; Kim, Jae C and Pluske, John R

Supplementing Bioactive Peptides Improves Performance of Weaned Piglets [RIS]
Dusel, Gerog; Schuh, Katharina; zur Wickern, Andreas; Sigrid Seelhorst,

Assessment of Cost-Effectiveness for PCR Assays in Oral Fluid Samples for Detection of Foot-and-Mouth Disease, African Swine Fever, and Classical Swine Fever in United States Swine [RIS]
Beemer, Oriana, DVM; Remmenga, Marta PhD; Gustafson, Lori DVM, PhD; Johnson, Kamina; Hsi, David DVM; Jones,Rebecca DVM; Antognoli, Celia DVM, PhD

Exploring Profitability Differences When Average Wean-Finish Production Metrics Show Minor Numerical Differences between Groups [RIS]
Dennis DiPietre, PhD, Lance Mulberry, BS, Eduardo Fano, DVM MC PhD,

Pathogen-specific memory B cell expansion and differentiation in vitro [RIS]
Rahe, Michael C. and Murtaugh, Michael P.; Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, University of Minnesota, Commonwealth Ave, St. Paul, MN , USA

Potential factors associated with piglet post-weaning mortality [RIS]
Paladino, E., Chappell. B., Culhane, M., Alvarez, J.

Nanopore sequencing for infectious diseases diagnosis [RIS]
Tan, Shaoyuan

Assessment of Truck Washing Procedures in Mexico [RIS]
Viale-Rigo S, Díaz A, Ramos R, Tonassi J, Cano JP, Corzo C.

Utility of a novel Piglet Grimace Scale for assessing piglet pain prior to surgical castration [RIS]
Viscardi, Abbie and Turner, Patricia V.; Department of Pathobiology, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON, Canada

Effect of Farrowing Induction With Hormones on Sow and Litter Performance [RIS]
Herkelman, Kevin

Labor time when subjecting piglets to local anesthesia and castration [RIS]
Skade, Lotte; Kristensen, Charlotte Sonne; Nielsen, Mai Britt Friis;

Comparative andrological evaluation between high genetic merit boars from pure and crossbred lines [RIS]
Resende, Poliana C.S.L., Department of Morphology, Federal University of Minas Gerais; Amanda P. Siqueira, Department of Technical Services, Agroceres PIC, Brazil; Marcondes, Jefferson, Department of Technical Services, Agroceres PIC, Brazil; Pereira, Euselia T., Department of Technical Services, Agroceres PIC, Brazil; Rodrigues, Luis C., Department of Technical Services, Agroceres PIC, Brazil; and Almeida, Fernanda R.C.L., Department of Morphology, Federal University of Minas Gerais

Influence of silver nanoparticles in quality boar sperm [RIS]
Salaberry, Simon; Ausejo, R.; Mendoza, N.; Miguel, J. and Soler, Pedro; Magapor SL. Parque Científico Tecnológico Agroalimentario Valdeferrín-Aula Dei, Calle . Ejea de los Caballeros, Zaragoza

Quantification of production losses due to PRRS in a production system under different control interventions [RIS]
Angulo, Jose, Zoetis, Parsippany NJ, USA; Redalen, Abigail, Zoetis, Parsippany NJ, USA; Moore, Larry, Postville Veterinary Clinic, Postville IA, USA

Ultraviolet-C Inactivation of Pseudorabies Virus (PRV), Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV), Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV), Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) and Classical Swine Fever Virus (CSFV) in Liquid Plasma [RIS]
E. Blázquez, J. Ródenas, C. Rodríguez, J. Segalés, J. Pujols and J. Polo APC Europe, S.A., Granollers, Spain; IRTA-CReSA, Bellaterra, Spain; Facultat de

Infectious dose of Senecavirus A in market-weight swine and neonatal piglets [RIS]
Buckley, Alexandra, Kulshreshtha, Vikas, van Geelen, Albert, Guo, Baoqing, Yoon, Kyoung-Jin and Lager, Kelly

Sow-farm factors associated with influenza positive piglets at weaning [RIS]
F. Chamba, A. Schelkopf, M. Allerson3, B. Morrison, M. Culhane1, M. Torremorell

Epidemiology and Molecular Diversity of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea in Colombia [RIS]
Diaz A, Pineda P, Rojas D, Calderón C, Marthaler D, Rincón M PIC LATAM Asociación PorkColombia, Fondo Nacional de la

Pigs selected for increased natural resistance to PRRS are more resistant to PRRSV/PCV2b co-infection [RIS]
Dunkelberger, JR; Serão, NVL; Niederwerder, M; Waide, E; Kerrigan, M; Schroyen, M; Tuggle, CK; Lunney, J; Rowland, RRR; and Dekkers, JCM

A sensitive and specific indirect ELISA for the detection of antibodies to Senecavirus A [RIS]
Dvorak, Cheryl M.T.; Akkutay-Yoldar , Zeynep; Stone, Suzanne R.; Tousignant, Steven J.; Vannucci, Fabio A. and Murtaugh, Michael P. Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, University of Minnesota, Commonwealth Ave, St. Paul, MN , USA

Development of a severe PRDC challenge model and the effect of a trivalent PRDC vaccine for PCV2, Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and PRRS [RIS]
Fano, Eduardo; Reid, Philips; Schmaling, Ethan; Edler, Roy

Novel approaches to monitor influenza in swine breeding herds [RIS]
Mantilla, Jorge Garrido; Alvarez, Julio; Culhane, Marie; and Torremorell, Montserrat; College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, USA

Production benefits due to improved PRRSv type 1 control on a large pig unit in Ireland [RIS]
Kirwan, Allison; Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, Ellesfield Ave., Bracknell,

Influenza A virus detection using a giant magnetoresistance (GMR) biosensing portable handheld device [RIS]
Krishna, Venkatramana D.; Wu, Kai; Klein, Todd; Su, Diqing; Perez, Andres; Wang, Jian-Ping and Cheeran, Maxim C-J

Vaccination and Challenge Study for a Swine Influenza Recombinant DNA Vaccine [RIS]
Miller, Tim; Trygstad, Laura; Carlson, Madonna and Petrik, Dustin; Benchmark Biolabs; Madson, Darin and Gauger, Phillip; Iowa State University

Efficacy of Ingelvac PRRS® MLV against a heterologous PRRSV 1-3-4 RFLP challenge [RIS]
A. Patterson, B. Fergen, J. Hermann, G. Haiwick, and R. Philips;

An IDEXX RealPCR modular panel for the identification of nucleic acid from common swine pathogens [RIS]
Roza-Sutherland, Kristen; Gow, Lisa; Plourde, Lori; Velek, Kathy; Navarro,

Longitudinal characterization of porcine RVA strains from the United States [RIS]
Shepherd, Frances and Marthaler, ,Douglas; College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota; College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University

Evaluation of one- and two-dose PCV2 + M. hyopneumoniae vaccination programs in swine challenged with PCV2d and M. hyopneumoniae under commercial conditions [RIS]
B. Cowles, DVM, MS, MBA, R.A. Swalla, DVM, L. Galina-Pantoja, DVM, PhD, D. Amodie, MS, and M.A. Mellencamp, PhD and Zoetis, Parsippany NJ

Live virus Immunization (LVI) with a recent 1-7-4 PRRSV isolate elicits broad protection against PRRSV challenge in finishing age swine. [RIS]
van Geelen, Albert G. M.; Buckley, Alexandra; Kulshreshtha, Vikas; Brockmeier, Susan; Miller Laura; Fleming, Damarius; Loving, Crystal; Faaberg, Kay and lager, Kelly

Evaluation of the effect of maternal immunity on neonatal piglet vaccination protocols for PRRS [RIS]
R Philips, T Wetzell, E Schmaling, R Edler

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2016)

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Keynote Presentations

Video Presentations

Growth of a Pig Production Business, Consumer Challenges, Strategies, and Opportunities [RIS]
Bradley Wolter and Aaron Gaines

The GMO Debate: Twenty Years of Animal Health and Livestock Feeding Studies [RIS]
Alison Van Eenennaam

Pijoan Lecture: Antibiotic Use in Swine Production -- Where Is It At and Where Is It Going? [RIS]
Peter Davies

Distinguished Speaker Series: The #Scicomm Challenge Facing Animal Agriculture [RIS]
Alison Van Eenennaam

Disease Diagnostics and Cases

Video Presentations

Use of NGS for Whole Genome Analysis of Pathogens [RIS]
Doug Marthaler

Metagenomic Sequencing for Virus Discovery and Characterization [RIS]
Ben Hause

Applications of Next-Generation Sequencing [RIS]
Stephanie Rossow

Back to the Future: Diagnostic Considerations in a Growth-Promoter Free Industry [RIS]
Fabio Vannucci

The Swine Gut Microbiota: Status and Outlook [RIS]
Heather K. Allen

Early-Colonizing Bacteria in the GI Tract: Lessons from Poultry and Strategies for Swine [RIS]
Tom Rehberger

RV Epidemiology [RIS]
Doug Marthaler

Practical Approached to Managing Suckling Pig Rotavirus Infection [RIS]
Laura Greiner

Swine Health Research

Video Presentations

Is your Herd Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae Negative? [RIS]
Amanda Sponheim

Current Efforts for Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae Control [RIS]
Maria Pieters

Field Experience with Myciplasma Hyosynoviae Lameness in Grow-Finishers [RIS]
Megan Schnur

Summary on Recent Time-to-PRRS-Stability Research [RIS]
Daniel Linhares

A National Plan for PRRSV Elimination [RIS]
Montse Torremorell

Elimination of Influenza A from Swine Herds [RIS]
Bob Thompson

Regional Surveillance and Control Strategies for Influenza in Swine: It Takes a Province [RIS]
Susan Detmer

Production #1

Video Presentations

Marketing Strategies [RIS]
Mike Brumm

Estimating the Impact of Floor Space Allowance on the Late-Finishing Pig Performance [RIS]
Josh Flohr

How We Implement Marketing [RIS]
Kyle Coble

Evaluating Maternal Vitamin D Supplementation on Sow and Subsequent Pig Performance [RIS]
Josh Flohr

Initiation of Bone Lesions in Young Growing Pigs and the Importance of Maternal Nutrition [RIS]
Laura Amundson

Objective Feet and Leg Structure Between Selection and Second Gestation and Gestation Ages [RIS]
Joseph Stock

Overview of the Recent AA Work in Growing Pigs [RIS]
Annie Clark

Infection with PRRSV Affects Body Protein Deposition and Alters Amino Acid Metabolism in Growing Pigs [RIS]
W.D. Stuart

Overview of Dietary Fat Source, Digestibility, and Pig Growth and Carcass Performance [RIS]
Trey Kellner

Production #2

Video Presentations

Measuring Genetic Trends and Current State of the Industry [RIS]
Pedro Urriola

Latest Field Research and Available Tools to Evaluate and Improve Feed Efficiency [RIS]
Jason Woodworth

Influence of Wean Age and Disease Challenge on Progeny Lifetime Performance [RIS]
David Rosero

Impact of Wean Age and Feeding Program on Nursery Performance [RIS]
Christina Phillips

Genetic Influences on Robustness of Weaned Pigs [RIS]
William Herring

How Synchronization Works and How to Make it Work Better [RIS]
Jenny Patterson

Impact on Health and Productivity [RIS]
Dave Baumert

VFD Applications: Production System View [RIS]
Pete Thomas

Hanson Lecture: Changes in Antimicrobial Use-Practitioner [RIS]
Paul Ruen

Public-Production Interface

Video Presentations

Coordinated, National Transboundary Disease Response Plan [RIS]
Patrick Webb

Continuing Diagnostic Investigation: Detection of a Novel Sapelovirus [RIS]
Paulo Arruda

The Smithfield Experience: Comparing ESF and Trough Feeding [RIS]
Ashley DeDecker

Weaning Sow Directly into Group Housing: Effects on Aggression, Physiology, and Productivity [RIS]
Jennifer Brown

Emergence of Monophasic Salmonella Typhimurium in the US: Looking through the Minnesota VDL Keyhole [RIS]
Julio Alvarez

Investigation of Land Coverage and Elevation as Risk Factors for PRRS Breaks [RIS]
Andreia Arruda

Unusual Cases of Viral CNS Disease [RIS]
Albert Rovira


Recent Research Reports

Improvement of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Culture and Isolation Focusing on Sample Selection and Handling [RIS]
Anderson, Alyssa,1 Dalquist, L.,2 Leuwerke, B.,2 Sponheim, A.,3 Fano, E.,3 Pieters, M.1 1Veterinary Population Medicine Department, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN. 2Swine Veterinary Center, St. Peter, MN. 3Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., St. Joseph, MO, USA

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Molecular Characterization and Analysis Tools to Understand Transmission Patterns Within and Between Endeminc Swine Populations [RIS]
Laura Dalquist,1 Amanda Sponheim,2,3 Eduardo Fano,2 Alyssa Anderson,3 Maria Pieters3; 1Swine Vet Center, MN, USA; 2Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., MO, USA; 3University of Minnesota, MN, USA

Field Application of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Molecular Characterization and Analysis Tools in Outbreak Investigations after Elimination Efforts [RIS]
Fano, Eduardo; Sponheim, Amanda, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., St. Joseph, MO; Dalquist, Laura; Swine Vet Center, Anderson, Alyssa, Pieters, Maria; University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, USA

Antimicrobial Susceptibility and Virulence Profiles of Non-Typhoidal Salmonella enterica Isolates Obtained from Porcine Clinical Samples Received at the Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory [RIS]
Hayer, Shivdeep; Hong, Samuel; Perez, Andres; Alvarez, Julio; Alshalchi, Sahar; Rovira, Albert; Olsen, Karen; Vidovic, Sinis; College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN USA

Space-Time Analysis of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) in Midwestern Sow Farms During 2011 -2015 [RIS]
Kanankege, K.S.T.1, VanderWaal, K.L.1, Morrison B.M.1, Perez, A.M1; ; 1Department of Population Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, USA

Evaluation of Aivlosin® (Tylvalosin) Type A Medicated Article for 14 Days and Tylan® (Tylosin) Medicated Feed for 21 Days, in the Control of an Artificial Infection of Lawsonia intracellularis in Pigs [RIS]
Ronald Kaptur Jr,1 DVM; Dan Rosener,1 DVM; Elizabeth Abbott2, BVMS, PhD, MRCVS, Rickie Domangue3, PhD, Kelly Lechtenberg4, DVM, PhD, Nathan Winkelman5, DVM, Kathleen Rooney6, MS, DVM 1Pharmgate Animal Health, Omaha, Nebraska; 2ECO Animal Health, London, United Kingdom; 3Statistical Consulting Services, Broadway, Virginia; 4Central States Research Centre, Inc., Oakland, Nebraska, 5Swine Services Unlimited Inc., Rice, Minnesota, 6The Veterinary Consultancy, LLC., Kalamazoo, MI

Vaccination Against Lawsonia intracellularis Leads to Decreased Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium Shedding in Co-infected Animals [RIS]
Fernando Leite1, Connie Gebhart1, Randall Singer1, Richard Isaacson1 1University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN USA

A Novel Diagnostic Platform for in situ Detection and Subtyping of Emerging and Endemic of Swine Pathogens [RIS]
TP Resende1; D Marthaler2; FA Vannucci2 1 Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences 2 University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, USA

Preliminary Results on Tonsillar Colonization of Dams and Their Offspring by M. hyorhinis and M. hyosynoviae prior to weaning [RIS]
Luiza R. Roos1, Maria Pieters1 1Veterinary Population Medicine Department, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN USA

Retrospective Study Evaluating the Efficacy of Ingelvac MycoFLEX in 16 French Farms [RIS]
Rouillier J.1, Spindler C.1, Gauthier N.1, Jagu R.2, Messager I.2 1SELAS Vétérinaire de la Hunaudaye, 22640 Plestan, France, 2Boehringer Ingelheim France, 51100 Reims, FRANCE

Low Pathogenicity of an Atypical Brachyspira hyodysenteriae Isolate [RIS]
JPH Sato; CER Pereira; AGS Daniel; NR Macedo; MP Gabardo; LVA Otoni; MR Andrade; RP Laub; JAB Zarate; RMC Guedes; Animal Pathology Laboratory, Department of Veterinary Clinic and Surgery, Veterinary School, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, BRAZIL

Comparison of Duration of Efficacy of Ceftiofur Crystalline Free Acid Versus Enrofloxacin in an Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae Challenge Model [RIS]
Bobby Cowles, DVM, MS, MBAa, Michael Senn, DVM, MSa, Deborah Amodie MSa, Adam Mueller DVMb, aZoetis Inc. Florham Park NJ USA, bSwine Services Unlimited INC, Rice MN USA

Duration of Immunity to Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Following Intramuscular Administration of an Experimental PCV MH Vaccine [RIS]
M. Smutzer BS1, G. Nitzel MS1, J. Johnson DVM1, Y. Diamondidis, DVM1, L. Taylor MS1, M. Bandrick DVM, PhD1 ; Zoetis Inc., Veterinary Medical Research and Development, Kalamazoo, MI, USA

Dynamics of Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae Infection of Replacement Gilts of Brazilian Multipler Herds [RIS]
K L Takeuti¹, C P Andrade¹, L L de Almeida², D C L Linhares3, D E S N Barcellos¹ ¹UFRGS, Brazil ²IPVDF, BRAZIL, 3Iowa State University, USA

Annual Occurrence of Mycotoxins in US Corn Darvested from 2012 to 2015 [RIS]
Erika Hendel;1 Raj Murugesan1, S. Maria Mendoza1, Timothy Jenkins2 1BIOMIN America, Inc., San Antonio, TX, USA; 1BIOMIN Holding GmbH, Getzersdorf, AUSTRIA

Effect of Vaccination with a Modified Live Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus Vaccine on Growth Performance in Fattening Pigs under Field Conditions [RIS]
Kwang-Soo Lyoo1), Jong-Young Choi2), Hye-Kwon Kim2), Tae-Wook Hahn2) 1)Korea Zoonosis Research Institute, Chonbuk National University, 2)College of Veterinary Medicine, Kangwon National University, SOUTH KOREA

Apparent Ileal Digestibility & Growth Performance in Piglets as Influenced by Supplementation with Isoquinoline Alkaloids or Naringin [RIS]
Klaus Männer1, Valeria Artuso2, Tobias Steiner2, Armin Müller2, Jürgen Zentek1 1Free University of Berlin, KöniginLuise-Straße 49, 14195 Berlin, Germany 2Phytobiotics Futterzusatzstoffe GmbH, Wallufer Straße 10a, 65343 Eltville, GERMANY

Improvement in Piglet Performance and Gut Health with new Bacillus subtilis Probiotic [RIS]
Nielsen Bea, PhD, Team Manager, Innovation Dept., Cernat R.C., PhD. Senior Research Scientist Chr. Hansen A/S, Bøge Alle 10-12, 2970 Hørsholm, DENMARK

Narasin Toxicosis in Lactation Sows [RIS]
A Palomo Yagüe, SETNA NUTRICIÓN S.A.U.- InVivo NSA . PI Santa Ana c/El Clavo, 1 Madrid, SPAIN

Improved Livability with the Use of Wean FuelTM for Nursery Pigs Fed Either a Simple High Soybean Meal Diet or a Complex High Lysine Diet [RIS]
F. Sandberg1, S. England1, C. Phillips2, B. Mitteness2, S. Anderson2, and M. Bible1 1Furst-McNess Company, Freeport, IL; 2Camas, Inc., Le Center, MN USA

Effects of Hostazym X on Pigs during Late Nursery and Finishing on Growth Performance and Death Loss [RIS]
C. Sparks, R. Cabrera and D. Nolan; Huvepharma US Peachtree City, Georgia USA

In vitro Cytotoxicity Test and Antiviral Activity of Tumeric Extract Against PRRS Virus [RIS]
Pemika Anantikulchai*, Pandhira Emprom*, Kidsadagon Pringproa**, Panuwat Yamsakul* *Dapartment of Food Animal Clinic, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chiang Mai University, Thailand **Department of Veterinary Bioscience and Veterinary Public Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Analysis of the Efficacy of Alquernat Immuplus as a Natural Immune Booster vs. Levamisole (Well-Known Chemical Immune Booster at a Specific Dose) [RIS]
Ajuwon, K.M. and Yan, H., Purdue University; Biovet, S.A., SPAIN

Magnetic Resonance Imaging as a Tool to Detect Local Tissue Reactions After Vaccination in Piglets [RIS]
Bernau, Maren; Kraus, A.S.; Schwanitz, S.; Scholz; Livestock Center Oberschleissheim, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, GERMANY

Growth Performance in Piglets After Vaccination [RIS]
Bernau, Maren; Kraus, A.S.; Schwanitz, S.; Scholz; Livestock Center Oberschleissheim, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, GERMANY

Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Genetic Resistance: An Online Course at Destination of Swine Experts and Professionals [RIS]
Perle Boyer, Montserrat Torremorell, University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine, St. Paul, MN USA

Concentration of Tylvalosin in the Synovial Fluid and Plasma of Pigs When Administered Orally in the Drinking Water for Five Consecutive Days at Label Dose [RIS]
P. Canning,1 DVM; K. Skoland,1 BS; J. Bates,1 DVM; R. Kaptur,2 DVM; D. Rosener,2 DVM; S. Rajewski,3 BS, PhD; J Coetzee,3 BVSc, Cert CHP, PhD, DACVCP; A. Ramirez, 1 DVM, MPH, PhD, DACVPM; L. Karriker,1 DVM, MS, DACVPM; 1Swine Medicine Education Center, Iowa State University, Ames, USA; 2Pharmgate Animal Health, Ames, USA; 3Pharmacology Analytical Support Team (PhAST), Iowa State University, Ames, USA

Control Measures for Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Swine Farms in the USA Estimated Using Simulation Modeling [RIS]
Irene Iglesias1*, Kimberly VanderWaal1, Fernando Sampedro1, Amy Kinsley1, Tim J.Goldsmith1, Andres Perez1; 1 Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN USA.

Co-localization of Lawsonia intracellularis and Proliferative Markers in Affected Pigs Demonstrated by Dual-Color RNA in situ Hybridization [RIS]
TP Resende1; FA Vannucci2; CJ Gebhart1,2 1 Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences 2 University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, USA

Impact of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) on Reproductive Performance in F1 Crossbred Sows [RIS]
Aina Furutani1, Tadahiro Kawabata2, Yosuke Sasaki1 1University of Miyazaki, 2Kagoshima Prefectural Economics Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives, JAPAN

The Effects of Improvest® on Carcass Cutability and Belly Quality: A Meta-Analysis [RIS]
B.N. Harsh*, B. Cowles, R.C. Johnson, D.S. Pollmann#, A.L. Schroeder, A.C. Dilger, D.D. Boler*; * Department of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL 61801 Zoetis, Inc., Kalamazoo, MI, 49007; Choice Genetics USA, Des Moines, IA, 50266; # DSP Consulting LLC, Alpine, UT, 84004 USA

Evaluating Disease Behavior and Health Interventions Using Pattern Classification of In-Process Performance in Animal Cohorts for Flows and Systems [RIS]
Erin Lowe, D Polson; Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., MO USA

Impact of Piglet Birthweight on Post-weaning Performance and System Profitability [RIS]
D. W. Newcom, National Swine Registry, West Lafayette, IN USA

Virulence of Currently Circulating PRRSV Isolates under Experimental Conditions [RIS]
A Patterson, G Haiwick, J Victoria, J Hermann, R Philips Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., MO, USA

Lesion Scores and Productivity throughout Gestation for Sows in a Large Dynamic Group Fed Via Electronic Sow Feeder [RIS]
Meghann Pierdon1, VMD, Raymond Boston1, PhD, Thomas Parsons1, VMD, PhD 1University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Assessment of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) Impact in US Sow Farms [RIS]
Valdes-Donoso, P.12, Alvarez, J.1, Morrison, R.1, Jarvis, L.S. 2, and Perez. A1. 1Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, USA; 2Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California Davis, Davis, CA, USA

Impacts of Birth Weight on Ovarian Follicle Development in 150-day Old Gilts [RIS]
Almeida, Fernando, Federal University of Minas, Gerais; Alvarenga-Dias, Ana Luisa, Federal University of Uberlandia; Moreira, Leticia, Federal University of Minas Gerais Aparecida; Fiuiza, Aparecida, Federal University of Minas Gerais; ChiariniGarcia, Helio, Federal University of Minas Gerais, BRAZIL

Administration of Melatonin during the Follicular and Early Luteal Phase to Mimic Short Days and Minimize Seasonal Infertility for Prepubertal Gilts Housed under Differing Hours of Light and Heat [RIS]
Arend, Lidia; Knox, Robert; Duangkamol, Phoophitphong; University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; USA

Using Crossbred Field Reproduction Data to Select Pure Line Animals [RIS]
Marcos S. Lopes1, John Eggert2, John W.M. Bastiaansen3, Egbert F. Knol1 (1)Topigs Norsvin Research Center, Beuningen, the Netherlands, (2)Topigs Norsvin, Burnsville, USA, (3) Wageningen University, Wageningen, NETHERLANDS

VEGF-receptor System Immunoreaction in Subepithelial Endometrium Area in Healthy and Arresting Iberian Pig Attachment Sites [RIS]
A Palomo Yagüe , MA Sánchez, RA García-Fernández, B Sánchez, P García-Palencia, C Naranjo, JM Flores, Dept. Animal Medicine and Surgery, Faculty Veterinary Sciences, Complutense University Madrid, SPAIN

The Influence of Air Contact on the Quality of Extended Boar Semen [RIS]
CV Ribeiro1, JL Moroni1, MB Menegat1, APG Mellagi1, ML Bernardi2, I Wentz1 and FP Bortolozzo1 1Setor de Suínos, Favet-Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre-RS, Brazil; 2Departamento de Zootecnia, FAgroUFRGS, Porto Alegre-RS, BRAZIL

Investigation of Land Coverage and Elevation as Risk Factors for PRRS Breaks [RIS]
Arruda, Andreia, Morrison, Robert, Vilalta, Carles, Perez, Andres; University of Minnesota USA

Efficacy of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhe a Vaccine When Administered to Sows and Evaluated by Piglet Challenge at One Day of Age [RIS]
Bandrick, Meggan, D. Fredrickson, L. Taylor, J. Johnson, S. Zager, J. Marx, V. Rapp-Gabrielson; Zoetis Inc., Veterinary Medical Research and Development, Kalamazoo, MI, USA

Use of Phylogenetic Analysis of Concatenated Structural Sequences as a Means of Differentiating PRRSV Strains [RIS]
Baumgardner, Eric; Lawrence, P.K., Newport Laboratories, Inc., Worthing, MN USA

Impact of Bacillus subtilis C-3102 (Calsporin®) on Enteric Histopathology in Nursery Pigs after Challenge with Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv) [RIS]
P. Canning1, C. Ruston1, D. Madson2, J Bates1, K. Skoland1, J. Davenport1, C. Wang3, Q. Chen2,J. Zhang2, L. Karriker1; 1Swine Medicine Education Center, Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine, 2412 Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center, Ames, IA 50011 2Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Iowa State University 3Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine, Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine, 2412 Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center, Ames, IA 50011

Modeling the Transboundary Risk of Feed Ingredients Contaminated with Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus [RIS]
Dee, Scott; Neill, Casey; Spronk, Gordon; Pipestone Applied Research, Singrey, Aaron; Clement, Travis; ChristopherHennings, Jane; Nelson, Eric; Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory, South Dakota State University, Chochrane, Roger; Jones, Cassandra; Department of Grain Science, Kansas State University, Patterson, Gilbert; Center for Animal Health and Food Safety, University of Minnesota, USA

Infection Dynamics and Pathogenesis of Senecavirus A Swine [RIS]
Diel, Diego G.; Joshi, Lok R.; Fernandes, Maureen V.H.; Clement, Gravis; Lawson, Steven; Nelson, Eric A.; Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory, Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, South Dakota State University, Resende, Tatine P.; Vanucci, Fabio A.; Veterinary Diagnostic laboratory, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN USA

Evidence of Senecavirus A Replication in Tonsillar Lymphoid Cells [RIS]
TP Resende1; LR Joshi2; M Sturos1; EA Nelson2; FA Vannucci1 DG. Diel2 1 University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, USA 2 Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory, Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, South Dakota State University, Brookings, 57007, SD, USA

Development of an Indirect Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay for the Identification of Antibodies to Senecavirus A in Swine [RIS]
Cheryl M.T. Dvorak1*, Zeynep Akkutay-Yoldar 2, Suzanne R. Stone1, Steven J. Tousignant3, Fabio Vannucci4, and Michael P. Murtaugh;1 1Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, University of Minnesota, 1971 Commonwealth Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108, USA; 2Ankara University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Virology, Diskapi 06110, Ankara, Turkey; 3Swine Vet Center P.A., 1608 S. Minnesota Ave, St. Peter, MN 56082, USA; 4Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota, 1365 Gortner Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108, USA

Characterizing Piglet Loss from PRRS Outbreak [RIS]
Taylor Homann1, Carles Vilalta1, DVM, PhD, Bob Morrison1, DVM, MBA, PhD 1 University of Minnesota

Evolution and Protein Changes in Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus in the United States [RIS]
Matthew Jarvis1 , Ham Lam1 , Martha Nelson2 , Michael Murtaugh3 , Douglas Marthaler1 1Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota, 2Division of International Epidemiology and Population Studies, Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, 3Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

Classification and Description of 1-3-4 PRRS Virus Outbreaks Using MJPRRS Technology [RIS]
K. Kinsley1, DVM, P. Novak2, L. Hanna2, and BK Kim2, PhD 1 Phibro Animal Health Corporation, Teaneck, NJ 07666 2 MJ Biologics, Mankato, MN 56001

NGS Informatics Pipelines for Unknown Pathogen Detection, Assembly, and Genome Evaluation [RIS]
Todd Knutson, Matthew Jarvis, and Douglas Marthaler University of Minnesota, Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. St. Paul, MN

Use of an Autogenous Vaccine to Improve Protection against a 1-7-4 PRRSV Strain [RIS]
PK Lawrence1, EA Bumgardner1 1Newport Laboratories, Inc, Biological Development and Research Department, Worthington, MN, USA

Efficacy of an Experimental Swine Influenza Vaccine, Killed Virus, in Pigs Challenged With a Cluster IV-A H3N2 Swine Influenza A Virus [RIS]
MC Lenz, VJ Rapp-Gabrielson. A Heinz, LP Taylor, J Johnson, T Hildebrand, K Segur, A Kaliyati, Y Diamondidis; Veterinary Medicine Research & Development, Zoetis, Kalamazoo, MI USA

Antigenic and Genetic Diversity of Cluster IV H3N2 Influenza A Viruses of Swine [RIS]
VJ Rapp-Gabrielson1, MC Lenz1, MR Culhane;2 1Veterinary Medicine Research & Development, Zoetis, Kalamazoo, MI and 2University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, St. Paul, MN USA

Two-Year Stability of Bovine Serum Albumin Formulated with VaxLiantTM Adjuvants in CF-1 Mice [RIS]
Tim Miller, Laura Trygstad, Melissa Inman, Mary Ann Pfannenstiel, William Swafford

Cross Protection Evaluation and Antigenic Diversity of Influenza A Viruses Prevalent in Intensive Swine Farms in Chile [RIS]
Rodrigo Tapia1, Victoria García1, Miguel Vivar1, Sergio Bucarey1, Rafael Medina2, Víctor Neira1*. 1Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Pecuarias, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile. 2Facultad de Medicina, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile

Microbiome Associations in Pigs with the Best and Worst Clinical Outcomes Following Co-infection with Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV) and Porcine Circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) [RIS]
Megan C. Niederwerdera,b, Crystal J. Jaingc, James B. Thissenc, Ada Giselle Cino-Ozunaa,b, Kevin S. McLoughlind, and Raymond R. R. Rowlanda aDepartment of Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology, bKansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University, 1800 Denison Avenue, Manhattan, Kansas 66506, USA. cPhysical & Life Sciences Directorate, dComputations Directorate, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 7000 East Avenue, Livermore, California 94550, USA.

Evaluation of PRRSV Challenge Dose in Vaccinated Pigs [RIS]
G Haiwick, A Neubauer, J Herman, M Roof, B Fergan, R Philips Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. MO

Efficacy of Ingelvac PRRS® MLV Against a Heterologous PRRSV 1-7-4 RFLP Challenge [RIS]
A. Patterson, B. Fergen, J. Hermann, G. Haiwick, R. Philips Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., Ames, USA

Epidemiological Information of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea During the First Epidemic Year (2013 to 2014) in the Southern Part of Kyushu Island, Japan [RIS]
Y. Sasaki, J. Alvarez, A. Perez, S. Sekiguchi and M. Sueyoshi University of Miyazaki, Miyazaki 889-2192, Japan

Phylogenetic and Antigenic Characteristics of the Hemagglutinin Gene of Swine-origin Influenza A Virus in Chile [RIS]
Rodrigo Tapia1, Victoria García1, Sergio Bucarey1, Gonzalo Barriga2, Rafael Medina2, Víctor Neira1*. 1Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Pecuarias, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, CHILE 2Facultad de Medicina, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, CHILE

Comparative Pathogenesis and Characterization of Contemporary 1-7-4 PRRSV Isolates in Weanling Age Piglets [RIS]
A.G.M. van Geelen, Kay Faaberg, Phani Das, Nestor Montiel, Laura Miller, Vikas Kulshreshtha, Alexa Buckley, and Kelly Lager, VPRU, ARS-USDA, Ames, IA USA

Comparison of Full Dose Versus Partial Dose of a Modified Live PRRS Vaccine [RIS]
T Wetzell, G Anderson, R Philips; Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., MO, USA

Performance Comparison of Partial Dosing to Full Dosing of Ingelvac PRRS® MLV [RIS]
T Wetzell, R Philips, S. Playter; Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., MO, USA

Stochastic Mathematical Modeling of Management Interventions to Control Influenza A Virus in Swine Breeding Herds [RIS]
LA White1, M Torremorell2 & ME Craft2, 1 Department of Ecology, Evolution & Behavior, 2Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, U.S.A.

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2015)

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Keynote Presentations

Evolution and Change - Preparing for Tomorrow [RIS]
Glenn Stolt and Jeff Rusch

SHIC and Where We Are AT Today [RIS]
Paul Sundberg

Diagnostic Cases of Muscle Disease in Swine

A case of ionophore toxicity in swine [RIS]
Rebecca Robbins

Ionophore diagnostics [RIS]
Matt Sturos

Tremors in pigs [RIS]
Stephanie Rossow

M. hyopneumoniae - Glilts & BAH/Exposure Programs

Mark Schwartz: Cost of M. hyopneumoniae in Growing Pigs [RIS]
Mark Schwartz

Tools for molecular characterization of M. hyopneumoniae [RIS]
Doug Marthaler & Maria Pieters

Growing Pig Research

Outstanding student presentations from 2015 Midwest Animal Science Meeting

Effects of strategic pellet feeding regimens on finishing pig growth performance, stomach morphology, and carcass characteristics [RIS]
Jon De Jong

Effects of reduced oil distillers dried grains with solubles and soybean oil on dietary lysine, fat, and fiber digestibility in corn based diets fed to growing pigs [RIS]
John Patience

Evaluation of Equations to Predict Carcass Fat Iodine Value [RIS]
Fangzhou (Arkin) Wu

The importance of implementing a by-product withdraw strategy prior to slaughter in finishing pigs: A review of strategies that mitigate the negative impact on carcass yield [RIS]
Kyle Coble

Feeding Enzymes to Enhance Growth

Overview of Enzymes [RIS]
Pedro Urriola

Evaluating Nutrient Uplift when Feeding Xylanase [RIS]
Young-Dal Jang

Improving Finish Pig Viability by using Xylanase [RIS]
Dean Boyd

Antibiotic Use-Countdown to Guidance 213

What Will it Mean for Producers [RIS]
Liz Wagstrom

VFDs and Practice [RIS]
Laura Bruner

Countdown to Guidance 213 Practitioner View - Company [RIS]
Pete Thomas

Managing Expectations [RIS]
Peter Davies

Lessons learned from investigation of vesicular diseases in swine

Clinical Presentation and Epidemiological Distribution [RIS]
Daniel Linhares

Diagnostic investigation of Senecavirus A-associated diseases in Brazil and US [RIS]
Fabio Vannucci


In-depth outbreak investigation [RIS]
Dyneah Classen

How to keep a region free of PEDV (Yucatan) in a PEDV-positive country (Mexico) [RIS]
Hector Garcia

Managine acute and chronic PEDv in sow herds: what have we learned so far? [RIS]
Luc Dufrense

Sow Research

Outstanding student presentations from 2015 Midwest Animal Science Meeting

Effects of lysine and energy intake during late gestation on reproductive performance of gilts and sows under commercial conditions [RIS]
Marcio Goncalves

Effect of vitamin injection pre-farrowing on antioxidant enzymes and performance of nursery pigs [RIS]
Jordan Gebhardt

Enhancing Energy Utilization and the Role of Fat

Financial Considerations in Setting Diet Energy Specifications [RIS]
Dean Boyd

Assessing lipid quality and effects on swine health and performance [RIS]
Jerry Shurson

Dietary Fat: It is much more than an Energy Source to the Pig [RIS]
John Patience

Politics of Pork

Regulatory and Legal Issues Impacting Pork Production [RIS]
Gary Koch

Putting "Science into Practice"

10 Things you may not know about Ascaris summ* [RIS]
Jeremy Pittman

Putting "Science into Practice" Using my PhD in Practice [RIS]
Matt Allerson

Cases Showing "Value" of Board Certification [RIS]
Lisa Tokach

New Research on Influenza

Prevalence, seasonality and control of influenza infections in breeding herds [RIS]
Fabian Chamba

Airborne Transmission of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus [RIS]
Carmen Alonso

Using Records for Benchmarking and Operations

Use of Records for Benchmarking Purposes [RIS]
Ken Stalder

Data Integrity [RIS]
Greg Bilbrey

Survival of PEDV in Feed, Feed Ingredients & Interventions

Survival and Mitigation Strategies of PEDV and SDCoV in feed [RIS]
Pedro Urriola

Feed Mitigation Strategies [RIS]
Cassie Jones


Group formation and mixing times for gestating sows [RIS]
Jennifer Brown

Practical Considerations for Adoption of Group Sow Housing [RIS]
Chris Rademacher

Comparison of nursery pig behavior assessed using human observation and digital-image evaluation methodologies [RIS]
Tom Fangman

PRRS 1-7-4

Applications of Bayesian phylodynamic methods to the investigation of the recent 1-7-4 PRRSv outbreak [RIS]
Andres Perez

Sow Health Monitoring Project [RIS]
Carl Betlach

Assessing impact of 1-7-4 on wean to finish pig health [RIS]
Daniel Linhares

Risk Factors for Sow Culling [RIS]
George Foxcroft

Sow Lifetime Productivity

The Importance of Nutrition during Gilt Development [RIS]
Jeff Vallet

Litter of Origin on Lifetime Productivity [RIS]
Jenny Patterson

Feed Mill Biosecurity

What can we do in Feed Processing to Reduce Risk [RIS]
Jason Woodworth

Reducing Pathogen Transmission at the Feed Mill [RIS]
Laura Greiner

Hot Topics

What's Hot in Pork Safety? [RIS]
Peter Davies

Case Reports from Senecavirus A [RIS]
Chris Rademacher

Recent Research Reports

Viral Diseases

PE Piñeyro, SP. Kenney, LG Giménez-Lirola, T Opriessnig, D Tian, CL Heffron, and XJ Meng

I. Hernández-Caravaca, D. Escribano, V. Blasco-Gil, Figueras Gourgues S., Rodriguez-Vega V., J. Cerón

Hernández-Caravaca I., J.A Lopez, Escribano D., Figueras Gourgues S., Rodriguez-Vega V., Cerón J.

ML Keith, NC Martinon, JG Calvert, RG Ankenbauer, YA Diamondidis, VL King, MC Lenz, DS Pearce

K. M. Cottingim, M. P. Trudeau, H. Verma, F. Sampedro, P. E. Urriola, G. C. Shurson, S. M. Goyal

Pablo Valdes-Donoso, Lovell S. Jarvis, Dave Wright, Julio Alvarez, Andres M. Perez

R. Fleck, D. Amodie, B. O’Brien, P. Gauger, D. Magstadt

J Seate, A Scheidt, B Payne

Liande Zhu, Aiguo Wang, Jianwei Qi, Jun Zhao, Liangke Su

J Angulo, JRD Allison, JG Calvert, B O’Brien, RG Ankenbauer

R. Lippke, J. Calveyra, E Fano

CMT Dvorak, BJ Payne, JL Seate, MP Murtaug

M.P. Trudeau, K. M. Cottingim, H. Verma, F. Sampedro, P.E. Urriola, G.C. Shurson, S. M. Goyal

EA Bumgardner, R Batman, PK Lawrence

G. Nitzel, J. Bubolz, M. Smutzer, P. Runnels, L. Taylor

G. Nitzel, J. Bubolz, M. Smutzer, P. Runnels, L. Taylor

AG Arruda, R Friendship, J Carpenter, H. Kand, Z Poljak

V Neira, B Brito, J Mena, M Torremorell, M Culhane, S Dee, M Johow, C Mathieu, R Ortega

VM Neira, M Saavedra, B Brito, K. Tapia, R Tapia, D Jimenez, M Culhane, M Torremorell, RA Medina

RA Leme, SA Headley, TES Oliveira, M Yang, R Gomes, C Feronato, AF Alfieri, AA Alfieri

LA White, M Torremorell, ME Craft,

Schelkopf AC, Magstadt DR, Arruda BL, Arruda PHE, Zimmerman JJ, Wetzell T, Dee SA, Madson DM

Recent Research Reports

Bacterial Diseases

A Sponheim; E Fano; D Polson; K Doolittle, M Pieters

Thomas Marsteller, Brandon Carter, Kevin Eggers, Robert Evelsizer, James Mark Hammer

EA Bumgardner, BL Wiener, PK Lawrence

Keith Erlandson, Brandon Carter, Eric Christianson, Tom Marsteller

L.F. Dos Santos, M. Clavijo, S. Sreevatsan, A. Rovira, M.A.S. Moreira, M. Pieters

TP Resende; MP Gabardo; CER Pereira; RMC Guedes

T Fangman, G Cline

J Calveyra, R Lippke, E Fano

A. Mueller, N. Winkelman, R. Fleck, D. King, D. Amodie

AB Smith, JS Nickell, TL Settje, DJ Keil

CM Malgarin, KL Takeuti, AC de Lara, AF Amaral, LM Jühlich, DESN Barcellos

MP Gabardo, TP Rezende, J.P Sato, AGS Daniel, CER Pereira, MR Andrade, RMC Guedes

N Macedo, M Cheeran, A Rovira, M Torremorell

Sun Jisun, Yang My, Davies R. Peter*

T Fangman, D Baumert, T Painter, B Whitt, M Ptaschinski, G Cline

Recent Research Reports

Feed Nutrition

JD Crenshaw, D Bussiéres, J Polo, JM Campbell

R. Fleck, D.A. Nelson, C. Fralick, D. Amodie

Laura Klatte, Alfons Heseker, C. Wecke

Georg Dusel, Katharina Schuh, Sigrid Seelhorst, Alfons Heseker

KD Vande Pol, NS Grohmann, TE Weber, MJ Ritter, M Ellis

Recent Research Reports


SM Curry, KA Gibson, ER Burrough, KJ Schwartz, KJ Yoon, and NK Gabler

Recent Research Reports


S Tani, C Piñeiro, Y Koketsu

MB Menega, APG Mellagi, ML Bernardi, I Wentz FP Bortolozzo

Duttlinger, V., D. W. Newcom, C. Witte, M. Brubaker, S. E. Lawrence, C. Dematawewa, K. J. Stalder

Recent Research Reports


Research Reports Contents [RIS]
Conference Committee

L. Pfleiderer, M-C. Poulin

Ana Alba-Casals, Andres Perez, Robert B Morrison

CG McVey

TS Gaggini, A Panzardi, TCF Silva, R Nunes, A Silva, MLG Rezende

MK Pierdon, TD Parsons

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2014)

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Volume 41

University of Alberta-University of Minnesota Reproduction Workshop: Managing a healthy & robust bre

Evaluating the breeding heard-audits [RIS]
Blaine Tully

Mycotoxins & breeding herd fertility [RIS]
Max Hawkins

Controlling PRRS in the breeding herd [RIS]
Montse Torremorell

Genetic basis for host responses to PRRS [RIS]
Jack Dekkers

Selection for PCV Resistance [RIS]
Dan Ciobanu

Managing PED in the breeding herd [RIS]
James Lehman

From Geeks to Geeks: Techniques for detection of swine disease clusters in time and space

Handouts [RIS]

Exercise [RIS]

Papers [RIS]

Brazilian Symposium: Update on Biosecurity and Disease Traceability

What PEDv taught us about biosecurity [RIS]
Peter Davies

Opportunities on biosecurity in Brazil [RIS]
Daniel Linhares

Carlos Pijoan SDEC Symposium: Feed biosecurity in the wake of PED

From Melamine to salmonella: Lessons from the pet food industry for the swine industry [RIS]
Shaun Kennedy

Evidence of feed transmitting PEDV:

The Canadian experience [RIS]
Marty Misener

Evidence of transmission in integrated systems [RIS]
Paul Yeske

Experimental transmission of PEDV via feed [RIS]
Scott Dee

What we know about PEDV and other coronavirus survivability [RIS]
Sagar Goyal

Practical options for controlling PEDV in feed manufacturing [RIS]
Jason Woodworth

Risk pathways associated with ingredients of porcine origin [RIS]
Peter Davies

Feed mill biosecurity reviews and the application of biosecurity principles to feed manufacturing and distribution [RIS]
Tim Snider

The regulatory side of feed and how it will change current practice [RIS]
Cassie Jones

At the end of the day, we still need to feed the pigs! [RIS]
Mike Tokach

Advanced hedging strategies for today's swine industry [RIS]
Jeff Hoogendorn

Effect of lactation on subsequent sow performance and pig growth [RIS]
Jiyao Guo

Impact of feeding DDGs on growth performance [RIS]
Fangzhou Wu

Relationship of feeder space to pig growth [RIS]
Yijie He

Diet composition and particle size effects on pig performance and the environmental [RIS]
Zhaohui Luo

Digestibility of high fiber feed ingredients for growing pigs [RIS]
Zhimin Huang

Differential distribution of invariant natural killer T cells subsets in spleen [RIS]
Haiguang Wang

Evolution of PRRS Virus and selection mechanisms at the cellular and animal levels [RIS]
Xiong Wang

Immunological inhibition induced by PCV2 and relevant prevention and control measures [RIS]
Qinye Song

Keynote Presentations

Pijoan Lecture-Recent emergence of swine coronaviruses in North America [RIS]
Dick Hesse

Spatial epidemiology of PED [RIS]
Andres Perez

PED Diagnostics and Immunity

Understand the molecular evolution of PEDV [RIS]
Doug Marthaler

PEDV antibodies and immune response [RIS]
Michael Murtaugh

Serological assays for PEDV and PDCoV antibody detection [RIS]
Travis Clement and Aaron Singrey

Diagnostic Cases

Necrotic tracheitis infinisher pigs; Swine dysentery in finisher pigs; Allergic hypersensitivity in replacement gilts; Overwhelming septicemia in neonatal pigs [RIS]
Marie Culhane

Influenza and Public Health

Research Update: Influenza A virus transmission at agricultural fairs [RIS]
Andrew Bowman

Flu at the live animal markets [RIS]
Montse Torremorell

Antimicrobial Regulatory Changes

AMDUCAand New Regulations [RIS]
Mike Apley

FDA’s Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy:  The role of vets and producers [RIS]
Craig Lewis

Panel Discussion: Preparing for and experiencing an FDA investigation [RIS]
Deb Murray, Adam Schelkopf, Doug Groth & Mark Schwartz

Optimal Feeding Strategy and Monitoring Methods for Gestating Sows

Evaluating body condition & reproductive performance [RIS]
Mark Knauer

Feeding sows for maximum lifetime production [RIS]
Matt Culbertson

PED Epidemiology

PED incidence, time to stability& production impact [RIS]
Dane Goede

PED shedding and contamination potential from infected boars [RIS]
Darwin Reicks

Results of AASV/USDA Rapid Response Team Investigations of swine enteric coronavirus positive herds [RIS]
Brian McCluskey

New Research on Influenza

Vaccination strategies and risk factors associated with influenza in piglets at weaning [RIS]
Matt Allerson

Co-circulation of influenza A viruses in swine populations [RIS]
Andres Diaz

Dynamics of influenza aerosols in acutely infected pigs [RIS]
Montse Torremorell

What Do ConsumersLook for When They Buy Pork

Agritourism- A great opportunity to share a positive farming message with the public [RIS]
Brian Martin and Jon Hoek

Can We Manage the Gut Biome?

Modulating the animal gut microbiome with direct-fed microbials: Friend or foe? [RIS]
Tim Johnson

Host-Microbe Interactions: Effects on nutrition and physiology [RIS]
Tom Burkey

Sow Research-Outstanding Student Presentations from 2014 Midwest Animal Science Meeting

Stimulation of estrus and ovulation in lactating sows [RIS]
Hyatt Frobose

The effects of an altered suckling method on piglet performance during late lactation and the nursery period [RIS]
Hyatt Frobose

Effect of nursing intensity on sow performance and nursing behavior during a subsequent lactation [RIS]
Jiyao Guo

Phase feeding of sows during gestation and lactation [RIS]
Devi Pangeni

PED Cases

PED: New sow farm breaks and impact on nursery finish [RIS]
Mike Eisenmenger

PED: Gilt acclimation and the epidemiology of rebreaks [RIS]
Ian Levis

PEDv production mortality by strain and protocols for TTN [RIS]
Joe Connor

Impact of the Immune Response in Swine Pathogen Interactions

The clinician's perspective [RIS]
Joel Nerem

Impact of the immune response in swine pathogen interaction: In this case TGE and SIV [RIS]
Regg Neiger

Impact of the immune response in swine pathogen interaction: What is in the Literature [RIS]
Angela Pillatzki

Infectious disease, inflammation and the cytokine storm [RIS]
Chris Chase

Antimicrobial Resistance and Public Health

Antimicrobials and the environment [RIS]
Randy Singer

MRSA in the swine industry - recent developments [RIS]
Peter Davies

Prevalence and molecular epidemiology of Clostridium difficile in food and companion animals, retail meats, and humans in Minnesota [RIS]
Tim Snider

Feeding Requirements in Pigs with Disease

Functional nutrients and immune modulation [RIS]
Richard Faris

Does immune activation alter growth potential and nutrient digestibility? [RIS]
Jeffrey Escobar

Growing Pig Research-Outstanding Student Presentations from 2014 Midwest Animal Science Meeting

Validation of ME prediction equations and the impact of feeding dietscontaining corn distillers dried grain with solubles (DDGS) with variable oilcontent on growth performance of growing-finishing pigs [RIS]
Fangzhou Wu:

Identifying characteristics of slow-growing pigs from birth to 9 weeks of age and growth performance responses to feeder space post-weaning [RIS]
Yijie He

Effects of dietary byproduct feeding withdrawal prior to market on finishing pig growth performance, carcass characteristics, carcass fat quality,intestinal weights, and economics [RIS]
Kyle Coble

Feeding strategies for dried distillers grain with solubles with immunologically castrated pigs-considerations for producers and packers [RIS]
Erin Harris

Keynotes: Be Prepared

African swine fever getting closer [RIS]
Dan Rock

Hanson Lecture: What else is on our radar screen? [RIS]
Mark Engle

Working on preparedness [RIS]
Paul Sundberg

Developing response plans for emerging diseases [RIS]
Liz Wagstrom

M. hyopneumoniae

Evaluating the dynamics of M. hyopneumoniae in gilt acclimation:The start of the infection chain [RIS]
Eduardo Fano

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae acclimation: Overcoming challenges in the field [RIS]
Laura Dalquist

M. hyopneumoniae [RIS]
Bill Hollis

Biosecurity Strategies for Aerosols

Effect of the electrostatic particle ionization (EPI) technology on decreasing PRRS, PED and influenza viruses in aerosols [RIS]
Carmen Alonso

Standards for filter testing and testing used filters for PRRS Virus [RIS]
Montse Torremorell

Effect of air filtration on PED Virus prevention [RIS]
Scott Dee

Filtration: 10 years and 100 farms later...what have we learned? [RIS]
Darwin Reicks

Animal Welfare

A review of approaches to pain management in piglets [RIS]
Annette O'Connor

Pig transport environment during extreme outdoor temperatures [RIS]
Angela Green

Establishing a common industry audit [RIS]
Sherrie Webb

Hot Topics

Plastic toxicity: Implication for reproductive performance [RIS]
Juan Luis Ubeda

An epidemiological investigation of porcine-origin feed ingredients and the occurrence of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus on Midwestern United States pork farms [RIS]
Eric Neumann

Impact of PED in growing pigs [RIS]
Julio Alvarez

Doesprevious infection with Indel cross protect against prototype? [RIS]
Dane Goede

Reducing the Impact of Seasonal Loss of Productivity

Overview of the issue [RIS]
Lance Baumgard

Understanding the biology of seasonal infertility [RIS]
Jason Ross

Impact of in utero heat stress on subsequent growth, composition and reproduction [RIS]
Tim Safranski

Recent Research Reports

PED virus

Frequency of detection of PEDv on personnel working in a positive sow farm and lackof evidence for transmission to a negative sow farm [RIS]
Paul Yeske, Tim Loula, Steve Tousignant; Rob Brenneman, Seth Lee, Lori Thomas, Jeremey Robertson; Jeff Okones; Jim Branstad

Assessment of the relationship between florvio and diarrhea prevalence in weaned pigs . [RIS]
E Renner, M Nix, J Ellingson, and P Thomas

PED news: building the foundations for a global syndromic surveillance of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) and porcine deltacoronavirus (PDCOV) [RIS]
A F A Pires, D. Polson, R. Main, E. Mondaca-Fernandez, E. Johnson, D. Holtkamp, K. Mueller, Z. Whedbee, A. Perez, B. Martínez-López

Monitoring the presence and potential introduction of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) in swine herds in Brazil [RIS]
F A Vannucci, KCP Reis, MR Henriques, LEM Bouillet, WV Guimaraes, D L Santos, L F Santos, J L Santos

Antibody response of pigs vaccinated with inactivated porcine epidemic diarrhea vaccines formulated with different adjuvants [RIS]
VJ Rapp-Gabrielson, T Ricker, TK Hildebrand, LC Taylor, RM Verhelle, A Pfeiffer, CR Locke, DW Coleman, MJ Huether, PJ Dominowski, DL Foss, D. Mwangi, JM Hardham

Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus: immunity following feedback [RIS]
CMT Dvorak, S Stone, A Rovira, I Levis, S Brown, M Turner, S Hough, T Snider, and MP Murtaugh

The influence of farm size and between-farm distance on the spread of porcine epidemic diarrhea during the 2014 epidemic in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan [RIS]
Y. Sasaki, R. Ushijima, S. Sekiguchi and M. Sueyoshi

Analysis of spray dried porcine plasma (sdpp) produced in brazil and western canada confirm negative porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) status of pigs in these regions [RIS]
JD Crenshaw, JM Campbell, and J Polo

Weaned pigs fed a diet with commercial PEDV PCR positive spray-dried porcine plasma did not develop porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) [RIS]
JM Campbell, JD Crenshaw, J Polo, R Saltzman, and L Kesl

Serological profile of PCV-2 Viremia and IgG levels in an unvaccinated herd [RIS]
H.Gauvreau, Lee Whittington

The impact of a PRRS-PED virus co-infection on grower pig performance [RIS]
Wes Schweer, Kyoung-Jin Yoon, Kent Schwartz and Nicholas K. Gabler

Evaluation of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus production impact [RIS]
D Goede, RB Morrison

Survival of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in environmental samples [RIS]
H. Verma, J. Erber, D. P. Goede, R. B. Morrison and S. M. Goyal

Recent Research Reports


Farmers’ perceptions of animal welfare in piggery farms in Nigeria [RIS]
Abiola J.O.

Enhanced passive surveillance [RIS]
J Korslund, T Beckham, L Holmstrom, K Biggers

Effects of production practices and environmental factors on air contaminants in swine facilities [RIS]
DS Murphy, PC Raynor, S Engelman, G Ramachandran, JB Bender, BH Alexander

How to quantify benefit of health interventions following disease outbreak [RIS]
DCL Linhares, RB Morrison

Comparative study of three formulations based on Toltrazuril [RIS]
A Panzardi, A Silva, R Nunes, L Catelli, DMS Casso, E Meurer, MLG Rezende

Local anesthetic delivery prior to castration in piglets: Feasibility in commercial production [RIS]
EE Fierheller, ME Benjamin, C Tse, J Law, EA Pajor

Use of analysis of means (ANOM) for statistical evaluation of production data [RIS]
J Kolb and A Oropeza

Novel approach for monitoring respiratory diseases in fattening pigs [RIS]
Marika Genzow, C.O. Duran, K. Strutzberg-Minder, Gudrun Finger and M. Hemeryck

Recent Research Reports

Feed Nutrition

Effects of all-natural fermentation products or an antibiotic on weaned pig health andperformance during heat stress [RIS]
BE Bass, M Bandrick, JW Frank, T Looft, HK Allen, T Casey, TB Stanton

Effects of fat-soluble vitamin administration on plasma vitamin concentrations in suckling pigs [RIS]
YD Jang, MD Lindemann, RL Stuart

Identifying factors associated with slow growth of pigs from birth to market [RIS]
Y. He, J. Deen, G. C. Shurson, C. Chen, Y. Z. Li

Recent Research Reports


Effect of dam and sire’s estimated breeding value (EBV) on total born per litter [RIS]
DCL Linhares, JD Nascimento

Effect of physical versus fence-line boar exposure on synchronization of estrus following administration of matrix to mature gilts [RIS]
J Stewart, S Storms, R Knox

Use of pLH for fixed-time insemination in weaned sows [RIS]
C. M. Vier; R.R. Ulguim; J.L. Moroni; L. Pommerehn; F.B. Betiolo; M.L. Bernardi; I. Wentz; F.P. Bortolozzo

Fertility effects of supplemental melatonin administration to prepubertal gilts prior to and following induction of estrus using PG600 when housed in a hot environment under long-photoperiod [RIS]
S. Storms, and R. Knox

Lifetime reproductive performance and survival of English Berkshire female pigs raised in commercial herds in subtropical Japan [RIS]
S Usui, Y Koketsu

Lower farrowing rate of female pigs associated with interactions between pre- or post-service climatic factors and production factors in humid subtropical or continental climate zones [RIS]
R Iida, Y Koketsu

Recent Research Reports

Viral Diseases

Cultivation and molecular characterization of U.S. strains of Porcine sapelovirus [RIS]
N. Luong, M. Trudeau, H. Verma, S. K. Mor, J. Erber and S. M. Goyal

Recent Research Reports


Impact on reproductive performance of a sow herd vaccinated with Ingelvac Circoflex(R) [RIS]
M Misener, G Cunningham, E Sanford

Impact of testing samples in triplicate when analyzing for PCV2 using QPCR [RIS]
Kent Doolittle, Fred Sylvia, Wayne Chittick MS, Jack Gallup PhD, Brian Payne DVM

Evaluation of age dependent vaccination on piglet antibody response to Fostera™ PCV [RIS]
Andrew Kryzer, BS; John Deen, DVM, PhD; Andrea Pitkin, DVM, MS; Clark Huinker, DVM, MS; Darrell Neuberger, DVM

Recent Research Reports

PRRS virus

Towards the near real-time risk assessment, surveillance and modeling of swine diseases: The example of PRRS and PED within the disease bioportal [RIS]
A F A Pires, D. Polson, R. Main, E. Mondaca-Fernandez, E. Johnson, D. Holtkamp, K. Mueller, Z. Whedbee, A. Perez, B. Martínez-López

Frequency of abortions per week as indicator of PRRSV infection [RIS]
DCL Linhares, RB Morrison

Frequency of PRRSV detection by PCR in the last positive test before herd was considered stable [RIS]
DCL Linhares, RB Morrison

PRRS case study: Is it the resident virus or is it a new introduction? [RIS]
N. Garbes, C. Pollard and E. Johnson

Case study of a gilt development acclimatization protocol in a PRRS control program and impact on breeding herd stability in a U.S. production system [RIS]
E Diaz, A Oropeza, J Kolb, R Philips, M White

A summary of three large scale systems-based PRRS control projects [RIS]
R Philips, J Kolb, A Oropeza, M White

Estimating the impact of live virus inoculation for PRRS control in a production system [RIS]
A Oropeza, J Kolb, M White, R Philips

Decision model development for application of PRRS mitigation strategies post-weaning [RIS]
E. Johnson and J. Lowe

Impact of Fostera(R) PRRS vaccination on contemporary PRRSV challenge [RIS]
B. O’Brien, R. Fleck, P. Gauger, D. Magstadt

Impact of PRRS virus aerosols on air filtration efficiency as a function of particle size [RIS]
C Alonso, M Torremorell, B. A. Olson

Investigation of the spread of PRRS virus between swine herds participating in an ARC&E project in Ontario using molecular and network data [RIS]
AG Arruda, R Friendship, J Carpenter, K Hand, D Ojkic, Z Poljak

Recent Research Reports

Bacterial Diseases

Bacillus licheniformis and/or subtilis evaluation on nursery pig growth performance [RIS]
D Nolan, R Cabrara, J Salyer

ERIC-PCR genotyping of Brachyspira hyodysenteriae isolates from swine herds in Brazil [RIS]
K C P Reis, F A Vannucci, M R Henriques, L E M Bouillet, W V Guimaraes, D L Santos, L F Santos, J L Santos

Evaluation of autogenous inactivated vaccines to control swine dysentery – a pilot study [RIS]
F A Vannucci, R Souza, M R Henriques, K C P Reis, L E M Bouillet, W Guimaraes, D L Santos, L F Santos, J L Santos

Detection of Lawsonia intracellularis antibodies in oral fluid samples from experimentally challenged swine [RIS]
MP Gabardo; TP Resende, LVA Otoni, LA Rezende, RMC Guedes

Clinical studies evaluating the efficacy of Pulmotil(R) AC (Aqueous Concentrate) for the control of naturally occurring swine respiratory disease [RIS]
Greg Armbruster, DVM, MBA

Quantitative assessment of prevalence and severity to understand impact of therapy to control Mycoplasma hyosynoviae instigated lesions in an endemic herd [RIS]
S Probst Miller; A Ramirez

Two week onset of immunity evaluation of Salmonella Choleraesuis–Typhimurium attenuated live culture vaccine in two-week-old pigs [RIS]
R Smiley, TJ Kaiser, DM Jordan, G Cline, K Saddoris-Clemons, B Fergen, J Husa

Salmonella choleraesuis–typhimurium attenuated live culture vaccine efficacy evaluation in two-week-old pigs with S. choleraesuis [RIS]
TJ Kaiser, KT Claxton, DM Jordan, G Cline, K Saddoris-Clemons, WL Bryson

Efficacy of a Salmonella typhimurium and Salmonella choleraesuis combination vaccine against S. typhimurium challenge in growing pigs [RIS]
G Cline, TJ Kaiser, KT Claxton, DM Jordan, WL Bryson

Lack of fecal shedding of Enterisol(R) Ileitis following vaccination in 8 week old pigs [RIS]
T Fangman, G Hartsook, K Schnarre, K Saddoris-Clemons, G Cline

Assessment of the Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infection dynamics in the gilt development process and sow herd by serologic profiling [RIS]
J Calveyra, G Schagemann, E Fano

Comparative study of different E. coli-Clostridium vaccines by measuring antibody levels of E. coli virulence factors [RIS]
J. S. Martinez, V. Sevilla, P. Fuentes, M. Martínez, R. Santamaria, M. Jimenez, R. Menjón

Comparative genomic analysis of seven M. hyosynoviae strains [RIS]
Keith Wilson, Eric A Bumgardner, Russell F Bey, Douglas L. Stine, Paulraj K Lawrence

Detection of Tylvalosin (Aivlosin(R)) in synovial fluid from nursery pigs [RIS]
J Bates, P Canning, K Hammen, L Karriker, R Kaptur, D Rosener, J Coetzee

Molecular characterization of emerging “Brachyspira hampsonii [RIS]
NS Mirajkar, AZ Bekele, Y Chander, CJ Gebhart

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2013)

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Volume 40

Section I: Keynote and Speakers

Porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus: a comprehensive review of molecular epidemiology, diagnosis, and vaccines [RIS]
Daesub Song; Bongkyun Park

Pijoan Lecture: Optimizing throughput and efficiency in production systems [RIS]
Noel Williams

Hanson Lecture: Livestock associated MRSA: Tiger or Pussycat? [RIS]
Peter Davies

Section II: Disease Cases

Increase the value of your diagnostics and your value as a diagnostician [RIS]
Marie Culhane

Haemophilus parasuis: Infection, immunity and antibiotics [RIS]
Nubia Macedo; Albert Rovira; Montserrat Torremorell

Association of Brachyspira antibiograms with species and source [RIS]
N. Mirajkar; C. Gebhart

Antibiotics and their role in Brachyspira elimination programs [RIS]
Aaron J. Lower

Methodology to investigating CNS disease in pigs post-weaning [RIS]
Amber Stricker

CNS disease diagnostics [RIS]
Darin Madson

Blood-brain barrier basics: A selective passageway for bacterial pathogens and antimicrobial drugs [RIS]
David R. Brown

Diagnostic considerations [RIS]
James A. Kober

Mycoplasma infection costs in a naïve swine population [RIS]
Tom Gillespie

Valuing an increase in litter size [RIS]
John Kolb

Section III: Disease Research

What have we learned using load close expose to produce PRRSv-negative pigs from positive breeding herds? [RIS]
Daniel Linhares; Montserrat Torremorell; Robert Morrison

PRRS control and eradication options for breed to wean farms [RIS]
Clayton Johnson; Jean-Paul Cano

Coordinated herd closures for PRRSv control and elimination [RIS]
Joel Nerem

An interesting case – deeper knowledge helps avoid jumping to conclusions [RIS]
Spencer Wayne; Paul Yeske

Why we cannot just use 2% [RIS]
Michael P. Murtaugh

A decision tree to guide to answering the question, is this a new virus or not to the farm? [RIS]
Paul Yeske

Comparison of various sample types for detection of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in recently infected pigs [RIS]
Maria Pieters; Albert Rovira

Molecular characterization of Mycoplasma hyorhinis field isolates [RIS]
MJ Clavijo; A Rovira

Mycoplasma hyosynoviae A Case Study: Quantitative assessment of incidence and severity across time alongside a diagnostic monitoring plan and intervention [RIS]
Sarah Probst-Miller; Alejandro Ramirez

Influenza virus prevalence and risk factors in weaning-age pigs [RIS]
M. Allerson; M. Torremorell

Dynamics of influenza in a wean-finish population [RIS]
Andres Diaz; Montserrat Torremorell

Getting a closer look at USDA swine influenza A surveillance: What can we learn from the genetic data that can help us on the farm? [RIS]
Tavis K. Anderson; Pravina Kitikoon; Amy L. Vincent

Section IV: Production

Managing risk with employee safety and animal welfare [RIS]
Kevin Wulf

Injury prevention in swine production [RIS]
Luis Torres

The Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center: Worker health and safety in animal agriculture [RIS]
Bruce H. Alexander; Jeffery B. Bender

Processing of high fiber feedstuffs for swine [RIS]
Jon De Jong; Joel DeRouchey; Mike Tokach; Steve Dritz; Bob Goodband

The effect of regrinding major feed ingredients to improve pellet quality and pig performance [RIS]
M. T. Knauer; W. Pacheco-Dominguez; A. C. Fahrenholz; E. van Heugten; C. E. Phillips; C. R. Stark

Effects of reducing the particle size of corn on the digestibility of energy and nutrients and growth performance and carcass characteristics of growing - finishing pigs [RIS]
O. J. Rojas; H. H. Stein

The impact of PRRSV on feed efficiency, digestibility and tissue accretion in grow-finisher pigs [RIS]
Nicholas K. Gabler; Wes Schweer; John F. Patience; Locke Karriker; Chris Sparks; Gene Gourley; Mark FitzSimmons; Kent Schwartz; Thomas E. Burkey

Feeding options to fit pig health [RIS]
Don Giesting

Nutrition and health interactions: A practitioner’s perspective [RIS]
Mark FitzSimmons

What we are seeing at the diagnostic lab [RIS]
Darin Madson

Clinical diagnosis of skeletal integrity in swine [RIS]
T. D. Crenshaw; J. L. Reichert; J. R. Booth; D. K. Schneider; L. A. Rortvedt-Amundson

Nutritional requirement for calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D in pigs [RIS]
Pedro E. Urriola; Gerald C. Shurson

Section V: Production / Public Interface

Rise up: 2013 [RIS]
Paul McKellips

The growing diversity of H3N2 influenza A virus in swine and the impact on control in swine and at the human animal interface [RIS]
Amy L. Vincent; Pravina Kitikoon; Tavis K. Anderson; Crystal L. Loving

Pork industry update on flu and fairs 2012 and 2013 follow-up [RIS]
Jennifer Koeman

Management and challenges of dealing with swine influenza [RIS]
Joseph F. Connor; Dyneah M. Classen; Aaron Lower

Swine influenza: The human animal interface at Minnesota fairs and live animal markets [RIS]
Joni Scheftel

Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to improve your own communication skills [RIS]
Lisa Tokach

Recent Research Reports


A major gene for host response to PRRSV infection [RIS]
NJ Boddicker, JK Lunney, RRR Rowland, JM Reecy, N Serao, JCM Dekkers

Evaluation of Fostera™ PRRS vaccine shedding in growing pigs following vaccination [RIS]
J Zhang, PC Gauger, MK Berkland, Q Chen, DM Haney, JT Thomas

Factors associated with n-specific IgG response in piglets experimentally infected with porcinere productive and respiratory syndrome virus [RIS]
AS Hess, BR Trible, Y Wang, NJ Boddicker, RRR Rowland, JK Lunney, JCM Dekkers

Fostera™ PRRSV exposure in gestating swine and congenital infection [RIS]
PC Gauger, J Zhang, MK Berkland, PA Arruda, DM Madson

Gwas for reproduction traits and antibody response in PRRS infected sows [RIS]
NVL Serão, O Matika, RA Kemp, J Harding, SC Bishop, GS Plastow, JCM Dekkers

Pigs selected for increased feed efficiency are less affected by experimental infection with the PRRS virus [RIS]
JR Dunkelberger, NJ Boddicker, JM Young, RRR Rowland, JCM Dekkers

Broadly neutralizing antibodies to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus [RIS]
BR Trible, LN Popescu, J Dekkers, J Lunney, RRR Rowland

Characterization of age-related susceptibility of macrophages to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus [RIS]
A Hoybook, D Ngo, S Robinson, MP Murtaugh

Influence of pig age on the neutralizing antibody response to PRRSV [RIS]
SR Robinson, MP Murtaugh

The effect of Ingelvac PRRS® ATP vaccination of growing pigs on severity of respiratory disease caused by co-infection of PRRSV and SIV [RIS]
B Leuwerke

Evaluation of airborne shedding of Fostera PRRS MLV vaccine from growing pigs raised under commercial conditions [RIS]
Paul Yeske

No indication of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) infection in Brazilian swine herds [RIS]
JR Ciacci-Zanella, D Gava, R Schaefer, CS Klein, VS Silva, L Caron

Evaluation of late-gestation gilts following accidental exposure to Fostera™ PRRS vaccine virus [RIS]
A Schelkopf, S Dee, J Nerem, R Swalla, B Cowles

Modified live PRRSV vaccination is efficacious following challenge with eight genetically diverse PRRSV isolates [RIS]
A Patterson, J Victoria, D Jordan, E Vaughn, M Roof, R Philips

PRRSV field exposure and mortality relationship analysis in non-vaccinated and vaccinated finisher pig barns [RIS]
Jose Angulo, Reid Philips, Kari Saddoris-Clemons, Perry Harms

Reduction of wild-type PRRS virus shedding in aerosol of growing pigs by modified-live virus vaccination at weaning [RIS]
Thomas Wetzell, Jean Paul Cano, Justin Rustvold

Transport truck surveillance for PRRS virus in summer and winter months [RIS]
R Philips, TJ Fangman, MT Fangman, KL Saddoris-Clemons

PRRS PCR and PRRS ELISA Responses in Feeder Pigs After Vaccination with Fostera™PRRS [RIS]
A.J. Frischmeyer D.V.M., J.D. Loomis D.V.M., D.D. King D.V.M.

Presence of porcine circovirus type 2 antibodies and virus in finishing pigs after widespread use of PCV2 vaccination [RIS]
CMT Dvorak, N Sharma, Y Yan, L Tan, MP Murtaugh

Interpretation of PCV2 ELISA results, a new approach [RIS]
Eric van Esch

Field comparison of two commercial vaccines for controlling mutant porcine circovirus type 2 viremia [RIS]
Brad Thacker, Matt Harris, James Lehman, Amy Woods

Longitudinal evaluation of porcine circovirus type 2 antibody levels in field study pigs using three assays [RIS]
Brad Thacker, John Johnson

Comparative study evaluating the impact of two different PCV2 vaccines on average daily gain (ADG) and body temperature post-vaccination [RIS]
I Hernández-Caravaca, A Torres, A Ballesta, L Vieira, V Rodriguez-Vega, S Figueras Gourgues

Monitoring of PCV2 maternal derived antibodies levels in 3 weeks old piglets in 6 spanish commercial farms [RIS]
S Figueras Gourgues, I Hernández-Caravaca, V Rodriguez-Vega

Positive impact of PCV2 vaccination of gilts and sows on reproductive performance demonstrated in a side-by-side field observation [RIS]
E Kostuchenko, S Kukushkin, T Bondarenko, O Duran, P Maass

Comparing placenta and presuckle piglet PCV2 status between two breeding sites [RIS]
D Baumert, T Fangman, J Rustvold

Diagnostic investigation to determine herd stability of a sow herd with downstream PCVAD in nursery pigs [RIS]
T Fangman, D Baumert, J Rustvold

PCV2 vaccine protocols reduce PCV2 Viremia in low PCV2 challenges [RIS]
Keith Bretey, Amanda Sponheim, Kari Saddoris-Clemons, Brian Payne

Relative reduction in PCV2 Viremia in viremic replacement females, comparing two vaccine protocols. A pilot study [RIS]
Jason Hocker, Keith Bretey, Brian Payne

Utilization of taqman real-time pcr to increase sensitivity in PCV2 sampling [RIS]
Wayne Chittick, Brian Payne

Control of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus through intestinal feedback and parity segregation system: field cases in Thailand [RIS]
D Nilubol

Detection and typing of influenza A virus in pig farms in Chile during 2012 [RIS]
B Parra, F Gonzalez, D Fuentes, JA Tobar

Detection of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in air samples at varying distances to epidemic farms in Oklahoma [RIS]
D Goede, R Robbins, L Dufresne, M Engle, RB Morrison

Development and validation of ELISA testing for serological monitoring and surveillance of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus [RIS]
B Wier, CMT Dvorak, MP Murtaugh

Dynamics of influenza A virus in aerosols from swine farms [RIS]
V Neira-Ramirez, M Torremorell, P Rabinowitz, B Paccha, S Gibbs

Evaluating sampling strategies to diagnose influenza virus in pre-weaned pigs [RIS]
C Hill, M Allerson, M Torremorell

Identification, genetic diversity, and classification of porcine Rotavirus C [RIS]
Douglas Marthaler, Kurt Rossow, Marie Culhane, James Collins, Sagar Goyal, Max Ciarlet, Jelle Matthijnssens

In vitro propagation of U.S. Strains of porcine Kobuvirus [RIS]
Harsha Verma, Sunil K Mor, Jonhathan Erber, Sagar M Goyal

Modeling influenza dynamics in swine herds [RIS]
Reynolds JJH, Torremorell M, Allerson M and Craft ME

Cross-protection of FLUSURE® XP in pigs challenged with a gamma cluster H1N1/pH1N1 reassortant swine influenza virus [RIS]
VJ Rapp-Gabrielson, MC Lenz, M Kuhn, LP Taylor, MR Culhane, L Kesl, R Saltzman

Combined and separated PCV2 and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae one shot vaccination under field conditions [RIS]
JM Quezada, C Gutiérrez, F González, A Ruiz

Needle and needle free injection with a mix of PCV2 and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae one shot vaccines under field conditions [RIS]
F González, C Gutiérrez, JM Quezada, A Ruiz

Comparative evaluation of one and two dose PCV/Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccination protocols in swine challenged with PCV and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae [RIS]
B Cowles, LL Greiner, D Neuberger, GP Nitzel, V Rapp-Gabrielson, M Smutzer, DM Amodie

Efficacy and safety of a one dose one bottle porcine Circovirus/Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae combination vaccine [RIS]
DS Fredrickson, JW Bubolz, VJ Rapp-Gabrielson, PL Runnels, GP Nitzel, LP Taylor, JC Johnson, SA Zager

Efficacy and safety of a two dose one bottle porcine Circovirus/Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae combination vaccine [RIS]
JW Bubolz, DS Fredrickson, VJ Rapp-Gabrielson, PL Runnels, GP Nitzel, LP Taylor, JC Johnson, SA Zager

Antibiotic resistance of K88+Escherichia coli strains isolated in 1997 and 2012 from diarrhea in post-weaned pigs in Brazil [RIS]
KL Takeuti, JPH Sato, MCS Almeida, PKV Koerich

Pre-inoculation fecal microbiota of pigs with different clinical outcomes following challenge with Brachyspira hampsonii clade II (Strain 30446) [RIS]
Costa MO, Chaban B, Harding JCS, Hill JE

The evaluation of molecular epidemiological relatedness within ST5 Staphylococcus aureus isolated from swine veterinarians in the USA [RIS]
J Sun, L Linhares, M Yang, S Sreevatsan, P Davies

A serial study to determine piglet vaccination age based on maternal antibody decay, time of infection and potential aerosolization of Mycoplasma hyorhinis [RIS]
E Spronk, D Murray, A Sponheim, M Clavijo, A Rovira

A novel Mycoplamsa hyopneumoniae ELISA, specially designed for high specificity [RIS]
Eric van Esch

Efficacy of Draxxin® 25 injectable solution (Tulathromycin 25 mg/ml) for treatment and control of swine respiratory disease [RIS]
RG Nutsch, MJ Lucas, W Collard, SP Lesman, JF Boucher, JKS Tena, M Senn

Draxxin at weaning for control of swine respiratory disease in a natural infection [RIS]
R Fleck, K Lechtenberg, T Schieber, J Seagren, D Amodie

Comparison of two sample types for detection of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in naturally infected pigs [RIS]
Prado C, Ertl J, Payne B, Wetzell, T, Bretey K, Pieters M

Investigating risk factors for Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae piglet colonization during the lactation period [RIS]
Pieters M, Payne B, Rendahl A

Rationale for the use of tilmicosin for the control of bacterial pneumonia complicated by coinfection with Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae [RIS]
Reinbold JB, Weber TE, Keffaber KK, Marsteller TA

Single fixed-time insemination in gilts using pLH at estrus onset [RIS]
RR Ulguim, DL Fontana, JZ Rampi, ML Bernardi, I Wentz, FP Bortolozzo

The impact of pig health on public health: Quantitative data for risk assessments [RIS]
A DeClercq, HS Hurd, A Ramirez, T Frana

Understanding genome-enabled selection [RIS]
CE Abell, JCM Dekkers, KJ Stalder

Effects of feeding dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) to immunologically castrated pigs [RIS]
EK Harris, AM Hilbrands, LJ Johnston, C Calhoun, GC Shurson

Intestinal barrier dysfunction during constant and cyclical heat stress in pigs [RIS]
M Bandrick, BE Bass, JW Frank, T Looft, HK Allen, T Casey, TB Stanton

Effect of SKYCIS, diet nutrient density and feeder type on grow-finish pig performance [RIS]
MC Brumm, S Spindler, R Arentson

Effects of feeding Ractopamine to physically and immunologically castrated pigs on growth performance and carcass characteristics [RIS]
BK Lowe, GD Gerlemann, AL Schroeder, SN Carr, PJ Rincker, DB Petry, FK McKeith, AC Dilger, GL Allee

Aggregate economic impacts of immunological castration adoption in the U.S. [RIS]
Glynn Tonsor, Brian Buhr, Kelly Zering, Terrance Hurley, Dennis DiPietre

Behavior and well-being of immunologically castrated pigs [RIS]
Kimberly Guay, Brittany L Backus, John J McGlone

Immunological castration significantly improves feed efficiency before and after immunization [RIS]
Martha A Mellencamp, Bobby Cowles, Paulo JU de Moraes, Mark Bertram

Life-cycle environmental benefits derived from immunological castration of pigs as compared to physical castration: from a global perspective to a United States specific model [RIS]
Garth Boyd, Greg Thoma, Marty Matlock, Gian Luca Baldo

Optimal finish weights and gross margins for immunologically castrated barrows [RIS]
Brian Buhr, Kelly Zering, Terrance Hurley, Glynn Tonsor, Dennis DiPietre

Optimizing long-term feeding and building decisions on farms using immunological castration [RIS]
Terrance Hurley, Brian Buhr, Kelly Zering, Glynn Tonsor, Dennis DiPietre

Effects of castration on preweaning mortality [RIS]
B Cowles, MA Mellencamp, MK Senn

The impact of immunological castration on wean to finish body weight variation [RIS]
L Greiner, R Barrett, J Connor

Flocked swab literature review and current use in the swine industry [RIS]
Fred Sylvia, Wayne Chittick

Influence of a phytogenic feed additive on the performance of sows [RIS]
T Weiland, A Heinze, T Steiner

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2012)

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Volume 39

Front Matter

Sponsors [RIS]

Table of Contents [RIS]
College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota; Veterinary Continuing Education

Award Recipients and Honored Lectures [RIS]
Leman, Kernkamp, Hanson, Pijoan

Carlos Pijoan Graduate Student Fellowship in Swine Medicine [RIS]
U of MN College of Veterinary Medicine

Recent Research Reports Table of Contents [RIS]

Section I: Keynote and Speakers

We are predictably irrational [RIS]
Terrance M. Hurley

Science in Practice Award Winner: What would Dr. Leman do … for PRRS? [RIS]
Julie Ménard

Pijoan Lecture: The metabolic basis of feed-energy efficiency in swine [RIS]
N. A. Gutierrez; J. F. Patience

Section II: Disease Diagnostics

Reduction of Influenza A virus H1N2 shedding after mass vaccination of breeding females in a three site production herd [RIS]
Martin Mohr; Cesar A. Corzo; Marie Gramer; Robert Morrison; Michael Kuhn

Review of influenza pathogenesis and pathologic findings from experimental studies of influenza vaccination [RIS]
Susan Detmer; Marie Gramer

Using antigenic cartography to quantify antigenic evolution in swine influenza A viruses and for vaccine strain selection [RIS]
Nicola S. Lewis; Pravina Kitikoon; Amy L. Vincent; Marie R. Gramer

PRRSv positive results that don’t make sense [RIS]
Bob Thompson

Managing laboratory errors throughout the total testing process [RIS]
Rebecca Davies

Investigative approach to Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Seroconversion [RIS]
Bob Blomme

Use and interpretation of sequencing in PRRSV control programs [RIS]
Michael P. Murtaugh

Cases for PRRS sequence interpretation [RIS]

Not all diarrhea cases require antibiotics [RIS]
Marlin Hoogland

Swine microbiota: What’s changing [RIS]
Heather K. Allen

Deciphering diarrhea: What’s important [RIS]
Darin Madson

Section III: Disease Research

Mycoplasma hyosynoviae, Mycoplasma hyorhinis and Mycoplasma suis overview: Disease basics, clinical presentations, diagnostics, treatments and prevention/control strategies [RIS]
Tony Scheiber; Brad Thacker

Indirect transmission of influenza A virus in two different biosecurity settings [RIS]
M. Allerson; C. Cardona; M. Torremorell

Dynamics of flu infection in sow farms [RIS]
Andres Diaz; Montserrat Torremorell

Effect of vaccination on flu bioaerosol spread [RIS]
Montse Torremorell; Victor Neira; Cesar Corzo; Matt Allerson; Marie Gramer

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae: Gilts, are they the problem? [RIS]
James F. Lowe

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae prevalence at weaning: What do we know (and do not know) about it? [RIS]
Maria Pieters

Dynamics of infection of Mycoplasma hyorhinis in two commercial swine herds [RIS]
M.J. Clavijo; L. Bruner; S. Olson; E.L. Rosey; D. Pearce; A. Rovira

PRRS incidence/prevalence pilot study [RIS]
Steve Tousignant; Bob Morrison

How long does it take for a breeding herd to produce PRRSv-negative piglets? [RIS]
Daniel Linhares; Montserrat Torremorell; Robert Morrison

Getting ready for PRRS season [RIS]
Paul Yeske

Section IV: Production

Lactation in motion: The sow-litter barn dance [RIS]
Walter Hurley

Using word pictures to reduce pre-weaning mortality [RIS]
Larry Coleman

Using word pictures to reduce pre-weaning mortality [RIS]
Steve Horton

Sow lifetime productivity: Importance of monitoring in commercial pork production [RIS]
D. Steven Pollmann

Possible physiological benchmarks for sow longevity prior to puberty [RIS]
W.L. Flowers

Identification of measures predictive of age at first puberty [RIS]
Kody L. Graves; Bethany Mordhorst; Nicole Oldfather; Elane C. Wright; Benjamin Hale; Rebecca L. Boddicker; Aileen F. Keating; Jason W. Ross

Effects of preweaning factors on sow lifetime productivity [RIS]
Joseph Cassady

Putting it all together [RIS]
Laura Greiner

Feed manufacturing to lower feed cost [RIS]
Charles Stark

Managing feed efficiency in a production system [RIS]
Brent Frederick

Achieving feed efficiency targets with diverse ingredients [RIS]
Denise Beaulieu

Section V: Production / Public Interface

Multiple challenges - legislative, legal, regulatory and marketplace - to antibiotic use [RIS]
Liz Wagstrom

Antibiotic use and future records necessary to keep the government and our customers happy [RIS]
Matt Anderson

Livestock associated MRSA: What are the risks to human health? [RIS]
Peter Davies

Growth and development implications of marketing pigs at heavier weights [RIS]
J. F. Patience; A. J. Elsbernd

Impact of heavy market weights on facility and equipment needs [RIS]
Dr. Michael Brumm

Market pig transport [RIS]
John McGlone; Anna Johnson; Avi Sapkota; Rebecca Kephart

Secure egg supply: Another industry’s example [RIS]
Craig Rowles

Secure Pork Supply: Planning for business continuity in an FAD outbreak [RIS]
Pam Zaabel

Recent Research Reports: PRRS virus

Coordinated program on PRRSV in the Netherlands update August 2012 [RIS]
T. Duinhof; B. van Dam

Large system approach to PRRS control, a success story [RIS]
John Kolb; Arturo Oropeza-Munoz

A methodical approach to PRRS management, a success story of production improvements [RIS]
Arturo Oropeza-Munoz; John Kolb

Control and stabilization of a highly virulent PRRS field strain from a 2,400 head sow herd using Ingelvac® PRRS MLV [RIS]
C. Schelkopf; N. Garbes; C. Pollard; B. Payne

Growth performance important and mortality reductions derived from a PRRS large-scale control project in the US [RIS]
Jose Angulo; John Kolb; Reid Philips; Jean Paul Cano

Comparing real-time PCR (RT-PCR) results for PRRS virus between pooled serum and oral fluid samples in a swine production system [RIS]
Perry Harms; Jose Angulo; Alan Scheidt; John Kolb; Reid Philips; Del Johnston

Regional PRRS control within a high pig density area: Southeast Iowa [RIS]
Tim Loula; Jean Paul Cano; James Branstad; Jeff Okones; Enrique Mondaca

PRRS surveillance program: A regional approach [RIS]
Jean Paul Cano; Dale Polson; Enrique Mondaca; Laura Batista; Reid Philips; Edgar Diaz

Economic evaluation of air filtration systems for PRRSV in large sow herds in a swine dense region in North America [RIS]
Carmen Alonso; Peter Davies; Dale Polson; Scott Dee; Will Lazarus

Development of a new ELISA test for detection of PRRS antibodies in swine oral fluids [RIS]
S. Lizano; S. Koller; A. Ballagi

PRRSV Contamination of mortality storage areas prior to disposal by rendering in high and low dense swine production regions [RIS]
James F. Lowe

Infectivity of PRRSv in pig manure and in cell culture media at different temperatures [RIS]
Daniel Linhares; Han Soo Joo; Montserrat Torremorell; Robert Morrison

The effect of commercial combination PCV2/Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccination products on wean to finish performance [RIS]
Brian Payne; Greg Cline

Effect of PCV2 booster vaccination of asymptomatic sows on reproductive performance [RIS]
Mark Engle; Amanda Ness Sponheim; Ron Rush

A comparison of post-vaccination injection site lesions between single dose PCV2 vaccines [RIS]
Tom Gillespie; Megan Nemechek; Brian Payne; Greg Cline

A comparison of injection site lesions in nursery pigs vaccinated with combination Porcine circovirus type 2-Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccine products [RIS]
A. Baysinger; K. Schwartz; J. Rustvold

Injection site reactivity comparison of two commercial PCV2 vaccines in nursery pigs [RIS]
J. Waddell; B. Payne; G. Cline; S. Playter

A comparison of post-vaccination injection site lesions for combination PCV2/Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccinations [RIS]
Greg Cline; Brian Payne

Evaluation of injection site lesions following PCV2 vaccination [RIS]
Charles Wiedmeyer; Tom Fangman; Kim Lonneman; Kent Schwartz

A comparison of injection site lesions in nursery pigs vaccinated with commercial single dose PCV2 vaccine products [RIS]
Amanda Sponheim; Brian Payne; Greg Cline

Evaluation of Circumvent® PCV M administered during an early field infection [RIS]
Brad Thacker; Todd Williams

Comparative challenge study with two-dose Fostera™ PCV vaccine [RIS]
J. Bubolz; D. Neuberger; G. Nitzel; T. Hildebrand, L. Taylor; V. Rapp-Gabrielson

Influenza A virus detection from oral fluid and nasal swabs in IAV inoculated pigs [RIS]
CK Goodell; A Kittawornrat; Y Panyasing; C Olsen; T Overbay; F Zhou; R Rauh; WM Nelson; C. O’Connell; A. Burrell; C. Wang; K.J. Yoon; R.G. Main; J.J. Zimmerman

National surveillance for swine influenza virus in the United States, 2009-present [RIS]
Dave Pyburn; John A. Korslund; Sabrina Swenson; Sarah Tomlinson; Ellen M. Kasari; Amy Vincent; John Schiltz

Detection of influenza virus in air from experimentally infected pigs [RIS]
C.A. Corzo; A. Romagossa; M. Gramer; S. Dee; R. Morrison; M. Torremorell

Detection of airborne swine influenza A virus in experimentally infected pigs under the presence of maternally derived immunity [RIS]
C.A. Corzo; M. Allerson; M. Gramer; R. Morrison; M. Torremorell

Detection of swine influenza A virus inside and outside swine barns [RIS]
C.A. Corzo; S. Dee; M. Gramer; R. Morrison; M. Torremorell

Detection and molecular characterization of porcine astrovirus strains associated with swine diarrhea [RIS]
Sunil K. Mor; Yogesh Chander; Douglas Marthaler; Devi P. Patnayak; Sagar M. Goyal

Identification and molecular characterization of porcine kobuvirus in US swine farms [RIS]
Harsha Verma; Sunil K. Mor; Sagar M. Goyal

Recent Research Reports: PCV2

Comparative efficacy of Ingelvac MycoFLEX® vaccination in 3 week old pigs from either vaccinated or non-vaccinated sows on the reduction of lung lesions [RIS]
Jose Angulo; Greg Cline; Kari Saddoris-Clemons

Impacts on performance with vaccination of one-week old piglets with a one-dose Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccine [RIS]
M. Naito; B. Payne; R. Kano

Comparison of commerical Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae (MHYO) bacterins in pigs after MHYO challenge [RIS]
John C. Johnson; Lucas Taylor

Seroprevalence and serologic profiles of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in commercial swine farms in Chile [RIS]
V. Neira-Ramirez; A. Ruiz

The effect of passive immunity to Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and an extended lactation period on piglet immune development [RIS]
M. Pieters; S. Baidoo; T.W. Molitor

Efficacy and duration of infection study for RespiSure® and Draxxin® against a Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae challenge in swine [RIS]
Tom Painter; Michael Kuhn; Todd Wolff; Maria Pieters; Michael Senn

Four serologic surveys confirm Lawsonia intracellularis continues to be highly prevalent in Midwestern United States pig flows [RIS]
Brian Payne; Jeff Luebbe

Comparative efficacy of Enterisol® Ileitis and Stafac® versus a Tylan® feed grade program following a Lawsonia intracellularis challenge in pigs housed under commercial settings [RIS]
Joel Nerem; Tom Wetzell; Jeff Luebbe; Jeff Husa

Genetic diversity of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (App) strains in intensive swine farms in Chile [RIS]
V. Neira-Ramirez; R. Cubillos; A. Ruiz

Determination of minimal inhibitory concentrations for veterinary macrolides against bacterial isolates from pigs with respiratory disease [RIS]
M.T. Sweeney; R.G. Nutsch; A. Dereu; J. Dallow; H. Moyaert

Comparison of efficacy of Tulathromycin (Draxxin®) and Tildipirosin (Zuprevo®) in the treatment of Mycoplasma hyop neumoniae infection in pigs [RIS]
R.G. Nutsch; M.B. Wachowski; L.P. Taylor; H. Moyaert; N. Wuyts

The comparison of the immune response of designated pathogen free research pigs to specific pathogen free pigs when exposed to antigen [RIS]
Kara Theis; Mike Martin

Recent Research Reports: Reproduction

Effect of increased number of pigs weaned from pigs born alive of parity 1 sows on subsequent reproductive performance in Japanese commercial breeding herds [RIS]
S. Usui; Y. Koketsu

Origin of gilt supply has little effect on number of pigs weaned on Japanese swine farms [RIS]
Y. Ishikawa; Y. Koketsu

Quantitative associations between climate data and weaning-to-first-mating interval or adjusted 21-day litter weights during summer in Japanese swine breeding herds [RIS]
R. Iida; Y. Koketsu

Is it possible to discriminate the fertility of young boars in a short period of time? [RIS]
ABHP Kummer; EM Gonçales; TS Gaggini; MCS de Almeida; C McManus; I Wentz; ML Bernardi; FP Bortolozzo

Fluctuating-temperature storage of boar semen: Sperm-IA [RIS]
C. Malo; R. Ausejo; Y. Dahmani; I. Huerta; J.L. Ubeda

Control of boar semen doses infections by serratia marscecens [RIS]
Y. Dahmani; C. Malo; R. Ausejo; I. Huerta; J.L. Ubeda

Case of serratia marcescens outbreak in a boar stud [RIS]
R. Ausejo; Y. Dahmani; C. Malo; I. Huerta; J.L. Ubeda

Epidemiological study of semen contamination in boar stud [RIS]
I. Huerta; Y. Dahmani; R. Ausejo; C. Malo, J.L. Ubeda

Recent Research Reports: Others

Effect of day of mixing gestating sows on measures related to reproductive performance, physiology and well-being [RIS]
M. Hopgood; L. Greiner; J. Salak-Johnson; J. Connor; R. Knox

Key factors affecting profitability of swine production companies [RIS]
Greg Bilbrey

Use of an oral salicylate post-farrowing to improve sow performance [RIS]
Uffe Nielsen; Gorm Nybroe

Live yeast supplementation to periparturient sows during the summer [RIS]
A. Supple; D. Rosener; E. Chevaux

Application of swine manure in development of bio-adhesive [RIS]
Elham H. Fini; Mahour M. Parast; Boubacar Zada

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2011)

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Volume 38

Front Matter

Sponsors [RIS]

Table of Contents [RIS]
College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota; Veterinary Continuing Education

Award Recipients and Honored Lectures [RIS]
Leman, Kernkamp, Hanson, Pijoan

Carlos Pijoan Graduate Student Fellowship in Swine Medicine [RIS]
U of MN College of Veterinary Medicine

Recent Research Reports Table of Contents [RIS]

Section I: Keynote and Speakers

Why we make mistakes [RIS]
Joseph T. Hallinan

The outlook for the swine industry and its relationship with the global economy [RIS]
Brian C. Briggeman

Pijoan Lecture: Genes, gametes and gestation outcomes - essential links in a successful breeding management program [RIS]
George Foxcroft

Hanson Lecture: What should we do about flu? [RIS]
Montserrat Torremorell

Section II: Diseases 1

The “Holy Grail” of biosecurity: Achieving sustainable PRRSV freedom in swine-dense regions [RIS]
S Dee; G Spronk; D Reicks; P Ruen; J Deen

A financial evaluation of PRRSv introduction risk mitigation attributed to air filtration of pig production sites [RIS]
Darwin Reicks; Dale Polson

A lenders evaluation of PRRS filters [RIS]
Steve Malakowsky

PRRS virus antibody detection in oral fluid samples: The 1st generation PRRS oral fluid ELISA is ready for prime time [RIS]
A. Kittawornrat; Y. Panyasing; C. Irwin; C. Rademacher; M. Hoogland; C. Wang; J. Johnson; R. Main; R. Rowland; J. Zimmerman

Evaluation study of interventions for reducing the risk of PRRSV introduction into filtered farms via retrograde air movement (back-drafting) through idle fans [RIS]
Carmen Alonso; Satoshi Otake; Peter Davies; Scott Dee

Evaluation of PRRS modified-live virus vaccine on viral shedding [RIS]
Daniel Linhares; Joel Nerem; Montserrat Torremorell; Scott Dee

New protein identification in PRRSV [RIS]
Michael P. Murtaugh; Craig Johnson; Theodor Griggs; Sally R. Robinson; Josephine Gnanandarajah

A review of PRRS CAP regional PRRS projects [RIS]
Bob Morrison

The PRRS host genetics consortium [RIS]
Raymond (Bob) Rowland; Joan Lunney

Outbreak investigation in a production system [RIS]
Jeremy S. Pittman

Outbreak investigation in a breeding stock company [RIS]
Jerome O. Geiger; Mark J. Engle; Robert W. Thompson; Tom Riek

Outbreak investigations and the state [RIS]
Bret Marsh

Detection of influenza virus in aerosols from swine farms [RIS]
C.A. Corzo; M. Torremorell; S. Dee; M. Gramer; R. Morrison

The impact of maternally derived immunity (MDI) on influenza virus transmission in neonatal pig populations [RIS]
M. Allerson; M. Torremorell; J. Deen; M. Gramer; H.S. Joo; A. Romagosa

Duration of influenza virus infection under field conditions in grow-finish swine populations [RIS]
M. Allerson; M. Torremorell; M. Gramer

Attitudes towards influenza vaccination in people from the swine industry [RIS]
Andres Diaz; Matt Allerson; Montserrat Torremorell; Marie Gramer; Joni Scheftel

How we deal with Swine Influenza Virus in a Multisite Production System [RIS]
Jim Moody; Tara Donovan

Spatial dynamics of human-origin H1 Influenza A virus in North American swine [RIS]
Martha I. Nelson; Philippe Lemey; Yi Tan; Amy Vincent; Tommy Tsan-Yuk Lam; Susan Detmer; Cécile Viboud; Marc A. Suchard; Andrew Rambaut; Edward C. Holmes; Marie Gramer

Section III: Diseases 2

Field experience with Rotavirus type C and Clostridium spp. [RIS]
Laura Bruner

Host defense in the piglet gut: A brief review [RIS]
David R. Brown

Piglet diarrhea: Diagnostic approach [RIS]
Jerry Torrison

Differential diagnosis of finishing pig diarrhea [RIS]
Marie Gramer

Advanced characterization and analyses of Lawsonia sp and Brachyspira sp [RIS]
Connie Gebhart

Clinical consequences and management implications of large bowel diarrhea in growing pigs [RIS]
James. F. Lowe

Research projects to estimate prevalence of PFTS [RIS]
Terri O’Sullivan

Hemagglutinating Encephalomyelitis Virus (HEV) infection in young pigs [RIS]
Kurt Rossow

Periweaning failure to thrive syndrome [RIS]
Mark Wagner

The science behind Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infections and diagnostics [RIS]
Maria Pieters

Diagnostic tools for Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae surveillance [RIS]
Albert Rovira

A case study on Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae diagnostics [RIS]
Keith Kinsley

Section IV: Production

Feed efficiency potential for pigs and poultry [RIS]
Noel H. Williams; Casey Neill

The genetic and biological basis for differences in feed efficiency between selection lines for residual feed intake [RIS]
Jack C.M. Dekkers

Economic evaluation of feed per unit of gain: Is lower always better? [RIS]
Steve S. Dritz

Commercial application of reducing semen concentration per dose and single sire evaluation [RIS]
A. Williams; A. Johnson; D. Miller; N. Holden; J. Patterson; M. Dyck; G. Foxcroft

Pre-screening of stud boars for fertility: What are the options? [RIS]
Darwin L. Reicks; Chris Kuster

Managing gene by environment interactions on reproductive performance of replacement gilts and boars through pre-weaning management at multiplication level – Is this a reality? [RIS]
W.L. Flowers

PRRS virus-free production – The Pipestone System approach [RIS]
Joel Nerem

Economic impact of filtration as an intervention to prevent PRRS introductions: A case study of a 3200 farrow-to-finish system [RIS]
Pat Joyce

PRRS control and eradication in a production system [RIS]
Tara S. Donovan

Water quality issues in pork production [RIS]
John F. Patience

Water consumption and conservation techniques currently available for swine production [RIS]
R.V. Muhlbauer; L.B. Moody; R.T. Burns; J. Harmon; K. Stalder

Section V: Public/Production Interface

Effect of day of mixing gestating sows on reproductive fertility and animal well-being [RIS]
M. Hopgood; L. Greiner; J. Connor; J. Salak-Johnson; R. Knox

Making electronic sow feeding work in the United States: Static versus dynamic animal flows [RIS]
Thomas D. Parsons

A comparison of group-housed gestation and stalled gestation within a system [RIS]
Mark Schwartz

The science of climate change [RIS]
Mark Seeley

Know your carbon footprint – Know your opportunities [RIS]
Allan Stokes

Pig housing systems designed to manage or adapt to climate change impacts [RIS]
Larry D. Jacobson

Pathogens in the twilight zone: Update on emerging disease issues with implications for the pork industry [RIS]
Peter Davies

One day in the local coffee shop: A modern melodrama of mistruths maligning the makers of bacon [RIS]
Charlie Arnot; Scott Hurd

Effectiveness of a non-penetrating captive bolt for the euthanasia of piglets from birth to 9 kg [RIS]
T.M. Casey-Trott; R. Brooks; P.V. Turner; S.G. Nykamp; M. Litman; S.M. Millman; T.M. Widowski

Evaluation and application of humane hypoxia euthanasia for nursery pigs [RIS]
Lily N. Edwards; Terry E. Engle

Analysis of the Cash Euthanizer system in commercial production settings [RIS]
J.A. Woods; J.H. Hill; K.J. Schwartz; L.J. Sadler; R.L. Parsons; T. Grandin; S.T. Millman

Recent Research Reports: PRRS virus

Use of RT-PCR Ct values to assess trends in the magnitude of PRRS virus viremia over time [RIS]
Jose Angulo; John Kolb; Reid Philips; Kent Doolittle

Control and elimination of a porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus field isolate from a continuous flow, single-site nursery-finisher unit using Ingelvac® PRRS MLV vaccination [RIS]
Noel Garbes; Brian Payne; Laura Batista

Displacement of PRRS wild-type virus from a large nursery production system [RIS]
John Kolb; Arturo Oropeza Munoz

Comparative field efficacy of Ingelvac® PRRS ATP versus Ingelvac® PRRS MLV in growing pigs exposed to heterologous field virus [RIS]
Jana Grauerholz; Mike Eisenmenger; Tom Wetzell

Seasonal survey of transport vehicle decontamination practices for PRRSv in the US swine industry [RIS]
Peter Schneider; Derald Holtkamp; Jean Paul Cano; Dale Polson

Effects of area and regional control programs for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus on the production performance of swine [RIS]
Carrie Pollard; Noel Garbes

Novel PRRSV ORF5a protein is not immunoprotective but drives GP5 glycosylation [RIS]
Sally R. Robinson; Marina C. Figueiredo; Juan E. Abrahante; Michael P. Murtaugh

Survival of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and porcine circovirus in fresh pig meat [RIS]
Devi P. Patnayak; Martha Abin; Sunil Kumar; Helena Guarino; Ryan Cox; Sagar M. Goyal

Detecting highly virulent Chinese-type Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (H-PRRSV) by a field PCR platform – POCKIT [RIS]
Te Yu Chung; Hsiao Fen Grace Chang

Recent Research Reports: Other Viral Diseases

Serologic response of weaned pigs vaccinated with 3FLEX™ is similar to pigs vaccinated with Ingelvac® CircoFLEX-MycoFLEX™and Ingelvac® PRRS MLV in separate injections [RIS]
T Fangman; S Blood; G Cline

Performance of weaned pigs vaccinated with 3FLEX™ compared to pigs vaccinated with Ingelvac® CircoFLEX-MycoFLEX™and Ingelvac® PRRS MLV in separate injections [RIS]
S Blood; T Fangman; G Cline

Prevalence of PCV2 viremia from 2007-2010 in a large cross-sectional US dataset [RIS]
E. Johnson; G. Cline; G. Anderson

PCV2 viremia and performance in vaccinated and unvaccinated animals inside a long-term vaccinated herd with Ingelvac CircoFLEX® [RIS]
G. Ramis; C. Perelló; J.J. Quereda; M. Toledo; F.J. Pallarés;, T.Coll; I. Hernández-Caravaca; A. Muñoz

PCV2 and Mycoplasma vaccine comparison in a commercial midwest swine herd [RIS]
Warren Wilson; Brad Thacker; Rich Schlueter

Evaluation of cross-protection of FluSure XP® against a heterologous gamma cluster H1N1 swine influenza virus challenge [RIS]
Vicki J. Rapp-Gabrielson; M. Corinne Lenz; Therese Hildebrand; Lucas Taylor; Michael Kuhn

Characterization of porcine T lymphocyte responses to swine influenza virus infection [RIS]
Maxim C-J Cheeran; Dianna Cheney-Peters; Matthew Allerson; Jessica Rotschafer; Christine Anderson; Susan Detmer; Montserrat Torremorell; Thomas W Molitor

Sensitivity of oral fluids for the detection of influenza virus in young pig populations with and without maternally derived immunity [RIS]
Matt Allerson; Montse Torremorell

Recent Research Reports: Bacterial Diseases

Investigation of Lawsonia intracellularis serodynamics according to age and annual season using a standardized diagnostic methodology in growing swine [RIS]
G. Anderson; E. Johnson; J. Husa

Enrofloxacin treatment affects the colonization stage of Haemophilus parasuis in weaned pigs [RIS]
Nubia Macedo; Montserrat Torremorell; Albert Rovira; Andy Holtcamp

Effect of Tilmovet® 250 mg/ml Oral Solution on piglet lung diseases in Denmark [RIS]
Uffe Nielsen; Gorm Nybroe; Alain Kanora

Regano® in gestation and lactation diets improves sow enteric health and piglet performance [RIS]
Robert Evelsizer; Jean Pedro de Quadros; Lisangela Guedes da Silva; Kerlin Calderam; Pedro Ivo de Quadros Filho; Martha A Mellencamp

Effect of In-feed Denagard Plus Chlortetracycline on health and performance of grow-finish pigs [RIS]
Brian Konz; Jay Jacela; J. Mark Hammer

Activity of Sangrovit® against Lawsonia intracellularis in grower pigs and its impact on gut physiology and host immunity [RIS]
Artuso-Ponte; Valeria; Abley, Melanie; Molla, Bayleygn Z; Rajashekara, Gireesh; Boyaka, Prosper; Gebreyes, Wondwossen

Recent Research Reports: Production & Health Management

Use of serology results of nursery and finisher pigs to monitor effectiveness of site and transport biosecurity protocols [RIS]
Adam Schelkopf; Laura Batista; Brian Payne

Inhibition of total gas production, hydrogen sulfide, and Sulfatereducing bacteria from in vitro stored swine manure using condensed tannins [RIS]
Terence R. Whitehead; Cheryl Spence; Michael A. Cotta

A new benchmarking system developed for Japanese swine farms [RIS]
Itsuro Yamane; Sayoko Ishizeki; Hiromichi Ishikawa; Masanori Sugiyama; Hanako Okumura; Katsumasa Kure

Standard operating procedures for farrowing and lactating sows with piglets in Japanese commercial herds [RIS]
H. Ichikawa; Y. Koketsu

Evaluation of the economic return of two vaccination programs on a high health Canadian herd [RIS]
de Grau, F; Dewey, C; Thacker B; Drapeau S; Tully B.

Effect of spray-dried plasma in lactation feed on pig survival and litter weight at a commercial farm in Italy [RIS]
H. Van Iersel; C. Rodriguez; J. Polo; J.M. Campbell; J.D. Crenshaw; Luca Rotelli

A retrospective evaluation the relationships between of out-of-feed events and group closeout metrics in finishing data [RIS]
Stephanie Rutten-Ramos; Robert Baarsch; Robert Morrison

Worldwide occurrence of mycotoxins in feedstuffs and feed in 2010 [RIS]
U. Hofstetter; I. Rodrigues; K. Naehrer

Maternal immune cell transfer across the piglet neonatal intestine and the influence of the Endogenous Opioid on this transfer [RIS]
Elmubark G; Bandrick M; Brown D; Vulchanova-Hart L; Baidoo S; Jones B; Molitor T. W.

Husbandry Education effect on nursery mortality, weight and treatment cost [RIS]
L. Galina; C. Minder; D. Amodie; E. Farrand

Husbandry Education linked to production of more high value nursery pigs [RIS]
M. Kuhn; T. Moeller; T. Hoover; D. Weigel; D. Amodie; E. Farrand; L. Galina

Recent Research Reports: Reproduction & Boar

Semen backflow in sows after cervical and post-cervical artificial insemination [RIS]
Hernández-Caravaca I; Izquierdo-Rico M.J; Carvajal J.A; Abril D; Soriano-Úbeda C; Vieira L; Matás C; García–Vázquez F.A.

A new tool for control of bacterial contamination in boar semen [RIS]
Isaac Huerta; Yahya Dahmani; Raquel Ausejo; Juan Luis Úbeda

A multi-level analysis using a herd management survey and sow reproductive data indicates that standard operating procedures should take account of day postweaning and parity [RIS]
M. Kaneko; Y. Koketsu

Distinguishing between domesticated pig breeds and wild boars using genetic approaches [RIS]
K. Murakami; S. Watanabe; Y. Mizoguchi

A comparison between replacement gilt supplier groups for reproductive performance and risk of death or euthanasia related to locomotor problems of sows on Japanese commercial farms [RIS]
Y. Ishikawa; M. Enokida; Y. Koketsu

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2010)

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Volume 37

Front Matter

Sponsors [RIS]

Table of Contents [RIS]
College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota; Veterinary Continuing Education

Award Recipients and Honored Lectures [RIS]
Leman, Kernkamp, Hanson, Pijoan

Carlos Pijoan Graduate Student Fellowship in Swine Medicine [RIS]
U of MN College of Veterinary Medicine

Recent Research Reports Table of Contents [RIS]

Section I: Keynote and Speakers

The other inconvenient truth: The crisis in global land use [RIS]
Jonathan Foley

Elimination of PRRSV from North America: Uniting the clans! [RIS]
Scott Dee

A Wall Street view of the protein markets [RIS]
Farha Aslam

Where has all the research gone? [RIS]
M.D. Tokach; S.S. Dritz; R.D. Goodband; J.M. Derouchey; J.L. Nelssen

Section II: Major Diseases

The effect of killed and/or MLV vaccination on exposure to late term pregnant gilts [RIS]
Darwin L. Reicks; Paul Yeske; Kurt Rossow; Michael Murtaugh; Jerry Torrison

Evaluation of a needle-free injection system (AcuShot(TM)) for reduction of hematogenous transmission of PRRS virus [RIS]
Seth Baker; Enrique Mondaca-Fernandez; Dale Polson; Scott Dee

Considerations for managing the pregnant sow and offspring during a PRRS virus infection [RIS]
Mark Wagner

Standard herd classification system for describing the PRRS virus status of herds [RIS]
D.J. Holtkamp; D.D. Polson; M. Torremorell

Probability of detecting a singleton PRRSV viremic pig using pen-based oral fluid samples [RIS]
Chong Wang; John Prickett; Marlin Hoogland; Rodger Main; Chris Rademacher; Wayne Chittick John Kolb; Ann Kurtz; Ernie Kurtz; Ricardo Muñoz; Jeffrey J. Zimmerman

A review of regional projects for control and elimination of PRRS virus [RIS]
Bob Morrison

Acute interlobular edema and pleural effusion associated with circovirus in apparently immunized pigs – clinical and pathologic evaluations [RIS]
S. Henry; L. Tokach; R. Hesse; J. Nietfeld; M. Potter; D. Madson

Potential association of PCV2 infection with light market weight pigs [RIS]
B. Caldwell; K.S. Lyoo; H.B. Kim; P.R. Davies; H.S. Joo

Transmission of PCV2 from sow to piglet in the farrowing room [RIS]
Cheryl M.T. Dvorak; Michael P. Lilla; Michael P. Murtaugh

Summary of surveillance for influenza A viruses of swine in the United States – Results and strategies [RIS]
Cesar Corzo; Marie Gramer

The effect of vaccination on transmission of flu virus in weaned pigs [RIS]
Montse Torremorell; Anna Romagosa; Matt Allerson; Marie Gramer

Influenza virus related policies and practices on Minnesota swine farms [RIS]
Matt Allerson; Montserrat Torremorell; Marie Gramer; Joni Scheftel; Julie Zimmerman

Section III: New Disease and Diagnostic Developments

''Periweaning Failure to Thrive Syndrome (PFTS)'' -- difficulties of investigating an emerging clinical problem [RIS]
Bob Friendship; John Harding; Steve Henry

Reduced semen motility and clumping in boar studs: Case reports [RIS]
Darwin L. Reicks; A. Armien; Kurt Rossow

An epidemic of reduced semen motility and clumping [RIS]
Kurt Rossow

Novel Haemophilus parasuis ELISA test: Tracking systemic exposure and protective immunity [RIS]
Nubia Macedo; Simone Oliveira; Eric van Esch; Paul Rush

Identification of nontypable Brachyspira sp. by sequencing: New trends on potentially virulent species [RIS]
Alexander E. Primus; Simone Oliveira; Connie Gebhart

Tracking Mycoplasma hyorhinis prevalence in the farrowing house and nursery using a newly developed real-time PCR [RIS]
Maria J. Clavijo; Simone Oliveira

Bacterial trends, demystifying MICs [RIS]
Jerry Torrison

Section IV: Production

National scan-level carbon footprint study for production of US swine [RIS]
Greg Thoma; Ralph E. Martin

Real time measurement of GHG Emissions from pig barns [RIS]
Larry D. Jacobson

How can we mitigate pig barn emissions? [RIS]
Kevin A. Janni

Pre-sorting and pen size effects on the stress responses at loading and unloading and transport losses in market weight pigs [RIS]
L. M. Gesing; A. K. Johnson; K. J. Stalder; H. Hill; C. Feurbach; S. Abrams; A. Whiley; M. Faga R. Bailey; M. J. Ritter

Impact of trailer design factors on conditions during transport [RIS]
Mike Ellis; Xinlei Wang; Ted Funk; Bradley Wolter; Christina Murphy; Andrew Lenkaitis Yigang Sun; Chad Pilcher

Pre-harvest handling defects and measures to alleviate them [RIS]
Neal Matthews; Rob Fitzgerald; Nick Berry; Collette Schultz Kaster; Jeff Hill; Ken Stalder Anna Johnson; Locke Karriker

Weaning: What’s going on at the gut level? [RIS]
Adam Moeser

What we find in pigs that are not thriving [RIS]
Kurt Rossow

Grower performance: The relationships among supervisor financial incentives, task-specific employee training, and employee attitudes [RIS]
Rob Vellella; Bob Morrison; Jason Shaw

Putting it all together ==> the high producing sow [RIS]
Neil K. DeBuse

Managing sow farms for high performance [RIS]
J.C. Pinilla; A.M. Williams

Feeding the high performing sow herd [RIS]
Steven J. Kitt

Section V: Consumer Issues

Regulatory and legislative actions – implications for antimicrobial use in pork production [RIS]
Liz Wagstrom

Swine production feed grade antimicrobial use survey findings [RIS]
Hans Rotto

Preparing to produce pork with fewer antimicrobials [RIS]
John T. Waddell

Global meat trade update [RIS]
Brett Stuart

Recent Research Reports: PCV2

Efficacy of Ingelvac CircoFLEX® vaccination against PCV2/PCVD: A meta-analysis of 10 studies [RIS]
T. Holck, E. Diaz, R. Edler, D. Polson

PCV2 prevalence in sow farms with acceptable vs unacceptable reproductive performance [RIS]
T. Fangman, T. Painter, B. Whitt, E. Diaz

Investigation of PCV2-free herds [RIS]
C.S. Kristensen, L.E. Larsen

Effect of one or two dose vaccination regimens on PCV2 viremia and ADG in 5 different US studies [RIS]
E. Diaz, R. Edler

Meta-analysis of globally published results on the efficacy of Ingelvac CircoFLEX® vaccination [RIS]
T. Coll, D. Villalba, P. Maass

Evaluation of consistent efficacy of three consecutive batches of Ingelvac CircoFLEX® in clinical lab challenge trials [RIS]
M. Roof, H. Lang, M. Eichmeyer, X. Chen, P. Maass, G. Haiwick, E. Robb

Recent Research Reports: Swine influenza

Molecular characterization of influenza a viruses from swine for potential virulence markers [RIS]
Susan Detmer, Daniel Darnell, Srinand Sreevatsan, Marie Gramer

Influenza virus transmission rates in vaccinated and non-vaccinated pig populations [RIS]
Anna Romagosa, Marie R. Gramer, H.S. Joo, John Deen, Montserrat Torremorell

Description of influenza in Minnesota swine herds by veterinarian survey: 2007-2009 [RIS]
Amanda Beaudoin, Steve Johnson, Peter Davies, Jeff Bender, Marie Gramer

The epidemiology of influenza virus in sow farms: A case report [RIS]
Matt Allerson, Montse Torremorell

Recent Research Reports: PRRS

Feasibility of using FTA cards to transport samples for PRRSV testing [RIS]
Daniel Linhares, Albert Rovira, Montserrat Torremorell

Field observations regarding the production of PRRSV-negative weaned piglets post-intervention [RIS]
Gordon Spronk, Carissa Odland, Scott Dee

Efficacy of Ingelvac® PRRS MLV when rehydrated with a combination of Ingelvac MycoFLEX® and Ingelvac CircoFLEX® [RIS]
M. Eichmeyer, M. Roof, M. Piontkowski, E. Robb

Trivalent vaccine mixture protects against simultaneous challenge with M hyopneumoniae, PCV2, and PRRS virus [RIS]
G. Haiwick, M. Eichmeyer, M. Roof, E. Robb

Multi-site field study confirms safety of trivalent vaccine mixture [RIS]
M. Piontkowski, M. Eichmeyer

Recent Research Reports: Other diseases

Development and validation of an ELISA tests to detect antibodies against Haemophilus parasuis [RIS]
Nubia Macedo, Simone Oliveira, Eric van Esch, Paul Rush

Development of a quantitative PCR assay for the detection of Mycoplasma hyorhinis in clinical samples [RIS]
Maria J. Clavijo, Simone Oliveira

Development of a Multiplex PCR test to differentiate Salmonella choleraesuis field isolates from a live attenuated vaccine [RIS]
Mark Felice, Simone Oliveira

Comparative efficacy of LincoMix® and Tylan® for the control Of ileitis in a commercial swine farm [RIS]
T. Hoover, J. Hicks, D. Amodie, M. Senn

Recent Research Reports: Reproduction

A herd management survey and reproductive data indicate how to improve gilt performance in commercial swine herds [RIS]
M. Kaneko, Y. Koketsu

A 5-year comparison between a selection of swine farms from Japan and USA for reproductive performance [RIS]
Y. Koketsu, R. B. Morrison, J. Deen

Low lifetime efficiency sows in commercial herds culled early due to reproductive failure [RIS]
A. Takanashi, Y. Koketsu

Lactation management practices can improve lactational performance of sows in commercialswine herds [RIS]
Hiroki Ichikawa, Yuzo Koketsu

Evaluation of lifetime economic returns of sow by parity at culling in commercial breeding herds [RIS]
Y. Sasaki, Y. Koketsu

Reproductive performance of primiparous sows inseminated at the second estrus after weaning or after post-weaning hormonal treatment with altrenogest [RIS]
R.F. Werlang, L.E. Argenti, H.C.C. Fries, I. Wentz, M.L. Bernardi, F.P. Bortolozzo

Effects of supplementation of omega-3 fatty acids to gilts on subsequent reproductive performance and growth performance of their litters [RIS]
Miranda N. Smit, Jennifer L. Patterson, Steve K. Webel, George R. Foxcroft

Recent Research Reports: Production/Nutrition/Other

Tail biting in pigs: influence on live performance, lesions and condemnations at slaughter [RIS]
B.M.F.P.P. Marques, R.F. Souza, T.J. Mores, C.F. Coelho, P.L. Souza, D. Gava, R.R. Ribeiro, T. Bierhals M.L. Bernardi, D.E.S.N. Barcellos

Influence of thermal fogging with disinfectant on productive and health parameters in finishing pigs [RIS]
T.J. Mores, B.M.F.P.P. Marques, T. Bierhals, D. Magnabosco, L.F. Hernig, N. Mores, M.L. Bernardi, D.E.S.N Barcellos

Floor slat direction related to severity of superficial claw lesions in gestating pigs, but not reproductive performance or behavior [RIS]
M. Enokida, Y. Koketsu

Fear Response in Gestating Sows [RIS]
C. E. Phillips, Y. Z. Li, J. Anderson

Effect of spray-dried plasma fed during gestation on pig performance at weaning [RIS]
J. D. Crenshaw, J. M. Campbell, L. E. Russell, L. L. Greiner, J. Soto, J. F. Connor

Solubilization and bactericidal activity of diphenyliodonium chloride from an experimental bypass product following exposure to different pH [RIS]
Sharon V.R. Epps, Robin C. Anderson, Roger B. Harvey, Nathan A. Krueger, John Taylor, Timothy D. Phillips

Effects of exogenous enzymes and particle size on corn energy values for growing pigs [RIS]
D. L. Zanotto, A. L. Guidoni, A. A. Passos, J. Leczniesky, G. J. M. M. Lima

Wordwide occurrence of mycotoxins – results of a survey program [RIS]
Ursula Hofstetter, Ines Rodrigues, Karin Griessler

Improved retention rates and reduced culling for lameness for sows fed a chelated trace mineral blend [RIS]
J. Zhao, L. Greiner, N. Keith, M. Vazquez-Anon, C. D. Knight, R. J. Harrell

Manipulation of commensal gut microbiota as a tool to decrease the effect of respiratory disease in swine [RIS]
K. Schachtschneider, L.B. Schook, M. Pieters

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2009)

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Volume 36

Front matter

Sponsors [RIS]

Table of Contents [RIS]
College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota; Veterinary Continuing Education

Award Recipients and Honored Lectures [RIS]
Leman, Kernkamp, Hanson, Pijoan

Carlos Pijoan Graduate Student Fellowship in Swine Medicine [RIS]
U of MN College of Veterinary Medicine

Section I: Keynotes and General Session

Kernkamp Lecture: Around the world in 60 minutes [RIS]
Raoul Baxter

Hanson Lecture: Pork production information systems and data analysis — Back to the future [RIS]
Thomas E. Stein

Pijoan Lecture: Pigs and pandemic influenza: Myths versus facts [RIS]
Kristien Van Reeth; Sjouke Van Poucke; Annebel De Vleeschauwer

New approaches for swine disease surveillance [RIS]
Peter Davies

Section II: Advanced Knowledge

Practitioner’s approach to neonatal diarrhea [RIS]
William L. Hollis

Post weaning diarrhea [RIS]
Mike Eisenmenger

Tackling disease complexes: Respiratory disease [RIS]
Brad Thacker

PCV2 Comparisons in wean to finish herds with PRRS coinfections [RIS]
Kelly F. Greiner

Field and research experiences with PCV2 vaccination [RIS]
Paul Yeske; Tim Loula; Mike Brumm; Sheri Colgan

Comparative efficacy of various PCV2 and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccination protocols under commercial field conditions [RIS]
Joel Nerem

Porcine Circovirus Type 2 in swine breeding herds [RIS]
James F. Lowe

Swine influenza virus elimination from pig herds [RIS]
Montserrat Torremorell

Creating a SIV negative sow herd [RIS]
R. W. Thompson; M.J. Engle; J.O. Geiger; A.M. Ness

Comparison of intra-dermal vs. intra-muscular vaccination for influenza in pigs [RIS]
Tony Nikkel

An update of SDEC-related research efforts on the aerobiology and biosecurity of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae [RIS]
S. Dee; S. Otake; A. Pitkin; S. Oliviera; J. Deen; P. Davies; G. Spronk; D. Schwerin; D. Reicks; P. Yeske; L. Schulz; P. Ruen; S. Pohl

Section III: Essential Knowledge

What is the right drug? [RIS]
John T. Waddell

Getting the dose right (Obstacles to achieving therapeutic success) [RIS]
Michael Strobel

Practical medication tips - Developing and utilizing a treatment plan of attack [RIS]
Keith P. Kinsley

Review of Mycoplasma hyorhinis [RIS]
Albert Rovira

Mycoplasma hyorhinis- Field experiences in diagnosis and control [RIS]
Brad Leuwerke

Ileitis control: Still elusive? [RIS]
Chris J. Rademacher

Origin of the virus or …a rose by any other name… [RIS]
Marie Gramer; Amanda Beaudoin; Amy Vincent

Impact of 2009 H1N1 pandemic flu [RIS]
Peter Davies; Montserrat Torremorell

Novel H1N1 Influenza: Implications on human and animal health [RIS]
James F. Lowe; John Connor; Marie Gramer; Amy Vincent

Section IV: Welfare

What people want [RIS]
Charlie Arnot

What do we measure [RIS]
Siobhan Mullan

What governments want [RIS]
Jen Greiner

What do we say [RIS]
Tom Burkgren

The euthanasia of small pigs [RIS]
W.E. Morgan Morrow; Robert E. Meyer

Large pigs [RIS]
Jeff Hill

CO2 euthanasia methods for neonatal piglets [RIS]
Deborah Murray

Section V: Production II

Comparison of ESF to open stall systems in large sow units [RIS]
Joseph F. Connor

Lameness hurts sow reproduction [RIS]
Mark E. Wilson; Terry L. Ward; Christof Rapp

Managing lameness in sows [RIS]
John Deen

Single-source versus multi-source pig flows [RIS]
Dave Wade; Tara Donovan, Jim Moody; Rose Rott

Understanding common ventilation system mistakes [RIS]
Mike Brumm

The pro’s and con’s of entire boars for meat production [RIS]
Mick Hazzledine

What about ethanol [RIS]
Harold Tilstra

What we know about feeding DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles) to swine [RIS]
Jerry Shurson; Lee Johnston; Sam Baidoo; Mark Whitney

Antibiotic residues in DDGS [RIS]
Marc von Keitz

National Swine Nutrition Guide [RIS]
Mark Whitney

National Pork Board carbon footprint project [RIS]
Allan Stokes

Opportunities for pork producers: manure, digesters and energy [RIS]
Bob Morrison

Recent Research Reports


Recent Research Reports [RIS]
Table of Contents

Assessing the impact of maternally derived immunity on active immunization of pigs against PCV2 [RIS]
A. Baysinger, J. Waddell, E. Diaz

Correlation between viral load and performance in PCV2 vaccinated or non-vaccinated pigs [RIS]
T Holck, R Edler, E Diaz

Differential diagnosis of wasting and respiratory disease in FCV2 vaccinated populations of pigs [RIS]
E. Diaz

The impact of PCV2 viremia in a high health Canadian swine herd, a vaccination trial comparing two commercial vaccines [RIS]
Reindl M, Dewey C, Vilaca K, de Grau F, Richardson K1, Z. Poljak

Impact of PCV2 viremia in vaccinated and non-vaccinated pigs [RIS]
Petra Maass, Bernd Grosse Liesner, Francois-Xavier Orveillon and Vicky Fachinger

Effect of PCV2 vaccine on carcass composition [RIS]
Venegas-Vargas, Bates, Morrison, Villani, Straw

Comparison and economic evaluation of two PCV2 vaccination programs used in France [RIS]
Lewandowski E., Liber M., Jagu R., Maass P. , Adam M.

Update of porcine Circovirosis in Chile, histopathological lesions of PMWS between 2006 and 2008 [RIS]
Neira-Ramirez V, Lineros M., Quezada M., Ruiz A.

Performance benefits resulting from vaccination with Ingelvac CircoFLEX and/or Ingelvac PRRS MLV [RIS]
K. Bretey, J. Husa, E. Diaz, R. Philips, R. Edler

PCV Outbreaks and Clean-Up in a High Health Herd of PCV Negative Status [RIS]
Adrienne Schucker

Comparative efficacy of three U.S. commercially available PCV2 vaccines using two-dose protocols in a commercial production system [RIS]
Jason Kelly, Rick Swalla, Jessica Abbott

Efficacy of Circumvent® PCV preventing PCVAD and maintain growth performance during an outbreak of PRRSv in a Canadian pig herd with a history PCVAD [RIS]
Suprenant C, de Grau F, Laplante B, B.Thacker, A.Eggen

Modified live PRRS vaccination provides heterologous protection against virulent 1-18-2 challenge [RIS]
D. Jordan, S. Layton, R. Philips, M. Genzow

The establishment of PRRSv stable sow herds through the use of a “Load, Close and Homogenize” protocol: A case report [RIS]
S Bales, G Cline, J Stickley

Modified live PRRS virus vaccination as a key component in nursery pig performance improvement [RIS]
G. Spronk, T. Wetzell, R. Philips

Development of Swine Influenza Virus Nucleic Acid Purificationand Detection Workflow [RIS]
A. M. Burrell, W. Xu, Q. Hoang, R. Shah, D. Myers, and M. Bounpheng

Detection of swine influenza virus in porcine oral fluid samples [RIS]
Susan E. Detmer, Marie R. Gramer, Sagar M. Goyal

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Challenge and Outcome in a Comparison of RespiSureOne® and Ingelvac® MycoFlex™ Vaccination of Pigs: Pig Performance and Respiratory Pathology [RIS]
J. Johnson, L. Taylor, S. Behan and S. Sornsen

Test characteristics when verifying Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae status in expected negative herds [RIS]
Erin Johnson, Bill Minton

Comparison of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Vaccination Regimens in Pigs under MHYO Pressure . [RIS]
K. Greiner, L. Greiner, J. Lowe, and J. Connor

Evaluation of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae diagnostic tests using samples from experimentally infected pigs [RIS]
Costa, G., Oliveira, S, Torrison J. Dee, S.

When an App laboratory diagnostic leads to wrong interpretation [RIS]
Miquel Collell, Enric Marco, Roberto Santamaria, Joaquim Bringas

Compatibility of Enterisol® Ileitis oral Lawsonia intracellularis vaccine for swine when administered concurrently with parenteral ceftiofur sodium or tulathromycin [RIS]
Jeff Husa, Bernd Grosse Liesner, Ryan Saltzman

Efficacy of Enterisol® Ileitis in a fattening herd suffering from swine dysentery [RIS]
Bernd Grosse Liesner, Olaf Skoeries and Hugo Seemer

Clinical responses and performance of pigs treated with tulathromycin injectable solution (DRAXXIN®) for swine respiratory disease (SRD) [RIS]
T. Hoover, J. Johnson

Oregano essential oil in gestation and lactation diets improves sow and piglet performance [RIS]
Martha A Mellencamp, Robert Evelsizer, Ron Dvorak, Jim Hedges, Malcolm Motram, David Cadogan

Effect of a supplement containing spray-dried plasma fed from mating to day 35 of gestation on farrowing rate of multiparous sows [RIS]
Luis A. Vitagliano, L.F.S. Rangel, J.D. Crenshaw

The effect of selenium supplementation and source to gilts during gestation and lactation on immunoglobulin concentration in the neonatal pigs [RIS]
Streff, A., Hostetler, C.

The effect of feeding heavy and medium weight weaned nursery pigs increased levels of amino acids in relation to energy intake [RIS]
Pietig, J., Hostetler, C.

Effect of a phytogenic feed additive on growth performance of weaned piglets [RIS]
Steiner T., Charlemagne E., Beltran R.

Controlling Aggression Among Gestating Sows [RIS]
Y. Z. Li, C. E. Phillips, S. K. Baidoo, L. J. Johnston

Sow gestation housing systems and sow longevity [RIS]
Leena Anil, Sukumarannair S Anil, Samuel K. Baidoo

Analysis of the association between the numbers of lesions in different claw areas in sows [RIS]
Anil, S.S., Anil, L., Deen, J., Baidoo, S.K., Wilson, M.E. and Ward, T.L.

Comparison of claw lesion scores in sows housed in gestation stalls and in group pens with electronic sow feeders (ESF) during gestation [RIS]
Anil, S.S., Anil, L., Deen, J., Baidoo, S.K., Wilson, M.E. and Ward, T.L.

Utilization of a GnRH analog (Lecirelina) for induction and synchronization of ovulation in sows [RIS]
Fries, H.C.C.; Souza, L.P.; Barcellos, D.E.S.N.; Bernardi, M.L.; Wentz, I.; Bortolozzo, F.P.

Influence of Antimicrobial Sequence on Nursery Pig Performance and Economic Return [RIS]
Megan Potter, Matt Steidinger, Mike Tokach, Dean Dau, Steve Dritz, Joel DeRouchey, Robert Goodband, Jim Nelssen

A comparison between early and late farrowing induction for reproductive performancein commercial swine herds [RIS]
H. Ichikawa, Y. Koketsu

Low-lifetime efficiency sows in high-, intermediate- and low-performing herds [RIS]
A. Takanashi, Y. Koketsu

Lifetime efficiency and longevity of sows based on a difference in the number of pigs born alive between parity 1 and 2 in commercial herds [RIS]
H. Saito, Y. Koketsu

Culling intervals in four stages of reproductive life of first service and reserviced female pigs in commercial herds [RIS]
Y. Sasaki, Y. Koketsu

A questionnaire survey about the mating schedules in commercial swine herds in Japan using a recording system [RIS]
M. Kaneko, Y. Koketsu

Survivals and risk factors associated with claw lesions in female pigs [RIS]
M. Enokida, Y. Koketsu

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2008)

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Volume 35

Section I: Keynotes and General Session

Hanson Lecture: The ongoing challenge of flu [RIS]
Marie Gramer

Pork's carbon footprint: Hot air, hot opportunity or both? [RIS]
Garth W. Boyd

Pijoan Lecture: Epidemiology of a new PRRS virus isolate and outbreak [RIS]
Paul Yeske; Michael Murtaugh

Changing trends in the global pork complex [RIS]
Brett Stuart

Opportunities and challenges for the US pork sector [RIS]
Mark Greenwood

Section II: Disease I

PRRS vaccines [RIS]
Raymond (Bob) Rowland, PhD, Professor, PRRS CAP Project Director

Making sense of PRRS virus sequences and a new view for PRRS inactivated vaccine -- MJPRRS(TM): old problem -- new approach [RIS]
Byoung-Kwan (BK) Kim, PhD

Control and eventual elimination of PRRSV via development of an effective DIVA vaccine [RIS]
DL Hank Harris; Matt Erdman; Ryan Vander Veen; Mark Mogler; Jerry McVicker; Peter Winter; Kurt Kamrud; Jonathan Smith

Compilation of experimental investigations of PRRS vaccine technologies using modified live vaccines, inactivated vaccines and immunomodulation [RIS]
Michael Roof, PhD

Preliminary information from recent research on PRRSV and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae transmission and biosecurity: A field application of air filters [RIS]
Satoshi Otake, DVM, PhD; John Deen, DVM, PhD; Scott Dee, DVM, PhD

Field experiences with air filtration: Results and costs [RIS]
Darwin L. Reicks, DVM

Is sow farm air filtration worth doing to prevent non-resident PRRSv introduction? [RIS]
Dale Polson

Twenty-years into managing PRRSV outbreaks in breeding herds how do you react? [RIS]
Rodger Main

Practitioner panel's descriptions of typical commercial sow farm and response to a PRRSV disease event or outbreak in breeding herd in their practice area or production system [RIS]
Bill Hollis, Luc Dufresne, Mark Wagner, Rodger Main

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae strain variation being observed in the field [RIS]
Simone Oliveira; Montserrat Torremorell; Clint Been

Passive immunity to Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae: transfer and protective role [RIS]
Maria Pieters; Simone Oliveira; Meggan Bandrick; Samuel Baidoo; Carlos Pijoan; Thomas W. Molitor

New information on aerosol transmission and biosecurity for Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae [RIS]
Satoshi Otake, DVM, PhD; John Deen, DVM, PhD; Scott Dee, DVM, PhD

Section III: Disease II

Current knowledge and future research needed on PCV2 vaccines [RIS]
T. Opriessnig, Dr med. vet., PhD

Circovirus vaccination decisions: Herd profiling and next generation diagnostic testing [RIS]
Dick Hesse, PhD; Bob Rowland, PhD

Diagnosing PCVAD in a vaccinated industry [RIS]
Kent Schwartz, DVM, MS

Pursuing American Board of Veterinary Practitioner (ABVP) certification in swine health management [RIS]
James A Kober, DVM, MS, Diplomate ABVP-SHM

Post-weaning catabolic syndrome --complexities and perspectives [RIS]
Luc Dufresne DVM, DABVP, Thomas J. Fangman DVM, MS, DABVP; Steve Henry DVM, DABVP

Should we be concerned about low concentrations of antibiotics in our water supply? [RIS]
Randall S. Singer, DVM, MPVM, PhD

Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus in pigs and people -- a story unfolding [RIS]
Peter Davies BVSc, PhD

Community health and CAFOs: what are the research studies telling us? [RIS]
Annette M O'Connor, BVSc, MVSc, DVSc, MACVSc.

Section IV: Production I

Effect of training, financial incentive and attitude on treatment frequency and mortality rate of growing pigs [RIS]
Rob Vellella; Bob Morrison; Jason Shaw

Human performance improvement model [RIS]
Jim Lummus, Curriculum Manager

Hiring, training and keeping 30 PSY people [RIS]
Jon Hoek

Economics of sow culling [RIS]
Stephanie Rutten-Ramos

Top hog index is as important as pigs weaned/sow/year [RIS]
Dave Wade; Jim Moody, BS; Tara Donovan, DVM; Baxter Gutknecht, MS; Rose Rott, BS; Joe Bradford, BS

Changes in cost and revenue scales in present production streams [RIS]
John Deen

Assessing the effectiveness of a non-penetrating captive bolt for euthanasia of newborn piglets [RIS]
Tina M Widowski, MSc, PhD; Robyn H Elgie, MSc; Penny Lawlis, MSc

Lameness and welfare [RIS]
John Deen; Leena Anil; Sukumaran S Anil

Relationship between a pig's temperament and handling experience, and measures of stress at slaughter and meat quality [RIS]
Jennifer A Brown; Ira B Mandell; Cornelius FM deLange; Peter Purslow; J. Andrew Robinson; James EJ Squires; Tina M Widowski

Effects of facility design on the stress response of market weight pigs during loading and unloading [RIS]
A. K. Johnson, BS, MS, PhD Assistant Professor; L. J. Sadler, BS Ag Specialist, M. Faga, Director of Human Resources; Corky Feuerbach, Director of Crew Services; H. Hill, DVM, C.O.O., R. Bailey, Procurement Manager JBS-Swift and Company. Marshalltown

Cut costs or invest more... Today's tough economic questions...What are they and what is the new math? [RIS]
Drs. Tim Loula; Steve Dritz; Derald Holtkamp; Steve Pollmann

Section V: Production II

Measuring and minimizing energy consumption [RIS]
Dr Mike Brumm

Air quality issues and perspective [RIS]
Larry D. Jacobson, PhD, PE

Nutrition in a time of crises -- Priorities for feed cost control [RIS]
R. Dean Boyd, Ph D; Mark McCulley, B.Sc.

Use of dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) in swine diets [RIS]
Jerry Shurson; Lee Johnston; Sam Baidoo; Mark -Whitney

Use of crude glycerol in grower-finisher and sow diets [RIS]
Lee Johnston; Sarah Schieck; Jerry Shurson; Sam Baidoo; Brian Kerr

Recent Research Reports

A comparison of cross-sectional quantitative PCV2 PCR vs. individual animal quantitative PCV2 PCR and associated necropsy findings in 4 cases [RIS]
Erin Johnson; Edgar Diaz; Tyler Holck

Necrotic enteritis in pigs naturally affected with porcine circovirus type 2 [RIS]
P Zlotowski1; AMR Correa.; DESN Barcellos; D Driemeier

PCV2 infection dynamics under field conditions [RIS]
E Diaz

Analysis of PCV2 ORF2 region in the wild rats living around pig farms in Korea [RIS]
TW Seo, YH Kim, BI Yoon, JH Han

Evaluation of a nested polymerase chain reaction assay to differentiate between two genotypes of Porcine circovirus-2 [RIS]
KwangSoo Lyoo; HyeunBum Kim; HanSoo Joo

Utility of an indirect ELISA for Circumvent(R) PCV compliance monitoring [RIS]
Brad Thacker; Rich Schlueter; John Johnson

A case report on the dynamics of PCVAD in a PCV2-vaccinated herd over time [RIS]
G Cline; V Wilt; E Diaz; R Edler

Control of neonatal PCV2-diarrhea in Denmark by vaccinating sows with Circovac(R) [RIS]
Uffe Nielsen

Efficacy of Ingelvac CircoFLEX(R) in face of maternal antibodies in a field trial in France [RIS]
B Grosse Liesner; F-X Orveillon; V Fachinger; J-P Denotte

Efficacy of PCV2 vaccination of pigs, dams, or both on pig performance [RIS]
R Edler; V Wilt; E Diaz; G Cline

Efficacy of Ingelvac CircoFLEX(R) in a herd with subclinical PCVAD [RIS]
K Bretey; E Diaz

A field trial to assess the efficacy of an inactivated subunit vaccine (Porcilis(R) PCV) against porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) in a Canadian pig herd with PCV2-associated disease [RIS]
Alberto Ruiz; Robert Friendship; Zvonimir Poljak; A. Francisco DeGrau; Frank Roerink; Tom Nell

A vaccination field trial to assess the use of one shot of Circumvent at weaning in comparison to a commercial one dose product side by side on a commercial pig herd suffering from severe porcine circovirus associated diseases (PCVAD) [RIS]
C. Dewey; Z. Poljak; R. Friendship

Effect of PCV2 vaccination on growth performance in a subclinically affected herd [RIS]
F-X. Orveillon; V. Fachinger; J-P Denotte

Vaccination against PCV2 versus tissue homogenate in finishing phase [RIS]
Ramirez, E.; Gonzalez, C.; Bidirinis, G.; Avendano, P.; Villarroel, P.; Cerda, J.; Lagos, F.

Potential mechanical and antiviral methods to insure PRRSV free semen [RIS]
T. Clement; L. Reister; E. Nelson; J. Christopher-Hennings

Experimental quantification of PRRSV transmission [RIS]
E. Mondaca-Fernandez; T. Meyns; A. Rovira; R. Morrison

Evaluation of the pathogenecity and transmissibility of a Chilean isolate of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus [RIS]
Ramirez E.; Moreno V.; Diaz N.; Osorio F.; Ruiz A.; Neira V.; Quezada M

Use of neutralizing specific avian antibodies against PRRSV to achieve stability in a commercial farm during 2005 - 2007 [RIS]
Herrera J.D.; Francos T. A; Lucio E; Chong C.; Morales A.

Serologic cross-reactivity between reference strains and field isolates representing different genetic clusters of H1N1 and H3N2 swine influenza virus [RIS]
Greg Nitzel1; Eric Wicklund; Vicki Rapp-Gabrielson; Marie Gramer; Jonathan Evans; Tracy Ricker; Jenifer Jeffers-Czach; Jeff Kula; Lucas Taylor; Steve Sornsen; Michael Kuhn

Comparison of hemagglutination inhibition (HI) and ELISA antibody titers of pigs vaccinated with different genetic clusters of H1N1 and H3N2 swine influenza virus [RIS]
Michael Kuhn; Marie Gramer; John Johnson; Greg Nitzel; Jonathan Evans; Eric Wicklund; Lucas Taylor; Jenifer Jeffers-Czach; Vicki Rapp-Gabrielson

Phylogenetic analysis of swine influenza viruses recently isolated from pigs in Korea [RIS]
C. S. Lee; D.S Song; B.K. Park; B.K. Kang

Efficacy of a swine influenza virus (SIV) vaccine in pigs challenged with heterologous reassortant H1N1 and H3N2 viruses [RIS]
Jenifer Jeffers-Czach; Gregory Nitzel; Eric Wicklund; Lucas Taylor; Nicole Ideus; Stephen Behan; Wanda Isaacson; Vicki J. Rapp-Gabrielson

Eradication of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae from a farrow to finish farm using partial depopulation [RIS]
Kazimierz Tarasiuk; Stanislaw Karbowiak; Krzysztof Rab

Comparison of 1 and 2 dose vaccination regimens using three currently licensed Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccines in pigs [RIS]
A Baysinger; D Polson; R Edler; R Philips; E Diaz

Ingelvac MycoFLEX(R) provides at least 26 weeks duration of immunity against M. hyopneumoniae [RIS]
M Piontkowski; W Ohnesorge; I von Richthofen

Performance of conventional health pigs vaccinated with Ingelvac MycoFLEX(R) or Suvaxyn(R) RespiFend [RIS]
J Kolb; D Johnson; E Diaz; R Edler

Efficacy evaluation of a Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae bacterin in a mixture with a porcine circovirus type 2 vaccine [RIS]
M Eichmeyer; M Roof; M Piontkowski; P Hayes; R Saltzman

Willingness to approach behavior and feed disappearance of weaned pigs following vaccination with Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccines [RIS]
T Fangman; D Baumert; P Dubois; R Edler

Rapid onset of protection of two weeks for a novel one dose Mycoplasma vaccine [RIS]
Marika Genzow; Martina von Freyburg; Carola Vyhmeister

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae efficacy and field safety evaluation of a 3-way Haemophilus parasuis/Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae combination bacterin [RIS]
Troy J. Kaiser; Therese K. Yonkers; Lucas P. Taylor; Rika Jolie

Efficacy of a 3-way Haemophilus parasuis/Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae combination vaccine in 3-week-old CDCD pigs [RIS]
Troy J. Kaiser; Therese K. Yonkers; Lucas P. Taylor; Rika Jolie

Serological behavior study of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (App) in swine commercial herds from the central region of Chile [RIS]
Quezada M; Munoz D; Ruiz A

Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae lesions produced in experimentally inoculated pigs with the serotype 5 (ATCC) and a field isolate [RIS]
Ruiz, A; Munoz, D; Neira, V; Islas, A; Diaz, N; Quezada, M

An economic evaluation of Ileitis intervention strategies [RIS]
JM Hammer; LG Luempert III; D Mechler; N Winkelman; D Holtkamp

European wide investigation on the economic impact of ileitis vaccination [RIS]
M. Adam; T. Hardge; H. Voets

Antagonistic activity of bacteriocins produced by Bacillus subtilis against Clostridium perfringens type A [RIS]
D. Rosener; A. Baker; T. Rehberger

Prevalence investigation of swine pathogens in the wild rodents and cats [RIS]
YH Kim; TW Seo; JY Yi; TW Hahn; HC Kim; JH Han; BI Yoon

Tail necrosis in piglets -- case report [RIS]
Santi, M.; Gheller, N.B.; Mores, T.J.; Marques, B.M.F.P.P.; Goncalves, M. A. D.; Gava, D.1; Zlotowski, P.; Driemeier, D.; Barcellos, D.E.S.N.

Sow performance and factors associated with a percentage of stillborn and mummified piglets at birth in commercial herds [RIS]
Y. Hoshino; Y. Koketsu

An association between age at first mating and lifetime reproductive performance in high-performing herds [RIS]
H. Saito; Y. Koketsu

Lifetime efficiency and culling interval in female pigs by culling reasons in breeding herds that were differently performing [RIS]
Y. Sasaki; Y. Koketsu

Sitting behavior in lactating sows was not related to longevity and lifetime performance [RIS]
Y. Hoshino; Y. Koketsu

Association between claw lesions and farrowing performance of sows [RIS]
S. S. Anil; L. Anil; J. Deen

Associations between claw lesions, reproductive performance, longevity, and postural behavior in prefarrowing female pigs and lactating sows on commercial farms [RIS]
M. Enokida; Y. Sasaki; Y. Hoshino; H. Saito; Y. Takai; Y. Koketsu

Evaluation of oxytetracylcline (Terramycin(R)) vs chlortetracycline feed medication in finishing swine [RIS]
B.R. Gramm, DVM

Effect of spray-dried plasma in diets fed to lactating sows on litter weight at weaning and subsequent farrowing rate [RIS]
J. D. Crenshaw; J. M. Campbell; L. E. Russell; J. P. Sonderman

Effect of an oligosaccharide-probiotic product on the growth rate of pigs in the prestarter and starter stages [RIS]
Chua Alfred E K; Aguirre Luna Miraflor N; Esquivel Cezar R; Rosana Albert R; Gaza Hazel L; Abaoag Angelito O

ACIDOMATRIX(TM) LowLac for reduced lactose nursery pig diets [RIS]
R.J. Harrell; B. V. Lawrence; R. A. Anderson; F. Navarro

Evaluation of welfare of gestating sows in conventional gestation stalls and in gestation stalls with widths defined by the sow height [RIS]
L. Anil; S. S. Anil; J. Deen

Evaluation of a swine veterinary-based syndromic surveillance system [RIS]
M. Rocio Amezcua, DVM, MSc, PhD; David L. Pearl DVM, MSc, PhD; Robert M. Friendship, DVM, MSc, Diplomate ABVP

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2007)

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Keynotes and General Session

Pijoan Lecture: Area spread of PRRSV: End of story? [RIS]
Scott A. Dee, DVM, PhD

Hanson Lecture: The science of pig production: Past, present, and future [RIS]
Steve S. Dritz, DVM, PhD, Mike D. Tokach, PhD, Robert D. Goodband, PhD, Joel M. DeRouchey, PhD, Jim L. Nelssen, PhD

Kernkamp Lecture: Global, local, and individual perspectives on porcine circovirus diseases (PCVD) [RIS]
Joaquim Segales, DVM, PhD

Essential Knowledge

Farm-level analysis, benefits, and constraints [RIS]
Ross Kiehne, DVM

Sow farm analysis at a system-level [RIS]
Spencer R. Wayne, DVM

Identifying opportunities for improvement, benefits, and constraints of records [RIS]
Leslie McCuiston, BS

Managing the growth process using real-time data [RIS]
Mike Brumm, DVM

Summarizing performance for a system: Benefits and constraints [RIS]
Brian Caldwell, DVM

Identifying opportunities for improvement [RIS]
Barry R. Kerkaert, DVM

Integrating production and financial systems [RIS]
Brad Freking, DVM, Meg Freking

Optimization in farrowing site production [RIS]
William L. Hollis, DVM

External comparisons for financial decision making [RIS]
Mark Greenwood

Linking levels of production [RIS]
Tom Stein, DVM, MS, PhD

Optimizing across levels [RIS]
Stephanie Rutten-Ramos

Optimization across requirements: Making a buck out of production data in real time [RIS]
Barb Frey, DVM

Advanced Knowledge

Neonatal pig diarrhea [RIS]
Kurt Rossow, DVM, PhD

?New? updates on ?old? pathogens: Escherichia coli and rotavirus [RIS]
Marie Gramer, Mark Knobbe, Darin Madson

Field experiences with Clostridium perfringens A diarrhea and options for treatment and prevention [RIS]
C. Scanlon Daniels, DVM, MBA

Using molecular characterization and genotyping to control neonatal and postnatal diarrhea [RIS]
Chris J. Rademacher, DVM, Deb Murray, DVM, Simone Oliveira, BSVM, PhD

Considerations, expectations, and evaluating alternative strategies to address health challenges: A practitioner?s approach [RIS]
Mark Wagner, DVM

Structured process for evaluating new products for production systems: Animal science perspective [RIS]
R. Dean Boyd, PhD, Marnie A. Mellencamp, PhD, Tara S. Donovan, DVM

Feed ingredients that improve health [RIS]
J.E. Pettigrew


Aerosol transmission of PRRSV: Application to the field [RIS]
Andrea Pitkin, John Deen, Scott Dee, DVM, PhD

Engineering air filtration systems of swine facilities [RIS]
Steve Pohl, PhD

Measuring and benchmarking disease risk with the PRRS risk assessment for the breeding herd [RIS]
D. Holtkamp, DVM, MS, D. Polson, DVM, MS, PhD

PRRSV persistence: Lessons from the big pig experiment [RIS]
R.M. Molina, J. Christopher-Hennings, E. Nelson, R. Hesse, J. Lunney, K.J. Yoon, R.R.R. Rowland, J.J. Zimmerman

Isolation variation and its role in pathogenicity and disease control: Why does FDAH?s Suvaxyn? PCV2 one dose vaccine work so well? [RIS]
Stephen Wu, Mike Gill, Hsien-Jue Chu

PCV2 isolate variation: Its role in pathogenicity and disease control [RIS]
C. Charreyre, DVM, MSc, F. Joisel

Summary of findings from a pilot study on vaccination of mature boars with porcine circovirus type 2 vaccine [RIS]
Keith R. Erlandson, DVM, MS, Joseph F. Connor, DVM, MS, Douglas D. Groth, DVM

Better defining the role of boar semen in porcine circovirus type 2 transmission [RIS]
T. Opriessnig, DVM, PhD, D.M. Madson, DVM, C. Kuster, DVM, PhD, P.G. Halbur, DVM, PhD

Cross-sectional and longitudinal studies of PCV2 infection in 4 boar studs [RIS]
Darwin L. Reicks, DVM, Peter R. Davies, PhD, Kurt Rossow, DVM, PhD

The ?Kansas Cluster? of severe PMWS cases [RIS]
Raymond (Bob) Rowland, PhD

Assessment of viral load in clinical and subclinical pigs naturally infected with the novel PCV2b: Implications for the control and prevention of PMWS/PCVD [RIS]
J.C. S. Harding, C. Auckland, A. Tumber, K.A. McIntosh, S. Parker, Y. Huang, D. Middleton, J. Hill, J. A. Ellis, S. Krakowka

PCV2: Experiences with sow and pig vaccination [RIS]
Joel Nerem, DVM

Production Science

Alternative flow strategies in sow farms [RIS]
James F. Lowe, DVM, MS, Erin E. Johnson, DVM

What is the optimum age for processing neonatal pigs? [RIS]
S. Torrey, N. Devillers, M. Lessard, C. Farmer, T. Widowski

A field trial of self feeders for weaned sows [RIS]
Mark Schwartz

A chute to trim sow claws [RIS]
John Deen, Sukumarannair S.Anil, Leena Anil, Samuel K. Baidoo

Making scale barns work [RIS]
Craig Pfeifer, DVM

Impact of auto-sort systems on pig welfare [RIS]
Janeen L. Salak-Johnson, PhD

Loading gantry versus traditional chute for the finisher pig: Effect on welfare parameters at time of marketing [RIS]
N. Berry, A. Johnson, J. Hill, T. Baas, L. Karriker, K. Stalder

The economics of sale decisions [RIS]
Barb Frey, DVM

A discussion on meat quality: A look at where we were and where we are now [RIS]
Leslie McCuiston, BS

Dealing with high corn prices [RIS]
J.E. Pettigrew

Recent Research Reports

Field trials to assess the performance of a conditionally licensed PCV2 vaccine in Canada. [RIS]
F. de Grau, B. Thacker, C. Francisco, W. Wilson, R. Schlueter, A. Eggen

The Effect of vaccination against PRRSV on quantitative PCV2 PCR results [RIS]
Marika Genzow, Kent Schwartz, Glenda Gonzalez, Gail Anderson, Wayne Chittick

Spray dried porcine plasma in nursery and grower feed reduces the severity of Porcine Circovirus associated diseases [RIS]
N. Mores, J.R. Ciacci-Zanella, A.L. Amara, A. Cordebella, GJMM Lima, M. Miele, E. Zanella, L.F.S. Range, E.S. Lima, M. Zancanaro

Genetic characteristics of porcine circovirus 2 isolates from pigs in farms with or without clinical post-weaning multi-systemic wasting syndrome [RIS]
KwangSoo Lyoo, HyeunBum Kim, and HanSoo Joo

Development of a quantification method to specific Anti-ORF2 antibody using a blocking ELISA [RIS]
S. Guillossou, E. Lebon, L. Mieli, M. Bonnard, D. Thomson

Comparative performance of barns of pigs vaccinated with Ingelvac CircoFLEX or other PCV2 vaccines [RIS]
J. Kolb, C. Beard, E. Diaz, R. Edler

First description of postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (PMWS) in Chile [RIS]
A. Ruiz, C. Gutierrez, C. Lecocq, E. Ramirez, J. Segales, M. Quezada

The detection of PCV 2 and PRRSV in the fattening pigs skin by immunohistochemistry [RIS]
Heesung Lim, Taewon Seo, Byungil Yoon, Jeonghee Han

Correlation of serum PCV2 quantitative PCR test results to tissue IHC lesion scores and mortality rates [RIS]
W. Chittick, G. Gonzalez, M. Genzow, E. Diaz

Efficacy of Ingelvac? CircoFLEX? in pigs vaccinated at 3 or 6 weeks of age in a PRRS and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae-negative production system [RIS]
G. Cline, V. Wilt, E. Diaz

Results obtained with a novel PCV2 vaccine to protect multiple ages of pigs against PCVAD [RIS]
R. Desrosiers, E. Clark, D. Tremblay, R. Tremblay, and D. Polson

PCV2 infection dynamics in vaccinated versus non-vaccinated groups of pigs from 5 farms [RIS]
E. Diaz, R. Edler, G. Gonzalez, W. Chittick, T. Holck

Use of cross-sectional serum quantitative PCR for profiling PCV2 infection dynamics [RIS]
G. Gonzalez, W. Chittick, M. Genzow, E. Diaz

Controlling PCV2 and co-infections to reduce the impact of PCVAD in growing pigs [RIS]
R. Jones, J. Kolb, G. Cline, R. Philips

Injection site histologic lesions induced by commercial PCV2 piglet vaccines [RIS]
R. Christmas, J. Kolb

An investigation into increased finishing mortality associated with uncomplicated PCV Type 2 infection: A case report [RIS]
V. Wilt, S. Patterson, G. Cline

Safety and attenuation of PRRSV strains genetically modified in the NSP2 region in young pigs [RIS]
T.J. Kaiser, K.P. Horlen, M. Keith, R. Jolie, L.P. Taylor, J.G. Calvert, R.R.R. Rowland

Seriological evaluation of two different schemes of mass herd vaccination using modified live vaccine (MLV) in a PRRSV control program [RIS]
J.R. Angulo, L. Batista, E. Diaz

PRRSV serologic and reproductive stability using live vaccine [RIS]
S.J.C. Chevez, J.A. Espinosa, E.J.R. Angulo, E.E.F. Diaz

Comparative infection efficiency of PRRSV field isolates on MA-104 cells or porcine alveolar macrophages [RIS]
Martha Fuentes de Abin, Gordon Spronk, Juan Abrahante and Michael P. Murtaugh

PRRSV vertical transmission dynamics in an endemically infected sow-herd [RIS]
Jean Paul Cano, Scott Dee, Albert Rovira, Robert Morrison

Impact of modified live PRRS virus vaccine for control of PRRS in an endemically infected continuous flow finish site [RIS]
R. Tubbs, J. Okones, R. Philips, R. Edler

Feasibility of pooled-sample testing for the detection of PRRSV antibodies on serum samples by ELISA [RIS]
Albert Rovira, Jean Paul Cano, Claudia Munoz-Zanzi

Efficacy of mycoplasma hyopneumoniae bacterin against two pathogenic mycoplasma hyopneumoniae field isolates [RIS]
Erin Strait, Vicki Rapp-Gabrielson, Barbara Erickson , Therese Yonkers, Rob Keich, Rika Jolie, Eileen Thacker

Evaluation of tulathromycin injectable solution for the treatment of experimentally-induced Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae pneumonia in pigs [RIS]
Jim Bradford, Robert Nutsch

The effect of cross-fostering on the transfer of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae maternal immunity from the sow to the offspring [RIS]
M. Pieters, M. Bandrick, C. Pijoan, S. Baidoo, T. Molitor

Progress toward eradication of classical swine fever and Aujeszky?s disease in Mexico [RIS]
Norma Sierra-Romero, Jorge Valencia, Arturo Cabrera

Clostridium difficile prevalence in an integrated swine operation in Texas [RIS]
R.B. Harvey, M.E. Hume, K.N. Norman, H.M. Scott, K. Andrews, J.D. Martin, R.C. Anderson, and D.J. Nisbet

In vitro assessment of the effectiveness of the disinfectant Stalosan-F? against Lawsonia intracellularis [RIS]
S. Wattanaphansak, R. Singer, R. Isaacson, J. Deen, C. Gebhart

Claw lesions predict lameness in breeding sows [RIS]
Leena Anil, Sukumarannair S. Anil and John Deen

The use of Pulmotil, herd closure, and serum inoculation in a 1500 sow iso-wean facility to eradicate PRRS, Mycoplasma hyopneumonia, and Pasturella Multocida Type A [RIS]
Todd E. Williams

Effects of thymol and diphenyliodonium chloride, inhibitors of amino acid fermentation, against Campylobacter in vitro; disruption of Campylobacter?s amino acid fermentation niche [RIS]
R.C. Anderson, N.A. Krueger, R.B. Harvey, T.R. Callaway, T.S. Edrington and D.J. Nisbet

Economic impact of Enterisol? Ileitis in clinical and subclinical herds [RIS]
M. Adam

Ileitis and its impact on pig feed efficiency [RIS]
G. Behrens, M. Adam

Administration of medicated water to weaned piglets using a Maxi-Tolva [RIS]
D. Strachan1, S. Combelles-Perrot, S. Langlois d'Estaintot, R. Jagu, M. Adam

Experience with Enterisol? ileitis under pre-wean administration [RIS]
P.H. Rathkjen, T. Trela, H. Voets, M. Adam

Simplified seroprofiling approach for Lawsonia vaccination scheduling [RIS]
E. Sanford, D. MacDougald, D. Walter, J. Husa, B. Keeble, J. Blythe

Association of parity, body condition and lactation feed intake with claw integrity in sows [RIS]
Sukumarannair S. Anil, Leena Anil, John Deen

A field study of relationships between salivary progesterone concentrations, backfat thickness, and reproductive performance in sows weaned one litter and nursed sows [RIS]
Y. Takai, Y. Tanaka, Y. Koketsu

An occurrence of decreased numbers of pigs born alive in parity 2 in sows and in herds for five years [RIS]
H. Saito, Y. Koketsu

Sows having high lifetime efficiency and high longevity associated with herd productivity [RIS]
Y. Sasaki, Y. Koketsu

Sow and herd factors associated with sow mortality in commercial herds [RIS]
Y. Koketsu, Y. Sasaki

Reducing antimicrobial use in pig production by vaccination [RIS]
H. Voets, T. Hardge

Exploring disease transmission risk through network analysis [RIS]
S.R. Wayne, P.R. Davies

Impact of increased lactation length on reproductive efficiency of sows in commercial herds using early weaning and conventional weaning [RIS]
Y. Hoshino, Y. Koketsu

Evaluating the addition of a Bacillus-based direct-fed microbial and/or carbadox to nursery pig diets on growth performance [RIS]
B.P. Corrigan, M.E. Davis, G.S. Grinstead, D.D. Koehler, T.G. Rehberger

Performance of weaned piglets as affected by phytogenics or antibiotics [RIS]
T. Steiner, A. Kroismayr, R.C. Sulabo, M.D. Tokach, F. Neher

Successful weaning of piglets without AGPs using a combination of acidifier and phytogenics [RIS]
Christian Luckstadt, Tobias Steiner, Fergus Neher

Drinker to nursery pigs ratio: Effects on drinking behavior and performance [RIS]
Larry Sadler, Jill Garvey, Tony Uhlenkamp, Roy Edler, Tyler Holck, Paul DuBois, Anna Johnson

The preferences of young piglets for different styles of drinkers [RIS]
S. Torrey, E.L. Toth, M. Widowski

A comparison of selected swine production and management parameter estimates between the National Animal Health Monitoring System?s (NAHMS) Swine 2006 and Swine 2000 national surveys [RIS]
C.A. Haley, G.W. Hill

Occurrence of various mycotoxins in DDGS samples worldwide [RIS]
Ursula Hofstetter

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2006)

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Keynotes and General Session

Comparative advantages of pork production around the world [RIS]
Brian J Knudson, PhD

Lost in translation: why consumers don't understand and don't trust what we tell them about issues in animal agriculture [RIS]
Charlie Arnot, BJourn

The paradox of increasing mortality and health expenditures (Hanson Lecture) [RIS]
W.T. Christianson, DVM, PhD

Pathogens as their role evolves: a view from the diagnostic laboratory (Kernkamp Lecture) [RIS]
James E. Collins, DVM, PhD

Essential Knowledge

Essential knowledge: respiratory disease in the growing pig-innate immune response [RIS]
Simone Oliveira, DVM. MSc, PhD

Warm, dry, and draft free [RIS]
Michael Eisenmenger, DVM

Swine respiratory disease [RIS]
Kurt Rossow DVM, PhD

Respiratory disease in the growing pig: selecting materials for submission and making the diagnosis [RIS]
Marie Gramer, DVM

Considerations and recommendations for treating respiratory disease [RIS]
Tom Wetzell, DVM

Respiratory disease prevention and control [RIS]
Todd Distad, DVM

Advanced Knowledge

Swine influenza virus: the only constant is change [RIS]
Marie Gramer, DVM

My flu dilemma: H3N2 introduction into the negative swine population of Ontario (coinciding with increasing PCVD) [RIS]
Doug MacDougald, DVM

My flu dilemma: Minnesota [RIS]
Mark Wagner, DVM

Influenza vaccine research at the National Animal Disease Center [RIS]
Amy L. Vincent, DVM, Juergen A. Richt, DVM, Ronald D. Wesley, DVM, Dr. Kelly M. Lager, DVM

Maternal transfer of immunity: role in Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae [RIS]
T. Molitor, PhD, M. Bandrick, BS, M. Pieters, DVM, C. Pijoan, DVM, PhD

Transmission of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae: how long can it last? [RIS]
M. Pieters, DVM, E. Fano, DVM, MSc, S. Dee, DVM, PhD, C. Pijoan, DVM, PhD

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae eradication in a large system: strategies and techniques [RIS]
Paul Schneider, DVM

Personal experience with Actinobacillus suis [RIS]
Luc Dufresne, D.V.M., Dipl of ABVP

Actinobacillus suis: a description of one integrated system's field challenges [RIS]
Darin Madson, DVM

Actinobacillus suis: an update on genotyping and antibiotic susceptibility [RIS]
Simone Oliveira, DVM. MSc, PhD


Alternative filters for boars [RIS]
Darwin L. Reicks, DVM

Descriptive analysis of prevalent winds in cases of suspected airborne transmission of PRRS virus between pig farms [RIS]
Enrique Mondaca-Fernández, Montserrat Torremorell, Robert B. Morrison, DVM, PhD

An update on PRRSV aerobiology research [RIS]
Joseph Hermann, MS, Kyoung-Jin Yoon, DVM, PhD, Steve Hoff, PhD, Claudia Munoz-Zanzi, PhD, Jeff Zimmerman, DVM, PhD

Novel disease surveillance systems to support regional disease control in swine [RIS]
Peter R. Davies, BVSc, PhD, Spencer Wayne DVM, Jerry Torrison DVM, MS, PhD, Brad de Groot DVM, PhD, David Wray MA

Porcine circovirus-associated disease in Kansas [RIS]
S.C. Henry, and, L.M. Tokach

PMWS treatment and control: The European approach [RIS]
Antonio Palomo Yagüe, DVM, MS, PhD, MRCVS

PMWS interventions preventive measures: Canadian approach [RIS]
Julie Ménard, Agr, DVM

PMWS treatment & control: Asian approach [RIS]
HanSoo Joo, DVM, PhD

What we know and do not know about PMWS [RIS]
Joaquim Segalés, DVM, PhD, Montserrat Torremorell, DVM, PhD

Production and diagnostic findings in problem herds where control of the resident virus is difficult to achieve: field observations and data [RIS]
Gordon D. Spronk, DVM, Scott Dee, DVM, MS, PhD,Dipl ACVM

A summary of PRRS virus diagnostic and research data [RIS]
Michael P. Murtaugh, Colleen Finnegan, Martha Fuentes, Craig Johnson, Wanqin Yu, Juan Abrahante, Barry Kerkaert, Gordon Spronk, Mark Wagner, Mark Fitzsimmons

Evaluation of PRRSV mass vaccination to reduce the impact of the virus on infected populations [RIS]
Jean Paul Cano, DVM, Scott Dee DVM, MS, PhD, Dipl ACVM, Carlos Pijoan, DVM, PhD

Public Issues

The political situation surrounding antimicrobial use in agriculture [RIS]
Liz Wagstrom, DVM, MS, DACVPM

Ecology of antibacterial resistance [RIS]
Randall S. Singer, DVM, MPVM, PhD

Management of Antibiotic Free Pigs [RIS]
Lisa J. Becton, D.V.M.

Interspecies transmission of influenza to swine: bird flu or you? [RIS]
Gene Erickson, DVM, PhD

Pain detection in swine [RIS]
Leena Anil, Sukumarannair S. Anil, John Deen

Measuring and monitoring welfare : irritation, housing and management [RIS]
Dr. Yuzhi Li

What is sickness motivation, and why does it matter? [RIS]
Dr. Suzanne T. Millman, BSc (Agr), PhD


Impacts of wean age on the farm [RIS]
Leslie McCuiston, BS; Pork Food Scientist, Cargill Meat Solutions

Managing pig flow, pig spaces, facility utilization, and new construction to maximize profitability in a large system [RIS]
Eric Christianson, DVM

An in-depth analysis of the effects of facility types on production parameters within a large production system [RIS]
Chris Rademacher, DVM

Weaning 11 pigs per sow and increasing wean weight: protocols and techniques [RIS]
Jill Kerber-Aldous, MS, Gustavo Pizarro, DVM, Gordon D. Spronk, DVM

Monitoring gilt performance and retention as inputs to overall sow productivity [RIS]
Neil DeBuse, DVM

How we improved total born in our 100,000 sow production system [RIS]
Chris Lawson, BS, Neil Booth, ANCA, Don Down, MS

The great divide: optimizing weaning strategy to satisfy both breeder and finisher requirements [RIS]
Barb Frey, DVM

Analysis of farrowing induction [RIS]
Mark Schwartz

Impact of season on reproduction [RIS]
Mark Wilson, MS, PhD

Impact of season on production: transport losses [RIS]
Mike Ellis, PhD, Matt Ritter, MS

Recent Research Reports

Abstracts including NPB Research Abstracts

A pilot study to assess the ability of PRRSV to travel over a designated distance using a tube model. [RIS]
Jenny Cho-MacSwain, Eduardo Fano, Andrea Pitkin, Scott Dee

Aerosol transmission of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome virus, an application to the field: Preliminary data [RIS]
Andrea Pitkin, Rodger Moon

PRRSV serologic studies in Brazil [RIS]
Costa, A.T.R.; Osório, F.A. Reis, R.; Ferreira, H.B.

PRRSv stabilization and control using modified-live vaccine, herd closure, and routine serology [RIS]
J Husa, G Anderson, N Argabright, M Carlson, R Philips, JT Holck

Impact of modified-live PRRS vaccine for control of PRRSV in nursery pigs [RIS]
R Philips, JT Holck, G Anderson

Concurrent administration of Ingelvac® PRRS MLV and Ingelvac® M.hyo - proof of lack of interference [RIS]
Marika Genzow, Gabriele Schagemann, Ulrike Sent

Evaluation of efficacy of swine influenza virus subtype H3N2 vaccine in providing protection against heterologous challenge [RIS]
Randy Davis, Brad Eddy, Huchappa Jayappa, Diane Sweeney and Terri Wasmoen

Protocol to investigate the impact of PCV2-associated disease in growing pigs [RIS]
J Kolb, K Okkinga, N Henke, G Anderson

Assessment of PCv2 strategy box to attempt PCV AD control at a farm level [RIS]
Angulo JR, Rodríguez JC, Díaz E., Hernández J, Quijano M, Noh M, Gonzalez P.

Cellular immune response in piglets following sow vaccination with Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae [RIS]
Meggan Bandrick, Maria Pieters, Carlos Pijoan, Thomas Molitor

Effect of an immune modulator on pig performance and vaccination against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae [RIS]
Eduardo Fano; Carlos Pijoan Swine Disease Eradication Center, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN

Assessing the Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infection pattern in a sow herd following an increase in the replacement rate [RIS]
Eduardo Fano; Carlos Pijoan

Detection pattern of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae DNA in experimentally infected pigs [RIS]
Maria Pieters and Carlos Pijoan

Effect of sow and piglets vaccination against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae on serology and lung quality [RIS]
A. Palzer , C. Strauß, M. Ritzmann, K. Heinritzi

Influence of maternal antibodies on Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccines [RIS]
M. Ritzmann, K. Lillie, A. Palzer, K. Heinritzi

Comparison of humoral antibody titers following intramuscular or transcutaneous administration of Suvaxyn Mh One, a novel Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccine [RIS]
Johanne Elsener DVM, MSc and Charles Surprenant DVM

Effect of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccination on the economic performance of pigs co-infected with M. hyopneumoniae and Porcine Circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) [RIS]
VJ Rapp-Gabrielson, T. Hoover , S. Sornsen , L. Kesl , L. Taylor, R. Jolie, P. Runnels, E. Thacker, and P. Halbur

Infection dynamics of Lawsonia intracellularis in sows and suckling pigs: Preliminary results [RIS]
Markku Johansen, Poul Bækbo , Henriette Toft Boesen Tim.K. Jensen, Peter Ahrens

Simplified seroprofiling approach for Lawsonia vaccination scheduling [RIS]
E Sanford, D MacDougald, D Walter, J Husa, B Keeble, J Blythe

Molecular analysis and diversity of pathogenic Clostridium perfringens and Clostridium difficile among neonatal pigs in the Midwest [RIS]
A. Baker, K. Novak, E. Davis, R. Moser, M. Englehart, D. Webel, A. Veldkamp, T. Rehberger, and D. Rosener

Tulathromycin MIC interpretive criteria and in vitro susceptibility for swine respiratory pathogens [RIS]
Jim Bradford DVM, Ellen S. Portis, Cindy J. Lindeman

Removal of dietary antimicrobials during oral vaccination does not decrease wean-to-finish productivity [RIS]
B Lawrence, R Edler, K Schwartz, D Walter, T Holck, M Musselman

IMPACT of Stafac®(Virginiamycin) on performance of heat-stressed finishing pigs [RIS]
B.R.Gramm, R.D.Nimmo, G.L.Allee

An evaluation of liquid feeding immediately post-weaning to improve the performance of the lightest pigs within a nursery group [RIS]
J Bergstrom and D McKilligan

The effect of the addition of alternative protein sources to swine nursery diets on pig performance [RIS]
B. P. Corrigan, G. S. Grinstead, and D. D. Koehler.

Effect of offering supplementary creep feed to nursing piglets on pre-weaning growth and subsequent nursery performance [RIS]
C. Froese, M.Young, D.Balcaen

Positive effect on litter size when first-party sows were fed diets containing a combination of organic and inorganic trace minerals [RIS]
Gustavo J. M. M. Lima , Fábio Catunda, William Close, Luiz C. Ajala, Fernando Rutz

Analysis of sow mortality among breeding sows in Spanish pig herds [RIS]
Palomo, A.

Use of path analysis to evaluate seasonal differences in herd born alive [RIS]
Stephanie Rutten-Ramos, DVM; John Deen, DVM, MS, PhD

Low environmental temperatures: A trigger for disease in swine in Denmark. [RIS]
Uffe Nielsen, DVM.

Non-Tariff Barriers used as a ban that strikes the swine industry [RIS]
MSc. Norma Sierra-Romero and MSc. Jorge E. Valencia y López

Factors associated with shoulder lesions in breeding sows [RIS]
Anil, S.S., Anil, L. and Deen, J.

Changes in the severity of claw lesions over a parity cycle in breeding sows [RIS]
Anil, S.S., Anil, L. and Deen, J.

Drinking behavior of nursery pigs for oral vaccine administration [RIS]
Roy A. Edler, J. Tyler Holck, Brad V. Lawrence, Robert G. Baker, Anna K. Johnson,

Evaluation of the effect of group size and structure on welfare of gestating sows in pens with electronic sow feeders (ESFs) [RIS]
L.Anil., J. Deen., S.S.Anil, S.K. Baidoo and R.D.Walker

Impact of animal management and transportation factors on transport losses in market weight pigs [RIS]
M.J. Ritter, M. Ellis, C.R. Bertelsen, R. Bowman, J. Brinkmann, J.M. DeDecker, O. Mendoza, C.M. Murphy, D.G. Orellana, B.A. Peterson, A. Rojo, J.M. Schlipf, and B.F. Wolter

Factors Affecting the Behavior of Early-Weaned Piglets [RIS]
Tina Widowski, PhD and Stephanie Torrey, PhD

Development of Pork Production Specific Occupational Safety Materials [RIS]
Liz Wagstrom, DVM, MS, DACVPM

Effect of seasonal environment, on-farm handling intensity, transport stocking density, and time in lairage on digestive tract temperature and stress hormone level of market pigs [RIS]
Eric P. Berg, Ph.D; Chadwick Carr, MS

Characterization of cull sows harvested in the U.S. [RIS]
K.J. Stalder, M. Knauer, L. Karriker, T.J. Baas, C. Johnson, T. Serenius, L. Layman, J. W. Mabry, and J.D. McKean

Performance and economic evaluation of feeding cull sows [RIS]
R. Fitzgerald, K.J. Stalder, L. Karriker, M. Knauer, C. Johnson, T.J. Baas, L. Layman, and J. W. Mabry

Discovery and validation of genetic markers for sow longevity [RIS]
B.E. Mote and M.F. Rothschild

Effects of selection for rapid growth on fresh pork quality [RIS]
C. E. Wagner, E. Huff-Lonergan, M. F. Rothschild, A. A. Sosnicki, S. B. Jungst, J. Prusa, and S. M. Lonergan

An assessment of three sanitation protocols for PRRSV-positive transport vehicles [RIS]
Scott Dee DVM, MS, PhD, DACVM

Use of tonsilar crypt exudate as an antemortum technique to evaluate PRRSv shedding and transmission in MLV or LVI inoculated pigs [RIS]
Thomas J. Fangman DVM, MS, DABVP; Steve B. Kleiboeker, DVM, PhD

Measuring and benchmarking disease risk with the PRRS risk assessment tool for the breeding herd [RIS]
D. Holtkamp, D. Polson, J. Kjaer, R. Philips, D. Spiess

Measurement of serum concentrations resulting from administration of orally administered acetylsalicylic acid and sodium salicylate in swine through water medication systems [RIS]
Locke A. Karriker, DVM, MS, DACVPM; Abby R. Patterson; Michael D. Apley, DVM, PhD, DACVCP; Paula M. Imerman, MS, PhD.

Effectiveness of transdermal, needle-free injections for reducing pork carcass defects [RIS]
Joseph G. Sebranek, Terry A. Houser, Brad J. Thacker, Thomas J. Baas, Dachrit Nilubol, Eileen L. Thacker, David L. Cook, Frank Kruse

Determination of the pharmacokinetics of procaine penicillin in swine administered by intramuscular injection and with a needleless injection device [RIS]
Mike Apley, DVM, PhD, DACVCP; Brad Thacker, DVM, PhD, MBA, DABVP-SHM; Paula Imerman, PhD; Walter Hyde, PhD

Oral sodium chlorate, topical disinfection and weaning age modify Salmonella enterica shedding in pigs. [RIS]
Prapas Patchanee, Thomas D. Crenshaw, Peter B. Bahnson

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2005)

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Kernkamp lecture: Rights, lies, and videotape [RIS]
John Deen, Leena Anil, Sukumarannair S. Anil

The use of comprehensive management systems to effectively manage environmental and animal welfare within today’s swine industry: Use of third-party verification [RIS]
Don Butler, Director of Government Relations and Public Affairs

Hanson lecture: Biosecurity and studs [RIS]
Joseph F. Connor, DVM, MS

The link between human and swine health: The challenge of emerging and re-emerging diseases in an era of changing ecosystems and swine management practices [RIS]
Marguerite Pappaioanou, DVM, MPVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVPM

Biosecurity for Transport, Aerosols, and Boar Studs

A systems approach to disinfection, drying, and monitoring of pig transport vehicles [RIS]
Joel Nerem, DVM

Update on Thermal Assisted Drying and Decontamination (TADD) Systems [RIS]
Robert W. Thompson, DVM, MS

The influence of animal age, bacterial co-infection and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) isolate pathogenicity on virus load in individual pigs [RIS]
Jenny Cho, BA, Scott Dee, DVM, MS, PhD, Dipl ACVM, John Deen, DVM, MS, PhD, Dipl ABVP, Kay Faaberg, BA, PhD

An update on current research in PRRS virus aerobiology [RIS]
Joseph Hermann, MS, Kyoung-Jin Yoon, DVM, PhD, Steve Hoff, PhD, Anna Burkhardt, Jeff Zimmerman, DVM, PhD

A quantitative approach to sampling studs [RIS]
Albert Rovira, DVM, MS, Claudia Mu–oz-Zanzi, MV, MPVM, PhD

An overview of blood collection strategies for boar studs [RIS]
Darwin L. Reicks, DVM

An evaluation of air filtration alternatives for reducing the risk of aerosol transmission of PRRS virus [RIS]
Scott Dee, DVM, MS, PhD, Dipl ACVM, John Deen, DVM, MS, PhD, Dipl ABVP, Carlos Pijoan, DVM, PhD


Defense of gut mucosal surfaces in the weaned pig: An overview [RIS]
David R. Brown, PhD

Weaning a pig with a healthy gut: Nutrition [RIS]
Steve S. Dritz, Mike D. Tokach, Robert D. Goodband, Jim L. Nelssen, Joel M. DeRouchey

Diagnosis and Control of Common Weaned Pig Gut Diseases [RIS]
Jeff Feder, DVM

Post weaning diarrhea in swine [RIS]
Kurt Rossow, DVM, PhD

An antimicrobial targeting toolbox for the swine practitioner [RIS]
Mike Apley, DVM, PhD, DACVCP

Field Experiences in Post-Weaning Diarrhea and Specific Disease Treatments [RIS]
William L. Hollis, DVM

Selecting materials for submission and making the diagnosis [RIS]
Cameron Schmitt, DVM, MS

Recording epidemiologic information [RIS]
Jerry Torrison, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVPM

Comparing options to make a recommendation [RIS]
Steve Dudley, DVM

Emergence of reassortant influenza viruses: Academic folly or clinically relevant? [RIS]
Marie Gramer

The role of influenza on growing pig performance [RIS]
Tara S. Donovan, DVM

Considerations in managing type A influenza virus in swine populations [RIS]
James F Lowe, DVM, MS

Evaluation of the ability of vaccines to cross-protect against a serologically and genetically diverse H3N2 virus variant [RIS]
JeeHoon Lee, Marie Gramer, HanSoo Joo

Quantification of the spread of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in nursery pigs and effect of virulence difference between isolates [RIS]
D. Maes, T. Meyns, J. Dewulf, J. Vicca, F. Haesebrouck, A. de Kruif

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae prevalence at weaning as a predictor of the group’s subsequent Mycoplasma status [RIS]
Eduardo Fano, DVM, MSc; Carlos Pijoan, DVM, PhD, Scott Dee, DVM, MS, PhD, Dipl. ACVM

A controversial view of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae epidemiology [RIS]
Carlos Pijoan, DVM, PhD

Emerging diseases: Why this is important to our industry [RIS]
Robyn Fleck, DVM, Kathy Orloski, DVM, MS, DACVPM

Foreign animal disease diagnostician investigation of a disease incident involving a central nervous system (CNS) syndrome in finisher pigs [RIS]
William L. Hartmann, DVM, MS

Enterovirus type 1 infection in a Minnesota swine herd 2004-2005 [RIS]
Michael Strobel DVM, MS


Efficiency of pork production: A USA, Canada, and Ireland comparison [RIS]
M. Young

Recognizing the characteristics of our new dam lines [RIS]
George Foxcroft, Eduardo Beltranena, Jenny Patterson, Noel Williams

Successful and unsuccessful puberty induction in gilts: A case study [RIS]
Gordon D. Spronk, DVM, Gustavo Pizarro, DVM

Relationship between piglet birth weight and growth performance: Implications for system management [RIS]
Bradley F. Wolter, PhD

Impact of reduced frequency of gilt introductions [RIS]
Gary F. Louis, PhD

Management tools to assist in monitoring feed use at sow farms [RIS]
Jill Kerber Aldous, Gordon D. Spronk, DVM

Early weaned pig care in large system: Back to basics [RIS]
Eric Christianson

The impact of gestation feeding on sow performance [RIS]
Nick Holden

Illustrating a partial budgeting tool to describe the effect of lactation space and lactation space management on net revenue for a multi-site production [RIS]
Rodger G. Main, DVM, PhD, Steve S. Dritz, DVM, PhD, Mike D. Tokach, PhD, Robert D. Goodband, PhD, Kevin C. Dhuyvetter, PhD, Jim L. Nelssen, PhD

PRRS: Production bane or boom? [RIS]
Lisa J. Becton, DVM

Financial model evaluating five-month sow farm closures [RIS]
Dave Wade, Dr. Tara Donovan, Joe Bradford, Rose Rott

Farm enterprises rates of return and cost of production [RIS]
Steve Malakowsky, Sr. Financial Services Executive

Benchmarking: Sow productivity and PigCHAMP [RIS]
Stephanie Rutten, DVM, John Deen, DVM, MS, PhD, Dipl ACVP

Benchmarking health [RIS]
Spencer R. Wayne, DVM

Public Issues

Transport losses: Causes and solutions [RIS]
Mike Ellis, BS, PhD, Matt Ritter BS, MS

Population and truck level factors involved in in-transit death of finishing pigs in Ontario in 2001 and 2004 [RIS]
Charles Haley, DVM, MS, Cate Dewey, DVM, PhD, Tina Widowski, PhD, R.M. Friendship, DVM, MSc

Factors associated with the incidence of mortality during transport of market hogs [RIS]
Chris Rademacher, Peter Davies

Association between conformation at selection and retention through P2 [RIS]
Karina I. Tiranti, BS, PhD, Robert B. Morrison, DVM, MBA, PhD

Characterization of claw lesions in gestating sows [RIS]
Sukumarannair S.Anil, Leena Anil, John DeenA., Samuel K. BaidooB., Roger D.WalkerB

Growth Promotant Antimicrobials (GPA’s) used in pork production: Are they worth it? [RIS]
Dale Polson, DVM, PhD

Enhancing intestinal function of monogastrics [RIS]
S. K. Baidoo, MS, PhD, G. He, PhD, C. Ariza-Nieto

Ongoing lessons from Danish Ôexperiments’ [RIS]
Peter Davies, BVSc, PhD

The science behind the space allocation decision for nursery and grow-finish facilities [RIS]
Dr. Michael C. Brumm

Economic analysis of pig space: Comparison of production system impacts [RIS]
Brian Buhr, Derald Holtkamp, Michael Brumm, James Kliebenstein

Effect of stocking density on average daily gain and welfare of grow finish pigs [RIS]
Leena Anil., Sukumarannair S.Anil., John Deen


Mapping of Genes Expressed in Activated Porcine Peyer’s Patch [RIS]
Beth S. Thompson, Gail H. Flickinger, Julie A. Hendrickson, et al.

Clostridium perfringens: Lesions and Associated pathogens [RIS]
Seth R. Baker, Marie R.Gramer, Robert B. Morrison

Lack of interference between three oral attenuated bacterial swine vaccines [RIS]
J Kroll, C Ohnesorge, K Burkhart, et al.

Antimicrobial Resistance of Enteric Bacteria from an Integrated Population of Swine and Humans [RIS]
R.B. Harvey, H.M. Scott, T.L. Poole

Pilot study for the application of Thermo-Assisted Drying and Decontamination to livestock transportation trailers and its effect on bacterial counts [RIS]
Pieters M, Thompson R, Torremorell M

Comparative safety of two Salmonella choleraesuis vaccines in swine [RIS]
J Husa, R Edler, R Saltzman, et al.

The decay of maternally derived humoral antibody against Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae [RIS]
G Cline, JT Holck, J Swart, et al.

Efficacy evaluation of Draxxin in an acute outbreak of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae type 2 among weaner pigs in Denmark. [RIS]
Uffe Nielsen, DVM., Gorm Nybroe,DVM

A meta-analysis on Lung lesions in pigs at slaughter in Brittany (France) Results Obtained with Different Mycoplasma Vaccines [RIS]
P Tessier, M Genzow, T Holck

Efficacy of FluSureâ against challenge with heterologous reassortant swine influenza H1N1 viruses [RIS]
VJ Rapp-Gabrielson, E Wicklund and M Ficken

Ileitis prevention by oral vaccination – European experiences [RIS]
T Hardge, C Maala, K Elbers, et al.

Cross-Sectional Serology Study Against Lawsonia intracellularis in Mexico [RIS]
Angulo JR, Diaz E.,Chevez JC

Determining the Efficacy of Tylan as an Intervention in a Lawsonia intracellularis Challenge Model Designed to Create Subclinical Ileitis [RIS]
G Pelger, T Armstrong, N Winkelman

Use of Enterisol® Ileitis in suckling pigs [RIS]
J Okones, D Dutler, D Walter, et al.

Homogeneity among Lawsonia intracellularis isolates [RIS]
DGE Smith, M Roof, D Walter

Expression of recombinant Lawsonia intracelluaris proteins [RIS]
T. Asawakarn , A. Nuntaprasert, K. Kaur, et al.

Development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the diagnosis of porcine proliferative enteropathy [RIS]
S. Wattanaphansak, T. Asawakarn, J. Deen, et al.

Development and evaluation of a field PRRS virus antibody test in swine sera [RIS]
E. Mende and H.S. Joo

Prairie Dog (Cynomys ludovicianus) is not a Host for Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus [RIS]
Michael P. Murtaugh, Martha Fuentes, Wanqin Yu, et al.

Case Report: Immunological, Virological and Clinical Outcomes in a Controlled PRRSV Exposure in a PRRS-Positive Breeding Herd [RIS]
Michael P. Murtaugh, Craig R. Johnson, Wanqin Yu, et al.

Following the litters at farrowing, wean and in site 2 from a sow herd with serum inoculation at mild gestation: Clinical Case [RIS]
Carlos Trincado, Monserrat Torremorel, Gordon Spronk, et al.

Evaluation of infection capacity and transmission of PRRS virus in experimentally inoculated pigs with the Chilean isolated: preliminary results of lesion and immunohistochemical aspects [RIS]
E. Ramírez, A. Ruiz, A. Islas, et al.

Study of infection and transmission capacity of the PPRS virus in experimentally infected animals with the Chilean isolated: preliminary results of the virologic studies [RIS]
A. Ruiz, D. Muñoz, L. Cerda, et al.

Ingelvac®PRRS MLV- Safety and Efficacy in sows under European field conditions [RIS]
M Genzow, G Schagemann, S Pesch, et al.

Niche Swine Populations in Minnesota: Understanding 4-H pigs [RIS]
Spencer R. Wayne, DVM; Carissa Schloesser; Peter Davies, BVSc, PhD

Livestock Issues Resource Centre – An Information Resource for the Pork Industry [RIS]
Lee Whittington

Mexican swine producers and researchers join strategies in an effort to unify the national pork food chain [RIS]
Norma Sierra-Romero, Jorge E. Valencia y López

Norsvin® Continuous Improvement of Landrace Productivity [RIS]
B. Holm and R. Rekaya

Oregano Essential oils (OEO) supplementation and its effect on reproductive performance of sow, growth pattern of piglets and their immune measurements [RIS]
C. Ariza-Nieto, M. Bandrick, T.W. Molitor, et al.

The Addition of Mannan Oligosaccharides to Nursery Pig Diets Improves Performance [RIS]
B. P. Corrigan, G. S. Grinstead, D. D. Koehler

Determination of the Energy Value of StafacÒ (Virginiamycin) in Finishing Pig Diets [RIS]
A.M.Gaines, G.L.Allee, B.W.Ratliff, et al.

Boron Supplementation Prevents Osteochondrosis in Growing Swine [RIS]
E. Wayne Johnson DVM, Phil J.Petersen PhD, Todd Burrus BS, et al.

A field study on associations of suckling, eating, and postural behaviors for 24 h with reproductive performance of lactating sows in Japan [RIS]
Y. Tanaka and Y. Koketsu

Opportunity breeding-female pigs for improving herd productivity on commercial farms in Japan [RIS]
Y. Takai and Y. Koketsu

Evaluation and viability of two washing protocols for oocytes after culture with PRRSV, PCV-2 and PPV by PCR; preliminary results [RIS]
Jolaine Roycewicz, Carlos Trincado, Scott Dee, et al.

Physiological effects and semen quality changes in boars treated with PGF2? [RIS]
Grau AF DVM DVSc, Ruiz A DVM , Wilson ME PhD, et al.

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2004)

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General Session

What baseball can teach us about raising pigs (Hanson Lecture) [RIS]
Gordon D. Spronk, DVM

New implications for packer contracts [RIS]
Brian L. Buhr, PhD

The future of PRRS in North America: What will the next decade bring? [RIS]
Scott Dee DVM MS PhD Dipl; ACVM

Managing swine health at an industry level: Current strategies for old and new diseases (Kernkamp Lecture) [RIS]
Jan Dahl, DVM, Head of Veterinary R&D


Swine immune responses to viral infection [RIS]
Michael P. Murtaugh, Ph.D.

Immune responses to extracellular bacteria [RIS]
Albert Rovira, DVM, MS

Atypical immune responses to bacterial pathogens in pigs [RIS]
Simone Oliveira, DVM, MS, Ph.D

Ileitis: What we know about immunity!? [RIS]
Mike Roofa, Jeremy Krolla, Connie Gebhartb

New epidemiology findings [RIS]
John Deen

Molecular epidemiology of Lawsonia intracellularis [RIS]
D.C. Beckler, MS; V.Kapur, Ph.D.; C.J. Gebhart, Ph.D.

Update on the USDA PRRS integrated program project [RIS]
Michael P. Murtaugh, Ph.D.

National Pork Board update on current PRRS research [RIS]
Eric Neumann, DVM, MS, Director, Swine Health Research and Information

Swine influenza in the North American industry [RIS]
Montserrat Torremorell, DVM, Ph.D.

Epidemiology of swine influenza and implications of reassortment [RIS]
Marie Gramer, DVM, and Kurt Rossow, DVM, Ph.D.

Transmission and socioeconomic repercussions of avian influenza [RIS]
Andre F. Ziegler, DVM, MPVM, Dip. ACPV (Poultry Pathologist, Assistant Professor)

Immunology and protection of swine populations [RIS]
Carlos Pijoan, DVM, Ph.D., and Scott Dee, DVM, Ph.D.

Colostrum immunology [RIS]
Tom Molitor

Cell-mediated immunity in infectious diseases [RIS]
James A. Roth, DVM, Ph.D., DACVM

Review of biosecurity research on mechanical transmission of porcine pathogens by people [RIS]
Sandra F. Amass, DVM, PhD, Dipl ABVP (Swine Health Management)

An update on PRRSV biosecurity research [RIS]
Scott Dee, DVM MS PhD Dipl ACVM, John Deen, DVM MS PhD Dipl ACVP, Jennifer Schurrer, BA, Jenny Cho, BA, Roger Moon, PhD, Montserrat Torremorell, DVM PhD, Danny Burns, DVM. George Douthit, BS, Carlos Pijoan, DVM PhD

The application of biosecurity protocols in large production systems: Experiences from the field [RIS]
R. B. Baker, DVM, MS

Danish research and control of PMWS [RIS]
Jan Dahl, DVM

PMWS: US case investigations [RIS]
Mark J. Engle, DVM, Eric Bush, DVM, MS

Field experiences with PMWS control and management [RIS]
Locke Karriker, DVM, MS


Costs of production [RIS]
Steve Malakowsky, Financial Services Executive

Reducing cost of production: Uncovering the potential within your farm [RIS]
Daryl Olsen, DVM

Using AST and RFID to reduce and understand variation in growing pigs [RIS]
Robert Baarsch, BS; Bob Morrison; and Alejandro Larriestra

Decision-making for the lightweight pig [RIS]
W. E. Morgan Morrow, BVSc, MS, Ph.D.; Robert E. Meyer, DVM, Diplomat ACVA; John Roberts, DVM, Ph.D.; Duncan Lascelles, BVSc, Ph.D., MRCVS, Diplomat ACVS

There is value in leaving facilities empty [RIS]
Dave Wade

Configuring a pig production system to manage variability [RIS]
Bill Greenley, MS

Necropsy audits: A tool to monitor causes of death and measure the impact of system changes [RIS]
Ian Levis, DVM

How pig flow can affect finishing mortality [RIS]
Tara Donovan, DVM

Public Issues

Space allocation decisions for grow-finish facilities [RIS]
Michael C. Brumm, PhD

Economics of space utilization [RIS]
Joseph F. Connor, DVM

Welfare problems in stall-housing of gestating sows [RIS]
Leena Anil, BVSc, PhD, John Deen, DVM, PhD, Sukumarannair S. Anil, BVSc, PhD, Samuel K. Baidoo, PhD

Behavioral needs of swine [RIS]
Dr. Edmond A. Pajor

Housing alternatives for gestating sows and gilts [RIS]
Donald G. Levis, PhD

Management alternatives with electronic sow feeders [RIS]
Harold W. Gonyou, PhD

The U.S. situation [RIS]
Paula J. Fedorka-Cray

Defining resistance [RIS]
Mike Apley, DVM, PhD, DACVCP

Antimicrobial use and resistance: The risk to humans [RIS]
Randall S. Singer, DVM, MPVM, PhD


J. P. Cano, S. Dee, C. Trincado, C. Pijoan, D. Polson

J. Cho, S. Dee, C. Trincado, A. Guedes, K. Rossow, C. Pijoan

The Impact of PRRS on the Cost of Pig Production [RIS]
Colin Johnson, James Kliebenstein, John Mabry, et al.

Evaluation of potential sources of PRRS virus infection in negative herds [RIS]
M Torremorell, JO Geiger , B Thompson, WT Christianson

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and PRRSV ELIMINATION IN A 1700 SOW MULTI-SITE SYSTEM [RIS]
A Alfonso, JO Geiger, C Freixes, JC Fonz, M Torremorell

An evaluation of the Thermo-Assisted Drying and Decontamination (TADD) system for the elimination of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus from contaminated livestock transport vehicles. [RIS]
cott Dee, Montserrat Torremorell, John Deen, Carlos Pijoan

The influence of environmental temperature on PRRSV retention in houseflies [RIS]
Schurrer, SA Dee, RD Moon, C Pijoan

An evaluation of intervention strategies for the control of insects on commercial swine farms [RIS]
A Schurrer, SA Dee, RD Moon

A Longitudinal assessment of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae serology, comparing three different infection routes and two ELISA tests. [RIS]
E. Fano, C. Pijoan, S. Dee

Marco Terreni, Sandro Cavirani Paolo Martelli

Environmental prevalence of Salmonella on indoor and outdoor intensive swine farms [RIS]
T. R. Callaway, J. L. Morrow, A. K. Johnson, et al.

Prevalence of foodborne pathogens in feces of finisher pigs [RIS]
Z. Poljak, R. Friendship, C. Dewey, C. Gyles

A study investigating the prevalence of Escherichia coli involved in post-weaning diarrhea in Southern Ontario, antimicrobial resistance patterns and risk factors associated with the problem [RIS]
R. Amezcua; R. Friendship, C. Dewey

Mange Mites (Sarcoptes scabiei var. suis) and Large Roundworms (Ascaris suum) Are Still Present in the Swine Industry [RIS]
Jennifer L. Greiner, DVM; Daniel J. Damman, DVM; John J. Melancon, DVM; Douglas L. Weiss, DVM

Lucina Galina-Pantoja, Gloria Solano-Aguilar, Martha A. Mellencamp, et al.

The Effect Of Creep Feed on Post-Weaning Weight Gain in an Age Segregated Rearing Facility [RIS]
Darcy Pauls and David Hunt

Effect of Spray-Dried Animal Plasma in Lactation Feed in a Segregated-Parity Sow Herd [RIS]
J. D. Crenshaw, J. M. Campbell, L. E. Russell, and R. D. Boyd

Brenda de Rodas, Gary Fitzner, Terry Weeden, and Daniel A. Nelson

A. P. Schinckel, J. Ferrel, M. E. Einstein, et al.

Longevity and performance in swine breeding herds of Minnesota [RIS]
Sukumarannair S Anil., Leena Anil., John Deen

Welfare indicators of stall-housed gestating sows [RIS]
Leena Anil, Sukumarannair S Anil, Samuel K. Baidoo, John Deen

GEDIS® AI technology vs. Conventional AI [RIS]
Michelle Michalak, DVM

Effects of Seminal Plasma on Capacitation of Boar Sperm [RIS]
Melissa L. Vadnais, Roy N. Kirkwood, David J. Sprecher, Karen Chou

The Effects of On-Farm Semen Storage Temperature on Stored Semen Quality [RIS]
Beth Young, DVM, DVSc Candidate

Low level nitrate or nitroethane preconditioning enhances the bactericidal effect of suboptimal experimental chlorate treatment against Salmonella in swine [RIS]
Robin C. Anderson, Yong Soo Jung, Kenneth J. Genovese, et al.

Minimum Inhibitory Concentration Determinations for Ceftiofur Against Swine Pathogens fromt United States and Canada in 2001-2002 [RIS]
E.S. Portis, C.J.Lindeman, S.A.Salmon, C.A.Case, J.P.Crane, S. Stanford

Pharmacokinetics of Ceftiofur Crystalline Free Acid In Swine [RIS]
B.Hibbard, J.A.Robinson, W.L.Bryson, et al.

Evaluation Of The Duration Of Effectiveness Of Ceftiofur Crystalline Free Acid Sterile Suspension In Swine Using An Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae Challenge Model [RIS]
J.P.Crane, W.L.Bryson, E.J.Robb ,and J.R.Bradford

Efficacy of Ceftiofur Crystalline Free Acid for the Treatment of Artificiallyinduced Pneumonia in an Actinobacillus Pleuropneumoniae Challenge Model [RIS]
T.L.Bowersock, D.M.Meeuwse, F.M.Kausche, et al.

Efficacy evaluation of Enterisol® SC-54 in swine following challenge with a virulent [RIS]
S. typhimurium strain

Evaluation of a 25-Week Duration of Immunity of RespiSure One® In Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae Seronegative and Seropositive Pigs [RIS]
R. Jolie, L. Sabbadini, L. St. Aubin, P. Runnels, A. Scheidt

Short-term Efficacy Study with RespiSure-One® Administered with a Needle-free Device [RIS]
R. Jolie and T. Hoover

Comparative Efficacy of RespiSure® vs M+Pac® in a Field Study [RIS]
R. Jolie and T. Hoover

New evidence for extended duration of protection of Ingelvac® M.hyo [RIS]
M. Genzow, C. Lasagna, T. Hardge, J.Kolb

M Roof, J Kolb

Evaluation of Efficacy of Haemophilus Parasuis Bacterin in Providing Protection Against Heterologous Challenge [RIS]
H. Jayappa, Craig Lehr, and Terri Wasmoen

Evaluation of Duration of Immunity for Erysipelothrix Rhusiopathiae [RIS]
Craig Lehr, Jason Erskine, Cristy Drake, Dale Bailey, H. Jayappa, and Terri Wasmoen

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2003)

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Section I: Keynotes

Kernkamp Lecture: Waiting for hurricanes: Risk, research, and the science/policy interface [RIS]
Peter R. Davies, BVSc, PhD, Leman Chair in Swine Health

Are we going in the right direction? [RIS]
Carlos Pijoan DVM, PhD

The US swine industry: What does the future hold? [RIS]
Mark Greenwood

Hanson Lecture: Driving costs out of a production system [RIS]
Gary D. Dial, DVM, PhD, MBA; Janelle R. Roker DVM; Brad W. Freking DVM; Chris J. Rademacher, DVM

Section II: Disease

PRRS virus genomics: Application to a field investigation [RIS]
Michael P. Murtaugh; John Harding

Case study: Application of sequencing to investigate an infection in a boar stud and the herds that received semen from it [RIS]
Montserrat Torremorell, DVM, PhD; Paul Conroy, DVM

Use of PRRS virus sequence information within herds [RIS]
Jerry Torrison, DVM, MS, PhD, Dipl. ACVPM: Swine Vet Center, P.A., St. Peter, MN; Kurt Rossow, DVM, PhD: Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, St. Paul, MN; Paul Yeske, DVM, MS: Swine Vet Center, P.A., St. Peter, MN

New data on homologous protection [RIS]
Monte B. McCaw DVM, PhD; Scott M. Laster PhD; Leslie Hadley PhD

Immunological features of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) against homologous and heterologous challenge in a population of breeding age female swine [RIS]
L. Batista, S. Dee, M. Olin, T. Molitor, Z. Xiao, M.P. Murtaugh, H.S. Joo, and C. Pijoan

How we use strategic inoculation to control PRRS [RIS]
Paul D. Ruen, DVM, Practitioner

New information on regional transmission of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus [RIS]
Scott Dee DVM, MS, PhD, Diplomate ACVM, Satoshi Otake DVM, John Deen DVM, MS, PhD, Diplomate ABVP, Roger Moon PhD, Larry Jacobson PhD, Carlos Pijoan DVM, PhD

Using GIS and sequencing to assess regional epidemiology of PRRSV [RIS]
Enrique Mondaca-Fernández, DVM; Robert B. Morrison, DVM, PhD; Michael P. Murtaugh, PhD

PRRS elimination through segregated/decentralized/source-focused production [RIS]
David E. Reeves DVM, MS

Diagnostic challenges of swine influenza virus infection [RIS]
Kurt Rossow DVM, PhD; Marie Gramer DVM; Richard Webby

Experimental infection of swine influenza virus subtype H1N2 in pigs with maternal immunity [RIS]
Y. K. Choi and Han S. Joo

Swine influenza: Where do we go from here? [RIS]
Lisa Becton

Swine influenza case presentations [RIS]
Tara S. Donovan, DVM

Swine influenza discussion [RIS]
Spencer Wayne

Orchestrating financial soundness in a noisy health world [RIS]
Mike Mohr, DVM, MBA

Criteria for when and how we intervene [RIS]
Chris Rademacher, DVM

Making health decisions in a large production system: A decision tree approach [RIS]
R. B. Baker, DVM, MS

Managing large databases: Using data to make decisions and support changes in health programs [RIS]
Tara S. Donovan, DVM

Monitoring herds: Serological variability, accuracy and reliability [RIS]
Montserrat Torremorell, DVM, PhD

Pipestone Artificial Breeders boar health protocol [RIS]
G.F. Kennedy, D.V.M., Managing Partner, Nancy Stoltenberg, Boar Stud Manager and Partner, G.D. Spronk, D.V.M., Partner, J.D. Bobb,

Controlling H. parasuis mortality through exposure of suckling pigs [RIS]
Carlos Pijoan, S. Oliveira, R. Morrison

Experience with E. coli: Trial or error? [RIS]
Lisa J. Becton

Escherichia coli trial [RIS]
Charles Surprenant DVM

The legality of using live agents to control disease in Minnesota [RIS]
William L. Hartmann DVM, MS

Porcine circovirus type 2: A critical appraisal of its role in PMWS [RIS]
Gregory W. Stevenson DVM, PHD, dACVP

PMWS etiology: Agent interactions [RIS]
Albert Rovira DVM, MS

Speculation on the cause of PMWS [RIS]
W. T. Christianson

UK PMWS study tour: Lessons for US animal agriculture [RIS]
Mark J. Engle, DVM

Post-weaning multi-systemic wasting syndrome (PMWS): Clinical signs and control measures experienced in China [RIS]
HanSoo Joo, DVM, PhD: Swine Group, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Jason Yan: US Grains Council-Beijing

European management strategies to control PMWS [RIS]
Meritxell Donadeu1 DVM, MS, Jake Waddilove2 MA, VetMB, MRCVS, Enric Marco3 DVM

Section III: Production

Benchmarking at the global level [RIS]
John Deen and Sukumaran S. Anil

Benchmarking reproductive performance within production systems [RIS]
David E. Reeves DVM, MS

Evaluating growing pig records in a system with high expectations [RIS]
James F. Lowe, DVM

Cost of production [RIS]
Steve Malakowsky, Financial Services Executive

Nutritional management of seasonal infertility [RIS]
K. T. Soltwedel, M.S.; and J. E. Pettigrew, Ph. D.

Understanding and managing seasonal infertility [RIS]
Roy Kirkwood, DVM, PhD, Dipl ECAR

Bacterial contamination and semen quality [RIS]
Darwin L. Reicks, DVM

Quality assurance of semen [RIS]
K. J. Rozeboom MS, PhD

Normal cartilage development and the pathogenesis of osteochondrosis [RIS]
Cathy S. Carlson, DVM, PhD

Nutritional manipulation of bone mineralization in developing gilts [RIS]
Thomas D. Crenshaw, Ph.D.

Dietary approaches to altering the composition of body weight gain in growing gilts [RIS]
John F. Patience

Sow longevity measurement [RIS]
John Deen

Description of removal patterns in a selected sample of sow herds [RIS]
Karina Tiranti, Jarod Hanson, John Deen, Bob Morrison

Herd-level analysis of sow longevity [RIS]
Sukumarannair, S. Anil, B.V.Sc., Ph.D., John Deen, D.V.M, Ph.D., Leena Anil, B.V.Sc., Ph.D.

Periparturient mortality [RIS]
John Deen

Section IV: Public Issues

Leave no footprints: How to get along in the neighborhood [RIS]
Robert Baarsch

The farm's economic impact on the local community [RIS]
John F. Patience

Emerging issue management [RIS]
Charlie Arnot

Transportation research: Transportation of early weaned piglets [RIS]
N. J. Lewis, Ph.D., DVM, R. J. Berry, Ph.D., S. Wamnes, B.Sc.

Trucker quality assurances and swine welfare [RIS]
A. K. Johnson, B.S., M.S., PhD, D. J. Meisinger, B.S., M.S., PhD

Pig transportation in Europe: Regulations, problems and research activities [RIS]
E. von Borell, D. Schäffer

Transporting swine: One Manitoba company's experiences through sixteen years of growth [RIS]
Steve Brandt, Owner, Jody Milburn, Director of Quality Control

Transporting swine: Challenges and opportunities [RIS]
Terry Whiting, DVM, MSc

Balancing the benefits and risks of antibiotic use in swine [RIS]
Bob Morrison and John Deen

Denmark, antibiotic alternatives, and the US industry [RIS]
J. E. Pettigrew, PhD

A critical review of feeding probiotics to pigs [RIS]
Spyridon K. Kritas, DVM, PhD: Clinic of Medicine/School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Thessaly, Karditsa, Greece; Robert B. Morrison, DVM, MBA, PhD: Department of Clinical and Population Sciences/Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, St. Paul, Minnesota

Abstracts - Poster Presentations

Serology of H3N2 and H1N1 swine influenza virus in pigs vaccinated with MaxiVac(R) Excell(TM) [RIS]
Robyn W. Fleck, Vicki J.Rapp-Gabrielson, Bradley A. Eddy, David P. Theis and Tim A. Jackson

Swine influenza case study: H3N2 strain differences as determined by HA sequencing, HI serology, and vaccination challenge [RIS]
Mark D. Titus, Tracy Bridgeman, Randy Simonson

Genetic and serologic classification of swine influenza virus H3N2 isolates [RIS]
J. H. Lee, Y.K. Choi and Han S. Joo

Evaluation of mosquitoes as biological vectors of PRRSV [RIS]
S Otake, SA Dee, RD Moon, KD Rossow, C Trincado, and C Pijoan

Eradication of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome by serum acclimatization of naive gilts [RIS]
Eduardo Fano, Luis Olea, Carlos Pijoan

Eradication of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) by serum inoculation with the homologous PRRSV strain [RIS]
Laura Batista, Carlos Pijoan and Sam Baidoo

Lesion and distribution of PRRS virus in experimentally inoculated wwine with the Chilean isolated, A preliminary study [RIS]
E. RamÌrez; N. Dias; A. Islas; A. Ruiz; and M. Quezada

[gamma][delta] Lymphocyte response to Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome virus [RIS]
M. Olin, Z. Xiao, L. Batista, S.A. Dee, C. Pijoan, M. Murtaugh, T.W. Molitor

Evaluation of aerosol transmission of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (mixed infection) under field conditions [RIS]
Eduardo Fano, Carlos Pijoan, Scott Dee

Assessment of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae aerosol movement [RIS]
Cardona AC, Pijoan C, and Dee SA

Onset and duration of immunity of a single dose of M+PAC(R) [RIS]
R. G. Davis, V. J. Rapp-Gabrielson, O. D. Bailey, H. Jayappa, T. L. Wasmoen, and E. L. Thacker

Field efficacy of Stellamune One(R) administered to pigs at 1 week of age [RIS]
Sharon C Smith, Samuel J Thevasagayam, Thayer Hoover, Patrick Pommier, Alassane

Social stress increases fecal shedding of Salmonella typhimurium by early weaned pigs [RIS]
T. R. Callaway, J. L. Morrow, T. S. Edrington, K. J. Genovese, S. Dowd, J. W. Dailey, R. C. Anderson and D. J. Nisbet

Molecular genotyping of Stapylococcus hyicus strains using repetitive sequence-based PCR [RIS]
Rovira, S. Oliveira, C. Irwin, M. Torremorell, C. Pijoan

Minimum inhibitory concentrations of five antibiotics against recent Iowa isolates of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae [RIS]
Lindeman CJ, Salmon SA, Portis ES, Case CA, Bradford, JR

Effect of spray-dried plasma protein on pig performance, carcass value, and production economics in a wean-to-finish trial [RIS]
J. M. Campbell, J. D. Crenshaw, J. D. Quigley, J. Polo, and L. E. Russell

PG600(R) for improvement of productivity of primiparous pows [RIS]
Paul M. Pitcher

J Kolb

E. Díaz E.; J. Lara P.; E. Valenzuela

Genzow, M. , G. Schagemann and S. Pesch

J Kolb

Abstracts - Oral Presentations

The effect of human-derived probiotic bacteria on the immune and intestinal function of pigs [RIS]
Gloria Solano-Aguilar, Harry Dawson, Tonya Ledbetter, Terez Shea-Donohue, Norberta

Use of sodium salt of nitroethane to reduce Salmonella typhimurium in weaned pigs [RIS]
Y. S. Jung, R. C. Anderson, K. J. Genovese, T. S. Edrington, J. A. Byrd, K. M. Bischoff, T. R. Callaway, J. McReynolds, R. B. Harvey, and D. J. Nisbet

Effects of dietary organic or inorganic selenium fed to reproducing sows on resulting retention of selenium by the fetus and selenium transfer to the milks [RIS]
Donald C. Mahan, and J. C. Peters

Comparison of temperature variations and effects on reproduction in tunnel ventilated vs. natural ventilated gestation barns [RIS]
Carlos Pijoan, Eduardo Fano, JosÈ Angulo, Luis Olea, Verlyn Johnson, Larry Jacobson

Utilizing increased rectal temperature for identifying at-risk sows: Post-partum sow treatment with Excenel RTU(R) and Predef 2X(R) [RIS]
James Lowe and Shelley Stanford

Dental disease in sows: early findings [RIS]
E. Wayne Johnson, Stanley E. Curtis, Michael Ellis

Efficacy of intradermal vaccination against challenge of wwine with a heterologous H3N2 swine influenza virus [RIS]
V. J. Rapp-Gabrielson, L. R. Gergen, B. A. Eddy, D. E. Junker, C. Q. Weston, R. W. Fleck and T. L. Wasmoen

Genetic and serological characterization of H1N1 swine influenza viruses [RIS]
L. R. Gergen, B. A. Eddy, D. E. Junker, C. Q. Weston, V. J. Rapp-Gabrielson, G. A. Erickson, J. A. Jackson and T. L. Wasmoen

An assessment of insects as regional vectors of PRRSV [RIS]
J. Boorman , S. Dee , S. Otake , R. Moon

Pig survival within traditional production and interaction of PRRS, Classical Swine Fever and other pathogens at Guanajuato State in Mexico [RIS]
Norma Sierra-Romero, Ramiro Ramirez-Necoechea, Patricia Aguilar-Olvera, Fernando Aguirre-Bravo

Preliminary report of the Chilean PRRS virus isolated, using RT-PCR and ELISA in experimentally inoculated pigs [RIS]
D. Sandoval; A. GarcÌa; M. Quezad; and A. Ruiz

Prevalence of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in different parity cull sows [RIS]
Cardona AC, Pijoan C, Utrera V and Deen J

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2002)

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Contents [RIS]
College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota

Section I: General Session

Kernkamp lecture: The future of the European pork chain [RIS]
Ge Backus, Aalt Dijkhuizen

Managing competing responsibilities in the United States industry [RIS]
Bob Morrison DVM, MBA, PhD and John Deen DVM, PhD, Dipl ABVP

Globalization and perspectives of swine production in South America [RIS]
Luciano Roppa, DVM

Profiles of the Chinese pig industry [RIS]
Jason Zhichun Yan, MAB, MS; Bob Morrison, MBA, MS, PhD; Todd Meyer, DVM; John Deen, DVM, PhD Dipl ABVP

Section II: Disease

Risk factors for boar studs becoming infected with PRRS [RIS]
Joseph F. Connor, DVM

Pathogen inoculation: Where are we now? [RIS]
Carlos Pijoan, DVM, PhD

Evaluation of clinical trials: A practical approach to distinguishing the foo-foo dust from reality [RIS]
Gail Cunningham BS, DVM, MVetSc

Examples of trials in grow-finish pigs [RIS]
Lisa J. Becton, DVM

Conducting trials in the breeding herd [RIS]
Lee J. Johnston, BS., MS., PhD. and Antonio Renteria, DVM., SPS., MS.

Serologic monitoring: Uses and implications [RIS]
Ginger Pelger, DVM, MS

Creating and using databases to track tissue diagnostics [RIS]
Spencer Wayne, DVM

Pre-existing conditions as predictors of mortality and slow growth in nursery pigs [RIS]
A.J. Larriestra, S. Wattanaphansak, E Neumann, J. Bradford, R. Morrison, J. Deen

What does clustering in nursery mortality frequencies mean? [RIS]
John Deen, Alejandro Larriestra

The role of Haemophilus parasuis in nursery mortality [RIS]
Simone Oliveira, DVM, MS, PhD candidate, Carlos Pijoan, DVM, PhD, Robert Morrison, DVM, PhD, MBA

Epidemiological field study of PRRSV genetic diversity in two regions of Mexico [RIS]
L. Batista, DVM, C. Pijoan, DVM, PhD, H. Lwamba, M.P. Murtaugh, PhD

Danish experiences after stopping the use of antibiotic growth promoters [RIS]
Jens Peter Nielsen

Two sides of producing antibiotic-free pork [RIS]
R. B. Baker, DVM, MS

Timeline of infection and detection of PRRSV in the boar [RIS]
Jane Christopher-Hennings, DVM, MS

How boar studs are adapting to the recent PRRS breaks [RIS]
Clark D. Huinker, DVM, MS

A Review of Area Spread and Summary of Recent Studies [RIS]
Kelly M. Lager, DVM, PhD and Susan L. Brockmeier, DVM, PhD

PRRS virus area spread and aerobiology [RIS]
Jeff Zimmerman DVM, PhD

Transmission of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) by non-porcine vectors and fomites: Soil, insects, avians, and aerosols [RIS]
Scott A. Dee, DVM, MS, PhD, Dipl. ACVM; Satoshi Otake, DVM; Carlos Trincado, DVM; Roger Moon, PhD; Kurt Rossow, DVM, PhD; Carlos Pijoan, DVM, PhD

Parity flow to optimize nursery-grow-finish performance, sow productivity, and throughput [RIS]
Joseph F. Connor, DVM

Inducing sterilizing immunity against PRRSV in breeding-age, female swine [RIS]
Laura Batista, DVM, Scott A. Dee, DVM, MS, PhD, Diplomate ACVM

A model for gilt acclimation in the field [RIS]
Luke Minion DVM

Gilt introduction in PRRSV-positive systems [RIS]
Montserrat Torremorell, DVM, PhD

Public health and the issues [RIS]
Craig Hedberg

Making practice decisions with PRRS sequence information [RIS]
Paul Yeske, DVM, MS

Section III: Production

Feeding sows and growing swine in hot climates [RIS]
Luciano Roppa, Veterinary Doctor

What we see with sow mortality [RIS]
Macarena Sanz, John Roberts, Glen Almond, Roberta Alvarez, Tara Donovan, Carlos Perfumo

How should we compare levels of sow attrition? [RIS]
John Deen, Thomas Nortey, and Leena Anil

Determining optimal parity distribution with a push model of gilt supply [RIS]
Bob Morrison DVM, MBA, PhD, Alejandro Larriestra DVM, Jason Yan MBA, John Deen DVM, PhD

Effect of genetic pricing on herd management decisions [RIS]
Paul Matzat, PhD

Our approach to the theory of constraints in pork production [RIS]
Bill Greenley, MS

Our approach to six sigma [RIS]
Paul Schneider

Strategies and tactics for controlling costs [RIS]
Lee Fuchs

Maximum loading density for road transport of pigs: Making a specific standard in spite of scientific uncertainty [RIS]
Terry Whiting, DVM, MSc

The use of pig behavioral principles to improve efficiency of handling and sorting [RIS]
Rebecca Morrison, B. Agr. Sci (Hons), Ph.D.

Early observations on automatic sorting [RIS]
Bob Morrison

Reproductive management in hot weather: What must we do? [RIS]
Joaquin Becerril, DVM, MS

Pig housing in hot climates [RIS]
Carlos Pijoan, DVM, PhD

Identifying factors that could influence sow viability [RIS]
Jose Piva

Section IV: Public Issues

Measurable outcomes for swine welfare [RIS]
Suzanne T. Millman

Lairage is a hazard for Salmonella infection in market swine [RIS]
H. Scott. Hurd DVM, PhD; J.D. McKean DVM, JD; R.W. Griffith DVM, PhD; M.H. Rostagno DVM, PhD

Where should we allocate resources to reduce foodborne risks? [RIS]
Dr. Peter Davies

Making food safety part of my practice [RIS]
Allan R. Carlson, DVM

Effect of feed withdrawal on Salmonella colonization at slaughter, meat quality, gut lacerations, and gastric ulcers [RIS]
W. E. Morgan Morrow, Joan H. Eisemann, M. Todd See, Peter R. Davies, Kelly Zering

Economics of sow gestation housing [RIS]
Paul R. DuBois DVM, MS

Productivity of modern group housing systems [RIS]
Timothy J. Loula, DVM

Group housing: Alternative systems, alternative management [RIS]
Harold W. Gonyou, BSc(Agr), MSc, PhD

Foreign animal disease information and information sources [RIS]
Mark Engle, DVM

Balancing the requirements of the society, pig, and producer [RIS]
Paul B. Thompson, Joyce and Edward E. Brewer

Where does contamination occur and what interventions work? [RIS]
Collette Schultz Kaster, MS and Michael Bradley, PhD

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2001)

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Pigs bring out the worst and the best in people [RIS]
Madonna E. Benjamin DVM, MS

Comparison of divergent views on housing for pregnant sows [RIS]
David E. Reeves, DVM, MS

Animal welfare: A measurable science [RIS]
Rebecca Morrison, BS, Ph.D.

Striking the balance: Science, ethics, and public thoughts on pig welfare [RIS]
Janice C. Swanson, Ph.D.

If something goes wrong in the food chain, how do we investigate? [RIS]
Liz Wagstrom, DVM, MS

Minnesota’s new meat inspection program is creating marketing opportunities [RIS]
Kevin Elfering, Program Manager

New technologies in manure management [RIS]
David Schmidt, MS, Extension Engineer, Jose Bicudo, Ph.D., Extension Engineer

Nutritional control of odor [RIS]
Eric van Heugten, M.S., Ph.D. and Theo van Kempen, M.S., Ph.D.

Raising the environmental bar: Societal trend or overregulation? [RIS]
Larry D. Jacobson, Ph.D., Professor & Extension Agricultural Engineer, Robert G. Koehler, M.S., Extension Educator & Livestock Systems/Swine

Environmental management in animal agriculture [RIS]
Ada Wossink, MS, PhD

How do we comply with AMDUCA? [RIS]
Lisa J. Becton, DVM

Antibiotic resistance: FDA approach/implication of current proposals [RIS]
William T. Flynn DVM, MS

Stall housing for pregnant sows: Size and injury levels [RIS]
Leena Anil, BVSc, MVSc, Ph.D., Sukumarannair S. Anil, BVSc, MVSc, Ph.D., John Deen, DVM, MSc, Ph.D. Dipl ABVP.

Criteria for euthanizing and culling swine [RIS]
W.E. Morgan Morrow, John Roberts, Robert Meyer, Steve Matthis

Experiences with Erysipelas vaccine [RIS]
Laura Batista, DVM

Considerations for improving dietary amino acid utilization in pigs [RIS]
C. M. (Martin) Nyachoti, Ph.D.

Control of diarrhea in young pigs using therapeutic antibodies [RIS]
R.R. Marquardt, BSA, MSc, Ph.D., S. Li, BScM, Ph.D.

Sow nutrition for productivity and longevity: Any new ideas? [RIS]
Samuel Kofi Baidoo

Financial considerations when using carcass data [RIS]
Daniel Hurnik

Basic training: Hands-on mentoring and use of computer graphics and animation [RIS]
Timothy J. Loula, D.V.M.

Health Stability in Single-site Swine Production Units [RIS]
Neil S. Shantz, BSA DVM

Segregated production: How far could we go? [RIS]
Camille Moore, DMV, Swine Consultant

Control strategies for mortality in a multiple site finishing system [RIS]
Eric L. Christianson, D.V.M

Observations and description of an intervention method affecting death loss rate in all in/all out finishers [RIS]
I. A. Moreau DVM, P. B. Bahnson DVM, Ph.D., T. S. Donovan DVM, A. Larriestra DVM, MS, R. B. Morrison DVM, Ph.D.

An analysis of grow-finish mortality [RIS]
Bob Morrison, Alejandro Larriestra, Dominiek Maes, John Deen

Implications of on-farm antibiotic use for public health [RIS]
Kirk Smith DVM, PhD

Vaccinating for ileitis [RIS]
Michael B. Roof, MS, PhD

Immunity to Lawsonia intracellularis [RIS]
A. M. Collins B.Ag.Sc., PhD; M. van Dijk; N. Q. Vu D.V.M., M.Sc.; J. Pozo D.V.M.; and R. J. Love B.V.Sc., PhD

Challenges with molecular diagnostics (PCR): Ileitis [RIS]
Connie Gebhart, PhD; Roberto Guedes, DVM

Molecular diagnostics for mycoplasma [RIS]
Alvaro Ruiz, DVM, Ph.D. candidate, Carlos Pijoan, DVM, Ph.D.

PRRS PCR: Field applications [RIS]
Montserrat Torremorell, DVM, Ph.D.

PCRs: What they can and cannot accomplish [RIS]
Kurt D. Rossow DVM, PhD

Biosecurity: The protocols in place are appropriate [RIS]
Jerome O. Geiger DVM, MS

Biosecurity to prevent mechanical transmission of swine pathogens: Threat or fiction? [RIS]
Sandra F Amass, DVM, Ph.D., Dipl ABVP (Swine Health Management)

Transmission of pathogens via transportation vehicles [RIS]
R. W. Thompson DVM, MS

Airborne transmission of swine pathogens [RIS]
Poul Baekbo, DVM, PhD and Sten Mortensen, DVM, PhD

BSE will affect the swine industry [RIS]
William D. Hueston DVM, PhD, DACVPM

We care about your farm [RIS]
Bob Langert, MBA

Kernkamp Lecture: How to meet your production expectations [RIS]
Howard Hill DVM, PhD

A multiplex RT-PCR for subtyping H1N1 and H3N2 of swine influenza type A virus in clinical samples [RIS]
Young Ki Choi, Sagar M. Goyal, Han Soo Joo

How to interpret and use PRRSV sequence information [RIS]
Michael P. Murtaugh PhD and Kay S. Faaberg PhD

Ileitis: Evaluation and interpretation of serological results [RIS]
Roberto M.C. Guedes, DVM, MS, Ph.D. candidate; Connie J. Gebhart, Ph.D.

Experiences with Mycoplasma vaccinations: What to do if vaccination doesn’t live up to expectations [RIS]
Paul Yeske DVM, MS

Porcine parvovirus: A field investigation into vaccine failure [RIS]
Brett Bower DVM

Experiences with Haemophilus parasuis [RIS]
Simone Oliveira and Carlos Pijoan

Vaccination: Host, human error, and vaccine problem [RIS]
Tom Molitor

Localized immunity to the large roundworm Ascaris suum in swine [RIS]
Gloria I. Solano-Aguilar, Ethiopia Beshah, Motoko Morimoto, Norberta Schoene, Joseph F. Urban, Jr.

Host genetic response to PRRS virus [RIS]
Mark S. Rutherford

Host Resistance to Bacterial Infections [RIS]
Lucina Galina DVM, PhD

Applying PRRSv sequencing to field cases [RIS]
John Roberts, DVM, PhD

Identification of genetically diverse sequences (ORF 5) of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in a swine herd [RIS]
SA Dee, M Torremorell, KD Rossow, S Otake, C Mahlum, and KS Faaberg

PRRSv sequencing: Application of sequencing to field cases [RIS]
Montserrat Torremorell, DVM, Ph.D.

Disease eradication: Should we go there? [RIS]
Carlos Pijoan DVM PhD

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (2000)

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Allen D. Leman Swine Conference 2000 - Contents [RIS]

Epidemiology of gastroesophageal ulcers [RIS]
John Deen, DVM, PhD

The role of feed and feed processing in development of gastric ulcers [RIS]
Joe D. Hancock, DVM

Levels of culling in commercial herds [RIS]
Christa K Irwin, DVM and John Deen, DVM, PhD

Role of genetics in gilt attrition [RIS]
Rodger Johnson, PhD

What does attrition cost and what is it worth to reduce? [RIS]
Kevin C. Dhuyvetter, PhD

Housing and management aspects influencing gilt development and longevity: A review [RIS]
Donald G. Levis, BS, MS, PhD

The role of nutrition and the feeding program on gilt longevity [RIS]
Mike Tokach, M.S., PhD, Mike Webster, Brad James

Increasing sow longevity: The role of people and management [RIS]
Timothy J. Loula, DVM

Increasing sow longevity: Body conditioning and feeding [RIS]
Sam K. Baidoo, Ph.D., Ross Kiehne, DVM and Laura Batista, DVM

Comparison of alternative supply chain management strategies [RIS]
Brian Buhr, PhD

Value chains: A strategy for the agri-food sector [RIS]
Jerry Bouma BS, MS

The Danish model: Pork production for the world market [RIS]
Prof. Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Windhorst

Heavy hogs: Good reasons and few limitations [RIS]
Steve R. Meyer, MS, PhD

The problem of lightweight market hogs [RIS]
John Deen, DVM, PhD

Commercial nursery mortality and weaning weight [RIS]
John Roberts, DVM, PhD

The clinical approach to the growing pig [RIS]
Michael R Muirhead, BVMS, DPM, FRCVS

A real world intervention strategy [RIS]
Joseph F. Connor, D.V.M.

Gastric ulceration in swine: Overview and infectious etiology control [RIS]
Robert M. Friendship, DVM, MSc

Mycoplasmal pneumonia control strategies [RIS]
L. Kirk Clark, DVM, PhD

Disease diagnostic session [RIS]
Joe Connor, Paul Yeske, Tom Petznick, et al.

The role of state government in 21st century agriculture [RIS]
Gene Hugoson, BA

The effects of trade liberalization on the international pork market [RIS]
Jay Fabiosa, Frank Fuller, Karl Meilke, Yves Surry, Dermot Hayes

Agriculture in transition: Can we bridge the widening gap between family farming and market demands? [RIS]
Th. G. Blaha, DVM, DR, PhD; D. Starner; G. C. Shurson, MS, PhD

Premium Standard Farms’ strategic approach [RIS]
David H James, DVM, MS

Lessons for pig farmers from the British pork chain [RIS]
M. R. Muirhead, BVMS, DPM, FRCVS

Pork chain models in Europe [RIS]
Prof. Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Windhorst

Food production will be revolutionized by biotechnology [RIS]
Jeffrey Kahn, PhD, MPH

Food production will be revolutionized by e-commerce [RIS]
Douglas Maus, BA

PRRS eradication: Test and removal [RIS]
Scott Dee, DVM, MS, PhD; Mike Bierk, DVM; Kurt Rossow, DVM, PhD; et al.

Eradication of PRRS virus by changing the pig flow and the introduction of negative replacements into positive sow farms [RIS]
Montserrat Torremorell DVM, Ph.D, Rodney Baker, DVM, MS

Eradication of PRRS by partial depopulation [RIS]
Anne-Grete Hassing, DVM; Margit Andreasen; Thomas Ebbesen; et al.

Comparison of different methods for diagnosis of porcine proliferative enteropathy [RIS]
R.M.C. Guedes, DVM, MS; C.J. Gebhart, MS, Ph.D.; N.L. Winkelman, DVM, et al.

Management of ileitis of high health farms [RIS]
Nathan Winkelman, DVM; and Swine Services Unlimited Inc (Morris, MN)

Brachyspira pilosicoli: Colitis of growing swine [RIS]
Gerald E. Duhamel, D.M.V., Ph.D.

Using diagnostic tools to monitor Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in the field [RIS]
Alvaro Ruiz, DVM, PhD candidate, Carlos Pijoan, DVM, PhD

Vaccination as a means of controlling Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae [RIS]
Eileen L. Thacker, DVM, PhD, Dip. ACVM and Brad J. Thacker, DVM, PhD, Dip ACVP

Understanding and managing variability [RIS]
Bob Morrison, DVM, PhD, MBA and John Deen, DVM, PhD

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (1999)

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Comparing and contrasting sow management in the US, Brazil, and Chile [RIS]
Gonzalo Castro, Ph.D. and Jose Piva, DVM, PIC USA, Franklin, KY

Finnish pork production chains: Quality through vertical integration [RIS]
Veikko Tuovinen, MS, PhD, DVM

An approach to market-driven pork production [RIS]
Larry Ritter DVM MS

Manure as a value-added product [RIS]
Jose R. Bicudo, Ph.D

Solids-liquid separation [RIS]
Jun Zhu, PhD

Nutritional impact on manure management [RIS]
Sam K. Baidoo, PhD

Evaluating the economical return of health program [RIS]
Luc Dufresne

Economics of health management: Evaluating the costs of disease [RIS]
Neil K. DeBuse, DVM

The economics of preventing disease introduction [RIS]
J.C.S. Harding, DVM, MSc

Creating a winning transaction [RIS]
Brad Freking, DVM; Steve McWilliams, MS

Measuring producers’ risk attitudes [RIS]
Robert P. King

Creating vertical clusters for pork production [RIS]
Dr. Haven Hendricks

What do we know about food-borne pathogens in pigs and slaughterhouses? [RIS]
S. J. Wells,1 E. J. Bush,2 T. Blaha1

Swine influenza: Field experience in the US with the new strain [RIS]
Mark A. Wagner, DVM

Swine influenza viruses In Europe [RIS]
S H Done, BA, DVetMed, PhD, Dipl.ECVP, FRCVS, FRCPath.; I H Brown, MIBiol, PhD.

Epidemiology of swine influenza [RIS]
Christopher W. Olsen, DVM, PhD

The clinical expression of porcine circovirus [RIS]
J.C.S. Harding,1 DVM, MSc; E.G. Clark,2 DVM, MVSc; J.A Ellis,3 DVM, PhD

Infection of late-term swine fetuses following in utero inoculation with porcine circovirus types-1 and -2 [RIS]
Charles Johnson, BS; Han Soo Joo, DVM, PhD; Kochakorn Direksin, DVM, MS; Won Hyung Lee DVM, MS

Clinical and pathological findings of PMWS cases in Europe [RIS]
Joaquim SegalŽs, DVM, PhD; Mariano Domingo, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ECVP

PRV eradication: Where do we go from here? [RIS]
Timothy J. Loula

PRV in Indiana: Where are we today? [RIS]
Larry Rueff, DVM

State-wide eradication: How we did it [RIS]
Howard Hill, D.V.M, PhD

What do we know about on-farm reduction of foodborne pathogens? [RIS]
T. Blaha, DVM, PhD, A.D. Leman Chair

Understanding, assessing, and managing risk [RIS]
John C. McKissick, PhD

Marketing protocols and capacity planning to maximize contribution margin [RIS]
Bill Greenley, MS

Optimizing throughput based on packer demands [RIS]
John Deen DVM PhD Dipl ABVP

Sow mortality in the US: An industry-wide perspective [RIS]
John Deen DVM PhD, Jinliang Xue DVM PhD

Microscopic lesions associated with sow mortality [RIS]
Robert D. Glock, DVM, PhD;1 Jerome O. Geiger, DVM, MS; Christa Irwin, DVM; S. C. Henry, DVM, Dipl ABVP

Assessing sow mortality [RIS]
Jerome O. Geiger, DVM, MS1; Christa Irwin, DVM1; Scott Pretzer, DVM2

Eradication of PRRS: Past, present and future [RIS]
SA Dee, TW Molitor, HS Joo, and M Bierk

Infectious reproductive diseases in swine: Etiology and clinical signs [RIS]
HanSoo Joo, DVM, PhD

Making concrete decisions with fuzzy data: Putting a price on variation [RIS]
John Deen DVM Ph.D. Dipl ABVP

Modeling business performance in live hog production [RIS]
Tom Stein DVM, MS, PhD

Industry perspectives and preparedness for regionalization [RIS]
Beth Lautner, DVM, MS

Comparative costs of producing hogs [RIS]
Larry Martin, PhD, Chief Executive Officer; Zana Kruja, PhD, Senior Research Associate

Perspective on the global economy and agriculture [RIS]
Dr. Sung Won Sohn, Ph.D.; Don Hilber, M.S.

The endocrine cycle and the role of nutrition [RIS]
George R. Foxcroft, PhD

The role of nutrition in piglet and milk production [RIS]
Robert Goodband, MS, PhD; Steve Dritz, DVM, PhD; Mike Tokach, MS, PhD; Jim Nelssen, MS, PhD

Feeding management for optimal financial performance [RIS]
Dean Koehler, PhD

Feeding programs to increase margin and maximize throughput [RIS]
Steve S. Dritz, Mike D. Tokach, Robert D. Goodband, and Jim L. Nelssen

Empowering staff to achieve excellence through objective goal setting, benchmarking, and records [RIS]
Doug MacDougald, DVM

The effects, and management, of breeding herd throughput on sow cost centers and total pig enterprises [RIS]
Brian Caldwell, DVM

Breeding herds and the pursuit of profit [RIS]
Dale Polson

Using the return on equity (ROE) tree to help manage a business [RIS]
Lee Fuchs, David Reeves, Bob Morrison

Sow attrition: The next steps [RIS]
S.C. Henry, DVM, Dipl. ABVP Swine Medicine

Overview of current sow housing systems [RIS]
D. Hesse and Th. Blaha

Behavioral problems associated with sow housing [RIS]
Dr. Donald C. Lay Jr., Applied Ethologist

Managing the high producing dairy cow for maximum production and minimum disease [RIS]
Kenn Buelow, Sandra Godden, Steve Stewart, Paul Rapnicki

Swine pathology and diagnosis [RIS]
Kurt Rossow, DVM, PhD; Rodney K. Frank, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVP; Michael J. Murphy, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ABVT; C. Pijoan, DVM, PhD; M. Torremorell, DVM; M. Calsamiglia, DVM, PhD; S. Mendoza, A. Ruiz

Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (1998)

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The influences of group size on behavioral vices and cannibalism [RIS]
Harold W. Gonyou, B.Sc.(Agr.), M.Sc., Ph.D.

Elimination of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus using a test and removal process [RIS]
S.A. Dee, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVM and T.W. Molitor

PRRS virus serum neutralizing antibody as a measure of protection [RIS]
HanSoo Joo, DVM, PhD; K. Direksin, DVM, MS; Charles Johnson, BS; Won Lee, DVM; Neil DeBuse, DVM

PRRSV: Comparison of commercial vaccines in their ability to induce protection against current PRRSV strains of high virulence [RIS]
Osorio, F.A., MS, DVM, PhD.; Zuckermann, F.; Wills R.; Meier, W.; Christian, S.; Galeota, J.; Doster, A.

Keeping the PRRSV genie in its bottle [RIS]
Luis Fernandez, DVM

What’s new with PRRS on commercial farms? [RIS]
Dr. Tim Loula, DVM

Pathogenesis and persistence of PRRS [RIS]
David A. Benfield, PhD, Julie Nelson, Kurt Rossow, Raymond R. Rowland,2 Steven R. Lawson, Melissa Steffen, James E. Collins

Integrating production and financial records: How we do it in our multiplication and production system [RIS]
Fred L. Cunningham, MS, DVM

Integrating production and financial records: One of the many ways we do it in the dairy industry [RIS]
Kenn Buelow, DVM, MS

The importance of cost accounting [RIS]
Steve Weiss, B.A.

Management accounting standards for pork production [RIS]
E. Allen Lash

Producing PRRS-negative pigs from PRRS-positive sows [RIS]
M. L. Gramer, DVM; W.T. Christianson, DVM, Ph.D.; D.L.Harris, DVM, Ph.D.

Eradication of PRRS from the swine herd [RIS]
Jorgen Plomgaard

How the residue monitoring program will change [RIS]
Gary E. Stefan, BS

Experience and field data on alternative pen sizes [RIS]
Paul D. Ruen, DVM

Barn and pen size dynamics [RIS]
Mike Brumm, MS, PhD

Importance of combining nursery to finish data [RIS]
JinLiang Xue, DVM, PhD; Gordon Spronk, DVM; Barry Kerkaert, DVM, Robert Morrison, DVM, PhD, MBA; Steve Dritz, DVM, PhD

The quest for the perfect wean-to-finish building [RIS]
Frank Brummer

Wean-to-Finish construction alternatives, management, and performance [RIS]
Joseph F. Connor, DVM

Making the most of media contacts: Public presentations and public correspondence [RIS]
Marcia Fluer, MS

USDA marketing assistance programs— from Certified Angus Beef to ISO 9000 [RIS]
Herbert C. Abraham, MS, Chief

Food safety initiatives: An overview [RIS]
Mike Daniel

Making a profit in a regulated environment [RIS]
Mike Brumm, MS, PhD

Food safety: The changing world of pork producers and veterinarians [RIS]
Beth Lautner, DVM, MS

Putting growth curves into practice [RIS]
Brian Caldwell, DVM

Growth curve analysis to determine profit optimization and pig flow [RIS]
Steve S. Dritz, DVM, PhD, and Mike D. Tokach

Marketing all-in—all-out grow/finish groups [RIS]
John Deen, DVM PhD Dipl ABVP-SHM, Mariusz T. Skorupski, PhD,Barb Frey, DVM

Genetics of production and product quality: A Minnesota perspective [RIS]
Craig W. Beattie, Ph.D.

Mapping genes of economic importance in swine [RIS]
G. A. Rohrer, Ph.D.

Epidemiological analysis of outbreaks [RIS]
Montserrat Torremorell, DVM, Carlos Pijoan

PCR based diagnostics for profiling Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae shedding [RIS]
Maria Calsamiglia DVM, Carlos Pijoan DVM, PhD

Application of PCR tests for monitoring large herds [RIS]
Jerry Torrison DVM, MS, PhD

Lessons from the turkey industry [RIS]
Michael R. Nelms, DVM

The new paradigm for veterinary practices [RIS]
Tom Wetzell, DVM

This little piggy went to market: Will the new pork industry call the heartland home? [RIS]
Mark Drabenstott

Use of molecular genetics to influence production [RIS]
L. Ollivier

Lessons learned in the ''real world'' [RIS]
Gary D. Dial, DVM, PhD, MBA

Effectiveness of marker-assisted selection [RIS]
L. Ollivier

An outbreak of blue eye disease associated with PRRS [RIS]
Alberto Stephano, DVM, MSc

Clinical cases presentation [RIS]
Robert Desrosiers, DVM, Dipl ABVP

Removing the bottom fifteen percent [RIS]
Steve A. Sornsen, DVM, MS

Sorting and mixing of grower/finisher pigs [RIS]
Harold W. Gonyou, B.Sc.(Agr.), M.Sc., Ph.D.

Managing variation on the way in: Weaning weight [RIS]
M. D. Tokach, PhD, S. S. Dritz, R. D. Goodband, and J. L. Nelssen

Using the Theory of Constraints to design a farm [RIS]
Bill Greenley, MS

Using process optimization to design farms [RIS]
Chalard Duangkaew, DVM, Ph.D. Candidate; Gary D. Dial, DVM, Ph.D., MBA; Yuzo Koketsu, DVM, MS, Ph.D.; David G Thawley, DVM, Ph.D.

Assessing variation in breeding herd performance as part of the continuous improvement process [RIS]
David E. Reeves, DVM and Yuzo Koketsu

The cost of building and maintaining an isolation unit [RIS]
Martin Bonneau, DVM

Helping gilts become excellent sows [RIS]
Steven C. Henry, DVM, Dipl. ABVP

The role of the replacement gilt in the maintenance of the PRRS infectious process [RIS]
Scott A. Dee, DVM, PhD, Dipl; ACVM

Swine nutrition and health connections [RIS]
Jerry Shurson, PhD and Lee Johnston, PhD

Swine diagnostic pathology [RIS]
Jim Collins, DVM, PhD, Rod Frank, DVM, PhD, Kurt Rossow, DVM, PhD