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AASV Pre-Conference Seminars

Papers from pre-conference seminars offered during the AASV Annual Meeting.

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AASV Pre-Conference Seminars (2020)

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2020: A Vision for the Future

Why Didn't I Think of That?!

Practice Tips for the Porcine Practitioner (some slides may be available after the meeting)

Media Training

Media interviews: Did they hear what you thought you said? [RIS]
Wendy Feik Pinkerton, MS

Emerging Technologies for the Swine Industry

The future of rural connectivity [RIS]
Dale D. Polson, DVM, MS, PhD

Machine learning, big data, and forecasting disease in epidemiology [RIS]
K. VanderWaal, PhD; I. Paploski, DVM, MSc, DPH; R. Bhojwani, MDS; et al

Use of precision livestock farming (PLF) in poultry [RIS]
C. Rowles, DVM

Using data streams to create management information [RIS]
Tami Brown-Brandl, PhD

Developing a real-time pig counting technology [RIS]
Annie Lerner, PhD; Mike Tokach, PhD; Jason Woodworth, PhD; et al

Digital technologies for weight estimation in swine [RIS]
Juan Francisco Chica

Using technology for improved biosecurity [RIS]
Manon Racicot, DVM, PhD; Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt, DVM, MSc, PhD

Digital platforms for pork production system operations [RIS]
Joel Stave

Blockchain in the food chain [RIS]
Andy Brudtkuhl

Brief overview of metagenomics, next-generation sequencing, and point-of-care diagnostic tools [RIS]
Jianqiang Zhang, PhD

Conducting Effective Outbreak Investigations

Learning from Our Mistakes, Part 2

Preparing for the next transboundary or emerging disease: what the industry needs to do and what it is doing to prepare [RIS]
Paul Sundberg; Dave Pyburn; Liz Wagstom; et al

Introduction to the SHIC-funded Rapid Response Program (RRP) for conducting epidemiological investigations of outbreaks [RIS]
C. Ruston, DVM; D. Holtkamp, DVM, MS; K. L. Baker, BS; et al

Identifying vulnerabilities on sow farms and making decisions to invest in biosecurity [RIS]
Jason Miller, DVM; Melissa Hensch, DVM

Identifying vulnerabilities on sow farms and prioritizing biosecurity improvements [RIS]
Clayton Johnson, DVM

Value of conducting outbreak investigations on sow farms: what we learned [RIS]
Kate Dion, DVM

Why biosecurity on growing pig sites is so scary [RIS]
K. Wedel, DVM

Systematic, comprehensive and consistent: approaching outbreak investigations like a surgeon to learn faster from our mistakes [RIS]
Derald J. Holtkamp, DVM, MS; Kimberlee L. Baker, BS; Chelsea Ruston, DVM; et al


Developing leadership traits that help launch your career as a new professional [RIS]
Noel H. Williams, PhD

Beyond medicine: a holistic approach [RIS]
T. Te Grotenhuis, DVM

Strategies and tactics to help prioritize and ensure key obligations are fulfilled [RIS]
Jean Paul Cano, DVM, PhD

Finding the right culture and fit [RIS]
Aaron J. Lower, DVM

Financial strategies for young veterinarians [RIS]
Tim Heiller

What's Your Diagnosis?

(no papers are submitted)

Pigs are Easy; People are Hard

Setting the Foundation

Using the power of influence for your success [RIS]
Carol Perriccio

Using social styles programs (DISC) to improve team effectiveness [RIS]
Tim Heiller

Prevention and treatment of stress isn’t just for pigs [RIS]
Athena Diesch-Chham, MSW, LICSW

Sow Productivity

A Vision for the Future

Prepubertal gilt selection strategies to improve sow performance [RIS]
M. R. Romoser, MS; K. L. Graves, MS; L. B. Baumgard, PhD; et.al.

Genetics of reproductive efficiency [RIS]
J. Howard, PhD; J. Bartholomew, MS; K. Gray, PhD

Understanding pelvic organ prolapse contribution to trends in sow mortality [RIS]
Z. E. Kiefer, BS; A. Chipman, BS; J. Studer, BS; et.al.

Gilt infertility investigations and diagnostics [RIS]
T. Williams, DVM

Circovirus-associated infertility [RIS]
Todd Distad, DVM.

Ahhchoo! Discussions about How to Succeed against the Flu

Making sense of molecular and serological diagnostic tests for influenza A virus in swine [RIS]
P. Gauger

Swine influenza A viruses: quantifying genetic diversity with phylogenetics and the octoFLU pipeline [RIS]
Tavis K. Anderson, PhD; Jennifer Chang, PhD; Zebulun W. Arendsee, PhD; et al.

It’s not all fun and games down at the county fair [RIS]
Andrew S. Bowman, MS, DVM, PhD, DACVPM

A game to rule them all: improving public health knowledge through play [RIS]
H. Fowler; L. Censi; B. Kitting; et al.

Towards weaning an influenza negative pig [RIS]
M. Torremorell, DVM, PhD; J. Garrido, DVM

Eliminating and monitoring influenza in small herds [RIS]
A. Mueller, DVM; D. Theis

Influenza management considerations in the breed-to-wean herd [RIS]
Aaron J. Lower, DVM

Controlling flu in a large production system and considering biosecurity [RIS]
T. Wolff, DVM, MPH

Experience with controlling influenza in Manitoba sow herds [RIS]
Karine Talbot, DVM

Swine Medicine for Students

Swine medicine for students: Diagnostics [RIS]
B. Arruda, DVM, PhD; K. Schwartz, DVM, MS; S. Brown, DVM, MBA

Foreign Animal Disease

Pig movement shutdowns, euthanasia, and disposal plans [RIS]
A. Lower, DVM

High Plains Regional Secure Pork Supply tabletop exercise [RIS]
C. Scanlon Daniels, DVM MBA

Lessons learned from a 14-state tabletop exercise [RIS]
B. Porter-Spalding, DVM, MVPH

AgView and Secure Pork Supply [RIS]
Patrick Webb, DVM

Secure Pork Supply: preparedness and data sharing [RIS]
Pamela Zaabel, DVM; James A. Roth, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVM

Status of the development of African swine fever virus vaccine candidates against the current epidemic Eurasia strain [RIS]
Manuel V. Borca

Update: adaptation of oral fluid antibody ELISAs to foreign animal diseases (FADs) [RIS]
K. Poonsuk, DVM, PhD; L. Giménez-Lirola, PhD; Yaowalak Panyasing; DVM, PhD; et. al.

Foreign animal diseases in feral swine, show pigs, and garbage feeders [RIS]
Rod Hall, DVM

Eastern Europe and African swine fever: how to raise disease-free pigs in endemic areas [RIS]
R. Pogranichniy, DVM, PhD; D.Ragland, DVM, PhD; O.Yurchenko; et al.

AASV Pre-Conference Seminars (2019)

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BUILT TO LAST: Celebrating 50 Years of Progress

AASV’s Got Talent

Practice Tips (some slides may be available after the meeting)

Swine Welfare and Behavior

OIE Animal Welfare and Pig Production Systems Article 7.13 [RIS]
World Organization for Animal Health: OIE

Pain management in pigs; current research [RIS]
M.D. Pairis-Garcia, DVM, PhD, DACAW; M.C. Cramer, MS, PhD; L. Karriker, DVM, MS, DACVPM; et al.

The Canadian Code of Practice: Criteria, compliance, costs and consequences [RIS]
J. Law

Meeting customer standards for animal care [RIS]
Mary Battrell, DVM, MS

The challenges of euthanasia of boars [RIS]
Jennifer Woods, M.Sc

Dealing with tail biting [RIS]
J. Geiger; N. Stas; F. Gomez; et al.

Emerging Technologies for the Swine Industry

Industry structure and behavior/culture needed to maximize the value of emerging PLF technologies [RIS]
Dale D. Polson, DVM, MS, PhD

Using telemedicine as a practice tool: A regulator’s perspective [RIS]
Beth S. Thompson, DVM, JD

Use of surveillance cameras for biosecurity [RIS]
Jay Miller, DVM; Paul Ayers, BS

Automated visual sensemaking of livestock behavior [RIS]
Joshua M. Peschel, PhD; Anna K. Johnson, PhD; Daniel C. L. Linhares, et al.

Precision livestock farming (PLF) in injection technology [RIS]
David Edwards, MBA, MIB, MB, CEO and Founder

Experiences with the SOMO+ respiratory distress monitor to evaluate spatial spread of M. hyopneumoniae within a barn [RIS]
Seth Krantz, MJ Clavijo, Seth Playter, et al.

HUMATEC™ People pigs process performance: Creating the irresistible workplace [RIS]
J. Hoek; K. Lonergan Erickson; J. Wiegand

Adaptation of technologies to measure the impact on disease-related risk of movements within and among sites in pig production: People, places and things [RIS]
Dale D. Polson, DVM, MS, PhD

EveryPig, cutting-edge technology assists veterinarians [RIS]
Chris Bomgaars, Founder at EveryPig

Conducting Effective Outbreak Investigations

Preparing for the next transboundary or emerging disease: What the industry needs to do and what it is doing to prepare [RIS]
Paul Sundberg, DVM, PhD, ACVPM

Conducting efficient and comprehensive epidemiological investigations of outbreaks [RIS]
K. L. Baker, BS; D. J. Holtkamp, DVM, MS.

Resources for conducting epidemiological investigations of outbreaks available through SHIC [RIS]
R. Neat, BS; M. Clavijo, PhD, DVM; C. Mowrer, BS; et al.

Tips for conducting investigations and preparing reports [RIS]
Derald J. Holtkamp, DVM, MS; Kimberlee L. Baker, BS; Chelsea Ruston, DVM; et al.

Investigating feed and feed mill risks [RIS]
C. Jones, PhD; M. Niederwerder, DVM, PhD; J. Woodworth, PhD; et al.

Using investigations of PED to motivate improvements in biosecurity: A case study [RIS]
J. Miller, DVM; M. Hensch, DVM

Development of a web-based application for rapid response epidemiological investigations, risk assessments and biosecurity benchmarking [RIS]
C. Ruston, DVM; D. Holtkamp, DVM, MS.

Leading People

Leadership styles training for developing more effective and productive working relationships

Leadership styles training for developing more effective and productive working relationships [RIS]
A. Grinley; E. Byers

Boar Stud Topics

Novel diseases in semen [RIS]
Darin Madson

Welfare and economic considerations for culling boars [RIS]
Joseph Fent, VMD

Update on heat stress effects in boars [RIS]
K. R. Stewart, MS, PhD; Drew W. Lugar, MS, PhD

Mycotoxicosis and its control in boars [RIS]
G. C. Althouse, DVM, PhD, DACT

What has been learned about toxics in plastics [RIS]
R. Ausejo Marcos; N. Mendoza; J. Miguel; et al.

Avoiding toxic residues in the boar stud lab [RIS]
Darwin L. Reicks, BS, DVM

Economics of chromosomal defect screening [RIS]
Chris Kuster, DVM, MS, PhD; Julie Robinson PhD; Erin White, BS

Serratia marcescens, a tough bug to crack [RIS]
Hanneke Feitsma, DVM; Gary C. Althouse, DVM, MS, PhD, Dipl. ACT

Swine Nutrition

Setting the Foundation

Nutritional considerations for highly productive and aging sow herds [RIS]
Z. Rambo, PhD; W. Schweer, PhD; M. Wilson, PhD; et al.

A re-examination of some mineral needs of sows [RIS]
N. Lu; H. J. Monegue; M. D. Lindemann

Evidence-based guides for mineral supplements of sow diets [RIS]
Mariola Grez, BS, MS; Tom Crenshaw, PhD

Modern sow feeding opportunities: A utopian view in an industry hesitant to change [RIS]
H. L. Frobose

Feeding strategies for today’s prolific sow [RIS]
Ashley DeDecker, PhD

Nutritional science of the health-challenged pig ..... [RIS]
Nick Gabler

Nutritional advancements to improve pig health [RIS]
J. De Jong, PhD; C. Neill, MS; E. Scholtz, MS; et al.

Strategies for starting the weaned pig [RIS]
C. Shull, PhD; C. Schwab, PhD.; O. Mendoza, PhD; et al.


Practical applications of next generation sequencing (NGS) in swine diagnostics and surveillance [RIS]
L.B. Goodman, PhD; P.K. Mitchell, ScD; E.I. Dogan

Porcine parvovirus type 2: Why it’s important, at least from my point-of-view [RIS]
Stephanie Rossow, DVM, PhD; Fabio Vannucci, DVM, MSc, PhD; Lacey Marshall Lund, MS

Porcine circoviruses: Are changes occurring? [RIS]
Darin Madson

An epidemiologic approach to sow mortality [RIS]
J. Deen, DVM, PhD, DACAW

Update on population-based diagnostics [RIS]
M.N. Almeida, DVM, MS; L. Giménez-Lirola, PhD; D. Linhares, DVM, MBA, PhD; et al.

Field application of cough monitor technology: A swine practitioner’s perspective [RIS]
Ethan Spronk, DVM; Dale Polson, DVM, MS, PhD; S. Playter, BS

Swine Medicine for Students

Essentials of farm pharm - or the basics of antibiotic pharmacology in swine [RIS]
Jeremy S Pittman, DVM, MS, DACVP

Angie Supple

AASV Pre-Conference Seminars (2018)

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GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE: Individual Application

AASV's Got Talent

Practice Tips (PDFs of presentation slides, when available)

Tips and tricks for meningeal swabs [RIS]
Justin Brown, DVM

The 10 commandments of sow farm production [RIS]
Joel Sparks, DVM, MS

Medical records: Balancing legality and practicality [RIS]
Cara Haden, DVM

Jugular catheter techniques in pre-wean piglets [RIS]
Heather Kittrell, DVM

New graduates: How to survive and not look like a fool [RIS]
Daniel Gascho, DVM

Practice from a distance, not becoming distant [RIS]
Caleb Robb, DVM

Deep tracheal sampling technique for Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae PCR diagnostics: An alternative to laryngeal sampling [RIS]
Lauren Glowzenski, M.S.Ed., V.M.D.

You ain’t from around here: Training employees from diverse and non-ag backgrounds [RIS]
Neal Benjamin, DVM

Veterinary Practice Succession

Million dollar mistakes vets make [RIS]
Al Bennett

Nuts and bolts of veterinary practice valuation [RIS]
Thomas J. Burkgren, DVM, MBA

Path to practice ownership [RIS]
Jessica Trichel, DVM

Monitoring and Surveillance 2.0

Newer and simpler methods for you and your clients

Perspectives on current disease monitoring systems [RIS]
Mark Schwartz

Assessing PRRSV circulation at neonatal pig processing time [RIS]
Will A. López, DVM; Jose Angulo, DVM; Jeffrey J. Zimmerman, DVM, PhD, ACVPM; et al.

Detecting PRRSV at low prevalence in due-to-wean piglets using oral fluids [RIS]
Marcelo Almeida; Jeff Zimmerman; Derald Holtkamp; et al.

Monitoring breeding herd production data to detect disease outbreaks [RIS]
Gustavo Silva; Mark Schwartz; Bob Morrison; Daniel Linhares

Comparison of aggregate/population samples to detect viruses in suckling pigs [RIS]
M. Torremorell, DVM, PhD; J. Garrido, DVM; C. Vilalta, DVM, PhD

Application of new tools to declare a herd as PRRS-negative [RIS]
P. Yeske

Why surveil wean-to-finish pigs? [RIS]
Kate Dion, DVM

Surveillance of wean-to-finish pigs: Experiences and perspectives [RIS]
R. Robbins, DVM, PhD

How many samples? Oral fluid vs. serum [RIS]
M. Rotolo; C. Wang; Y. Sun; J. Zimmerman

Using “Optisample” to determine sampling strategy and size for specific needs [RIS]
A. Rovira; A. Perez; A. Alba

Abattoir-based PRRSV and SVA monitoring using oral fluid samples [RIS]
Marcelo N. de Almeida; Jeffrey J. Zimmerman; Fabio A. Vannucci; et al.


Developing a culture of biosecurity [RIS]
T. Te Grotenhuis, DVM; M. Eisenmenger, DVM; D. Boykin, DVM; et al.

Air filtration testing: Understanding filter efficacy and leakage [RIS]
M. Torremorell, DVM, PhD; C. Alonso, DVM, MS, PhD; B. Olson, PhD; et al.

Update on positive pressure air filtration in a large production system [RIS]
Pete Thomas, DVM, MS

Biofilms, disinfection, and biosecurity experiences from avian influenza [RIS]
T. Schaal, DVM, DACPV; I. Rubinoff, DVM, MPH, DACPV

PRRS transmission: On-farm production practices [RIS]
Will A. López, DVM; Derald J. Holtkamp, DVM, MS; Jose Angulo, DVM; et al.

A system-based approach for eliminating PRRSV, PEDV, and SDCV from breed-to-wean farms [RIS]
Levi Johnson, DVM

Secure pork supply: FAD biosecurity and response plan [RIS]
Pamela Zaabel, DVM; James A. Roth, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACV

Operation Main Street Training (no papers)

Antibiotic Alternatives

Considerations regarding swine welfare and antibiotic stewardship before raising pigs without antibiotics [RIS]
John E. Baker, DVM, EVP

A literature review of sub-therapeutic antibiotic alternatives for nursery diets [RIS]
Nicholas Gabler, PhD; Alex Ramirez, DVM; Wes Schweer, MS

Designing and evaluating studies investigating non-antibiotic feed additives [RIS]
K. M. Olsen; N. K. Gabler, PhD; C. Rademacher, DVM;et al.

Nutraceutical ileitis challenge studies: Potential for success or not [RIS]
Nathan Winkelman, DVM; Fernando Leite, DVM, PhD candidate

Formulation and feed additive considerations for nursery diets without antibiotics [RIS]
M. D. Tokach, PhD; J. M. DeRouchey, PhD; R. D. Goodband, PhD; et al.

Sunterra Farms’ first year with NAE: Challenges, results, lessons learned, and still lots of questions [RIS]
Doug MacDougald, DVM; Greg Wideman, DVM

Leading People

Leadership styles training for developing more effective and productive working relationships

Leadership styles training for developing more effective and productive working relationships [RIS]
A. Grinley; E. Byers

The 4-Dimensional Revolution in Food Animal Health and Production

The synthesis of diagnostics, devices, digital platforms, and data analytics

The “4D” revolution is here: The advent of precision livestock farming (PLF) through a synthesis of diagnostics, devices, digital platforms and data analytics [RIS]
D. D. Polson, DVM, MS, PhD

Precision livestock farming for swine production, health and welfare [RIS]
M. Benjamin, DVM, MS; A. Johnson, BSc, MSc, PhD

AgConnect – a system to collect, visualize, share and analyze swine industry data [RIS]
M. Ptaschinski, DVM

The Disease BioPortal™: Examples of current in-field applications [RIS]
E. J. Lowe, DVM; D. D. Polson, DVM, MS, PhD

Development of a transport application to help producers track animal movement [RIS]
Juan Sanhueza; Carles Vilalta; Paulo Fioravante; et al.

J. Torrison, DVM, PhD; Andres Perez, DVM, PhD

Welcome to AHMES! [RIS]
L. Linhares; K. Mueller; J. Bjustrom-Kraft; et al.

ISU FLUture: Using veterinary diagnostic laboratory data to monitor the temporal genetic patterns of influenza A virus in swine [RIS]
M. Zeller, BS; A. Vincent, DVM, PhD; T. Anderson, PhD; et al.

Precision livestock farming (PLF) for pig health and production: Sound as a diagnostic sample [RIS]
D. D. Polson, DVM MS PhD; S. Playter, BS; D. Berckmans, PhD; et al.


Diagnostic challenges in a Chinese production system [RIS]
Keith Erlandson, MS, MBA, DVM, DABVP (SHM)

How to work up a swine toxicology case in the field; what our capabilities are [RIS]
S. Radke, DVM; S. Timmermans, DVM, MS; S. Ensley, DVM, MS, PhD

Diagnostic testing for challenging cases [RIS]
Fabio A Vannucci, DVM, MSc, PhD

Use of direct pathogen detection for swine disease diagnosis [RIS]
R. J. Derscheid, DVM, PhD, DACVP

Use of direct pathogen detection for swine disease diagnosis [RIS]
Pablo Piñeyro

Next generation sequencing as a tool in disease investigations [RIS]
B. Arruda, DVM, PhD

Don’t break the system … but quit spending so much money [RIS]
WS Brown, MBA, DVM

Swine Medicine for Students

The “need to knows” of enteric disease in swine [RIS]
Laura Carroll, DVM

Respiratory disease: A summary of pathogens, diagnosis, and control [RIS]
Christine Mainquist-Whigham, DVM, MS

The “need to knows” of reproductive disease in swine [RIS]
Daniel Boykin, DVM

AASV Pre-Conference Seminars (2017)

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One World, One Health, One Passion for Pigs

AASV's Got Talent

Practice Tips

Finding the right job [RIS]
Chelsea Scheidler

Producer compliance: Checking without being a pest [RIS]
Erin Nonos

Work/life balance: A gentleman’s perspective [3rd place] [RIS]
Brian Payne

Clinic management of VFD’s and Rx’s [RIS]
Wesley Lyons

Mixing vaccines [RIS]
Mike Strobel

Applying how adults learn to your on-farm interaction [RIS]
Sarah Probst Miller

Preventing practice burnout: Keeping it fresh [2nd place] [RIS]
Gavin Yager

Tips to keeping yourself on the field with electronic sow feeding (ESF) [RIS]
Pete Schneider

Work/life balance: A lady’s perspective [1st place] [RIS]
Amber Stricker

Piglet hydration therapy [RIS]
Jake Schwartz

The ingenuity of farm and system staff: Turning problems into solutions [RIS]
Emily McDowell

Influenza Sequence Analysis and Phylogenetics

Fundamentals of phylogenetic trees and sequence analysis tools for the analyses of swine influenza A viruses [RIS]
Tavis K. Anderson, PhD; Rasna R. Walia, PhD; Amy L. Vincent, DVM, PhD

In silico analysis of swine influenza virus sequence data in the Influenza Research Database [RIS]
Yun Zhang, MS; Tavis K. Anderson, PhD; Amy L. Vincent, DVM, PhD;et al.

ISfluView: An interactive online tool for assessing trends in influenza metadata at the Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory [RIS]
M.A. Zeller, BS; A.L. Vincent, DVM, PhD; T.K. Anderson, PhD; et al.

Disease Bioportal: Current applications for influenza A virus in swine [RIS]
P. Gauger, DVM, PhD; K. Harmon, PhD; A. Chriswell, BS; et al.

Antigenic cartography and Nextflu [RIS]
Nicola S. Lewis, BSc, BVetMed, PhD, MRCVS; Amy L. Vincent, DVM PhD

Current Topics of Boar Stud Health, Management, and Technology

Case study of acute poor semen motility in a commercial boar stud [RIS]
Wesley Lyons, DVM

Sexed sorting of pig sperm: A status update [RIS]
K.L. Willenburg; G.W. BeVier

How to beat the bug: Eliminating Serratia marcescens contamination from boar semen [RIS]
Hanneke Feitsma, DVM; Gary C. Althouse, DVM, MS, PhD, Dipl. ACT

Effect of heat stress on semen quality; recommendations for keeping AI boars [RIS]
J. Parrish

Survey of boar stud lameness intervention strategies [RIS]
Darwin L. Reicks, BS, DVM


Understanding how pathogens infect pig farms [RIS]
Derald Holtkamp, MS, DVM; Daniel Linhares, DVM, MBA, PhD

Applied review on evidence-based biosecurity [RIS]
Anna Romagosa, DVM, MS

Positive pressure ventilation with filtration [RIS]
Aaron J. Lower, DVM

Experiences with positive pressure filtration in remodeled sow farms in a large production system [RIS]
Pete Thomas, DVM, MS

Mastering transport biosecurity: Breeding stock company perspective [RIS]
J.P. Cano, DVM, PhD; R. Thompson, DVM, MS; T. Snider DVM, MPH; et al.

Mastering transport biosecurity: Commercial sow farm perspective [RIS]
J.F. Connor, DVM, MS; Clayton Johnson, DVM; Dyneah Classen, DVM

What have we learned from feed mill audits? [RIS]
T. Snider, DVM, MPH; R. Thompson, DVM, MS; T. Riek, DVM; et al.

Assessing anti-PRRSV biosecurity [RIS]
G.S. Silva, DVM, MS; D. Holtkamp, DVM, MS; D.C.L. Linhares, DVM, MBA, PhD

Antibiotic-free Pork Production

Navigating the attributes of niche pork production [RIS]
J. Magolski, PhD

What to consider before raising pigs without antibiotics [RIS]
B. Mason, DVM; Kirk Thornburg

System setup for antibiotic free production [RIS]
M.S. Pierdon, VMD

Autogenous vaccines: Yesterday, today and tomorrow [RIS]
Randy R. Simonson, PhD

Alternatives to feed medication [RIS]
Joel DeRouchey; Mike Tokach; Bob Goodband; et al.

Clean water lines optimize animal health [RIS]
Susan Watkins, PhD

Dietary strategies to maintain enteric health in antibiotic free pig production [RIS]
C. Smits, PhD; H. van Hees, MSc; N.S. Ferguson, PhD

Electronic Sow Feeding from A to Z

ESF from A to Z: Overview [RIS]
Thomas D. Parsons, VMD, PhD, DACAW

ESF primer: Advantages and disadvantages of ESF [RIS]
Thomas D. Parsons, VMD, PhD, DACAW

ESF primer: Mixing and grouping options for sows fed via electronic sow feeders (ESF) [RIS]
M. Pierdon, VMD; T. Parsons, VMD, PhD, DACAW

ESF primer: Examples of barn layouts [RIS]
Thomas D. Parsons, VMD, PhD, DACAW

Production manager perspective on challenges and opportunities with managing ESF group housing vs stalled barns [RIS]
Aaron M. Ott, Vice President

Crate-free sow housing and electronic feeding systems – a value proposition for improved sow nutrition [RIS]
A.M. Gaines, PhD; O.F. Mendoza, PhD

Managing farms on electronic sow feeding (ESF): A route of discovery [RIS]
J.C. Pinilla, DVM, MS; P. Mosqueira, DVM; S. Canavate, DVM; R. Teuber, DVM

Labor and staffing considerations for sows fed via electronic sow feeders (ESF) [RIS]
M. Pierdon,VMD; T. Parsons, VMD, PhD, DACAW

Trouble-shooting common problems in ESF barns: Case studies [RIS]
Thomas D. Parsons, VMD, PhD, DACAW

The Common Swine Industry Audit

What you need to know

Common Swine Industry Audit update: Changes to standards [RIS]
Jamee L. Amundson, MS

What is PAACO, and how are we training auditors for the CSIA? [RIS]
Collette Schultz Kaster, MS

The importance of the Common Swine Industry Audit to the packer [RIS]
Ann McDonald, MS

Utilizing the Pork Quality Assurance® Plus (PQA Plus®) program to prepare the industry [RIS]
S.R. Webb, MS

Impact of the CSIA on-farm, a practitioner’s perspective [RIS]
Amber Stricker, MS, DVM

Impact of the CSIA on-farm: Auditor perspective [RIS]
Matthew Jones, VP of Auditing

Audit failures and consequences, utilizing CSIA to prepare your farm [RIS]
P. Ayers, Animal Care Manager


Emerging pathogens of swine: Implications for diagnostics and lessons learned from Senecavirus A [RIS]
D.G. Diel, DVM, MS, PhD

What to do when there is something new: Insights from a state veterinarian on how diagnostic laboratories, veterinarians, and producers can work together [RIS]
Dustin Oedekoven, DVM, DACVPM

Porcine rotaviruses: What we’ve learned and what we’re still missing [RIS]
Douglas Marthaler, PhD; Max Ciarlet, PhD

Genomics and bioinformatics to improve antibiotic sensitivity testing and pathogen tracking [RIS]
Joy Scaria, PhD; Jane Christopher-Hennings, DVM, MS

Current tools to approach Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae diagnostics cases [RIS]
Maria Pieters, DVM, PhD

Diagnostics and diagnostic case scenarios [RIS]
K Schwartz

Swine Medicine for Students

Late term respiratory disease in replacement gilts: Case presentation and system level interventions [RIS]
Deanne Day, DVM, MS

A student’s guide to approaching enteric cases [RIS]
Joshua W. Duff, DVM

Diagnostic approach in a showpig operation [RIS]
D.A. Hendrickson, DVM


Commanding New Focus

What are the feed risks from biologics? [RIS]
Scott Dee, DVM, MS, PhD, Diplomate ACVM

Process controls and sampling methods currently in place [RIS]
Joe Crenshaw, PhD

Food Safety Modernization Act update [RIS]
Richard Sellers

Functional feed ingredients and additives for gut health in swine [RIS]
C. Smits, PhD; P. Roubos, PhD; T. van Kempen, PhD

Proposed method for evaluation of alternatives to antibiotics [RIS]
C. Hostetler, PhD

The impact of feed on the pig intestinal microbiome [RIS]
Eric R. Burrough, DVM, PhD, DACVP

Optimizing gut function in pigs: the long-term impacts of early weaning [RIS]
Adam J. Moeser, DVM, MS, PhD

AASV Pre-Conference Seminars (2016)

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Collaboration and Teamwork

AASV’s Got Talent

Practice Tips (presentation slides where available)

Innovative shoulder sore treatment [RIS]
Lori Feldmann

Epidurals and C-sections [RIS]
Daniel Hendrickson

Learning to use the SMEC video library [RIS]
Paisley Canning

Laryngeal swab tricks and tips [RIS]
Shamus Brown

Gender challenges at hog farms [RIS]
Natalie Baker

Multigenerational teams that work [RIS]
Bill Hollis

Digital photography tips [RIS]
Locke Karriker

Working through the "generation gap" [RIS]
Jason Hocker

Pharmaceutical Hot Topics

Update on current and upcoming antibiotic legislation [RIS]
Liz Wagstrom, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVPM

The European antibiotic experience [RIS]
P. R. Davies, BVSc, PhD

The Australian antibiotic experience [RIS]
Chris Richards, BVSc

Antibiotic stewardship: An overview of stewardship efforts and programs [RIS]
C. Hoang, DVM, MPH, CPH

FDA audit preparation for distributors of veterinary pharmaceuticals [RIS]
Michael D. Apley, DVM, PhD, DACVCP

Measuring and assessing pain in animals [RIS]
Patricia V. Turner, MS, DVM, DVSc, DACLAM, DABT, DECAWBM

Mitigating and managing pain in swine production [RIS]
Monique Pairis-Garcia, BS, DVM, PhD

Current Issues in Swine Reproduction

The advantages of post-cervical insemination (PCAI) on a sow farm [RIS]
John P. Sonderman, PhD

Batch farrowing in commercial sow farms 2016 [RIS]
James A. Kober, DVM, MS, Diplomate ABVP-SHM

Current strategies in boar management [RIS]
W. L. Flowers, PhD

Gilt management for improved performance [RIS]
J. Patterson, MSc; G. Foxcroft, PhD

Updates on sow longevity – Sow management [RIS]
W. L. Flowers, PhD

Updates on sow longevity – Litter of origin [RIS]
J. Patterson, MSc; G. Foxcroft, PhD

Uterine prolapses in sows: An emerging concern [RIS]
Emily Mahan-Riggs, BS; Bob Thompson, DVM; Steve Henry, DVM; et al.

Swine Welfare

A review of the causation, treatment, and prevention of shoulder lesions in sows [RIS]
F. C. Rioja-Lang, BSc, MSc, PhD; Y. M. Seddon, BSc, MSc, PhD; J. A. Brown, BSc, MSc, PhD

Economics of implementing gestation housing changes [RIS]
Kent E. Bang, BS, Vice President and Swine Team Leader, AgStar Financial Services

Lactation housing options: Will farrowing crates be the new gestation stalls? [RIS]
T. D. Parsons, VMD, PhD, DACAW

Tail biting in growing-finishing pigs [RIS]
Y. Z. Li, PhD; W. Martin, M.Ed.

American College of Animal Welfare: Becoming a board certified diplomat [RIS]
Meghann Pierdon, VMD

Impact of heavy market weights on facility requirements [RIS]
M. Brumm, BS, MS, PhD

Keeping pigs on their feet [RIS]
Paisley Canning, DVM; Kent Schwartz, DVM, MS; Locke Karriker, DVM, MS, DACVPM

Penalty at the 10-yard line: Potential new handling rules at the packing plant [RIS]
Dan Kovich, DVM, MPH

Blisters and Quarantines, No Exports - Oh, My!

Foreign animal disease overview [RIS]
B. Porter-Spalding, DVM MVPH

Federal response planning: Managing disease control [RIS]
B. Porter-Spalding, DVM MVPH

Foreign animal disease response: State perspective [RIS]
Dr Jimmy Tickel

Secure food supply plans [RIS]
James A. Roth, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVM; Pamela Zaabel, DVM

Zoonoses, Workplace Safety, and Mental Health

The Confluence of Pigs and People

Emerging bacterial zoonoses: How much should we be concerned? [RIS]
P. R. Davies, BVSc, PhD

Injuries in swine workers and veterinarians [RIS]
Bruce H. Alexander, PhD; Jeff B. Bender, DVM, MS, DACPVM

Workplace safety: A training tool for the hog barn worker [RIS]
K. Hoare, BSc.

Fun with PPE: veterinary workplace health and safety training [RIS]
Abbey J. Canon, DVM, MPH

The impact of influenza A virus on pigs, people, and birds [RIS]
N. Bliss, MS; A. Bowman, MS, DVM, PhD

Timely euthanasia and impacts of euthanasia on caretakers [RIS]
J. Shearer, DVM, MS, DACAW

Risk factors for suicide, attitudes toward mental illness, and practice-related stressors among US veterinarians [RIS]
Randall J. Nett, MD, MPH; Tracy K. Witte, PhD; Stacy M. Holzbauer, DVM, MPH, DACVPM; et al.


Molecular diagnotic and research tools: Application and limitations [RIS]
Kyoung Jin Yoon, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVM

Influenza: Application of molecular tools for better decisions [RIS]
Marie Culhane, DVM, PhD; Andres Diaz, DVM, PhD

Molecular characterization of bacteria: Interpretation and applications [RIS]
Albert Rovira, DVM, MS, PhD

Oral fluids update – Practical considerations [RIS]
M. Rotolo, DVM; L. G. Giménez-Lirola, PhD; J. Zimmerman, DVM, PhD

Diagnosis: Dissecting diagnostic results to reveal population diagnoses [RIS]
Eric R. Burrough, DVM, PhD, DACVP

Applying an evidence-based approach to defining the problem: Case definition, quizzical triangle, aggregating evidence group activity [RIS]
James Lowe, DVM, MS, DABVP; Clayton Johnson, DVM; Aaron Lower, DVM

Tools to Improve Feed Efficiency and Reduce Feed Cost

Feed and other factors that drive feed efficiency [RIS]
J. F. Patience, PhD; M. C. Rossoni-Serao, PhD; Néstor Gutiérrez, PhD

Gut mechanics during stress: How feed efficiency and growth can be influenced [RIS]
Adam J. Moeser, DVM PhD

Latest field research on feed efficiency [RIS]
Bob Goodband; Mike Tokach; Joel DeRouchey; et al

Tools to help clients evaluate and improve feed efficiency [RIS]
Mike Tokach; Joel DeRouchey; Bob Goodband; et al

Swine Medicine for Students

The regulatory aspects of swine medicines [RIS]
Locke Karriker, DVM, MS, DACVPM

The life of an item: The NAVLE(R) demystified [RIS]
Karen E Lehe, DVM, DACVPM

Water medication calculations [RIS]
J. S. Pittman, DVM, MS, DABVP; A. Supple, DVM

AASV Pre-Conference Seminars (2015)

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Beyond Our Oath: Integrity, Intensity, Professionalism

Beyond Our Oath

Primum non noncere and other excellent tips, tricks and shortcuts

What am I worth? Negotiating Contracts as a New Grad [RIS]
Abbey L. Harding, DVM

The rubber band: the most versatile tool in practice? And caudal epidural [RIS]
Dale Hendrickson, DVM

Your most under-appreciated and under-utilized asset . . . [RIS]
Shamus Brown, DVM, MBA

Thinking "outside the crate": Cleaning up PED in a 10,000-head, pen-gestation sow unit [RIS]
Micah L. Jansen, DVM

Sh*t I have done that you shouldn't: The "Un-Practice" Tip [RIS]
Larry Rueff, DVM

Large Pen Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF): One Idiot's Experiences [RIS]
Peter Schneider, DVM, MS

Engaging and Motivating Employees Make it their idea! [RIS]
Bryan Myers, DVM

You can't have your cake and eat it, too… Things to think about when pooling samples [RIS]
Brent Pepin, DVM, MS

Turn up biosecurity against PEDv with UV [RIS]
Andrea Pitkin, DVM, MS

Accept reality as it is, not as it used to be or as you wish it were [RIS]
Paul R DuBois, DVM, MS, Dipl ACT

Mobile Office [RIS]
Mike Eisenmenger, DVM

Hypothetical Risks Associated Modern Production Models and Old (and new) Diseases [RIS]
Mike Lemmon, DVM

Man with a Pickup Plan [RIS]
Monte Fuhrman, DVM

Coronavirus Diagnostics and Surveillance

Transmission of PEDV: What do we know so far? [RIS]
Montserrat Torremorell, DVM, PhD

Serology: overview of PEDV antibody response [RIS]
L. G. Giménez-Lirola, PhD; D. Baum, DVM, PhD; L. Bower, MS; et al.

The use of diagnostic tools for porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) and swine deltacoronavirus (PDCoV) control [RIS]
Travis Clement, MS; Jane Christopher-Hennings, DVM, MS

Use of oral fluids in PEDV surveillance [RIS]
Marisa Rotolo, DVM; Luis Gimenez-Lirola, PhD; Sarah Abate, BS; et al.

Feed diagnostics: What does it really mean? [RIS]
Loni Schumacher, DVM; Steve Dritz, DVM, PhD

PEDV Sequencing: Does it really matter? [RIS]
Jianqiang Zhang, MD, PhD; Qi Chen, DVM, MS; Amy Chriswell, BS; et al.

Field application: Results from longitudinal field studies [RIS]
Albert Rovira, DVM, MS, PhD

Sow Reproduction

Achieving and maintaining the high-producing sow herd

Swine genetics: Current and future potential [RIS]
Matt Culbertson, PhD; William Herring, PhD

Gilt and sow management: Why do most systems fail to reach their potential? [RIS]
Dr. Gustavo Pizarro I

Recent breakthrough findings in essential fatty acid nutrition and seasonal infertility [RIS]
David Rosero, PhD; R. Dean Boyd, PhD; Eric van Heugten, PhD

Day one critical care management: Critical tasks to maximize full value pigs [RIS]
Sarah Probst Miller, DVM

Production and financial performance of high-producing sow farms [RIS]
Thomas E. Stein, DVM, MS, PhD

Caring for pigs: It is a bigger circle than you think [RIS]
Larry L. Coleman, DVM

Practical Interventions that Impact Swine Housing

Things to know about environmental sustainability: Keeping energy bills tamed [RIS]
Michael C. Brumm, PhD

Repair or replace? Making the right capital purchase decision for both barn owner and pig owner [RIS]
Scott Unke

Ventilation tweaks and upgrades to help the pig win [RIS]
Jeff Kurt, DVM

Bugs that bug you: Flies, biting insects, and meal moths [RIS]
Michael A. Catangui, PhD

Uninvited guests: Rodent control in production facilities [RIS]
John G. Beller

Growing Pig Lameness

An emerging syndrome

Growing pig lameness: A costly emerging issue [RIS]
Jess M. Waddell, DVM, MS

Infectious causes of lameness: Diagnostic tools and approach [RIS]
Kent Schwartz

Using prevalence and severity alongside diagnostics to monitor lameness treatment plans over time [RIS]
S. Probst Miller, DVM; A. Ramirez, DVM, MPH, PhD, Diplomate ACVPM

The pharmacology of lameness treatment [RIS]
P. Canning, DVM; L. Karriker, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVPM

Emerging insights into classical cases of nutritionally induced lameness in pigs [RIS]
L. A. Amundson; T. D. Crenshaw

Diagnostic evaluation of metabolic lameness: Tools and technologies [RIS]
Kent Schwartz

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy went lame: A case of non-infectious lameness in finishing pigs [RIS]
Pete Lasley, DVM, MS; Chris Rademacher, DVM

Public Policy, Pigs, and FDA

Why you should care

What’s happening in Washington, DC that can impact what happens on the farm [RIS]
Liz Wagstrom, DVM, MS, DACVPM

FDA CVM update on implementing Guidance 213 and updating the VFD rule [RIS]
Neal Bataller, ME, DVM

A State Veterinarian’s perspective on Guidance 213 [RIS]
Bret D. Marsh, DVM

Prescription management - Are you in compliance? [RIS]
Todd E. Williams, DVM

FDA farm inspections: How do we prepare and what do we do? [RIS]
Brad Leuwerke, DVM, MS

AMDUCA: What pain management options are available to swine veterinarians? [RIS]
Neal Bataller, ME, DVM

AMDUCA and compounding in the real world: How do our practices conform? [RIS]
Michael D. Apley, DVM, PhD, DACVCP

The Food Safety Modernization Act and what it means to you [RIS]
Leah Wilkinson; Richard Sellers; Henry Turlington, PhD; et al.

Piglet Diarrhea

Pathophysiology of piglet diarrhea during and after a PEDV infection [RIS]
Kurt Rossow, DVM, PhD

Porcine deltacoronavirus: What we know so far [RIS]
Kelly Lager, DVM, PhD; Kimberly Crawford, DVM, MS; Vikas Kulshreshtha, DVM, PhD

Clostridium perfringens and difficile: Proper diagnosis, prevention, and control [RIS]
Paulo Arruda, DVM, MS, PhD; Kent Schwartz, DVM, MS; Bailey Wilberts, DVM, PhD; et al.

Alternative scour prevention and control: On-farm experience [RIS]
Deborah Murray, DVM

Alternative scour prevention and control: History and science of options [RIS]
Randy Simonson, PhD

E. coli control and prevention strategies [RIS]
Hans Koehnk, DVM


Bridging the gap between science and compliance

PRRSV, PEDV and a history of progress [RIS]
Scott Dee, DVM, PhD Dipl; ACVM

Managing biosecurity in an integrated system [RIS]
Deborah Murray, DVM

Biosecurity performance standards for the secure pork supply business continuity plan [RIS]
James A. Roth, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVM; Pam Zaabel, DVM

On-farm biosecurity in the poultry industry and the human factor [RIS]
Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt, DMV, MSc, PhD; Manon Racicot, DMV, PhD

Nutrition and Feeding in the Era of PED Virus

The short and long term responses of pigs to perinatal nutrition [RIS]
Randal K. Buddington, PhD; Simone Godwin, BS; Marie van der Merwe, PhD

Nutrition concepts for early-weaned PEDV pigs and nutrition-related welfare concerns [RIS]
Laura Greiner, PhD

Research update on nutrition and metabolism needs for health challenged pigs [RIS]
Nicholas Gabler, PhD; Wes Schweer, BS; Shelby Curry, MS; et al.

State of the knowledge: The relationships between PEDV/PDCoV transmission and feed [RIS]
Russell A. Nugent III, PhD

Swine Medicine for Students

Essentials of farm pharm or the basics of antibiotic pharmacology [RIS]
Jeremy S. Pittman, DVM, DACVP

Practical farm pharm [RIS]
Amber Stricker, MS, DVM

Differentials, diagnostics and decision making (reprint) [RIS]
Clayton Johnson, DVM

Poly-ology: Tying it all together (reprint) [RIS]
Carissa Odland, DVM

Antibiotics and their usage (reprint) [RIS]
Jana Grauerholz-Morgan, DVM

Vaccines and programs (reprint) [RIS]
Deborah Murray, DVM

Pig economics 101 (reprint) [RIS]
Jason Hocker, DVM, MS; Josh Ellingson, DVM, MS

Boar Stud Health, Biosecurity, and Technology

Case study of a PEDV outbreak in a commercial boar stud [RIS]
Marlena McCarty, DVM; Tom Petznick, DVM; Chris Kuster, DVM, PhD; et al.

PEDV and boars: Case study [RIS]
Robert Thompson, DVM, MS; Jim Kober, DVM; Mindy Barden; et al.

PED and boars: Research update [RIS]
Darwin L. Reicks, DVM; Chris Kuster, DVM, MS, PhD; Kurt Rossow, DVM, PhD

Internal quality control performed at boar studs: The importance to the breeding herd veterinarian [RIS]
Hanneke Feitsma, DVM

Currently available technologies to refine semen analysis, processing decisions, and boar usage [RIS]
Claus Hansen, DVM, PhD

Chromosomal causes of impaired reproductive performance in swine [RIS]
Alain Pinton, PhD; Anne Calgaro; Nathalie Bonnet; et al.

AASV Pre-Conference Seminars (2014)

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Our Oath in Practice

Practice Tips: It's Our Sworn Duty to Share!

(As in past years, papers were not submitted for the practice tips seminar. However, these presenters have kindly made their slides available here as PDFs.)

You want me to do what?? The crazy world known as the show pig industry! [RIS]
Amy L. Woods, DVM

Purpose Discovery [RIS]
Larry Coleman, DVM

More than Just a Tip [RIS]
Joshua Barker, DVM, MS

Shipping Biological Substances [RIS]
Melissa Hensch, DVM

Investigations, Illusions and Integrity: What we learned from an FDA Audit [RIS]
Carissa Odland, DVM

Tracheobronchial Mucus Collection (WHAT?!): A novel way for herd detection of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae [RIS]
Kimberly Crawford, DVM, MS

Communicating to Incite Action [RIS]
Aaron J. Lower, DVM

Feedback Tips and Tricks [RIS]
Rebecca Robbins, DVM

Let's Take Another Look at That Pig [RIS]
Joe Rudolphi, DVM

A Veterinarian’s options for inactivating PEDV in hog trailers [RIS]
Paul Thomas, DVM

Ovugel Use in Timed Breeding [RIS]
Todd Price, DVM

PEDv Survival 101 [RIS]
Matthew Turner, DVM

Grow-Finish Biosecurity: Reality or Oxymoron?

People and trucks – keeping PED out of Midwest US sites and Canada [RIS]
Doug MacDougald, DVM

Protecting health of individual sites [RIS]
Michael Eisenmenger, DVM

Biosecurity once you leave the wash bay [RIS]
Brad Chappell, BSA, DVM

What did we learn from the packing plant survey and what can we do in the future? [RIS]
Paul Yeske; James Lowe; Phillip Gauger; et al.

Truck wash symposium: Genetic supplier’s perspective [RIS]
Robert Thompson, DVM, MS; Ole Torgersen; Angela Baysinger, DVM, MS

Truck wash symposium: The Pipestone System perspective [RIS]
Joel Nerem, DVM

Truck wash symposium: Looking inside Pandora’s box and making sense of it – The Maschhoffs system perspective [RIS]
Clayton Johnson, DVM

Data Management

Challenges and solutions to data confidentiality, integration, and access during an animal disease emergency [RIS]
Tammy Beckham, DVM, PhD; Keith Biggers, PhD; Jim Wall, PhD, CMSP

Excel Pivot Tables - simple yet powerful [RIS]
Alejandro Ramirez, DVM, MPH, PhD, Diplomate ACVPM

Utilization of carcass data to improve the marketing process in pork production [RIS]
Jason Kelly, DVM

Using Excel to manage diagnostic data [RIS]
Matthew Turner, DVM

Practice tips: How I use data creating knowledge out of our daily work [RIS]
James F. Lowe, DVM, MS, DABVP (Food Animal); Garrett Taylor

Sequence data: Using it in your practice [RIS]
Chad Smith, DVM

Swine Reproduction Technology

The physiology behind technologies for control of reproduction in swine [RIS]
Robert V. Knox, PhD

Experience with post-cervical AI program in a production system [RIS]
Julie Ménard, DVM, Agr

Single fixed-time insemination of swine using OvuGel® (triptorelin acetate) [RIS]
Grant Allison, DVM

Open female management and reproductive audits [RIS]
William L. Hollis, DVM

Historical improvement in sow herd productivity and future trends [RIS]
Ron Ketchem, BS

Avoiding Black Helicopters

Residues from beginning to end: How tolerances are set and violations are investigated by the FDA [RIS]
Steve Vaughn

A day in the life of an FSIS residue sample [RIS]
Emilio Esteban

Residues from a packer’s point of view [RIS]
Barbara J. Masters, DVM

Residue/withdrawal research: How does FARAD help inform us? [RIS]
Michael D. Apley, DVM, PhD, DACVCP

Producer’s point of view: How to avoid the violators list while taking care of your animals [RIS]
Dyneah M. Classen, DVM

AMDUCA in the real world – How do our practices conform? [RIS]
Michael D. Apley, DVM, PhD, DACVCP

VFDs, growth promotion, disease control and prevention: How the FDA’s new guidances may affect your practice [RIS]
Scott W. Stehlik, DVM; Liz Wagstrom, DVM, MS, DACVPM; Clayton Johnson, DVM; et al.

EU antibiotic use data collection strategies [RIS]
Jennifer Koeman, DVM, MSc, MPH, DACVPM

Pathogen Transmission: From around the World to Your Backyard

What are we at risk of? A global perspective [RIS]
Montserrat Torremorell, DVM, PhD

A diagnostic investigation of the frequency, dose and diversity of airborne PRRSV surrounding filtered breeding herds: A seasonal perspective [RIS]
S.A. Dee, DVM, MS, PhD, Dipl, ACVM

Indirect transmission of swine pathogens: What matters most [RIS]
Jean Paul Cano, DVM, PhD; James Lowe, DVM, MS; Scott Dee, DVM, MS, PhD, Diplomate ACVM

On the frontline: CBP protecting US agriculture [RIS]
(presented by Kevin Harriger, CBP)

Diagnostic perspective: What’s next? The lab results aren’t what I expected [RIS]
Gregory Stevenson, DVM, PhD, Diplomat ACVP

Foreign animal disease production perspective: What’s next? The lab results aren’t what I expected [RIS]
Luc Dufresne, DVM, Dipl AABV

Effective Communication

Introduction to Four I adult learning [RIS]
Ginger Pelger, DVM, MS

Using adult learning in scientific presentations [RIS]
Corrie Brown, DVM, PhD, DACVP

Farm talk: Using the 4 I’s and DiSC(R) to teach people [RIS]
Sarah Probst Miller, DVM

Communicating agriculture to consumers using 4I adult learning method [RIS]
Colleen Dekker

Diagnostic Laboratory Synergism for Best Outcomes

The role of PCV2 in breeding herd losses [RIS]
James F. Lowe, DVM, MS, DABVP

Writing the PEDV response plan…using a light pencil [RIS]
C. Scanlon Daniels, DVM, MBA

APP in the sow herd: PCR, serology, now what? [RIS]
Micah L. Jansen, DVM

Rotavirus piglet diarrhea – Diagnostic and control strategies; dendograms, feedback, and vaccines [RIS]
Dyneah M. Classen, DVM

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae serology: Understanding the dynamics of sow herd stability [RIS]
James Lehman, DVM, MS; Aaron Lower, DVM; Brad Thacker, DVM, PhD, MBA

PRRSv instability in an ARC project: The curse or the blessing of the rules of engagement [RIS]
Noel Garbes, DVM

Swine Medicine for Students

Pig economics 101 [RIS]
Jason Hocker, DVM, MS; Josh Ellingson, DVM, MS

Case presentation: Late finishing diarrhea [RIS]
Daren Miller, DVM

Post-weaning Escherichia coli: Case report and system investigation [RIS]
Melissa Hensch, DVM; Scott Stehlik, DVM

Case presentation: Neurological disorder of swine [RIS]
Sara Hough, DVM

Severe respiratory disease in early finishing pigs [RIS]
Peter Schneider, DVM, MS

Porcine circovirus type 2: Sorting fact from fiction to develop control strategies [RIS]
Megan Potter, DVM, PhD; Steve Henry, DVM, Diplomate ABVP; Lisa Tokach, DVM, et al.

Case study: Respiratory disease associated with swine influenza virus (SIV) [RIS]
Pete Thomas, DVM, MS

AASV Pre-Conference Seminars (2013)

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Purpose-Inspired Practice

Purpose-Inspired Practice Tips

Seminar #1 (As in past years, papers were not submitted for the practice tips seminar. However, these presenters have kindly made their slides available here as PDFs.)

Collecting diagnostics on the fly [RIS]
Kelly Greiner

Placental cord blood collection as a substitute for pre-suckle blood samples [RIS]
David A. Baumert

Finding a needle in a hogstack [RIS]
Lori Feldmann

Put the cart before the pig [RIS]
Melissa Farber Billing

Periorbital blood draw from pre-wean pigs [RIS]
Monte W. Fuhrman

Implementing a successful student externship/internship program [RIS]
Adam Schelkopf

A potpourri of practical ideas for pig vets [RIS]
Jeff Harker

The seven traits of highly successful swine veterinarians [RIS]
Scott Stehlik

Chasing lame finishing pigs [RIS]
Jerry Torrison

Unexpected results – unexpected reason [RIS]
Bill DuBois

It’s Not All Bugs and Drugs

Seminar #2

On-farm troubleshooting of non-infectious causes of “disease” [RIS]
C. Scanlon Daniels, DVM, MBA

Diarrhea got you on the run? [RIS]
Marlin Hoogland, DVM, MS

Weather’s influence on grain quality: What does this mean to the pig? [RIS]
Steve Ensley, DVM, PhD

Top 5 case-based examples of intoxications and deficiencies seen at the VDL [RIS]
Steve Ensley, DVM, PhD

Tools, methods and samples needed for “complete” diagnostic workup [RIS]
Darin Madson, DVM, PhD, DACVP

“You make the call”: A rapid-fire case-based review [RIS]
Eric Burrough, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVP; Phil Gauger, DVM, PhD

Boar Stud Technology and Lameness Challenges in the Sow Herd

Seminar #3

Testing procedures in the stud [RIS]
Darwin L. Reicks, DVM

Bugs in semen; What are the options? [RIS]
G.C. Althouse, DVM, MS, PhD, Diplomate ACT

Emerging sow reproductive technologies [RIS]
Chris Kuster, DVM, MS, PhD

Sexed semen technology update [RIS]
Duane L. Garner, MS, PhD

PCAI impact at the stud and training in the sow farm [RIS]
Tom Petznick, DVM

Sow lameness comparison in group and individual housing and mineral source effect on sow lameness [RIS]
Laura Greiner, PhD

Turning Data Into Knowledge

Seminar #4

Quantifying factors associated with disease [RIS]
Randall S. Singer, DVM, MPVM, PhD

Getting the correct data takes planning [RIS]
Michael C. Brumm, PhD

Background for case studies, odds ratios, NNT and other parameters, and their application for improving evidence-based decisions [RIS]
Alejandro Ramirez, DVM, MPH, PhD, Diplomate ACVPM

Useful spreadsheet design incorporating data collected from field studies [RIS]
Matthew Ackerman, DVM

Am I really getting the results the trial got? Detecting ongoing operational impact after the trial is done and the change has been implemented [RIS]
Dale Polson, DVM, MS, PhD

Full Circle Sequencing: 360 Degrees from Sample to Sequence to “So What?”

Seminar #5

Designing, implementing and operating a sustainable sampling plan [RIS]
Dale Polson; Derald Holtkamp

What can a practitioner do to improve PRRSv ORF5 sequencing success rates? [RIS]
Rodger Main, DVM, PhD; Kate Mueller, DVM; Amy Chriswell; et al.

Maximizing sequencing success in the VDL [RIS]
Travis Clement, MS; Matthew Dammen; Jane Christopher-Hennings, DVM, MS

Variation in PRRS virus ORF5 sequencing within and among 3 state diagnostic laboratories [RIS]
Amber M. Stricker, MS, DVM; Dale D. Polson, DVM, MS, PhD; Jane Hennings, DVM MS; et al.

Use and interpretation of sequencing in PRRSV control programs: Inside the “black box” [RIS]
Michael P. Murtaugh, PhD

Sequence analytics: getting more from sequence information than just a dendrogram and homology tables [RIS]
Barbara Brito, DVM, MPVM; Jean Paul Cano, DVM, PhD; Dale Polson, DVM, MS, PhD; et al.

Feeding Group-Housed Sows and the Growing Herd Efficiently

Seminar #6

Realizing the upside potential of pen gestation: Electronic sow feeding (ESF) as a tool to improve the nutritional management of sows [RIS]
Thomas D. Parsons, VMD, PhD, Diplomat ACAW

Real-world experiences feeding sows in retrofitted gestation barns [RIS]
Donald L. Davidson, DVM, MS

Formulating diets for sows in group housing: What should be considered? [RIS]
Betsy Newton, PhD

Impact of nontraditional ingredients and diets on pig health and performance [RIS]
Ruurd T. Zijlstra, PhD; Eduardo Beltranena, PhD

Review of everyday nutrition decisions and interventions affecting feed conversion, feed costs and pig performance [RIS]
Joel DeRouchey, PhD; Mike Tokach, PhD; Steve Dritz, DVM, PhD; et al.

Business Management

Seminar #7

Managing generational expectations [RIS]
Lawrence D. Firkins, DVM, MS, MBA

Insights into effective hiring practices [RIS]
Eric Spell; Erika Osmundson

Structuring compensation [RIS]
Rodney Johnson, DVM

Applying metrics to food animal practice [RIS]
J. Randy Bush, DVM

Developing profit centers within a practice [RIS]
Timothy J. Loula, DVM

Succession planning [RIS]
Wayne Freese, DVM, MS

How to Use Diagnostic Information in the Field

Seminar #8

Relevance of PCR and sequencing results aka, Interpretation of diagnostic test results [RIS]
Kurt Rossow, DVM, PhD

Sequencing and virus isolation from oral fluids for SIV and PRRSV [RIS]
Christa K Goodell, DVM, MS; Ian Levis, DVM; Jeff Zimmerman, DVM, PhD, Diplomate, ACVPM

Classification of locomotory problems [RIS]
Kent Schwartz

Using new technology for diagnostics (pictures, video, text) [RIS]
Darin Madson, DVM, PhD, DACVP

So I have the lab results; now what do I do with them? Organizing information and applying it back to the field [RIS]
Clayton Johnson, DVM

So I have the lab results; now what do I do with them? Organizing information and applying it back to the field [RIS]
Pete Thomas, DVM, MS

Swine Med for Students

Seminar #9

Antibiotics and their usage [RIS]
Jana Grauerholz-Morgan DVM

Vaccines and programs [RIS]
Deborah Murray, DVM

Interactive antibiotic and vaccine problems [RIS]
Angie Supple; Jeremy S. Pittman

Differentials, diagnostics and decision making [RIS]
Clayton Johnson, DVM

Poly-ology: Tying it all together [RIS]
Carissa Odland, DVM

AASV Pre-Conference Seminars (2012)

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Integrating Science, Welfare, and Economics in Practice

Applying Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) in Practice

Seminar #1

What is evidence based medicine? [RIS]
Alejandro Ramirez, DVM, MPH, PhD, Diplomate ACVPM

What are biases and why are they important? [RIS]
Alejandro Ramirez, DVM, MPH, PhD, Diplomate ACVPM

Asking an answerable clinical question [RIS]
Alejandro Ramirez, DVM, MPH, PhD, Diplomate ACVPM

Tips for searching for evidence using PubMed and Google Scholar [RIS]
Alejandro Ramirez, DVM, MPH, PhD, Diplomate ACVPM

The role of vitamin E and selenium in mulberry heart disease and hepatosis dietetica [RIS]
Jessica Abbott and Darin Madson, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVP

Preventing Profit-Robbing Events in Growing Pig Populations

Seminar #2

Understanding and preventing ventilation events that cause production losses [RIS]
Michael C. Brumm, PhD

Biosecurity: What have we learned? [RIS]
Jana Grauerholz-Morgan, DVM

Understanding and preventing transportation losses from the wean event to the packing plant [RIS]
Chris Rademacher; Gene Noem; Marlin Hoogland

Strategies to maximize pig performance: Role of feed and feeding events in wean-to-finish production [RIS]
Chad Hastad, PhD

Crisis Management

Seminar #3

What’s the balance in your reputation bank account? [RIS]
Amy Richards; Lyle Orwig

When the floods came [RIS]
Carly D. Dorazio, VMD

Commercial swine truck accidents [RIS]
Jennifer Woods, BS

Dealing with a mass euthanasia event [RIS]
Egan Brockhoff, DVM

When you see your company on YouTube [RIS]
Howard Hill, DVM, PhD

The Changing Face of Swine Health and Swine Practice Around the Globe

Seminar #5

African swine fever – An example of global perspective and threat [RIS]
David Pyburn, DVM

The Russian Federation practice experience [RIS]
Hans Rotto, DVM, MS

Opportunities and experiences in eastern Europe [RIS]
Mike Mohr BS, DVM, MBA

Opportunities and experiences practicing in emerging markets: China [RIS]
Dale Hendrickson, DVM; Donna Harris, DVM, MBA

USDA APHIS Veterinary Services: Foreign animal disease preparedness and response [RIS]
Jon Zack, DVM

The pork industry’s foreign animal disease preparedness [RIS]
Patrick Webb, DVM

Applied Diagnostics and Algorithms

Seminar #6

Systematic approach to the diagnosis of multisystemic (septicemic, metabolic, toxic) conditions and other insults affecting CNS and locomotor systems [RIS]
Bruce H. Janke, DVM, PhD

Systematic approach to the diagnosis of respiratory and enteric diseases in pigs [RIS]
Jerry Torrison, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVPM

The PRRS oral fluid antibody ELISA [RIS]
A. Kittawornrat, DVM, MS; A. Broes, DVM, PhD; S. Carman, DVM, PhD; et al.

Grow finish flow surveillance using oral fluids [RIS]
Jana Grauerholz-Morgan, DVM

Practical application of oral fluid testing in multiplication [RIS]
Laura Schulz-Dalquist, DVM

The role of data aggregation in making evidence based veterinary medical decisions [RIS]
James F. Lowe, DVM, MS

Precision Pharming: The Future of Practical Pharmacology

Seminar #7

Veterinary oversight of antimicrobials: Pigs, process, and politics [RIS]
Paul D. Ruen, DVM

Good Housekeeping challenge: Structural considerations on decision making [RIS]
H. Scott Hurd, DVM, PhD

Tetracyclines and the Russian market [RIS]
Mary Battrell, DVM, MS

Understanding and avoiding residues [RIS]
Michael D. Apley, DVM, PhD, DACVCP

How do we practice medicine to minimize antibiotic resistance? [RIS]
Joseph M. Blondeau, MSc, PhD

Practical daily decision making of antimicrobial use in large systems [RIS]
Matthew Turner, DVM

Practical daily decision making on antibiotic use in private practice [RIS]
Egan Brockhoff, DVM

Pork Processing Plant 101

Seminar #8

Which way is up in the pork processing plant? [RIS]
Barry Wiseman, DVM, PhD

Role and activities of the food safety inspection service [RIS]
Dr. Maria Esteras, USDA, FSIS

Understanding slaughter payment matrices [RIS]
Peter B. Bahnson, DVM, PhD

The role of an FSIS IIC (Inspector in Charge) [RIS]
Barton Richards

Antibiotic residue detection and prevention in swine tissue [RIS]
Robert S. Salter, MS

Operations at a HIMP Plant [RIS]
Selina Hallan

Swine Production and Medicine for Veterinary ''Students''

Seminar #9

Differentials, diagnostics and decision making [RIS]
Clayton Johnson, DVM

Poly-ology: Tying it all together [RIS]
Carissa Odland, DVM

AASV Pre-Conference Seminars (2011)

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Evidence-Based Practice: How do we get there?


Seminar #1

New developments in oral fluid testing [RIS]
C.K. Irwin, DVM, MS; C.W. Olsen, BS; A. Kittawornrat, DVM, MS; et al.

Field application of oral fluid sampling and testing in swine [RIS]
Luc Dufresne, DVM, Dipl. ABVP

New testing algorithms and development of multiplex assays for swine influenza diagnostics [RIS]
Jane Christopher-Hennings, DVM, MS

Experience with Hutterite colonies and SIV control [RIS]
Monte Fuhrman, DVM; Jane Christopher-Hennings, DVM, PhD; Marie Gramer, DVM, PhD, Associate Clinical Professor; et al.

Post-weaning failure-to-thrive [RIS]
Kurt Rossow, DVM, PhD

Field experiences with peri-weaning failure to thrive syndrome [RIS]
Mike Eisenmenger, DVM

Validation of FTA cards for PRRS virus diagnostics [RIS]
Montserrat Torremorell, DVM, PhD; Daniel Linhares, DVM;Albert Rovira, DVM, MS, PhD

Alternative (Opportunity?) Feed Ingredients in Swine Diets

Seminar #2

What’s a swine veterinarian “need” to know about alternative ingredients? [RIS]
Joel DeRouchey, PhD; Mike Tokach, PhD; Steve Dritz, DVM, PhD; et al.

Maintaining performance when feeding alternative ingredients [RIS]
John F. Patience, PhD

Doc can I feed ______ to my pigs? [RIS]
Robert L. Fischer, PhD

Energy and nutrient concentration and digestibility in alternative feed ingredients and recommended inclusion rates [RIS]
Hans H. Stein, PhD

“We the jury...” Seeking, interpreting, and using the evidence of trial data

Seminar #3

Can we believe the result? Basic statistical concepts for study design and interpretation [RIS]
Peter Davies, BVSc, PhD

How to do trials in the field and get good information [RIS]
Paul Yeske, DVM, MS

The truth on our own terms – best utilization of research barns [RIS]
L. Greiner, PhD

What’s behind your bottles: General licensing requirements in the United States for veterinary biologics [RIS]
Paul M. Dorr, DVM, PhD, MACE; Tiffany Nation, DVM, MS

Communicating Using Social Media

Seminar #4

Social media and the veterinary profession [RIS]
Brenda Tassava, CVPM, CVJ

Reproduction: Tools and Technology for Improving Boar and Sow Reproductive Performance

Seminar #6

Insemination technologies: Science in practice [RIS]
Chris Kuster, DVM, MS, PhD

Inducing estrus and controlling ovulation: How and why? [RIS]
Roy Kirkwood, DVM, PhD

Current and new applications for diagnostic ultrasound in female and male swine reproduction [RIS]
Johannes Kauffold, PD Dr. Med. Vet. Habil., Diplomate ECPHM

Abortions [RIS]
Kurt Rossow, DVM, PhD

Case Studies from the “Young Guns of the AASV”

Seminar #7

A case of severe porcine respiratory disease complex (PRDC) in an open-market scenario [RIS]
Mitch A. Christensen, DVM

Evaluation of sudden death in finishing pigs [RIS]
Jason Kelly, DVM; Todd Distad, DVM

Case study: Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae on a farrow-to-finish farm [RIS]
Seth A. Krantz, DVM

A case of vitamin D deficiency leading to severe hypocalcemia in growing pigs [RIS]
Brad Leuwerke, DVM, MS

Nursery mortality associated with a virulent Streptococcus suis infection [RIS]
Aaron J. Lower, DVM

Assessing the causes of pre-weaning mortality: A case study [RIS]
Amanda M. Ness, DVM; Mark J. Engle, DVM, MS

Investigation of a potential zoonotic case of H3N2 swine influenza virus [RIS]
Michael S. Pierdon, VMD

Transient clinical porcine circovirus type 2 in a commercial sow farm [RIS]
Michelle Sprague, DVM

Case study of lameness in wean-to-market pigs [RIS]
Jason Verbeck, DVM, MBA

Driving Change

Seminar #8

Driving change [RIS]
Carl Aspler, B.Sc., M.Ed; Ryan Bracken, P.Eng.

AASV Pre-Conference Seminars (2010)

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AASV 41st Annal Meeting -- Omaha, Nebraska

Practical Pharmacology: "Doing Drugs Right"

This seminar will discuss how to manage efficacy, cost and legal considerations for antimicrobial use in swine practice.

Men in black helicopters really do land on the front lawn (tips for meeting the expectations of an FDA inspection) [RIS]
Matt S. Anderson, DVM

Legal issues for drug usage in practice and production [RIS]
James D. McKean, DVM, JD

Swine therapeutics from the perspective of a clinical pharmacologist [RIS]
Mike Apley, DVM, PhD

Antimicrobial efficacy, managing antimicrobial resistance -- and all the baggage that goes with it [RIS]
Steven C. Henry, DVM, Dipl ABVP

Maximizing Gilt and Sow Reproduction and Performance

Speakers will discuss recent research and demonstrate practical approaches to the implementation of the knowledge on gilt and sow reproduction, longevity, nutrition, and animal housing.

Optimizing breeding management in a competitive world: Gilt and sow aspects [RIS]
George Foxcroft, PhD; Jennifer Patterson, MS

Evaluating the production and financial performance of sow farms [RIS]
Thomas Stein, DVM, MS, PhD

Maximizing today's sow performance with nutrition [RIS]
L. Greiner, PhD

Group sow gestation pens: Principles in practice [RIS]
Kathy Zurbrigg, MSc

Managing Pre-Wean Pigs

This seminar will present information in four key areas to address the challenges of managing pre-wean pigs: lactation biology, farrowing house management, castration management, and farrowing house diagnostics.

Lactation biology of swine: The basics [RIS]
Walter Hurley, PhD

Non-negotiables of farrowing house management [RIS]
Ross Kiehne, DVM

Castration management [RIS]
Robert Thompson, DVM, MS; Mark Engle, DVM, MS; Shanna Neill, MS, PhD; et al

Farrowing house diagnostics [RIS]
Lisa Tokach, DVM, Dipl ABVP

Implementing Biosecurity and Disease Elimination

This seminar will bring the latest information on the implementation of new research in air filtration and will share information on the cost of eradicating diseases as well as the role that humans play in moving pig pathogens between farms.

Humans carrying pig pathogens? Tell me more about it! Implications for downtime [RIS]
David H. Baum, MS, DVM, PhD; Robert Glock, DVM, PhD; Harvey D. Hilley, DVM, PhD, et al

Evaluation of "downtime" recommendations to prevent introduction of selected swine pathogens into herds [RIS]
Anna Romagosa, DVM, MSc; Peter Davies, DVM, PhD, MD

An update of SDEC-related research efforts on the aerobiology and biosecurity of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae [RIS]
S. Dee; S. Otake; A. Pitkin, et al

Cost of eradicating diseases according to method [RIS]
Paul Yeske, DVM, MS

Lessons learned in PRRS regional eradication programs [RIS]
Robert B. Morrison, DVM, MBA, PhD; Cesar Corzo, DVM, MS

Immune management of the growing pig population [RIS]
Luc Dufresne, DVM, Dipl ABVP

What's next in pathogen elimination? [RIS]
Mark Engle, DVM, MS

Deciphering Case Studies in Swine Medicine and Production

By request, this session will be case studies that are interactive throughout the program. (Most did not lend themselves to presentation in written form.)

Porcine respiratory disease complex in a commercial gilt multiplier farm in North Carolina [RIS]
Cary Sexton, DVM

AASV Pre-Conference Seminars (2009)

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40th Annual Meeting - Dallas, Texas

Diagnostics: Tools and Strategies to Secure Your Future

This seminar will present and discuss diagnostics of swine bacterial and viral pathogens from different perspectives

Advantages and limitations of current PCR and serological tests for viruses and bacteria [RIS]
Kurt Rossow, DVM, PhD

Sampling strategies for veterinary diagnostic investigations [RIS]
Bob Morrison, DVM, MBA, PhD

Using diagnostics to assess control strategies and monitor health status: Field experiences with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus [RIS]
C. Scanlon Daniels, DVM, MBA

Porcine circovirus disease - practical diagnostic approaches [RIS]
Steve Henry, DVM; Lisa Tokach, DVM, Dipl ABVP; Jerome Nietfeld, MS, DVM, PhD; et al

Using diagnostics to assess control strategies and monitor health status: Field experiences - Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae [RIS]
Paul E. Yeske, DVM, MS

Practitioner experiences with diagnostic assays used for the detection of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infection or antibodies [RIS]
Matt Anderson, DVM

Bacterial genotyping: Practical uses day-to-day in swine practice [RIS]
Michael Eisenmenger, DVM

It's All About Inlets and Outlets

Rising energy expenses are causing the industry to refocus their attention on ventilation and heating.

Measuring and minimizing energy consumption [RIS]
Michael Brumm, BS, MS, PhD

Common variable speed fan mistakes [RIS]
Michael Brumm, BS, MS, PhD; Steve Pohl, BS, MS, PhD

Common ventilation mistakes related to air inlet sizing and location [RIS]
Steve Pohl, PhD; Mike Brumm, PhD

Understanding the challenges of filtering inlet air in existing facilities [RIS]
Steve Pohl, PhD; Mike Brumm, PhD

Managing PRRS Introduction into High Risk Populations

This seminar will focus on various ways that practitioners can manage the risk of introduction of PRRS into high health herds through use of sampling strategies, risk assessment, different management alternatives, and case studies.

Management of, and costs associated with, false positives when monitoring presumed PRRS-negative herds [RIS]
Perry A. Harms, DVM, MS; Derald Holtkamp, DVM, MS, Zoe Quirk

Sampling (and testing) strategies for "high risk" high health herds [RIS]
Dale Polson, DVM, MS, PhD

Using buffer supplies of gilts to manage disruptions due to PRRSV outbreaks in breeding herds [RIS]
Rodger Main, DVM, PhD

Case study: Use of PRRS Risk Assessment for the Breeding Herd to lower the risk of PRRS introduction [RIS]
David Baum, DVM, PhD; Mark Weaver, DVM; Gary Holloway, BS; et al

Keeping the damage to a minimum [RIS]
Matthew Turner, DVM; Rebecca Robbins

Monitoring boar studs for early detection of PRRS virus to avoid complete depop-repop of studs and infection of downstream breeding herds [RIS]
Darwin L. Reicks, DVM

Case study: Management of a PRRS break in a multiplication herd to minimize damage [RIS]
Doug Groth, DVM


This seminar will provide practical, real-world experiences to enhance sow herd productivity.

30 PSY: How do I get there and how much does it cost? [RIS]
Cameron Schmitt, DVM, MS

Monitoring employee adherence to SOPs [RIS]
Doug Groth, DVM

Training employees: Teaching them why instead of telling them how [RIS]
Ross Kiehne, DVM

Minimizing costs with minimal sacrifices on production [RIS]
Dale W. Mechler, DVM

Dried distillers grains with soluble (DDGs) in sow diets: the good, the bad and the ugly [RIS]
Kelly F. Greiner, DVM

Large system approach to increasing health and production [RIS]
Jarod Hanson, DVM

Boar Studs: Disease Updates and Tools to Reduce Cost

The goal of this seminar is to bring practitioners the most current information on disease issues for boar studs and provide tools for improving cost efficiency.

Boar nutrition [RIS]
Mike Tokach, PhD; Rommel Sulabo, MS; Robert Goodband, PhD; et al

Sire impacts on sow longevity in commercial breeding herds [RIS]
Kenneth Stalder, PhD, Locke Karriker, DVM; Anna Johnson, PhD; et al

PCV2: Update on PCV2 research relating to boar studs and the sow farms they serve [RIS]
Darin Madson, DVM; Abby Patterson, DVM, MS; Chris Kuster, DVM, PhD; et al

The naïve boar stud PRRS dilemma - prevention, detection, or both? [RIS]
Dale Polson, DVM, PhD; Darwin Reicks, DVM

Web-based interactive model for PRRSV monitoring [RIS]
Albert Rovira, DVM, MS, PhD; Chris Kuster, DVM, MS, PhD

Bugs and Drugs Washington-Style

"Bugs and drugs" capture the attention of veterinarians, but they are also attracting the attention of legislators and regulators.

Public health activities and attitudes on antimicrobial use in agriculture [RIS]
Liz Wagstrom, DVM, MS, DACVMP

MRSA: People, pigs, and pork - don't panic! [RIS]
Peter Davies, BVSc, PhD

FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine and upcoming issues [RIS]
Bernadette Dunham, DVM, PhD

Food safety: What's next? [RIS]
Barb Masters, DVM

AASV Pre-Conference Seminars (2008)

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Contemporary Clinical Disease

Topics include: SIV, PRRS, PCV2 vaccines, post-weaning diarrhea, and multiple, concurrent respiratory infections [RIS]
Kurt Rossow

A brief review of selected disease entities diagnosed in swine [RIS]
Darin Madson, DVM

Diagnosis, epidemiology and control of swine diseases [RIS]
Robert Desrosiers, DVM, Dipl ABVP

Evaluation of emerging pathogens in swine production systems: Disease interaction, dissemination, and antimicrobial resistance [RIS]
Paul M. Dorr, DVM, PhD, MACE


Fundamentals of air flow [RIS]
Michael Brumm, PhD

An overview of air filtration experiments: laboratory and field [RIS]
A. Pitkin; S. Otake; J. Deen; S. Dee

Experiences with boar stud air filtration systems [RIS]
Douglas Groth, DVM

Experiences in sow farm filtration [RIS]
Jeffrey Feder, DVM

Filtration and air conditioning [RIS]
Darwin L. Reicks, DVM, BS

Application for Improving Evidence Based Decisions

Evidence Based Medicine: use of evidence for better decisions [RIS]
Kent Schwartz

Do we find a diagnosis by chance or by design? [RIS]
Dave Baum

Gantt Charts [RIS]
Locke Karriker, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVPM

Google web tools [RIS]
Alejandro Ramirez, DVM, MPH, Diplomate ACVPM

PubMed tool [RIS]
Alejandro Ramirez, DVM, MPH, Diplomate ACVPM

Sampling size tools [RIS]
Alejandro Ramirez, DVM, MPH, Diplomate ACVPM

Excel pivot tables [RIS]
Alejandro Ramirez, DVM, MPH, Diplomate ACVPM

Process improvement tools for the production mindset [RIS]
Christa K. Irwin, DVM

Decision trees [RIS]
Locke Karriker, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVPM

Useful hardware for communication, organization, and information [RIS]
Jason Kelly

Applying science to practice – all participants [RIS]
Christa Irwin; Dave Baum

Evidence based decisions: diagnostic laboratory tools in development [RIS]
Kent Schwartz and Dave Baum

Pigs, Politics, Public Health and Pet Food

Investigating melamine in pet food and pigs [RIS]
Steve Ensley, DVM, PhD; Paula Imerman, PhD; Vickie Cooper, DVM, PhD; Gary Osweiler, DVM, PhD; Pat Halbur, DVM, PhD; Walt Hyde, PhD

Melamine: Lessons learned for protecting animal feeds [RIS]
Daniel McChesney, PhD; Jon Scheid, BA

International trade update: Melamine, maximum residue limits (MRL), and beyond [RIS]
Kevin Smith, MS; Erin Daley, MS; Paul Clayton, MS

Pigs on parade in Washington, DC [RIS]
Jennifer L. Greiner, DVM

A new prescription for the swine veterinarian’s role in public policy [RIS]
Liz Wagstrom

Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus: people, pigs, and pets [RIS]
Peter Davies BVSc, PhD


Enhancing genetic improvement [RIS]
Mark Walton, PhD; Irina Polejaeva, PhD

Diagnostic approach to the open female [RIS]
Johannes Kauffold, PhD Dr. med. vet. habil., Diplomate ECPHM

Hormonal control and manipulation of estrus and ovulation [RIS]
Roy Kirkwood, DVM, PhD

Lactation feeders and systems for maximizing sow feed intakes [RIS]
Betsy Newton, PhD

Nutritional considerations for the high producing sow to maximize performance [RIS]
Dan Bussieres, BSc

Sow longevity: Genetic and phenotypic selection considerations [RIS]
Kenneth Stalder, PhD; Locke Karriker, DVM; Anna Johnson, PhD; Max Rothschild, PhD; Benny Mote, MS; Timo Serenius, PhD

How to Manage Sick Pigs

Why are we here? [RIS]
Paul Yeske DVM, MS

Space to eat, drink and grow [RIS]
Michael Brumm, PhD

What can we do nutritionally to help these pigs start better (does it pay to spend more money)? [RIS]
Joel Spencer, PhD

How do you know if the pigs are comfortable in their environment (and what do you do if it isn’t right)? [RIS]
Michael Eisenmenger, DVM

The how to and effects of good early pig care on the transition of wean pigs from the sow farm to the nursery [RIS]
Jana Grauerholz, DVM; Eric Christianson, DVM

Controlling, reducing and preventing the impact of finishing disease [RIS]
Marlin Hoogland, DVM, MS

System wide sick pig management [RIS]
Deborah Murray, DVM ; Chris Rademacher, DVM

What we are doing in our system to handle challenged pig or flows [RIS]
Charles Surprenant, DVM

AASV Pre-Conference Seminars (2007)

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PRRS Management Tools

PRRSV surveillance using oral fluids? [RIS]
Jeff Zimmerman, DVM PhD; John Prickett, BA; Robert Simer, DVM

Putting test/removal to work: Success/failure [RIS]
Keith R. Erlandson, DVM, MS; Douglas D. Groth, DVM; William L. Hollis, DVMJoseph F. Connor, DVM, MS

PRRS planned exposure in sow herds: What to expect [RIS]
Paul D. Ruen, DVM; Mark A. Wagner, DVM; Peter R. Davies, BVSc, PhD

Overview of multiple approaches to system-wide eradication of PRRS [RIS]
Neil K. DeBuse, DVM

Costs and benefits of herd closure associated with PRRS eradication [RIS]
Paul DuBois, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACT

Achieving 2# Average Daily Gain

Achieving two pound per day ADG: Fueling the engine [RIS]
Steve Dritz; Mike Tokach; Bob Goodband; Joel DeRouchey; Jim Nelssen

Selection for genetics that perform under commercial conditions [RIS]
Allan P. Schinckel, PhD

Major diseases that impact ADG and how to control them [RIS]
William L. Hollis, DVM

Production management for high average daily gain [RIS]
James F. Lowe, DVM, MS

Case Studies

Unique findings in niche production [RIS]
Kurt Van Hulzen, DVM; Michael Yaeger, DVM, PhD, DACVP; Ronda Driskill;et al.

Use of exposure and closure to stabilize health in a large multi-age finishing site [RIS]
Jeremy S Pittman, DVM; Murphy-Brown

Control of postweaning E coli [RIS]
Cameron Schmitt, DVM, MS

Swine tuberculosis: A case of Mycobacterium avium infection in growing pigs [RIS]
C. Scanlon Daniels, DVM, MBA; Beth N. Harris, MS, PhD; Jeffrey T. Nelson, DVM

The contribution and utility of case studies to evidence based medicine [RIS]
Locke Karriker, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVPM

Achieving High Total Born and Maximizing Pigs Weaned (Making Good Farms Great)

Achieving 14+ total born: Today’s new goal [RIS]
Timothy J. Loula, DVM

Feeding and conditioning the sow for maximum total born, large birth weights and large weaning weights [RIS]
Steve S. Dritz; Joel M. DeRouchey; Robert D. Goodband; Jim L. Nelssen; Mike D. Tokach

Day 1 critical care: How to get pigs out alive and started right [RIS]
Sarah Probst Miller, DVM

Improving piglet survival – Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of common piglet diseases [RIS]
Hans Rotto, DVM, MS

How new technology and products help achieve high total born and more pigs weaned [RIS]
Dennis Villani, DVM

Biosecurity Issues

Air filtration: Is it a feasible and economic option to reduce area spread? [RIS]
Laura Batista, DVM, PhD

Transportation, thermo-assisted drying and decontamination (TADD), science and practicality [RIS]
Robert Thompson, DVM, MS; Sandra Amass, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ABVP; Hank Harris, DVM, PhD Isabel Turney Harris, DVM, PhD; Matthew M. Erdman, DVM, PhD; Sarah Jensen; Ole Torgersen

Biosecurity audits [RIS]
Doug Groth, DVM

Compliance: Fulfilling the expectation [RIS]
Doug MacDougald, DVM

Foreign Animal Disease: Planning, Review and Surveillance

Federal, state, and local foreign animal disease prevention, mitigation, response and recovery [RIS]
Barry N. Pittman, DVM, MPH, Diplomate, ACVPM

The veterinarian’s role in community planning [RIS]
Sandra F. Amass, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ABVP; Marianne Ash, DVM, Diplomate

Foreign animal diseases in swine [RIS]
Samia Metwally, DVM, PhD

Surveillance for rapid detection of classical swine fever introduction into the United States [RIS]
Eric J. Bush, DVM, MS; John Korslund, DVM; David Pyburn, DVM, MS; Mark Schoenbaum, DVM

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility [RIS]
Tam Garland, DVM, PhD; Kimothy Smith, DVM; Joanne Jones-Meehan

“Backseat” Respiratory Diseases

When “backseat” diseases drive the bus [RIS]
James F. Lowe, DVM, MS

Diagnostics for Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae [RIS]
Eileen Thacker, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVM; Erin Strait, DVM

Controlling Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae: good to great strategies [RIS]
Maria Pieters, DVM; Montserrat Torremorell, DVM, PhD; Carlos Pijoan, DVM, PhD

SIV: An update on circulating strains, advances in diagnostic tests and interpretation of test results [RIS]
Marie Gramer, DVM

Using serology to make health decisions in grow-finish [RIS]
Jason Kelly, DVMS

Clinical application of mycoplasma vaccine strategies in gilt developer units and sow farms [RIS]
Ross Kiehne

A Practical and Effective Approach to Swine Diagnostics

Antigen and antibody tests [RIS]
Gregory Stevenson, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVP

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in swine medicine [RIS]
Vikram Misra, PhD

Gene sequencing and dendograms [RIS]
Marie Gramer, DVM

PRRS diagnostics: practical and effective approaches [RIS]
Monte B. McCaw, DVM, PhD

Haemophilus parasuis diagnostics [RIS]
Simone Oliveira, BSVM, PhD

Swine influenza virus diagnostics [RIS]
John Johnson, DVM

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae diagnostics [RIS]
Estela Cornaglia, DVM, PhD

Reproduction: Optimizing Genetics, Health, and Production

Maintaining health or introducing genetics: Paradox or problem solved?” [RIS]
Luke Minion, DVM

Impact of health improvement processes on genetic multiplication [RIS]
Gregg Eckardt, PhD

Methods for disease-free introduction of swine germplasm resources [RIS]
Curtis R. Youngs,

Influencing length of productive life of the sow herd [RIS]
Ken Stalder, MS, PhD; Locke Karriker, DVM, MS; Timo Serenius, MS, PhD; Mark Knauer, MS

Feeding boars for optimum sperm production [RIS]
Mike Tokach; Bob Goodband

Nutrition That Makes a Difference

Good to great productivity: a role for milk decks [RIS]
Kevin Cera, PhD

Water: production, performance and behaviour considerations [RIS]
D. Lee Whittington, BSc (Agr), MBA; H. Gonyou,

Taking phosphorus nutrition from good to great: Increasing options in phytase products for use in swine [RIS]
Mark Whitney, PhD

The ethanol industry and its co-product for swine feeding: A primer on an emergent industry [RIS]
Mark A. Giesemann, PhD; Matthew L. Gibson, PhD; Kip Karges, PhD